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  • Aluminium Fabrication Specialists | Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd
    our finished product which in turn has been based on an understanding that our customers are our most important asset This ethos runs through the entire work force ensuring that not only are our customers expectations met but also often exceeded Testimonials we are not only always confident of AAD s abilities to produce the highest standard of work but also to offer an attention to detail and an understanding of the requirements which are second to none See more Paul Tyler NOVUM Their standards are in all aspects of their work very high and we will continue to work with them developing the relationship that is now over 12 years old See more Richard Drake The Traditional Verandah Company We have worked with AAD for over 8 years during which time we have received an exceptional service See more Mike Care Profile Lighting Services Ltd News this is a headline Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit Ali Read More this is a headline Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit Ali Read More this is a headline Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit Ali Read More this is a headline Lorem ipsum dolor sit

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  • Aluminium Fabrication | Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd
    deadline To achieve this we continue to heavily invest in our staff manufacturing equipment and our I T facilities FACILITIES AND SERVICES SHEET FABRICATION We are able to fulfil any requirement in fabricated sheet with all thicknesses and alloys undertaken Our use of Laser and Water Jet facilities ensure a high level of precision and accuracy In addition our use of brake presses enable us to form curves at different radii and in different thicknesses of sheet giving us the ability to produce relatively complex structures see aluminium products ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION FABRICATION We have the capability to machine extrusions up to 7200mm in length with our three CNC extrusion machining centres In addition we have two Elumatic CNC double headed mitre saws that allow us to perfectly cut and mitre a wide range of sections ALUMINIUM WELDING We have TIG and MIG welding bays for welding varying thicknesses of aluminium from 1 2mm up to 25mm We weld a variety of products including light boxes window frames display stands marine buoys architectural products and corner fittings for heated skirting boards see aluminium products CNC MILLING Our use of CNC milling centres allow us to machine small components from solid plate or extrusion These give us the capability to produce high quality accurate components at high speed PRODUCT DESIGN CAD SOFTWARE Do you have an idea but not the CAD skills We can turn your ideas into reality Our extensive use of 3D and 2D CAD software gives us the ability to test customer ideas and ensure a smooth journey from initial concept design and development all the way through to manufacturing and production MISCELLANEOUS MACHINERY 2 No RSA Deburring Machines Geka PP50 press with CNC table and stop Bench Saw Plasma cutter and a Fettling station with built in extractor

    Original URL path: http://www.aadl.co.uk/aluminium-fabrication (2016-02-11)
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  • Aluminium Extrusion Fabrication | Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd
    MACHINING CENTRE Our continual investment in our services has seen us recently add a Elumatec SBZ150 to our portfolio allowing us to reduce fabrication times and increase our capacity further The Elumatec SBZ150 not only has the ability to machine 7200mm extrusions on 5 axes in one operation it can also cut complex mitres and chamfers on the ends of extrusions at the same time With a saw blade incorporated in to the machine we are also able to machine and part off components in the same operation This means we can produce small components in relatively large volumes at an extremely competitive rate Without the need to re index the material when machining long pieces of extrusion we can guarantee a consistent accuracy along the length and a higher quality standard ELUMATEC SBZ122 PROFILE MACHINING CENTRE The SBZ122 can machine extrusions up to 6000mm in length and can work on 3 faces in the same operation Pneumatic CNC stops allow us to machine long lengths of extrusion in one machining cycle therefore reducing fabrication times ELUMATEC SLK118 COPY ROUTER The SLK118 has 3 axis control with a travelling capacity along the X axis of 2450mm This is ideal for machining shorter pieces of extrusion and small components ELUMATEC DG104 DOUBLE HEADED MITRE SAWS In addition to our machining centres we also have two Elumatec DG104 CNC double headed mitre saws which allow us to perfectly mitre a wide range of sections Mitred sections can be cut in one operation producing faster fabrication times and therefore reduced costs Both these saws also have the ability to cut small length components on an automatic feed giving us the capacity to fulfil high volume production runs CAM SOFTWARE Our use of Elumatec s own CAM software Elucad helps us to create a

    Original URL path: http://www.aadl.co.uk/aluminium-extrusion-fabrication (2016-02-11)
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  • Aluminium Extrusion | Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd
    in relation to similar manufacturing processes such as casting In addition aluminium extrusion has a high strength to weight ratio and has equivalent mechanical properties of steel if the correct design and alloy is chosen aluminium weighs only one third that of steel It also has excellent corrosion resistance and is an extremely good electrical and heat conducter A range of finishes are available including anodising polishing plating powder coating or wet spraying Finally aluminium extrusions are 100 percent recyclable Why Choose Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd AAD has a wealth of experience in the aluminium extrusion industry with both directors working for a major UK based aluminium extrusion company prior to the creation of AAD A consequence of this is that technical advice is readily available to customers during initial product design and development helping to eliminate potential manufacturing problems For example we can advise on extruded section design including minimum radii tolerance limitations glazing techniques and other practical considerations We also have CAD software that if required can produce 2D and 3D representations of your chosen extrusion design Our extrusion is sourced both in the UK and overseas which enables us to be flexible in matching your requirements with

    Original URL path: http://www.aadl.co.uk/aluminium-extrusion (2016-02-11)
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  • Properties of Aluminium | Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd
    steel Elasticity The Young s modulus for aluminium is a third that of steel E 70 000 MPa This means that the moment of inertia has to be three times as great for an aluminium extrusion to achieve the same deflection as a steel profile Formability Aluminium has a good formability a characteristic that is used to the full in extruding Aluminium can also be cast drawn and milled Machining Aluminium is very easy to machine Ordinary machining equipment can be used such as saws and drills Aluminium is also suitable for forming in both the hot and the cold condition Joining Aluminium can be joined using all the normal methods available such as welding soldering adhesive bonding and riveting Corrosion Resistance A thin layer of oxide is formed in contact with air which provides very good protection against corrosion even in corrosive environments This layer can be further strengthened by surface treatments such as anodising or powder coating Conductivity The thermal and electrical conductivities are very good even when compared with copper Furthermore an aluminium conductor has only half the weight of an equivalent copper conductor Linear Expansion Aluminium has a relatively high coefficient of linear expansion compared to

    Original URL path: http://www.aadl.co.uk/aluminium-extrusion/properties-of-aluminium (2016-02-11)
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  • Design Tips | Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd
    most needed Rounded Shapes As a rule all corners should be rounded Normal radii are 0 4 to 1 0 mm If the design requires sharper edges and corners a radius of 0 2 mm is the smallest that can be produced Symmetry With symmetrical extrusion designs a balanced flow of material through the die is achieved at the same time as the load on the die is evenly distributed The extrusion shape is more accurate at the same time as the risk for broken dies is significantly Diameter of the Circumscribing Circle Always try to reduce the circle circumscribed around the extrusion Apart from making it easier to press the extrusion it also helps keep die and production costs down Fewer cavities cut costs A move towards a hollow extrusion gives better dimensional control Increased size can cut the weight and increase the rigidity Heat Sinks The design of the flanges increases the surface of the extrusion and thermal conductivity Decorative Lines Decorative lines in an extrusion can conceal irregularities as well as protect against damage during handling and fabrication Hinge Function in Extrusions Download pdf Screw Channel Sizes in Extrusion Download pdf Screwport Captivated Nut Slot Weather Strip

    Original URL path: http://www.aadl.co.uk/aluminium-extrusion/design-tips (2016-02-11)
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  • The Aluminium Extrusion Process | Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd
    emerging as an aluminium extrusion The profile emerges at a speed of 5 50 metres per minute and reaches a length of 25 45 metres The emerging extruded section is cooled afterwards either by air or by water as it is guided along a moving runout table To ensure that the profiles are straight and to release internal stresses the profiles are stretched after cooling They are also checked to

    Original URL path: http://www.aadl.co.uk/aluminium-extrusion/the-aluminium-extrusion-process (2016-02-11)
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  • Aluminium Fabrication Product Gallery | Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd
    Product Gallery Project Gallery Contact Us Product Gallery Site Map Aluminium Fabrication Aluminium Extrusion Fabrication Aluminium Extrusion The Properties of Aluminium Design Tips The Aluminium Extrusion Process Product Gallery Project Gallery Contact Us Contact Us Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd Unit

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