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  • Guide to new British Standards
    products will be withdrawn on 31st December 2012 BS EN 50525 for wiring and flexible cables up to and including 450 750 V was published in September 2011 and will become fully effective from 1st January 2013 and replaces a number of existing British Standards being withdrawn on 31st December 2012 There will be changes to existing standards BS 6004 and BS 7211 which were re issued in September 2012 None of these amendments require changes to Prysmian manufacturing and market practice In 2011 a new European Standard EN 50525 covering wiring and flexible cables up to and including 450 750 V was issued and it supersedes the earlier harmonisation documents HD21 and HD22 Previously national standard bodies such as the BSI had freedom to issue their own national technically equivalent standards Now the new EN format must be implemented unchanged The British Standards Institute therefore published all 18 parts of BS EN 50525 One impact of this will be that 6491X and 6491B currently manufactured and tested to BS 6004 and BS 7211 are now excluded from those British Standards and are now be covered by EN 50525 Guide to Change in British Standards Afumex News Build the Future

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  • Padding up at Old Trafford
    and lighting circuits in preparation for Old Trafford becoming a first class international venue for competitive cricket Developments at the ground were constructed by Morgan Sindall and include two new grandstands dressing rooms a new media centre and refurbishment of the pavilion Afumex LSX provides excellent resistance to ignition and flame spread producing very low levels of smoke and virtually no acidic gases when burnt safeguarding human life and protecting buildings and equipment Afumex LSX is the original low smoke zero halogen cable designed for small power and lighting circuits and is the right choice for shallow voids in thin walls and partitions thanks to its aluminium sheath It s also the ideal choice to replace small bulky indoor armoured cables on tray or basket Since LSX needs only nylon glands to retain earth continuity it saves time and cost too Capacity at the ground will permanently increase to 15 000 and additional temporary seating will push the stadium to house 25 000 for international tests Safety was therefore a top priority for the developments at Old Trafford to safeguard the new influx of cricket fans into the venue Genlec Electrical Contractors Limited began the installation in February Purchasing Manager John Lawrence explains This is a huge project for us with a combined M E value of 2 million We have specified Prysmian cables in the past on other high profile jobs as they live up to their reputation in terms of availability price and most importantly the third party approvals The developments at the cricket ground are part of a wider regeneration of a sports led 50 acre mixed use site in Old Trafford that will create more than 2 000 new jobs for the local area John and his team completed the installation mid August in time for

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  • Join Prysmian at the Olympics Beach Volleyball
    Olympic Men s and Women s preliminary round of beach volleyball at the prestigious Horse Guards Parade venue in London Whether working or relaxing in the capital this summer millions of visitors are likely to visit public buildings sporting venues and use the extensive public transport London is famous for Buildings and venues from which you ll want a safe and quick exit in the event of fire these are locations where Prysmian is important All over the capital and throughout the UK our FP and Afumex cables have been specified and installed in public buildings and venues to reduce the risks associated with fire Developed and manufactured in the UK Prysmian s FP cables have long been used for essential circuits such as fire alarms but what about the non essential systems They still need a low fire hazard cable and Afumex is Prysmian s answer Afumex means low smoke zero halogen flame retardant and approved to the British Standard use Afumex for non essential circuits because fire is bad enough don t make it worse Visit the website to find out how Afumex can reduce the risk and make sure you click here for your chance to visit

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  • Beaucamps
    corridors FP Plus forms part of the fire alarm system with its enhanced performance Safety for staff and pupils is of paramount importance and with this in mind Lauren Lloyd Guernsey Ltd opted for Prysmian in their installation at the new facility The main contractor at Les Beaucamps site RG Falla also based in Guernsey engaged Lauren Lloyd for the electrical work at the site Installation began in October 2011 with 35km of Afumex LSX 1 5mm to 4mm two and three core and also 10km of two core 1 5mm FP Plus Contracts Director Gavin Charles at Lauren Lloyd explains Afumex LSX was used on this project as an alternative to PVC Twin and Earth as this is a more robust alternative with a better reaction to fire This was my first experience of Afumex LSX and I am very happy with the results Afumex LSX is a low smoke zero halogen LSOH cable with flame retardant properties a safer alternative to PVC in the event of a fire Afumex LSX will self extinguish when the flame is removed producing low volumes of smoke free from toxic halogen acid gases present in the PVC alternative Prysmian s FP Plus with enhanced Insudite insulation provides an unmatched combination of rigidity and flexibility resulting in an easy installation for an enhanced cable Both FP Plus and Afumex LSX achieve full compliance with test requirements including BASEC and LPCB approval Les Beaucamps High School currently houses 500 students and additional facilities are being added to cater for an increased intake The new facilities are being built adjacent to the current school so that the pupils can carry on with their studies undisturbed The school is currently in the first phase of the 30 million redevelopment due for completion July 2012 with the

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  • Reduce the risk
    that would provide a range of cross functional benefits for example internal aluminium sheath now in high demand The aluminium sheath enables LSX to be used as a data or signal cable because it acts as a 360 electrostatic screen protecting the signal Conversely when used as an energy or small LV power cable the same screen protects adjacent data circuits from corruption This makes LSX ideal for structured wiring in new buildings and retro fitting into existing cable routes without the need for additional protection saving time and money in the process This same metallic sheath also provides a robust mechanical protection because our technique of orientation and bonding between the metal and the oversheath makes a strong but light composite This enables LSX to be used in place of small surface mounted armoured cables when used indoors and allows considerable savings in terms of containment support clips glands and terminations LSX needs no metallic glands to provide sealing or earth continuity nylon glands are sufficient so the savings mount up The aluminium sheath provides a significant safety benefit too safe when spiked We make the aluminium internal sheath the right thickness and overlap to carry a fault current

    Original URL path: http://www.afumexcables.co.uk/REDUCETHERISK.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Modern buildings, modern cables
    Afumex News Stockists Contact FP cables Bicon Posted 20th March 2012 Modern buildings modern cables Today s modern public access buildings require up to date materials for their technology and control cables Our product manager explains why Afumex News Build the Future Read More View All Afumex Updates Sundstrom Report using FTIR analysis of Cemac Cable Download View All Afumex Stockists Stockist Locator Afumex Low Smoke Cable Resources News Stockists

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  • Afumex low voltage cable FAQs
    Afumex cables for A General wiring inside public access buildings Usually lighting and power in public buildings shops offices transport hubs such as airport terminals or train stations Anywhere that flame spread dense black smoke or acid gas would endanger life or prevent escape in the event of fire Q Are Afumex cables Fire resistant A No Afumex cables in the event of fire can burn and stop working but they do not produce smoke or acid gas and they don t spread flame Q Why do we need Afumex A For confidence You can be sure that Afumex meets the flame ignition standard flame spread standard low smoke standard and halogen acid gas standard At the same time the conductors insulation sheathing and the screen or armour all meet the appropriate standard Afumex means that it meets these standards Q I use FP for essential and emergency circuits do I now use Afumex A No Afumex is for non essential services such as general lighting and power Continue to use FP for fire alarms and other essential or emergency circuits Q Can I still use PVC cables A Yes But PVC cables in the event of fire will produce black smoke halogen acid gas and can ignite and spread flame easily Use them where this will not endanger lives Q I ve designed my system for standard PVC cables can I still use that design for Afumex A Yes Afumex cables can directly replace standard PVC cables such as 6491X 6242Y and BS5467 Remember that Afumex cable accessories are available too Q I need a continuous use high temperature cable for 250 C can I now use Afumex A No You will need a specialist cable made from high temperature materials Afumex cables are all rated for maximum contiuous

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  • Afumex range cable & website
    in place of the standard PVC cabling that can be so hazardous in the event of fire In the early stages of a fire the primary danger is not flame but toxic gas and studies have shown lethal conditions can arise in buildings as quickly as 3 minutes after fire breaks out with most deaths due to being overcome by gas or smoke It therefore makes sense to use a cable that does not give off hazardous gas or smoke and contribute to flame spread On a separate note according to the Approved Cables Initiative ACI 27 of all UK fires are attributed to faulty wiring and cabling and 20 of all cables within the UK supply chain are unsafe unapproved or fraudulent Afumex quality assured cables are reliable and proven low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cables unlike their PVC counterparts or the large volume of counterfeit unsafe and non approved cables circulating in the marketplace In fact all Afumex branded products meet or exceed the cable construction standard the low smoke standard the zero halogen standard and the flame retardant standard Afumex provides excellent resistance to ignition and flame spread producing very low levels of smoke and virtually

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