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  • Agilitydogz - Mac's Bio
    Pedigree Chum Final at Olympia I had never reached the final before so I was overjoyed that my special dog had don so much for me over just a few months It was definitely his year I decided that it was going to be his last attempt at the World Championships After such success and his age I wanted him to stay at the top Anyway I have his younger nephew Spectre to take up his role 2003 NEWS Mac competed in the Singles Agility at Crufts for the first time I qualified for the Final agility round We got good results in both the agility and circular Knockout final We were asked on the day to compete in the international event Mac really enjoyed this and obtained 2nd in the first round and 1st in the 2nd round This made us the overall winners of the International event at Crufts Another remarkable achievement for my old man Mac continues to work successfully He qualified for Pedigree Chum Power and Speed and achieved 6th in the final He has also qualified for the Pedigree Chum Pairs Relay Final with his sister Kelbie On his first attempt he qualified for Olympia his 4th visit there At Olympia Mac got a great 3rd in the invitational Power and Speed class but unfortunately in the semi final Mac had the second pole down It was unfortunate but after his success last year Mac can do no wrong in my eyes We blasted round the rest of the course having great fun later getting eliminated well you never concentrate as much as you do if your going clear 2004 NEWS Mac qualified for the Singles Agility to be held at Crufts He got great result in the semi final heats he won the circular

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  • Agilitydogz - Rag's Bio
    Neeko Misty Gadget Holly Archived Current Tidespring Black Prince Rags DOB 07 04 98 Rags is Mark s dog and he has enjoyed some success with him He got to grade 5 and would have got to grade 6 except Rags had a habit of missing his 2nd weave He did manage to get to Crufts in the team a couple of times and had his retirement run in the

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  • Agilitydogz - Fox's Bio
    just shows what a little rest can do Since she began competing again she has amazed me by winning Intermediate Agility at Superdogs She also qualified for the Senior Classic final at Dogs In Need Which just goes to prove you should never write off your dog too soon 2003 News Fox has continued to enjoy her now favourite past time of agility She has managed to get a couple of top five placings in Senior Agility I have just started to run her in the pairs with Mark Wassel s Rags Tidespring Black Price although she doesn t like Rags much she absolutely adores running with him The feeling is mutual Rags is a little on the steady side but becomes quite excited when they run after each other We have to be quick to grab our dogs when we exchange the baton 2004 News Fox is now 7 and half years old and although whilst still enjoying it I m not sure how mcuh longer I will continue to run her on full height She has real problems with big spreads which we do try to avoid I think her injuries and arthritus may be catching up with her We will wait and see how she goes over the next season but with the amount of any size jumping classes available she will still get her runs 2005 News I have decided to retire Fox from KC competitions as I don t believe it s good for her health to continue competing at full height She continues to compete at UK Agility as she can compete in the 24 group She is doing really well and she is only a few points off moving into the Championship category Maybe next year when the KC drop the heights of

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  • Agilitydogz - Neeko's Bio
    Red October Both dogs were in the team which went to Portugal in 2001 to represent the UK at the World Championships 2002 NEWS Neeko has continued her retirement in style by winning four veteran classes She must be veteran of my household She has at last found Neeko sends her congratulations to her son Macgiver at been the 3rd Best dog in the World Championship Agility 2003 News Neeko still continues in getting top six places in Veteran any size jumping classes She is still as fast es ever if it wasn t for the fact that she is so clumsy and always knocking poles over I would have continued to compete at full height However I didn t want her to get any injuries from hitting poles that could cause more arthritus than neccessary She was very proud when her daughter Kelbie and nephew Spectre were part of the team that became the World Champions 2004 News Neeko has just reached her 12th Birthday she is starting to look old but when she does her agility she is still as fast as ever There is no dog in my house that plays as much as she does she never stops She is my great girl Our relationship seems to have approved with age just like great wine Neeko sends her congratulations to daughter Kelbie for winning the Challenge Certificate at Scunthorpe and her son Mac for taking the reserve We wish Kelbie all the best in her attempt to obtain the last CC that will make her an Agility Champion 2005 News Neeko is still enjoying her occasional runs in any size jumping and Veteran classes This will be her last year competing at shows and will probably only mess around in tunnels when I retire her completely

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  • Agilitydogz - Misty's Bio
    and for that I am grateful She was an extraordinary dog who was highly successful both in the Junior and Standard events She won me out of starters and although she never achieved senior she had many 2nds in Novice and Open Classes Together we appeared on Blue Peter and competed at Crufts for many years We took the titles of 3 major Junior finals and competed in them all

    Original URL path: http://www.agilitydogz.co.uk/misty.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Agilitydogz - Gadget's Bio
    winning flyball team at Crufts and has also competed in the Pedigree Chum Semi finals Gamblers and Advanced Power and Speed finals She has competed at Crufts on many occasions both in the Junior Agility and Senior Singles Agility Final Together we won the Junior Agility final at Crufts during my last year as a Junior She is now retired from agility and living the life of luxury 2004 Gadget

    Original URL path: http://www.agilitydogz.co.uk/gadget.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Untitled Document
    Dog Holly was my first dog We got her from a rescue home in 1985 when she was eight weeks old We think she was a collie x retriever I did teach her agility along with Misty but unfortunately she was never very keen on it I eventually retired her when it became apparent that she suffered from arthritus Her love in life was paddling in water whether it was

    Original URL path: http://www.agilitydogz.co.uk/holly.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Agilitydogz - News Archive
    to go I knew she could beat me if she had a good round a wide turn to a jump and then a missed contact was enough for us to win Well done Indy and a deserved rest on the saturday with Toni Dawkins winning the medium and Dawn Weaver winning the Large it was strange for me to be the tallest winner Saturday and Wych s day she held off coming into season until today that was close She had a great run in the agility and I made sure she hit all her contacts properly before I released her as I didn t want her to think of big events run you contacts Well she won the agility Bless her didn t like the camera man at the prize giving though The it was a 7 hour wait for our jumping run To say I was exhausted was an understatement and I bet Wych was tired too as it was a new experience for her but she handled it really well She screamed round the jumping but unfortunately didn t turn into the tunnel when I moved away I changed my arm and gave her a directional command but she sailed over the jump in front A very novice thing really and she was tired as well but I had noted recently that we needed to do some training with calling off fences its a weakness I think but one I will train for She handled the carpet like it was turf and she looked just like her Dad running round there Well last day and Championship day the big one Thankfully not such a long a day as the saturday Champ jumping Indy flew round and with me doing a scary and unusual handling move for me we won it Agility didn t like the start and even as I left Indy on the start line I didn t know how I was going to do it Anyway that bit went ok Unfortunately Indy ran round the tunnel one from home I regained control and finished the course now we had to wait and see if we qualified We did I didn t like the final course on paper but once I walked it I liked it and it ran like a dream Indy flew round well he only has one speed and went straight into the lead Last to go was Dawn Weavers tiny Puzzle he doesn t half fly round and if he could tip that see saw a little faster he is so small he could have taken the ticket But Indy won it for the 2nd year running a great achievement that I am very proud of but more importantly is how proud I am of Indiana my little star 23 02 09 Wych had her 2nd blood test for her rabies jab Lets hope this time she passes her leg unfortunately swelled up and as she is only dainty she looked terrible

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