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  • Horology Resources and Links
    1890s when AGThomas Ltd was set up by Arnold Gray Thomas Ray Bates The British Clockmaker in America A seriously professional guy Take a look British trained clock maker describes fifty years of experience in horology illustrating with photographs of antique clocks and automata A fascinating insight into a skilled craftsman his early apprentice years in the UK and the rewarding life of a skilled horologist Museums Horology Museums around the world Discover some of the antique watches clocks and music boxes that that are on display around the world Delightful Machines lots of pages about different clocks and timepieces water powered clocks rolling ball clocks etc fascinating David MacMillan s Delightful Machines no frills and frippery just solid information Contains some really detailed stuff on water clocks Manor House Museum Moyses Hall The Manor House venue has now closed but all the clocks and watch displays are now housed in the Moyses Hall If you want an insight into the watch and clock making history of the UK browse this site or visit View the collection of watches and clocks and exhibits on the history of timekeeping and timepieces in England Europe and the US American Clock and Watch Museum A collection of clocks and watches from different periods in history View the differences in the construction and design of clocks and watches made centuries ago The Bily Clocks Museum A gathering of unique clocks carved by the Bily brothers Frank and Joseph in the early twentieth century Read about the clocks carved by the brothers including one referred to as the Apostle Clock Hoffman Clock Museum Features hundreds of clocks on display with a focus on the clocks of New York State This impressive group of time pieces offers a look at the styles and designs of clocks through history Timex Group Museum Learn more about the history of Timex Group watches A timeline with illustrations of timepieces helps to create a story of the brand s history Ithaca Clock Museum An amazing collection of American clocks are on display at this museum Many of the clocks were made in the Ithaca New York area or are otherwise connected to the city Conger Street Clock Museum A wide variety of timepieces are on view in this collection The clocks in this historical gathering are in working order The Bowes Museum A beautiful gathering of clocks and watches from centuries past Dave s American Clocks Take a web tour of this collection of American clocks with accompanying descriptions A Watch Clock Collection Discover more about watch clock history in this Detex Watchman gathering of clocks Military Watch Museum View the chronometers and deck watches in this military related collection Cool Exciting and Fun www HowStuffWorks com Info How tos and Tips and Tricks www Timezone com articles how to s good pictures of watch parts and what there are how they work costs to get a link on there British Horological Institute lots of info with hints and tips

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  • Terms and Conditions
    payment options CREDIT CARD Orders accepted using major credit cards At the time of ordering please quote in full the card number expiry date card holders name full address and sign the order Download an Order Form here MONTHLY CREDIT ACCOUNT To open a credit account references are required from two companies with whom you have credit facilities and the name and address of your bank with account number Settlement of the account is due by the last day of the month following that in which the goods were invoiced Settlement discount is only applicable if the payment is received on or before the due date Becoming an account customer CASH WITH ORDER Please send a cheque made payable to A G Thomas Bradford Ltd crossed Account Payee and marked not to exceed and it will be completed with the correct amount If you wish to telephone with your requirements we can tell you the price of the goods before VAT and postage etc DEPOSIT ACCOUNT A sum of money can be deposited and goods are dispatched against this while there are sufficient funds to cover the goods required You are informed when a further deposit is required PRO FORMA INVOICE After processing your order a Pro Forma invoice is sent to you The goods are then held for up to 30 days and upon receipt of your payment are sent immediately SPECIFICATIONS Any descriptions sizes dimensions weights capacities etc given in any of our publications are given in good faith for guidance only and are not guaranteed as absolutely correct Therefore if necessary we reserve the right to withdraw change or substitute items without prior notice RETENTION OF OWNERSHIP Title of goods is reserved by A G Thomas Bradford Ltd until payment of the purchase price is made in

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  • Earrings 2011
    Heart stud with various colour crystals 10mm JE7143 Swirl stud with various colour crystals 11mm JE7144 Tear drop with various colour crystals 12 x8mm JE7145 Ball drop with various colour crystals 30 x8mm JP9537 Earring Pendant boxed set lilac crystals 9 x12mm Silver Earrings with CZ s and MOP JE7482 Small round drop with MOP 13mm JE7495 Open Tear drop with tiny drops 40 x14mm JE7483 Open Circle drop with white CZ 16mm JP9199 Matching Pendant 16mm JE7484 Open Heart drop with white CZ 16mm JE9200 Matching Pendant 16mm Silver Earrings with Natural stones JE7489 Round stud with Turquoise 12 x10mm JE7490 Round stud with Onyx 12 x10mm JE7491 Loop stud with black faux pearl 15 x8mm JE7492 Loop with cream faux pearl 15 x8mm JE7488 Twist drop with red Coral 25 x10mm JE7487 Twist drop with Turquoise 25 x10mm JE7494 Long drop with black MOP 35 x7mm JE7493 Long drop with pink MOP 35 x7mm JE7486 Drop with green Cats eye 18 x10mm JE7487 Drop with blue Cats eye 18 x10mm Plain Silver Drop Earrings JE7152 Long Twist 25 x7mm JE7151 Three Heart on chain 32 x7mm JE6153 Tiny Marcasite Swallow 11 x12mm JE6150 Tiny Outline Cat 13 x10mm JE6151 Tiny Outline Dog 19 x13mm JE6152 Outline Penguin 12 x9mm JE7153 Celtic style 38 x10mm Silver Stud Earrings JE7146 Small Knot 8mm JE7147 Medium Knot 9mm JE7148 Cut out Rectangle 11 x8mm JE7149 Cut out Circle 10mm JE7150 Cut out Triangle 12mm JE7156 Heart with faux Pearl 13 x8mm JE7157 CZ s with large faux Pearl 22 x12mm JP9536 Matching Pendant 22 x12mm Silver Fancy Drop Earrings JE6155 Marcasite MOP Flower 18 x14mm JE7155 Faux Pearl 13 x8mm JE6156 Round White CZ 7mm JE7154 2 faux Pearls 20 x6mm JE6148 Faux Blue Opal Teardrop 35 x7mm JE6145 Marcasite open

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  • Charms2011
    Black Folded Sunglasses 20 x9mm JC3357 Multi Coloured Parrot 26 x11mm JC4568 Envelope with Red Heart 17 x12mm JC4572 Blue Open Wing Butterfly 13 x11mm JC4570 Red Hat with CZ s 15 x25mm JC4567 Red High Heel Shoe 20 x14mm Currently with jump ring only Silver Charms with CZ s and Crystals JC3351 Ring with Cubic Zirconium 12 x16mm JC4564 Champagne Glass with CZ s 20 x6mm JC3353 Angel with White Crystals 16 x12mm JC3141 Heart with CZ s 13mm JC3140 Key with CZ s 23 x8mm JC3352 Crystal 18 in Circle 16mm JC3360 Toadstool with Red White Crystals 15 x13mm JC3359 Apple with Red Green Crystals 10 x12mm JC3358 Berry with Red Green Crystals 11 x8mm Plain Silver Charms JC4178 Lizard 25 x11mm JC4176 Open Heart 16 x11mm JC4177 Crab 15 x12mm JC4569 Scottie Dog 15 x9mm Traditional Charms on Jump Rings always steady sales Standard Silver Charms Ref Description Approx Size JC4743 Holy Bible Opening 15 x14mm JC3611 Faith Hope Charity with CZ 12 x8mm JC3515 Bride Groom 20 x9mm JC3964 Four Leaf Clover 12 x10mm JC3130 Open Holy Bible 11 x14mm JC4324 Horses Head in Shoe 21 x17mm JC4451 Walking Horse 16 x21mm JC4824 5 piece Horse Set 19 x19mm Silver Baby Charms JC3609 Baby Buggy 12 x15mm JC4869 Baby Shoes 15 x14mm JC4814 Baby Dummy 8 x8mm JC4815 Baby Rattle 19 x9mm JC4693 Baby Pram 10 x9 Silver Teddy Bear Charms JC4707 Sitting Teddy 14 x10mm JC4791 Teddy on Scooter 14 x9mm JC4792 Teddy with Graduation Scroll 15 x10mm JC4793 Teddy Walking 14 x10mm JC4162 Sitting Teddy with Crystal 15 x11mm JC4707 Flat matt polished Teddy 14 x12mm JC4225 Paddington Bear 18 x9mm Silver Age Charms JC4462 18 in dia cut Ring 16mm JC4463 21 in dia cut Ring 16mm JC4715 Traditional 18 Key 30 x9mm

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  • Request a Brochure
    out www horology com for a US supplier or alternatively download our online brochure files To request a brochure please fill in the form below Or download an online brochure immediately You can also request our monthly newsletter and mailings which includes details of promotions we run each month This is optional and we will send no further mail if you ask us not to No other company uses our mailing lists NOTE To maintain this as a free service brochures are mailed out fortnightly Your brochure will be sent out as soon as possible and within 14 days If you have an urgent request then please email us There are 4 Questions Please provide the following contact information Required fields are indicated in Bold First name Last name Title e g Mr Ms Dr etc Company Street address Address cont City County State Zip Postal code Country Note Free brochures within Europe only Work Phone FAX E mail Select which of the following publications you would like Watch Movements and Materials catalog Clock Movements and Materials catalog Tools and Equipment catalog Findings leaflet Note One FREE brochure only Jean Pierre Watch brochure more can be sent for a ï

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  • Caflon Ear Piercing
    00 each check price at agtshop 1 pc Caflon blu Ear Piercing Gun 24 pair assorted studs 12 Medi Wipes 4 bottle After Care Lotion 1 Marker Pen and full Ear Piercing Training Manual in a neat blue carrying case or perhaps just the Caflon blu EAR PIERCING GUN E296 01 00 each check price at agtshop Complete with 12 Medi Wipes 1 Marker Pen and Training Manual in a neat blue case Follow the instructions for hygienic and safe and profitable ear piercing For extra sales offer the After Care solution and have a range of simple earrings in view Once set up with the basics there is a wide range of studs to add variety we find the colourful assorted Birthstones and the White Crystal are the most popular Back to top CAFLON AFTERCARE LOTION A new larger 30ml bottle with the popular dropper top E283 Pack of 20 bottles 7 80 pack Product List Studs Buy 10 or more packs for reduced prices Click on the thumbnail pictures to enlarge them use the BACK button to return to this page Ref CAFLON STUDS Supplied in sterile packs of 1 dozen pairs Price per pack JE5751 Stainless Steel Plain Ball studs c heck price JE5792 Stainless Steel Assorted Birthstone studs c heck price JE5744 Stainless Steel White Crystal April studs c heck price JE5744 Stainless Steel Blue Sapphire Sept studs c heck price JE5742 Stainless Steel MINI Regular studs c heck price JE5746 Stainless Steel MINI Assorted Birthstone studs c JE5743 Stainless Steel MINI White Crystal April studs c heck price JE5752 24ct GP Regular studs c heck price JE5753 24ct GP Imitation Pearl studs c heck price JE5754 24ct GP Imitation Onyx studs c heck price JE5755 24ct GP Heart Shape studs c heck price JE5756 24ct GP Star Shape studs c heck price JE5778 24ct GP Assorted Shapes studs c heck price JE5758 24ct GP Assorted Birthstones studs c heck price JE5759 24ct GP White Crystal April studs c heck price JE5796 24ct GP 5mm White Crystal April studs c heck price JE5793 24ct GP Black Diamond Studs c heck price 24ct GP Individual BIRTHSTONE Packs Please give a Month for Individual Birthstone Packs JE5779 24ct GP Assorted Stars Studs c heck price JE5794 24ct GP General Assortment of shapes studs c heck price JE5788 24ct GP Claw Set White Crystal studs c heck price JE5795 24ct GP Claw Set 5mm White Crystal studs c heck price JE5776 24ct GP MINI Regular studs c heck price JE5773 24ct GP MINI White Crystal April studs c heck price JE5787 24ct GP MINI Assorted Birthstone studs c heck price 24ct GP MINI Individual BIRTHSTONE Packs Please give a Month for Individual Birthstone Packs c heck price 9ct GOLD SAFETE C studs are available in single pairs The special SAFETEC 9ct Gold Gun is needed for these studs JE5777 9ct GOLD SafeTec Regular Ball Studs check price JE5810 9ct GOLD SafeTec White Cubic Zirconium check price JE5811 9ct GOLD

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  • Caress 2000 Ear Piercing
    in allowance on all obsolete guns The recently introduced Silver Plated Studs perfectly complement the fashion for white metal see below Ear Piercing appeals to the fashion conscious teenager and the discerning adult and is a great way to get new customers in to your premises All prices are quoted before carriage and insurance charges and Value Added Tax E O E The price charged will be the price ruling at the date of despatch Precision Ear Piercing Instrument E297 01 00 each check price at AGTShop Ca ress 2000 Ear Piercing Gun Marker pen Free Register Practice studs in disposable cassette Full Instructions Follow the instructions for hygienic and safe and profitable ear piercing Offer the After Care Cleansing Lotion as part of the Ear Piercing package or as an add on sale If you have any queries about starting this service please give us a call Once set up with the basics there is a wide range of studs to add variety we find the colourful assorted Birthstones and the White Crystal April Birthstone are the most popular Back to top Birthstone colours imitation stones January Garnet February Amethyst March Aquamarine April White Crystal May Emerald June Alexandrite July Ruby August Peridot September Blue Sapphire October Rose Zircon November Topaz December Blue Zircon Ref CARESS 2000 STUDS Supplied in sterile packs of 1 dozen pairs complete with antiseptic Towelettes and After care leaflets Price per pack JE7560 24ct Gold Plated Regular Plain Studs JE7561 24ct Gold Plated Heart Shape Studs JE7562 24ct Gold Plated Star Shape Studs check JE7563 24ct Gold Plated Imitation Pearl Studs prices JE7565 24ct Gold Plated Assorted Bezel Set Birthstone Studs at JE7566 24ct Gold Plated White Crystal April Studs AGTshop JE7570 Silver Plated Regular Plain Studs JE7575 Silver Plated April White Crystal Birthstone

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  • Hagerty Jewellery Care
    care in a personal way for diamonds precious stones and gold jewellery 12 x150ml Check Price Pearl Clean 100439 P354 a gentle formula that cleans and restores the natural lustre of pearls 12 x 150ml Check Price Mini Silver Jewel Cloth 100445 P515 a mini cloth as a above for cleaning jewellery whilst on the move 48 x 9x12cm Check Price Jewelry Wipes 100489 P527 NEW 2008 a handy container of 25 dry wipes to care for all jewellery 12 units Check Price Sonic Jewelry Cleaner 100481 P528 NEW 2008 Excellent personal battery operated machine complete with Sonic fluid 6 units Check Price Jewelry Kit 100493 P529 NEW 2008 a complete care kit for all jewellery 12 units Jewelry Pocket 100495 P530 NEW 2008 a handy pouch with spray microfibre cloth ideal to renew sparkle 24 units PERSONAL CARE RANGE Grey Label Fashion Jewelry Kit 100494 P531 NEW 2008 an introductory kit to care for all fashion jewellery 12 units Check Price Fashion Jewelry Pocket 100496 P532 NEW 2008 a handy pouch with spray microfibre cloth ideal for all fashion jewellery 24 units HOME CARE RANGE Silver Care 100432 P346 an effective cleaning foam that contains tarnish preventative 12 x 150ml Check Price Silver Foam 100424 P345 a quick working cleaning foam for silver silverplate and stainless steel 12 x 150ml Check Price Silver Polish 1 8092 1356 P342 P343 an all in one all purpose cleaner for sterling silver and silver plate Contains special Hagerty tarnish preventative 12 x 100ml 12 x 250ml Check Price Online Silver Spray 1574 P452 for easy cleaning of silver spray on wait 30 seconds and polish off 12 x 200ml Check Price Silver Bath Pro 1004 35 P514 improved formulation for cutlery tarnish removal 12 x 500ml Check Price Silver Gloves 100566 P356

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