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  • Starting an Account
    even postal orders See single payment options Monthly Credit Account To open a credit account references are required from two companies with whom you have credit facilities and the name and address of your bank with account number Settlement of the account is due by the last day of the month following that in which the goods were invoiced Settlement discount is only applicable if the payment is received on

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  • A timely decision pays off  Saturday June 9
    she says but she never really felt happy in that career I wanted a job I could eventually do at home if I had kids In marketing you have to go to parties and stuff She saw an ad for the AMA website I wasn t looking for a clock making apprenticeship but it really appealed to me when I read about it she says Venice began her apprenticeship with clock maker Jeffrey Rosson of City Clocks in November last year I think I ll be here at least another year Jeff wants me to learn to restore clock dials so at the moment I spend two days a week at college learning enamelling and picture restoration The downside is money Until she starts doing work that can be charged for she gets no salary Rosson pays her travel expenses lunch and a little extra but she s still trying to get housing benefit to cover her rent Coming from a job like marketing it s quite a drop to living off the same money students do But she says it doesn t bother her You know that being a horologist you ll never be very rich And as I

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  • Learning at the side of a master  Reversing the skills shortage
    boring pieces My wife and I were expecting a child and so I decided to do a City Guilds furniture course When I finished the course I had two options a job offer at 5 per hour or the apprenticeship The apprenticeship was poorly paid and it meant I d stay on family credit and income support but I thought the work would be far more creative and interesting The Barnsley workshop runs a non governmental scheme so it can only afford to take on one apprentice a year Apprentices receive one to one training from experienced craftsmen and are encouraged to work on com missions as soon as their skills are up to standard A similar home grown apprenticeship programme is run in the workshop of renowned furniture designer John Makepeace in Dorset As with many other apprenticeships both teach the ins and outs of running a small business as well as the practical skills of their craft But they can only afford to pay their apprentices the minimum wage Jacqui was fortunate enough to get a moderate salary from day one but she earns her keep I started last May on 50 a day and that eventually went up to 60 she says We re a small company so it means I have to do everything including lots of admin and publicity I m even the IT person and I often work quite late Sometimes I feel like I m learning four people s jobs I recently persuaded them I need more help so hopefully my admin days will soon be over Other apprentices must find different ways to supplement their income Vicky Snepp now a salaried assistant designer worked in a clothes shop while doing her apprenticeship at Karen Millen s design studios in Maidstone Vicky now 23 graduated from Kent s Institute of Art and Design in Rochester last July and worked for three months in a fashion marketing agency I tried to get a job straight away and approached some agencies with my portfolio but they all said they couldn t help me until I had at least two to three years of experience Vicky called Karen Millen s design studio and persuaded them to invite her for an interview I ended up going to the studio two days a week for four months I only got paid expenses but I was lucky because I lived with my parents so I had no bills she says The graduate suffered from the classic Catch22 she lacked the work experience needed to get a job and couldn t get the work experience with the job that is one of the reasons why many people look for apprenticeships The Jewellery Apprentice It s that old thing of being under experienced and over qualified says Suzanne Nelstrop Last year Suzanne graduated from a one year vocational jewellery course at London s Guildhall University She had also done a four year jewellery design course at Middlesex University but still found

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  • Jobs at AGThomas
    on the time of year we may have student placements YTS and part time positions available as well as entry level roles where you will get a taste of many aspects of a wholesale business as well as working with people with many years experience of the clock and watch trade We are also particularly interested in hearing from people with a web and or marketing background to help us

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  • Doing Business with AGThomas
    the information on this website since 1998 and in 2006 added an Online shop at AGTshop co uk These are not fancy websites that you are paying for in price increases we still aim for good customer service quality and great value More about AGT Who are our customers We are primarily a wholesale company selling to shops clock repairers and crafts people throughout the UK and Europe We have a loyal customer base many of whom have done business with us for over 40 years Many new customers find it easy to pay by credit card more info options on our New customers page or for larger businesses or repeat orders Find out about setting up an account with AGThomas Can I buy online We now have a secure online shop site at AGTshop co uk This currently covers about 1000 products from our stock of over 10 000 product lines Please Note some of our wholesale stock such as jewellery items are not available to purchase as single items so are not listed in our online store Other products such as Findings are only available in packs of 5 10 or 25 online Account customers can order wholesale only items by phone fax How to set up an account Payments Accepted We accept credit card payments both online and with telephone fax orders For more details see the Terms for Payments page Fast Delivery At AGT we know our customers expect fast and efficient processing of orders We are always trying to exceed expectations and get the goods to you within 24 48 hours Normally orders placed by email fax online overnight are on their way to you before lunchtime If you phone in your order in the morning we aim to have it packed up and on

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  • FrontPage Run-Time Component Page
    a link to a page that requires a web server and the FrontPage Server Extensions to function properly This form or other FrontPage component will work correctly if you publish this web to a web server that has the FrontPage

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  • Ring Sizing Tools
    the finger size with quality set of whole and half size ring sizes including 10 extra sizes for the larger hand R164A Wheatsheaf Full Set A Z1 2 10 41 00 set If you need a reduced set use the Wheatsheaf set with full sizes only R170 Wheatsheaf Half Set A Z 19 95 set For the accurate fitting of wider rings you are better using this special set of Nickel plated sizes R99 Wide Ring Sizes A Z1 2 6 38 85 set R164A R99 Plastic Fan type gauge sizes J Y R106 Fan Gauge 3 25 each or 32 25 for 12 pieces Ring Size cards that you can hand out to your customers R9 Ring Cards 18 25 per hundred R106 RING STICKS AND TRIBLETS Wheatsheaf Stainless Steel Ring Stick A Z 6 R165 Ring Stick 39 95 each Wheatsheaf Anodised Aluminium Ring Stick A Z R169 Ring Stick 24 72 RING TRIBLETS R144 Plain Triblet 12 x 3 x 230mm 14 95 each R145 Plain Triblet 25 x 8 x 330mm 21 00 each R146 Grooved Triblet 25 x 8 x 330mm 23 75 each R147 Triblet Marked A Z 27 00 each R101 Wax Cutting Triblet 13 00 each R165 R147 WEDDING RING GAUGES For quick and accurate sizing of wedding rings Both sets are British standard sizes H Z 6 with a corresponding Ring Stick in Aluminium Each set is presented in a well finished wood box R174 4mm wide Rings 23 95 set R175 7mm wide Rings 24 95 set WEDDING RING SIZING MACHINE This machine will enlarge all types of wedding rings plain D shaped facetted etc with no distortion or marking It is a good looking machine with a robust body and smooth action To enlarge you place the ring on

    Original URL path: http://www.agthomas.co.uk/ring_sizing_tools.htm (2016-04-26)
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  • Tweezers
    120mm T6 Hollow Fine check price MM Stainless Steel Length 130mm T7 General Purpose Fine points check price HH Nickel Plated Length 115mm T31 General Purpose check price GG Stainless Steel Length 130mm T56 Long Tapered Fine Points check price Special Application Plastic Flat Points Length 120mm T110 Watch Battery Fitting a vailable singly of packs of 1 dozen check price Plastic Length 125mm T96 Watch Battery Fitting available singly of packs of 1 dozen check price D Cutters for Hairsprings Boley Pattern Length 96mm T20 01 Cutters for Hairsprings Eco check price Stone Holde r 3 Prongs 120mm Stone Holder 3 Prongs 60mm No 11A Non Magnetic Length 120mm T120 Quartz check price Dumont Dumont High grade Carbon Steel Swiss Dumont Electronic SS Anti Magnetic AGT Economic Stainless Steel S General Purpose Fine Tips Length 120mm T62 Dumont check price P General Purpose Strong Tips Length 120mm T42 Dumont check price No 2 Broad Tips Tapered Length 120mm T57 Dumont check price T46 Dumont Electronic AM check price T127 AGT Economic check price No3 Fine Tips Length 120mm T47 Dumont Electronic AM check price T128 AGT Economic check price No 3c Short Fine Tips Length 110mm T59 Dumont check

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