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  • Afumex range cable & website
    in place of the standard PVC cabling that can be so hazardous in the event of fire In the early stages of a fire the primary danger is not flame but toxic gas and studies have shown lethal conditions can arise in buildings as quickly as 3 minutes after fire breaks out with most deaths due to being overcome by gas or smoke It therefore makes sense to use a cable that does not give off hazardous gas or smoke and contribute to flame spread On a separate note according to the Approved Cables Initiative ACI 27 of all UK fires are attributed to faulty wiring and cabling and 20 of all cables within the UK supply chain are unsafe unapproved or fraudulent Afumex quality assured cables are reliable and proven low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cables unlike their PVC counterparts or the large volume of counterfeit unsafe and non approved cables circulating in the marketplace In fact all Afumex branded products meet or exceed the cable construction standard the low smoke standard the zero halogen standard and the flame retardant standard Afumex provides excellent resistance to ignition and flame spread producing very low levels of smoke and virtually

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  • LSX for listed buildings in Marylebone
    systems in a succession of grade 2 listed buildings in Marylebone Westminster for the Portman Estate The most recent development to benefit is 66 Great Cumberland Place which started on site in December 2010 and is due for completion in September 2011 Obstacles often occur when working in Grade 2 listed buildings as their structures are not always conducive to accommodating modern day services and Afumex LSX presents a solution to this problem Leonard Engineering Project Engineer Stewart Slack explains Afumex LSX was used on this project in place of twin and earth which would have required additional mechanical protection We can install Afumex LSX with confidence and fix it with ease as the cabling requires no additional safety precautions such as metal conduit Stewart added Afumex LSX is the first cable of its kind and it provides a uniquely quick and simple installation process We have used Afumex LSX on all of our most recent projects as it passes all requirements of the latest BS7671 17 th Edition wiring regulations Stewart and his team have now expanded the use of both Afumex and FP200 Gold and now specify them for all their operations including commercial industrial healthcare and school

    Original URL path: http://www.afumexcables.co.uk/Portman_Estates.html?addAssetID= (2016-02-16)
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  • Prysmian article in ECN
    a cable However it is more commonly used in a combination with the phrase low smoke to describe a cable that produces small amounts of halogen acid gas and smoke when burnt The worrying thing is with regard to low smoke halogen free cables there is lack of agreed terminology A situation exists where reliance on descriptive trade names has resulted in traditional PVC cables being misleadingly described The result is that purchasers may on the face of it think that they are buying a cable that performs in a certain way based on its name even though a set of industry developed and agreed British Standards are well established In fact this can result in the purchase of products which do not have expected performance It is well documented that PVC cables in the event of fire produce aggressive hydrogen chloride acid gas when burnt If this gas is inhaled or comes into contact with skin or eyes it causes extreme irritation and choking Not only this but in a fire PVC cables give off hazardous and dense black smoke that can obscure emergency exit signs and routes compromising the safe evacuation of buildings It is therefore paramount that buyers installers and specifiers know what they use is up to task With phrases like LSOH Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSHF Low Smoke Halogen Free OHLS Zero Halogen Low Smoke LSF Low Smoke and Fume so widespread and misused within the cable industry it s easy to see how confusion can arise Correctly used the phrases halogen free and zero halogen relate to clearly defined test methods and performance requirements You may think well great but what does this actually mean Cables using these terms or acronyms must emit no more than 0 5 halogen acid when burnt However purchasers must watch out as acronyms such as LSOH are increasingly used as generic descriptions despite actually being a trademark A problem arises because not all manufacturers use LSOH with the same meaning as the actual trade mark owner This means buyers can be misled into believing they are purchasing a low smoke halogen free cable as defined by the appropriate tests when actually they are getting a cable product that will not perform to the required level The acronym LSF also needs careful consideration as there are no specific standards for LSF cables In fact LSF was also a trade mark used by BICC Cables It is true to say that this term LSF is sometimes used to describe PVC cable that has been modified When tested this type of cable can emit more than 20 hydrochloric acid significantly more than what would be expected from an LSOH cable In summary when used correctly the terms low smoke and halogen free related to precisely defined test methods and results Low smoke describes a product tested in accordance with BS EN 61034 2 This smoke density test known as the 3 metre cube test measures how much light is transmitted through

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  • JICABLE 2011
    presented a paper at the European cable conference in Versailles France He reported the findings which resulted from the experimental programme he developed at the Prysmian Fire Test Laboratory in Eastleigh It s an academic paper that details some of the test methods necessary for the impending Construction Products Directive Regulations Afumex News Build the Future Read More View All Afumex Updates Sundstrom Report using FTIR analysis of Cemac Cable

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