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  • Business Travel
    there when you want us to be there Eton Travel Business Corporate and Leisure Travel We are the leading independent UK business travel agent dedicated to the needs of discerning travellers Close support Unrivalled service ETON BUSINESS TRAVEL Global presence In our experience companies see substantial savings as well as enhanced service and security when they consolidate their business travel programmes Together with our global American Express partners your officers

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  • Travel Articles - Business Travel
    and advice written by our inhouse travel agents on a range of general subjects These are mainly concerned with business travel 1 Saving money Business travel Corporate travel expenditure 2 Airline Alliances What they are The main alliances 3 Taxes and charges What they are a guide What you are being charged for 4 Do I need a Travel Agent 5 Little Things That Cost You Money Minimum Connecting Times

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  • Business Travel
    there when you want us to be there Eton Travel Business Corporate and Leisure Travel We are the leading independent UK business travel agent dedicated to the needs of discerning travellers Close support Unrivalled service ETON BUSINESS TRAVEL Global presence In our experience companies see substantial savings as well as enhanced service and security when they consolidate their business travel programmes Together with our global American Express partners your officers

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  • Saving Money on Business Travel
    if you want say an opinion forget it Unfortunately nowadays the staff from many TMC s come from the same stable Right so how many really good travel agents does your proposed TMC employ Have you met any of them or do you just rely on the face presented by the sales people It used to be said that anyone under the age of 50 was far to young to come into travel The reason being that until one had attained that ripe age one had no hands on experience of other cultures or grasp of the real world of where places are located and how they all fit best together essential qualities in a good travel agent So part of being a good travel agent is not just a matter of being able to operate high tech equipment or even low tech equipment and being able to follow a set of rules It is a matter of being able to act intuitively given a set of destinations and dates It does not require the dynamic young person with flair approach it requires that wiley old bird who knows the ropes approach It is the difference between being an order taker and a travel organiser In my time I have always had a problem extracting from the client what they really want Even today and even after I have trained the client I still get a phone call that goes How much does it cost from A to B Ten minutes later a further call asking about B to C then from C to D and then from A to D and so on and so forth After much coaxing I can usually get to the real question Well I want to visit A B C and D and I am trying to get them to fit together I confess that this sort of question usually comes from someone who is used to one of the big boy TMC s I don t know what they do but it sure as hell cannot be helping their clients Once I get to the bottom of what someone is trying to do I can then set to work doing the job I am paid for As I have to say to some clients You worry about the technical stuff the selling the deal closing and I will worry about getting you to the right office at the right time Of course if the person who answers the telephone or email can only take orders and book you are not going to get the added value that a travel agent can offer Once this little conumdrum of where you really want to be and when is resolved it then takes a skilled eye to look at what you have got on the itinerary and find some sensible fares to fit around things The modern approach is that one is presented with an itinerary and then simply looks up the applicable contract fare that

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  • Airline Alliances - Frequent Flyer
    front Yes Have I enough points Yes Good upgrade me The view in SA is if you keep people using the points they will not build up in to an unwieldy amount that then have to appear on the balance sheet as a liability Why do you rate SkyTeam Skyteam were for a long time an also ran However consolidation in the airline world notably that of KLM and Air France produced a working relationship that powered them near to the front Now Kenyan Airlines are members which is a useful addition as Kenyan and South African though the latter is Star Alliance are two of the principal reliable airlines of that continent another is Ethiopian much under rated but with very good standards Further Amsterdam and Paris are great airports and arguably much better than Heathrow They are better at coping with hub passengers are better built and are generally much more pleasant to be in Why is it important to stick with an alliance As we move from travel agent to web based bookings many small though important features have changed Booking online is not always a good idea Usually Where alliances become important apart from building up miles with one alliance rather than one airline is when one is travelling on a more complicated itinearary than simply from point A to point B and back Interlining in these cases is very important This can and does affect the fare you pay Another factor is eticket interchange that airline A can be on the same eticket as airline B Get these two factors wrong and this can cost you hundreds if not thousands of pounds on one ticket alone Getting a fare from A to B is not the same as B to A or from A to

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  • Airline_Taxes
    These upper right box are certainly some of the more unusual charges that are applied They are ones which you would normally assume are included in the fare YQ tax the fuel and YR insurance Normally in a fare as you find on rail and coach you would expect that the petrol and insurance element would be included in the fare The AP element is for the increased security cost since the 9th September attacks in the US one would reasonably have thought that these could by now be incorporated COUNTRY NAME UNITED STATES TAX TAX CODE NAME 1 US1 US DOMESTIC TRANSPORTATION TAX 2 ZP SEGMENT TAX 3 US2 US INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION TAX 4 YC US CUSTOMS USER FEE 5 XY US FEDERAL INSPECTION FEE 6 XA US APHIS USER FEE 7 AY US SECURITY FEE FACILITY CHARGES MAY APPLY USE PXC CCC WHERE CCC IS CITY CODE America right goes to town on taxes Even the flaura and fauna gets a look in with the APHIS user fee Individual cities get a slice of the cake as well which appears as the XF tax usually followed by the city code and local currecy amount for example XF2 5LAX4 25 which means that Los Angeles receives 4 50 COUNTRY NAME UNITED KINGDOM TAX TAX CODE NAME 1 GB1 AIR PASSENGER DUTY APD 2 GB2 AIR PASSENGER DUTY APD 3 GB3 AIR PASSENGER DUTY APD 4 GB4 AIR PASSENGER DUTY APD 5 YO1 AIR PASSENGER DUTY APD 6 YO2 AIR PASSENGER DUTY APD 7 YO3 AIR PASSENGER DUTY APD 8 YO4 AIR PASSENGER DUTY APD 9 UB1 PSC SECTOR ABZ GLA 10 UB8 PSC SECTOR INV WIC 11 UB2 PSC DOMESTIC DEPARTURES ABZ THROUGH LDY 12 UB7 PSC DOMESTIC DEPARTURES LGW THROUGH SZD 13 UB3 PSC DOMESTIC ARRIVAL 14 UB4 PSC INTERNATIONAL DPTRS ABZ THROUGH GLA 15 UB6 PSC INTERNATIONAL DPTRS IOM THROUGH LTN On the left we see what the UK charges The only proper tax is the GB Air Passenger Duty The UB tax is not described well but essentially is your paying for the use of the airport This depends on which airport you use Heathrow being the most expensive with regional airports being a lot less That said fares from regional airports are usually a lot higher than the main airports of London so this benefit is more than outweighed by the higher fares charged to regional airports What has to be noted however is that the tax you pay is an addition of country A which you leave and country B which you are going to and this is then repeated for when you return Below is a booking for a trip in Economy to New York Taxes are first indicated by the generic letters XT which means total of all taxes and charges As you will see 40 goes to the UK Government 13 00 for using Heathrow 15 40 to the US Federal Government 2 60 for US Customs 3 60 for the

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  • Corporate-Travel-Agent
    worse The only people left who have this holistic understanding and so best able to deal with a complicated itinerary is the traditional travel agent Since airlines have to all intents and purposes done away with commission paid to travel agents the advice given effectively becomes impartial it matters not which airline you travel on Very few hardly any airlines still offer agents commission Most offer agents net fares that is discounted As far as discounted fares are concerned these can only benefit you the traveller Moreover an agent equipped with the modern GDS Global Distribution System or airline reservation system can hold flights for a period of time so enabling the traveller to make any outstanding arrangements without fear of losing his or her seats and more importantly losing the fare An agent will also be willing to spend time permutating fares On any involved journey how the price is calculated is by no means straightforward Buy combining various flights on specific tickets even by adding unwanted flights in the fare may change dramatically Here is an example A 1 1BUSINESSMAN AMR 1 BD 103Y 06MAR 2 LHRAMS SS1 0820 1035 DCBD E NON SMOKING FLIGHT 2 KL1707C 06MAR 2 AMSMAD SS1 2040 2315 DCKL E 3 IB3166C 07MAR 3 MADLHR SS1 1630 1750 DCIB E IBERIA DEPARTURES ARRIVALS AT MADRID NEW TERMINAL 4 WPNC BASE FARE TAXES TOTAL 1 GBP958 00 73 90XT GBP1031 90ADT XT 20 00GB 13 00UB 2 70CJ 3 00RN 1 30VV 2 90JD 1 00QV 21 00YQ 9 00YR 958 00 73 90 1031 90TTL ADT 01 C LON BD X AMS KL MAD20M1029 16C IB LON857 62C NUC1886 78 END ROE0 507796 Simple enough itinerary but taken together the price comes to 1031 90 So lets book the best we can get for each individual flight You will have to trust me on this one Flight 1 to Amsterdam costs 72 50 Great Flight 2 costs 336 60 and flight 3 costs 487 90 Not so great Let us say we just want the best price and changes are acceptable for a fee Take a look at the itinerary below A 1 1BUSINESSMAN AMR 1 BD 103Y 06MAR 2 LHRAMS SS1 0820 1035 DCBD E NON SMOKING FLIGHT 2 KL1707V 06MAR 2 AMSMAD SS1 2040 2315 DCKL E 3 IB3166V 07MAR 3 MADLHR SS1 1630 1750 DCIB E IBERIA DEPARTURES ARRIVALS AT MADRID NEW TERMINAL 4 4 IB7443N 16MAR 5 LHRMAD SS1 0920 1240 DCIB E OPERATED BY BRITISH AIRWAYS CHECK IN PERFORMED BY BRITISH AIRWAYS AT LHR TERMINAL 1 OPERATED BY BRITISH AIRWAYS 5 KL1700T 18MAR 7 MADAMS SS1 1030 1320 DCKL E TKT TIME LIMIT 1 T WPS3 4 NCB 07MAR DEPARTURE DATE LAST DAY TO PURCHASE 20FEB BASE FARE EQUIV AMT TAXES TOTAL 1 EUR155 00 GBP103 00 54 90XT GBP157 90ADT XT 10 00GB 13 00UB 2 90JD 1 00QV 28 00YQ 155 00 103 00 54 90 157 90TTL ADT 01 VEUNES NEUNES MAD IB LON123 01VEUNES

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  • Business-Travel
    using separate tickets for interline journeys and the demand for through check in has increased In the majority of cases the fare paid does not cover the costs of the transfer facilities and the liability costs that can arise If you have booked connecting journeys using separate tickets we no longer offer the facility of through check in or through tagging of baggage Only passengers with flight itineraries issued on a single ticket with one booking reference will qualify for the through check in service subject to minimum connection times This policy applies to all connecting flights Passengers choosing to purchase separate tickets should allow sufficient time to collect any baggage and check in again for onward flights Finally on this aspect of interlining and MCT s I would like you to consider the following statemen by an airline and taken from their website It is vital that any connecting flights are on the same ticket However with the polarisation of airlines away from working together to all doing their own thing and only their own thing the cost of an air ticket will rise Especially in cases where a low cost or quasi low cost airline gets in a sizeable itinerary Taking one sector out which may be cheap can affect the greater itinerary cost You may even wind up paying for a flight twice to make the overall cost less The changes in the ability to interline and the quiet move away from the traditional concepts can also have a marked affect on the cost of any given air ticket Interlining is also a mechanism that allows fares to be worked out on a more sophisticated basis than just paying for A to B then B to C and so on Airlines have to a greater or less degree managed to sidestep interline agreements at great cost to the businessman Whereas they could not choose effectively who they would appear on a paper ticket with it is a wholly different story when it comes to E Tickets Interlining and Ticket Costs The IATA interline system worked almost like a bank clearing house where airlines met and exchanged their bits of money for various sectors taken on a single ticket For years this has worked remarkably well Let us look at an example of interlining in action A 1 1BUSINESSWOMAN A MS 1 IB4183Y 19FEB 1 LHRBCN SS1 0620 0920 DCIB E 2 AF1949C 19FEB 1 BCNCDG SS1 1815 2010 DCAF E 3 AF1042C 20FEB 2 CDGGVA SS1 1830 1940 DCAF E ATTN VISA NECESSARY FOR NON SCHENGEN PAX TRANSITING IN PAR 4 LH3663C 21FEB 3 GVAFRA SS1 1105 1230 DCLH E NON SMOKING FLIGHT 5 LH4724C 22FEB 4 FRALHR SS1 0825 0905 DCLH E NON SMOKING FLIGHT 11DA 11DA AMH 1839 18FEB07 WP BASE FARE TAXES TOTAL 1 GBP1305 00 125 50XT GBP1430 50ADT XT 20 00GB 13 00UB 2 90JD 1 00QV 8 40FR 8 50QX 5 30CH 7 90RA 58 50YQ 1305 00 125 50 1430

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