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  • Global-Travel-Agent
    so that people know where they are at and what is going on and reports made to make sure less experienced staff are doing their alloted tasks properly The latter type especially are more for the benefit of the person providing the report than for the recipient So if you want centralised comprehensive reporting get your travel and expense management on a credit card Not on a TMC What do I want reports for We all like reports We do not all manage however to ascertain what we want them for in the first place The average TMC will tell you that they can report this and that but at the end of the day if a person went from New York to Boston on Monday and back on Tuesday How many different ways do you want it analysed Unless you the client have an in depth knowledge of airline pricing and operations it is unlikely that many reports will mean that much Many TMC s tell you what useful reports you are going to get In fact if any travel agent you employ is doing their job properly the only report you should need is a departmental analysis of the monthly bill Sure there are some things that are of value though more on an annual basis such as how much has been spent with each travel supplier airline rail car rental or ferry company as these can be useful when one finds that your account is big enough to warrant a travel suppliers individual attention The TMC s offer Global service That old chestnut Let s just go back to our credit card for a minute It s 0200 in the UK and you are in Hong Kong Something has happened that means you have to be back in the UK stante pede What do you do Well you can call your TMC Give your name answer the security question wait while someone sorts out who you are what you are and what is going on and and Or you can just call the local airline reservation office and rebook If you have a flexible business class ticket no cost is involved anyway so why add a fee and if you do not then you always have the flexible friend that is precisely what it is for Further if you have a good frequent flyer card with that airline chances are they are going to bend over backwards quicker than any TMC local office who by this time are just trying to reboot some computer to try and find details about you who you are and what your are My own clients demand more they have my mobile number I am expected to know their voice where they are and be prepared to fix something on a 24 7 basis Naturally I have a holiday backup but from a group of people who have the same ethos and who are in same country as I am not some

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  • Saving Money on Business Travel - Page 2
    go This list is then carved up into workable itineraries taking into consideration the many relevant factors such as weekends specific date requirements also taken into consideration is where works with where The suggested itineraries go back for approval and then the fare combinations are looked at There is a lot of intuitive travel industry knowledge that has to go into this process but note that fares only come into the equation at a very late point These itineraries and events are not booked they evolve This type of travel cannot cannot be done by any one airline these days and for this sort of job the internet and booking tools are useless Save Money on Business Travel Part 2 This style of itinerary planning has a different way of approach for the purpose of cost This is not reviewed from the point of view of how much per flight It is looked at from the standpoint of what can be achieved given a ticket cost For example let us say that you have 4 calls to make on the Indian sub continent The cost of going for 3 calls 5 or even 6 calls is probably the same The ticket will cost say 1 500 Now if we can get an extra call into the itinerary and the ticket costs 1 550 we have achieved a significant saving If we had to go back for the last remaining call we would have wasted about 1 500 The focus here is finding a per call budget without reference to anything else Sales development travel is very similar You would be surprised how many people spend hours on planning their presentations and the meeting without a thought for how they are going to get there The latter bit just happens One of these days someone will have the answer as to why everything has to start at 09 00 hours Not all meetings especially sales calls last all day A journey for a single call could be orientated towards say just after lunch Even just before lunch for the networking bit on short haul flights does not require people to be on the 06 45 to Amsterdam Just like trains the airlines have a rush hour Ask in your firm how many people know when they can use their Travelcard for a cheap train to London or Manchester or Newcastle or Aberdeen and then ask them the time of the first cheap flight to Amsterdam For an organisation to save travel dollars there has to be a culture of saving Everyone has to be on board from the President down Everyone has to be willing to join in You can regulate travel policy until the cows come home but if you do not have an instilled culture of saving people will regard policy as something that has to be bent True self booking tools may save something here and there but as they say in Rugby You win matches by scoring

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  • Star Alliance - Member Airlines
    A network of 10 regional carriers including two wholly owned subsidiaries form US Airways Express and US Airways Shuttle to provide an additional 2 340 daily departures Singapore Airlines history can be traced back to May 1947 when Malayan Airways operated its first commercial flight linking Singapore with Kuala Lumpur Ipoh and Penang The airline was later renamed Malaysian Airways Limited in1963 and Malaysia Singapore Airlines in 1966 which then split in 1972 creating Malaysian Airline System since renamed Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines Over a period of more than half a century Singapore Airlines has earned a reputation as an innovative market leader combining a quality product with excellent service More Star Alliance Carriers The Star Alliance aaaaaaaaaaaaiii Turkish Airlines Turkey s national flag carrier was founded in Ankara on May 20th 1933 as the State Airlines Administration under the direction of the Ministry of Defence In 1956 it was restructured becoming Turkish Airlines In 2005 25 of the company was sold via an SPO under a privatisation programme and today 50 9 of the company shares are publicly held while the rest remain state owned In 2012 Turkish Airlines network includes nearly 200 international and domestic destinations with more to come Number of aircraft 184 Number of employees 15 737 Passengers per year 32 6 million Sales Revenue in US 7 7 billion Number of scheduled destinations 191 Daily departures 766 Frequent flyer programme Miles Smiles Hubs Istanbul Ankara Aircraft types A340 300 A330 A321 A320 A319 B737 400 B 737 700 B737 800 B777 300ER B737 900 A310 300F A330 200F United is a founding member of the Star Alliance network The airline has a rich history in aviation tracing its roots to 1926 when a small Swallow biplane owned by Walter T Varney carried airmail to Nevada from Pasco Washington a flight that marked the true beginning of commercial air transportation and the birth of United Airlines In 2010 in an historic merger of equals United joined with Continental an airline with an equally rich history in aviation Number of aircraft 697 Mainline Only 555 Regional Only 1 252 Total Number of employees 87 571 Passengers per year 136 million Sales Revenue in US 37 1 billion full year 2011 Number of scheduled destinations 374 Daily departures 5 605 Frequent flyer programme MileagePlus Premier 1K Premier Platinum Premier Gold Premier Silver Hubs Chicago Cleveland Denver Houston Los Angeles Newark San Francisco Washington D C and Guam International Narita Aircraft types A319 A320 B737 500 700 800 900 B747 400 B757 200 B767 200 300ER 400 B777 200 200ER Number of aircraft 640 Number of employees 36 500 Passengers per year 66 1 million Sales Revenue in US 11 5 billion Number of scheduled destinations 206 Daily departures 3 200 Frequent flyer programme Dividend Miles Hubs Charlotte Philadelphia Phoenix Washington D C Aircraft types Boeing 767 200ER Boeing 757 200 Boeing 737 400 Boeing 737 300 Airbus A330 200 Airbus A330 300 Airbus A321 Airbus A320 Airbus

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  • OneWorld Airline Alliance
    affiliate from 1 December 2012 is a British Airways subsidiary that offers premium airline services between the USA and continental Europe It currently links Paris with the New York metro area with two daily round trips between Paris Orly and Newark From March frequencies will rise to three daily round trips with the addition of one daily round trip between Paris Orly and New York JFK Sun Air of Scandinavia Sun Air is a privately owned Danish airline that delivers its services as a British Airways franchisee It operates some 30 daily flights from Denmark to Belgium Finland France Germany Norway Sweden and the U K Established in 1951 Japan Airlines is one of the world s premier carriers It joined the oneworld alliance in 2007 The airline has major hubs at Tokyo Osaka Nagoya and Okinawa and operates almost 900 daily flights to more than 70 destinations across 20 countries Travel classes Japan Airlines offers up to four cabin classes on its international longhaul flights including First Class Executive Class Business Class Premium Economy and Economy Selected domestic flights also offer First Class and Class J Business Class travel Airberlin Germany s second largest airline joined the oneworld alliance in March 2012 It currently serves over 160 destinations in 40 countries The airline s hubs are Berlin Düsseldorf Palma de Mallorca and Vienna Travel classes Airberlin offers a single class cabin on short haul flights On its longhaul routes it offers two classes with a business class and an individual in flight entertainment screen for each passenger Frequent flyers As a member of airberlin s topbonus frequent flyer programme you earn topbonus miles towards your tier status every time you travel on eligible oneworld flights S7 Airlines is Russia s largest domestic carrier It joined the oneworld alliance in 2010 Based at Moscow Domodedovo Airport the airline operates flights to more than 80 destinations in 20 countries throughout Europe the Middle East and Asia including 45 destinations in Russia Travel classes S7 Airlines offers Business Class and Economy Class travel on all its flights Frequent flyers As a member of the S7 Priority Frequent Flyer Programme you earn points towards your tier status every time you travel on eligible oneworld flights LAN Airlines one of the largest and most awarded carriers in Latin America It joined the oneworld alliance in 2000 The airline serves more than 70 destinations in 20 countries throughout South America North America Europe and the Pacific Travel classes LAN offers Premium Business and Economy Class travel on its international longhaul flights plus Premium Economy Class on routes between South America and North America LAN domestic flights offer Premium Economy and Economy Frequent flyers As a member of LAN s LANPASS Frequent Flyer Programme you earn points towards your tier status every time you travel on eligible oneworld flights Iberia is Spain s flagship airline and the leading carrier between Europe and Latin America It joined oneworld in 1999 From its Madrid hub it flies to

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  • Skyteam Airline Alliance
    million passengers in 2011 ranking the carrier first in Asia and third in the world topping all Chinese airlines for 33 consecutive years Czech Airlines as the flag carrier airline of the Czech Republic provides connections from Prague and also via Prague to major destinations in Europe Central Asia the Transcaucasus and the Middle East Czech Airlines is one of the five oldest airlines in Europe During the years of its operation it has become a modern airline priding itself on a number of awards for quality of their services Delta Air Lines serves more than 160 million customers each year Delta and the Delta Connection carriers offer services to nearly 350 destinations in 65 countries on six continents Headquartered in Atlanta Delta employs 80 000 employees worldwide and operates a mainline fleet of more than 700 aircraft A founding member of the SkyTeam global alliance Delta participates in the industry s leading trans Atlantic joint venture with Air France KLM and Alitalia Including its worldwide alliance partners Delta offers customers more than 13 000 daily flights with hubs in Amsterdam Atlanta Cincinnati Detroit Memphis Minneapolis St Paul New York LaGuardia New York JFK Paris Charles de Gaulle Salt Lake City and Tokyo Narita Aeromexico Mexico s global airline serves more than 70 destinations in Mexico and major cities in the United States Canada Central South America and Europe as well as being the only airline in Latin America to offer customers regular and direct flights to Asia Aeromexico operates over 450 daily flights from its main hub out of Terminal 2 at Mexico City International Airport Founded in 1950 Aerolíneas Argentinas is one of the leading South American carriers From its home bases in Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires Aerolíneas Argentinas flies to 18 international destinations in The Americas Europe and the South Pacific Along with Austral Líneas Aéreas Aerolíneas operates flights to 35 destinations in Argentina flying to more cities in the Argentine territory than any other airline Kenya Airways the leading African airline flying to more Africa destinations than any other carrier takes pride for being in the forefront of connecting Africa to the world and the World to Africa through its hub Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport In 1995 Kenya Airways entered into an alliance with Dutch carrier KLM with the European carrier owning 26 73 of Kenya Airways The airline s ever growing fleet comprises a mix of Boeing and Embraer jets KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was founded in 1919 making it the world s oldest airline operating under its original name In 2004 Air France and KLM merged to form AIR FRANCE KLM The merger produced the strongest European airline group based on two powerful brand names and hubs Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Paris Charles de Gaulle The two airlines collaborate in three core activities whilst maintaining their own identities passenger transport cargo transport and aircraft maintenance As a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance Korean Air with a

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  • Global-Travel-Agent-2
    of taxis during a few moments snatched from an important meeting or by a very busy PA who has just enough time to say Book the boss on the 11 15 and put the telephone down The SBT requires full attention to log on to know how to work the system and of course to understand what the SBT is trying to tell you At the end of the day you employ a salesman to sell not as a surrogate travel agent Not all TMC s will even consider your travel request I recently came across one company who was paying 50 a ticket and all the TMC would do is book the required itinerary no research just book what the client dictated If you wanted advice about how to best set the itinerary up that would be another 50 This is one of the fundamental differences to consider before taking on a TMC Do you really want a TMC or do you want a travel agent The size of the Pond It is a fundamental mistake to be a small fish in a big pond Travel spend accounts as the second largest cost item in many firms accounts To you it is an awful lot of money Airlines and TMC s think differently An airline thinks in terms of about a million British Pounds and that as premium revenue or at least revenue getting on that way and a TMC is not far behind Remember that you will only see travel as say 150 000 each month A TMC will see that as 6 000 or 7 000 worth having A turnover of 15 000 each month to a TMC means about 600 hardly worth the fuss but they will have it anyway To a smaller agent it is worth having and the small medium sized accounts are their bread and butter They will bend over backwards to keep them Here I want to take a step backwards Let me remind you of a statement in a previous article and at the beginning of this The quickest and easiest way to save money on travel is not to travel in the first place This statement must be taken along with everything said here None of what I say here or elsewhere is relevant if the trip could be avoided If it cannot be then better to have someone who really understands travel and who really understands you to make the arrangements Self Booking Saves Money Well it may make a fee cheaper or will it The actual fee paid for issuing a ticket is minimal compared to the cost of the ticket or should be Many smaller agents still operate at 15 20 per ticket most around 25 Many smaller agents will include for this fee the easier and simple amendments that may be required They will not charge you every time you ring up to find out what time it is For this money you receive personal attention

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  • Saving Money on Business Travel - Page 3
    your negotiated fares apply only to one airline then this potential cost saving is in direct opposition to your carefully designed policy Diversion Negotiated fares are available to big players in the market By big I mean that unless you can muster pushing a million pounds worth of business for one airline alone do not rush to call airline sales offices Anything under this and you are small at best medium and can only benefit from the programmes airlines produce aimed at SME s SBT s are what TMC s Travel Management Companies try to sell you On long haul flights this saving is much more pronounced Negotiated rates on airlines are usually very much in line with what are known in the trade as consolidated fares These are the ones that you see advertised in the back of the Sunday papers What they do is take these fares and basically bend the rules for Jo Public a bit to accommodate you One feature is that on long haul flights and especially in the front cabins some airlines do a lot more rule bending than others Being realistic falling over backwards to fill a seat at 3 000 is a lot more cost effective than falling over backwards to sell one for 300 Diversion Ends So what is the new fashion in saving money in business travel Are you really going the right way by looking at Global TMC s In so doing are you really making a move forwards or are you just being manipulated into a booking system So apart from helping the profitability of your TMC your wonderful SBT also makes sure that many of the really cheap longhaul fares may be denied to you You have edited them out by all your careful policy making or at least run the risk of so doing It is important to note that not all airlines give all their fares to everyone so even the fares that you can access may be more of a selection rather than a complete picture Another handy feature of the SBT is that it edits out the need for TMC s to have to take responsibility for mistakes Incorrect dates times mis spelled names failure to input the right or incomplete information etc These may be now made by your self Another feature of SBT s is that they require you and your troops to sit down and work your their way around a stunningly easy of course software system This makes me wonder The number of times I am called by clients on the hoof between appointments or from a noisy place I am called from a need an extra hour meeting a stuck in traffic car a bloody thing delayed for 2 hours cafe bar or a I have forgotten to book a hotel back of a taxi brings visions to my mind of how under a self booking regime such situations are catered for Okay so in these instances you

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  • Star Alliance 2
    a specialist carrier to outlying regions in its own image As it has done so the Austrian carrier has often showed a pioneering spirit over the years in incorporating previously unknown cities throughout Eastern Europe into its route network And this policy has paid off with a total of 45 locations Austrian Airlines now provides more destinations in Central and Eastern Europe than any other airline in the European Union Every journey begins with the first step Asiana took that first step in 1988 when it was introduced as the second flag carrier in Korea On the occasion of its 15th Anniversary in 2003 Asiana took its next major step in joining the Star Alliance network Now one of Asia s largest airlines ANA s history began in 1952 when Nippon Helicopter NH and another regional airline were established in the Japanese private sector They operated separately but with close ties until 1957 when All Nippon Airways Co Ltd was born through a merging of the two ANA grew rapidly developing a comprehensive route network between Japan s major cities In 1986 ANA entered a new era with its first scheduled flight from Narita Tokyo to Guam after the Japanese government decided to allow increased competition in the expanding Japanese market for overseas travel Now ranked the eighth largest IATA airline in terms of passengers carried Since the earliest days the people of the South Pacific have been great travellers Air New Zealand has continued that tradition pioneering routes that link its Pacific region to the rest of the world Founded in 1940 as Tasman Empire Airways Limited Air New Zealand is New Zealand s national airline Air New Zealand directly serves 47 cities in 15 countries including over 470 flights per day to 26 destinations within New Zealand Air Canada is Canada s largest domestic and international full service airline and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services in the domestic market the transborder market and each of the Canada Europe Canada Pacific Canada Caribbean Central America and Canada South America markets Passenger transportation is the principle business Headquartered in Montreal Air Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Aviation Holdings Inc ACE Together Air Canada and Jazz Canada s largest regional carrier another subsidiary unit of ACE operate an extensive domestic transborder and international network The Star Alliance Page 2 In December 1999 Aegean bought Air Greece while in 2001 the company merged with another Greek carrier Cronus Airlines a move that also marked its entry in international routes Following its increasing acceptance by its customers Aegean became by 2005 the leading carrier on domestic routes In 2005 Aegean reached an agreement with Lufthansa to become its partner in Greece After four years of profitable operation Aegean was listed on the Athens stock exchange in July 2007 raising additional funds to support for fleet and network development In 2008 through its gradual expansion of its international network and its consistent delivery of high quality services Aegean became

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