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  • Is your family or business 'Gas Safe'?
    carry an ID card so they can show you they are Gas Safe registered when they turn up at your front door Always check their card if they don t show you it don t be afraid to ask to see it You can also call Gas Safe Register free on 0800 408 5500 who can tell you if the gas engineer is on the list and qualified for the work you need them Or you can visit their website on www gassaferegister co uk and enter the engineer s ID number Gas Safe Register free leaflet Gas Safety advice for landlords Landlords have legal obligations when it comes to gas safety Landlords legal duties apply to a wide range of accommodation including residential premises provided for rent by local authorities housing associations private sector landlords housing co operatives hostel rooms let in bed sit accommodation private households bed and breakfast accommodation and hotel rented holiday accommodation such as chalets cottages flats caravans and narrow boats on inland waterways Make sure you read the Gas Safe Register gas safety advice for landlords for a full breakdown of your responsibilities Gas Safety advice for tenants If you are renting a property it is important that you understand your landlord s gas safety responsibilities These apply whether you are in public or private rented accommodation and even apply if you rent a holiday property Make sure you know how to stay safe and what your landlord should be doing to protect you with the Gas Safe Register gas safety advice for tenants Make a complaint Do you have a complaint or comment about gas work carried out by a Gas Safe registered business or engineer First make sure that the gas engineer or business is registered with Gas Safe Register by using

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  • The benefits of an older workforce
    1 5 million in people aged over 65 There has been a 50 rise in people aged 50 or over in the UK since the 1950s And research from EHRC Equality and Human Rights shows that most of these people want to continue to work past state retirement age The benefits of an older workforce These are positive developments for the country s workplaces some studies have shown that older workers outperform their younger co workers in terms of accuracy and output Their experience and life skills can make them good mentors to younger workers And it is widely acknowledged by employers that older workers have knowledge skills and attributes that benefit their business Recent statistics show that older workers aregenerally less likely to have occupational accidents than the younger workers too Employers and older workers So as an employer how can you help ensure your valued staff remain in employment The answer lies in making some simple adjustments when necessary These adjustments could include flexible working hours adjustments to compensate for any minor reductions in sight or hearing An employer should not however make the mistake of assuming that some jobs will be too demanding for the older workers A decision of this kind should be based on an evaluation of the objective risk and the capability of the individual Risk assessments at any age Most importantly risk assessments should be carried out routinely for all workers of all ages An employer should make considerations for older employees as part of their risk assessment routine Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd provide a simple clear and easy to use health and safety service explaining what you need to comply with and how you can achieve this In fact Absolute Health and Safety Ltd can give you more business specific

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  • PV Solar Farm Safety
    Safety Solutions Ltd provide Clients Principal Contractors EPC s and Contractors with assistance during the pre construction stages and construction stages of PV Solar Farm construction With involvement in the successful construction of over 32 PV Solar Farms throughout the UK ranging from small 2MW to large 50MW providing assistance in Preparing Pre Construction Information PCI Traffic Management Plans Preparing and regularly updating Construction Phase Plans CPP Method Statements and Risk Assessments RAMS Ensuring contractor competencies Ensuring Principals of Prevention have been considered Weekly Site Inspections and Reviews Reviewing contractor progress Coaching and assisting contractors in demonstrating good practice Tool Box Talks and Briefings For further information see our Client and PD Assistance service to talk to someone contact our office on 0845 864 6934 or email us directly Completed PV Solar Farm Health and Safety Operational Inspections Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd provide Clients and O M Maintainers with peace of mind with quarterly six monthly Health and Safety Inspections of completed PV Solar Farms Undertaking a detailed inspection of the operational PV Solar Farm with the maintainer and providing a detailed report of the inspection highlighting any shortfalls The service also includes emergency call out in the event of an incident to ensurea detailed investigation is carried out and suitable and sufficient control measures are implemented to prevent a reoccurrence We currently provide this service for completed PV Solar Farms in Somerset Kent West Sussex South Wales For further information see our Client and PD Assistance service to talk to someone contact our office on 0845 864 6934 or email us directly Our Solutions Retained Competent Person Service Interim Health and Safety Management Service Contractor Management Fire Safety Audit Risk Assessment Health Safety Policy Compliance Audit Fun Days Events Disability Access Audit DSE Assessments Fire Risk Assessment

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  • Safe use of aluminium towers / scaffolds
    to ensure adequate strength When a company is required to use aluminium towers or scaffolds they should take a number of factors into consideration before erecting the tower scaffold Things to think about Actions to be carried out whilst erecting the tower scaffold Instructions should be provided which give advice on erection sequence and bracing requirement these will be issued from the hire company The person erecting the tower to be competent Actions to be carried out whilst using the tower scaffold Ensure the tower scaffold is resting on firm level ground with the feet properly supported The taller the tower scaffold the more likely it is to become unstable Do not use bricks or building blocks to take the weight of any part of the tower scaffold There must be a safe way to get to and from the work platform Suitable edge protection must be in place Actions to be carried out when moving the tower scaffold Check that there are no power lines or other overhead obstructions Check that the ground is firm and level Never more it while there are people or materials on the upper platforms or in windy conditions Any tower or scaffold should be inspected before each use If it s in position for seven days or more every time it is relocated or adapted an entry to that effect should be made in the appropriate register Form 91 A number of legal requirements apply to the safe use of aluminium towers or scaffolds in the workplace They exist to protect workers and their employers The relevant legal requirements are Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 Construction Health Safety and Welfare Regulations 1996 Work

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  • Proper waste management & your workplace
    work When your company decides to upgrade employees mobile phones or computers where do the old ones go You might not know this but in most cases they can be recycled even helping some local charities along the way Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd can give you more business specific information on good waste stream management and how you can reduce the amount of electronic waste you generate How can you help manage waste The one thing that most people agree on is that better waste management of electrical and electronic equipment needs to be done The concern is how it can be done without impacting productivity or quality in the workplace One way of helping is to reduce the packaging of electrical and electronic goods before it arrives at your building You could drive this initiative by having a chat with your suppliers Another thing you can do is tackle waste reduction at every employee s desk If you are writing or reviewing your Environmental Impact Register detailing the waste your organisation creates now and projected waste over the next year you can discuss the waste problem with all employees Ways to tackle waste Free Your business can return WEEE free of charge to the manufacturer of the equipment if it was sold to you new after 13 August 2005 If you purchase new equipment and are not sure if it is compliant then check to see if it has a label showing a crossed out wheelie bin See further details here If you are replacing WEEE produced before 13 August 2005 with new equivalent EEE you can return the WEEE free of charge to the manufacturer of your new equipment If you rent or lease EEE you can also return WEEE free of charge to your equipment

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  • Working at heights: Safety for employees
    we can help Absolute Health and Safety Ltd can give guidance to employers as they help employees who may be working at height We give assistance in an informative and user friendly way so you can keep your employees safe One of the things we ll help you with is a compliant work at height risk assessment This would cover what task the employee is carrying out and for how long how the task should be done and whether any materials are to be taken up or brought down It should also look at what can be done to reduce the risk of the person or materials falling and will give the safest option for the task to be carried out safely Working with ladders employers responsibilities The Work at Height Regulations 2005 do not ban ladders They do say that ladders should only be considered where a risk assessment has shown that other work equipment isn t appropriate because of low risk short duration of the task or where the work is located Schedule 6 Requirements for Ladders Risk assessments Risk assessments can be used for all scenarios from accessing high storage to changing ceiling panels It is important that risk assessments are completed correctly If you re not carrying out the control measures identified in your risk assessments the potential for your employees to be hurt may be greater Contact Absolute Health and Safety Ltd for all your risk assessment needs We can also help create informative user friendly method statements to help your employees carry out tasks safe in the knowledge that they are protected as far as reasonably practicable Absolute Health and Safety Ltd also run training programmes for you and your employees so that everyone is given the correct knowledge which in turn will enable

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  • Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd
    risk assessments to trained assessors Click Here to find out more Compliance Audit All businesses are legally bound to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and its statutory provisions New Regulations and Codes of Practice are impacting every company throughout the UK As an employer you must identify whether your company complies This can be undertaken by means of a Health and Safety Compliance Audit Click Here to find out more Fun Days Events An employer or organiser is required to ensure that any Fun Day or Event is undertaken in a safe manner and that suitable and sufficient risk assessments have been carried out Organising any event requires prior planning and preparation an employer cannot just employ a company and presume everything to be provided as a package the employer has a duty of care to ensure that the event activities and any event provider is competent Click Here to find out more Contractor Management As an employer or self employed person you may need to have vetting controls in place to assess contractor competencies for health safety and environmental management You may need to show how effective your control system for the management of contractors is if something goes wrong Click Here to find out more Disability Access Audit Throughout the industry different companies are legally bound to comply with the Health Safety at Work Act 1974 and all its statutory provisions along with the Equality Act 2010 New Regulations and Codes of Practice are impacting every company throughout the UK Click Here to find out more DSE Assessments Under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 the employer is required to undertake detailed risk assessments for employees that are deemed as Users or Operators with respect to Display Screen Equipment DSE Click Here to find out more Fire Risk Assessment Under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 an employer must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment Where significant hazards are identified the necessary control measures must then be implemented to reduce any associated risks to an acceptable level This Risk Assessment must then be periodically reviewed to ensure that the control measures are still effective the freqency of reviews depends on the type of business and the hazards present Click Here to find out more Fire Safety Audit The next step up from a Fire Risk Assessment is a Fire Safety Audit The Fire Safety Audit involves a detailed and systematic audit of all the fire safety controls policies procedures and training within a business The Fire Safety Audit also allows for detailed drawings to be produced Click Here to find out more Retained Competent Person Service The current regulations state that every employer shall appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in undertaking the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him The regulations further state that a person shall be regarded as competent for the purposes of the regulations where he she

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  • Client and Principal Designer (PD) Assistance Service in Cornwall
    risk to the Health and Safety of persons affected by the project in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg 5 1 2 a b and fully maintained for its duration in accordance with Reg 5 3 Where there is more than one Client involved with the project that suitable contractual obligations extend to each Client understands their duties in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg 8 i ii iii Ensuring all duty holders have the skills knowledge and experience and where required the organisational skills and that the duty holders adhere to the general duties in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg 8 1 7 Principal Designer PD under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 CDM 2015 Reg 8 1 7 Reg 9 1 4 Reg 11 1 7 Reg 12 3 5 6 7 8 10 This will include assisting Designers with ensuring the designs have incorporate the Principles of Prevention in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg 9 2 3 4 The Principal Designer PD in planning and monitoring during the pre construction stage to ensure that so far as reasonably practicable the project is carried out without risks to Health and Safety in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg 11 1 2 3 4 The Principal Designer PD in fulfilling the duty to coordinate the Health and Safety matters to ensure all persons working during the pre construction phase cooperate with the Client the Principal Designer PD and each other in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg 11 5 The Principal Designer PD with the Client in provision and preparation of the Pre Construction Information PCI in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg 11 6 a b and Reg 4 4 The Principal Designer PCI with liaising with the Principal Contractor and coordinating all safety matters and assisting the Principal Contractor in preparing and periodically reviewing the Construction Phase Plan in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg 11 7 Reg 12 3 a b and Reg 12 4 During the Pre Construction stage assist the Principal Designer PD in preparing the Health and Safety File appropriate to the characteristics of the project and is periodically reviewed and updated in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg12 5 6 WHAT WE CAN OFFER Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd services to assist the Client and Designer Principal Designer PD during the Pre Construction Phase Act as the Health and Safety Competent Person for the Client for the duration of the project Attend Design meetings with the Client Designers and Principal Designer PD to review Health and Safety Principal of Prevention aspects of Project Design Assist with formulation of the Design Risk Assessment to comply with the Principals of Prevention Assist in preparing the Pre construction information PCI including Health and Safety aspects of the project Confirm the Welfare Arrangements required for the project Clients must ensure these are maintained throughout the project in accordance with CDM 2015 Reg4 3 Review surveys required for compliance Assist in raising and reviewing the F10 Assist with formal letter appointments and

    Original URL path: http://www.absolutehss.co.uk/solutions/client-a-pd-assistance/113-cdm-service-in-cornwall (2016-02-14)
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