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  • Creating A Brand For Your Alcohol Labels - Abbey Labels
    the product inside the bottle and help justify the price you want them to pay for it Deliver the right message If you re selling a homemade alcohol it may be a good idea to promote the local aspects of your product consumers are increasingly becoming more conscious of buying local and like to know what s in the things they buy and where the ingredients were sourced If you are a more serious brewer and are hoping to sell a larger number of bottles you may look at straying away from delivering a local message and promoting the key features benefits your product has to offer develop your brand voice and determine what tone of voice you want to take The key is to deliver the message that truly represents your product don t attempt to mis sell it because you will always get found out If your consumers don t believe the message on your label your brand will suffer and down the line your sales will suffer Consumers justify purchasing decisions When you re designing your brand consider the consumer buying decision process When they see your bottle what stage of the buying process are they going to be at Also consider who your target audience are Friends and family If you re a microbrewer and giving your produce to friends and family you may want to focus on creating a smart logo and a clever tagline make sure your bottle is well received and becomes a great talking point Local brewer Your customers may want to purchase your drink at the pub the local market or shops Some will know about your product some won t so look to create a simple brand looking local and appropriate for the target audience Brewer selling to supermarkets With

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  • Do Your Product Labels Reflect Your Brand? - Abbey Labels
    concentrate on underlining the quality elements of your product and why it is better than your competition Features and Benefits How to Sell Your Products When you consider underlining value many people will consider this to mean selling at a low price However underlining value is about defining the features of your product and selling to the consumer the benefits that comes with them Defining a feature isn t the whole journey a customer assessing a purchase especially a high price product will likely question what value that feature brings to justify the price Reinforce the benefits of your product features to close a sale it is something that is important to have on your product labelling For example Roundup Weed Killer s product label has the standout message Treats up to 150m 2 Kills the roots so weeds don t come back as their features benefits message on their product labelling They ve identified the key features their target audience are searching for and made them stand out on the label They then go on to identify what their product is suitable for It even provides a visual for what their product is compatible with leaving the consumer with no other questions Assess Your Product Labels and Make Changes Whether you sell online or offline product branding will have a key impact on sales Online you can use your webpage to add a further description to sell your product but you will have to have a picture of the product and it s the first impression which counts for so much with consumers In store and in any offline environment your labelling has to be the sales pitch for your product If it s on a shelf and you don t have a salesman to answer any customer questions

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  • How to Choose the Right Label for Your Product - Abbey Labels
    fresh food produce where the customer wants to inspect the product before purchasing it Security labels Another type of label available is the security label which is ideal for products that need protection against counterfeiters or people who are likely to tamper with the product Security labels are produced using a wide range of materials depending on the level of security that is required Thermal labels Available in both plain and printed options thermal labels are produced through a Thermal Transfer Printer Some thermal labels are coated meaning that they are ideal for food products as the coating creates a barrier between the label and the product Non coated labels can be printed in large qualities making them perfect as address or courier labels What you need to consider when choosing a label As these are just some of the labels on offer it is clear that choosing the right label for your product goes beyond simple design and style When choosing a label for your product there are many things you need to take into consideration including The use of the label How long it needs to last Security issues If it can be applied directly to the product If it needs to be waterproof How much information does it need to contain Any regulations and legal issues The type of label you choose will have to factor in these considerations and any others that are unique to your business product and label It is important that you familiarise yourself with the different types of labels available such as the ones outlined above as this will help you when choosing the right label for your product Choosing the right type of label for your product should be the first step in your labelling process even before you begin to

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  • 5 Ways Labels Can Save Your Life - Abbey Labels
    and you put a wool dress or jumper in the washing machine as normal only to find it has shrunk to the size of a doll Now that go to business meeting outfit is ruined Labels can also save you from the disaster of shrinking your other half s favourite pair of jeans by accident So remember kids read the label before you put it in the washing machine 3 Avoid food poisoning or an allergic reaction We already mentioned food labels in the introduction but they really are important so we re bringing them up again From informing you of the best before date and how long you have to consume the item from opening to informing you of potential allergens such as nuts eggs gluten and more and informing you of how to correctly prepare the item before you eat it food labels can do great things when it comes to saving you from food poising or an allergic reaction 4 Save tons of embarrassment at business events Are you terrible at remembering names Us too Names labels can absolutely save your life at business events In the episode of the TV show Friends where Ross sticks a Dr Geller label to his chest he ended up causing embarrassment to himself by using it namely because he followed it with another label showing his first name in quotation marks at a social party event In reality though for most people attending a business event a name label can help to break the ice and prevent from accidentally calling that chap called Rob Rod by accident You get the gist 5 Protect you from writer s or typist s cramp Do you remember sitting an exam and suffering the dreaded hand ache or hand cramps Don t let that

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  • 3 Benefits of Peel and Reveal Labels - Abbey Labels
    different page to each element of information This makes it easier to digest for the user and far easier to display in a restricted space Medicine bottles are just an example though you can apply the same principle to any number of products if you need to display a lot of information Food falls into this category especially with the ever changing regulations An example of a peel and reveal label being used for a promotion Catch your customers attention easier By using multi page peel and reveal labels you can catch your customers attention easier It s rare that your customer will be concerned with an ingredients list or perhaps even the nutritional information but you as a food manufacturer you are obliged to display such information You can use a peel and reveal label to your advantage to catch your customers attention easier For example you can use the top layer to its full extent to display eye catching images and a tag line The important essential information can then be contained in the lower layers of the label Essentially this type of labels can be an excellent selling tool in an ever competitive market place Display different artwork and run promotions In addition to including a lot of information in a small space digital printing means that you can select and display different artwork on each layer of the label When you consider this element peel and reveal labels are a fantastic option for promotional work or even seasonal produce Product marketing is also becoming a prevalent method of competition entry for prize draws and giveaways peel and reveal labels present the perfect method to offer this on a variety of different products All you need to do now is start planning your next promotion So there

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  • Simple Ways To Make Air Travel Enjoyable - Abbey Labels
    check in desk Missing luggage One of many holiday makers biggest fears is losing their luggage on route to their destination We have all heard horror stories of suitcases that have ended up halfway around the world from their intended destination While nothing can prevent airport errors ensuring that all your luggage is securely labelled will help to prevent suitcases and bags going astray At Abbey Labels we supply a range of luggage and baggage tags and labels for individuals and business which are strong weather resistant and can be tailor made to suit your individual requirements Prepare for the unexpected One of the best ways to prepare for a flight is to expect the unexpected although you assume and hope that your flight will be hassle free you can never be sure if your flight will be delayed or has been re directed to another airport Ensuring that you have a supply of food and drink or the money to buy something to eat and drink once you are through to the departure lounge is vital even if you have got a meal ordered during your flight If you are travelling with babies ensure that you have got more bottles prepared and nappies than you think you will need Those with older children need to have lots of snacks and activities to keep them occupied not only in the airport but on the flight as well Relax and unwind While airports and planes might not be the most relaxing of places keep in mind that this is the start of your holiday so trying to enjoy the experience will get your time away off to a positive start Finding a café or restaurant in the departure lounge will help to pass the time while you wait for your gate

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  • How to Choose the Right Font for Labels - Abbey Labels
    read Increasing the readability will increase the impact of your words while also reducing the amount of work potential customers will have to do in order to read the information on your labels Usually sans serif fonts are easier to read over serif plus other factors to take into account when creating highly readable font is the size and spacing between letters Contrast for impact While it can be tempting to stick to similar fonts because you can be certain that they will work well together if you use contrasting fonts however it will create more of an impact Despite their similarities similar fonts can fight for attention especially when used on a small amount of space like a label Contrasting fonts might be harder to get right but they add both interest and help to grab the reader s attention Simply pairing a san sarif main text with additional sarif font or the other way around can make your label stand out Reinforce your brand Fonts can be used creatively to reinforce your brand It is worth spending time trying out different fonts to see which ones not only make a strong impression but also express your brand For example if your brand is traditional and wants to appear classic and elegant consider using a script font On the other hand if you want to project a clean modern and chic image think about using a font like Century Gothic Always be professional No matter what your brand s personality is even if it is fun and playful always keep the typography you use professional The biggest villain amongst font types is Comic Sans vilified by many businesses for being too causal and unprofessional Using a font that is considered unprofessional will immediately have a negative effect on your

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  • Colour Psychology and How it Affects Branding - Abbey Labels
    wise Yahoo Hallmark Cadbury FedEx Milka Pink Love compassion nurturing romance soft feminine care sensitive non threatening Barbie Baskin Robbins Roxy Cosmopolitan Orange Enthusiasm happiness determination attraction expression creativity Fanta Orange MasterCard Nickelodeon Black Power elegance luxury mystery sleek Apple Adidas Puma Burberry Chanel Zara Elle These colours are all around us do you the brands shown as examples have used the correct colours to display their brand values and messages Why is Colour Psychology Important to Branding Colours all relate to persuasion It s actually quite fascinating how human behaviour can be affected Much research has been completed into how colours play a role into persuasion and how it can impact branding and the marketing of your business In fact it s been found that as many as 90 of impulsive purchases are made based purely on colour The truly interesting part of colour psychology and branding however is the messages the colours you choose represent about your brand and how your chosen logo and product labels allow consumers to associate feelings with your company and products inciting them to buy Quite simply does the colour fit the brand and what they are selling Do the chosen colours represent the personality of the brand Starbucks are a fitting example people love to relax with a nice warm drink and their logo is green suggesting customers can expect to relax in their coffee shops and feel restored and positive as a result The use of the colour red across Red Bull branding is entirely spot on too As an energy drink the brand appeals to young energetic people whilst inspiring power and exciting activities So it s clear that the colour you choose to represent your business and the psychology behind the representations of those colours do play a large

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