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  • Microweld Solder Units
    Sizes of Microweld to match your requirements Three different models of Microwelder are available allowing gas production to be matched to operating requirements Easily adjustable flame size through a range of simply fitted torch tips makes the Microwelder one of the most flexible machines of its kind on the market Operation calls for no bottles or gas storage from the moment the machine is switched on gas is only produced as required During use the system is recharged by just topping up with distilled water and replenishing the atomiser with fluid normally MEK methyl ethyl ketone This is an excellent machine well constructed and will give many years trouble free service Beware of cheap imitations which in the long term are more costly Ref Microwelder Model Max No Operators Dimensions in mm H x W x L Weight kg Consumption Watts Price W267 A 1 212 x 375 x 175 16 550 Check price online W235 Super A 2 404 x 350 x 300 30 850 Check price online W335 B 4 404 x 350 x 300 46 1400 Check price online Typical Uses Employed extensively in the Jewellery and Dental industries the Microwelder meets the needs of both the practical retailer and the larger manufacturer alike being capable of accommodating virtually all precision soldering work in the Jewellery trade The largest Microwelder model B caters for up to 4 operators working simultaneously while the smallest A is ideal for jump ring soldering and chain repairs The Microwelder s clean flame and precise control make it the first choice in many other applications Its low cost and simplicity of operation also makes the Microwelder ideal for the hobbyist and many laboratory uses making thermocouple junctions annealing spot welds and connectors brazing and cutting a range of metals hole drilling in

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  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks
    within the fluid remove soils from even the most inaccessible crevices Cleaning that by hand systems used to take possibly hours can now be completed to the highest degree in minutes Many components need not even be stripped down Ultrawave Cleaners pass through critical inspection at every stage of assembly only quality approved components and methods are utilised Circuits are naturally solid state no frills just built for lifetime service Ultrawave Cleaners carry a 12 month warranty and the bonding carries a 5 year guarantee Outer cases and tanks are constructed out of top quality stainless steel each sub assembly safety earth bonded Relevant B S And I E C conformities are observed even to IEC 1010 currently in application NB The letter D after the model number indicates a digital display Ultrawave Cleaners are quiet in operation all fitted with 15 minute timers and conforming indicators They are also fitted with vibration damping rubber feet and a unique tank seal and fixing system reduces noise levels further and on heated models prevents case temperature rise AGT NO MODEL LITRE PRICE DRAIN HEAT TIMER BATH INTERNAL DIMENSIONS PEAK WATTS W401 U95T 1 25 buy online NO NO YES 200 x 150 x 70 mm 130 W402 U50 0 50 buy online NO NO YES 150 x 85 x 65 mm 100 W403 U100 1 50 buy online NO NO YES 150 x 140 x100 mm 130 W409 U300H 2 50 buy online NO 65C YES 240 x 140 x100 mm 200 W405 U400 3 75 buy online NO 65C YES 240 x 140 x150 mm 250 W406 U500 4 40 buy online YES 30 70C YES 300 x 150 x150 mm 280 W406A IND500D 4 40 buy online YES 30 70C YES 300 x 150 x150 mm W419 IND1250D 12

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  • Cleaning Solutions
    waterless ammoniated cleaning solution for use in ordinary and ultrasonic cleaning machines with all L R Rinses 28 75 ea 3 8 litres W378 discontinued Watch Cleaner 566 W379 Non ammoniated waterless cleaning solution for use with all L R rinses plus Solo lube in ordinary and ultrasonic cleaning machines 29 75 ea 3 8 litres Extra Fine Watch Cleaning W439 Highest possible clean for watch parts Formulated for mechanical watch cleaning machines that require the most efficient cleaning material Used with either Watch Rinse 3 or Ultrasonic Watch Rinse with either Duo Lube or Solo Lube 27 65 ea 3 8 litres Watch Rinse No 3 W380 Clear petroleum distillate specially blended by L R No benzol or chlorinated solvents Can be used in ordinary and ultrasonic cleaning machines with any L R Cleaning solution 27 65 ea 3 8 litres Ultrasonic Rinse W381 Fast drying will not break down Can be used with all L R Cleaning solutions Ideal for use with Solo lube For ordinary and ultrasonic cleaning machines 26 65 ea 3 8 litres Solo lube W382 Single Step lubricant blended with Ultrasonic Rinse rapid drying To be used in the last rinse jar only For ordinary and ultrasonic cleaning machines with all L R Cleaning solution 51 65 ea 3 8 litres Clock Cleaning Solutions Clock Cleaner 677 W384 Ready to use waterless non ammoniated clock cleaning solution for use in ordinary and ultrasonic tanks with Ultrasonic or No 3 Rinse 29 75 ea 3 8 litres Clock Cleaner W385 US pint W386 3 8 litres Ammoniated concentrate for mixing with tap water and for use with mechanical manual and ultrasonic methods Ammoniated 1 pint makes 1 gallon Rinse with water then use No 3 Rinse 13 10 US pint 34 95 ea 3 8

    Original URL path: http://www.agthomas.co.uk/L&R_Cleaning.htm (2016-04-26)
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  • Watch Movements
    stating the A G T Reference the Manufacturer and the Calibre Number If the movement you require is not listed please ask We may be able to obtain it for you A GREAT RANGE at LOW LOW PRICES Conversion from Ligne to Metric all conversions are approximate 5 12 12mm 3 x 6 9 00 x 13 50mm 5 11 68mm 3 x 6 9 00 x 15 30mm 5 13 00mm 3 x 10 9 00 x 22 00mm 7 17 20mm 5 x 6 13 00 x 15 30mm 8 17 80mm 6 x 8 15 30 x 17 80mm 8 19 40mm 9 x 10 22 00 x 23 30mm 10 22 00mm 10 23 30mm 11 25 60mm Abbreviations Used Mech Mechanical MP Moon Phase Qtz Quartz SM Sun Moon C S Centre Seconds Al Alarm S S Small Seconds Dig Digital Display Ord Non Seconds Obs Obsolete Cld Calendar An Analogue D D Day Date DT Dual Time EXTRA DISCOUNT For even greater savings on our already competitive prices we strongly recommend when buying the popular calibre s that you take advantage of our extra 5 DISCOUNT offer for 3 pieces of a single calibre or the FANTASTIC 10 DISCOUNT offer for 5 pieces of a single calibre DIAL FEET The interchange ability shown between movements is to our knowledge correct Certain movements may need the dial feet shortening or even removing if the feet are removed the dial can be attached by using dial stickers Watch Movement Miscellaneous DIAL STICKERS The ideal way to attach any dial to any movement Two sizes of double sided self adhesive pads to attach dials to the movement plate These are easily removed and replaced when servicing the movement D231 3mm Round Pack of 60 pieces 2 65

    Original URL path: http://www.agthomas.co.uk/watch_movements.htm (2016-04-26)
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  • Watch Movements and Materials Catalog from A G Thomas
    the trade we have built up huge stocks of interchangeable material and as well as the spares that are currently available we have thousands of spares that can no longer be obtained from the manufacturers Our policy has always been that if we have not got it in stock we will do our utmost to obtain it for you So if you require watch spares at competitive prices come to A G Thomas of Bradford Send for the catalogue with prices today The AGT Watch Movement and Material Catalogue contains our extensive range of watch movements details Rayovac batteries crowns glasses gaskets hands mainsprings jewels spring bars threaded bars plus a range of our popular assortments for the watchmaker It can not contain the entire range of watch materials and assortments we hold some stock of rare parts and discontinued makes so if you cannot find the item you require please ask as we will probably be able to supply A G Thomas are committed to giving you Fast Accurate Service Same Day Dispatch for all Urgent Orders if Received before 4pm Friendly Helpful Service No Surcharges on Small Orders Other Catalogues Available From A G Thomas The AGT Clock Movement and Material Catalogue Contains an extensive range of quartz and mechanical movements dials bezels hands ornaments and restoration materials Anyone who repairs clocks should have a copy The Popular Tool Equipment Sundries Catalogue Contains and illustrates many of our best selling lines from our vast range of tools equipment jewellers findings and sundries A must for all repairers Watch Strap and Band Catalogue Illustrates the fastest growing range of straps and bands in the U K Ask for one now Jean Pierre Watch Catalogue Shows the latest collection of Wrist Pocket and Pendant Watches including a range of great

    Original URL path: http://www.agthomas.co.uk/catalog_watch_movements.htm (2016-04-26)
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  • Watch Glasses
    0 7 0 8 mm Packed Singly Thick Sizes available 180 342 U159 Graduated by 0 1mm Thickness 1 8 1 9 mm Packed Singly Extra Thick Sizes available 184 321 U160 Graduated by 0 1mm Thickness 2 4 2 5 mm Packed Singly FLAT ACRYLIC GLASSES Standard Sizes available 160 330 Type BIM YFO MIF U144 Graduated by 0 1mm Thickness 1 35 mm Packed Singly Imitation Mineral Flat Top Slightly Raised Glass Sizes available 180 330 Type BRM CG U147 Graduated by 0 1mm Thickness 1 35 mm Packed Singly Imitation Mineral AGT ACRYLIC GLASSES Low Dome Sizes available 100 360 BCL Type BSW U45 Graduated by 0 2mm Minimum quantity 3 pieces per size Low Dome Pocket Sizes available 362 500 BCL Type BSP U46 Graduated by 0 2mm Minimum quantity 3 pieces per size High Dome Sizes available 150 350 BCL Type BHD U80 Graduated by 0 2mm Minimum quantity 3 pieces per size ARMED ACRYLIC WATERPROOF GLASSES STELLA Armed with chrome or gilt tension ring Sizes available 150 370 BCL Type BTSC BTSG U64 Graduated by 0 1mm Packed singly STELLA Special ARMED ACRYLIC WATERPROOF GLASSES Recessed tension ring chrome or gilt Sizes available 270 330 Type WRA X U148 Graduated by 0 1mm Packed singly Extra Wide tension ring chrome or gilt Sizes available 270 343 Type WRA B U109 Graduated by 0 1mm Packed singly Extra Thick for Divers Watches chrome ring Sizes available 250 340 Type WAN Neptune U84 Graduated by 0 1mm Packed singly OTHER ACRYLIC GLASSES For Hunter Watches Sizes available 400 430 Type BHT SAV NRS U63 Graduated by 0 1mm Thickness 0 5mm Packed singly BCL Fancy Shape Acrylic Blanks Large range available Chart of shapes and sizes available on request U3 Minimum quantity 3 pieces per size

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  • Tools & Materials
    this catalogue features the most useful and best selling lines And if you cannot see what you want our experienced Tool department staff are just a phone call away All prices are quoted before carriage and insurance charges and Value Added Tax E O E The price charged will be the price ruling at the date of despatch The Catalogue covers all the basics such as tools needed for battery replacement case opening and closing tools cutters pliers of all kinds eyeglasses files screwdrivers tweezers oilers Ohaus scales etc Included are many of the more popular Bergeon hand tools And also workshop equipment such as Ultrasonic cleaners Ultrawave L R cleaning solutions welding machines from Microweld jewellery processing equipment polishing motors Balco rolling mills Durston pendant motors Derotor and safety cabinets to comply with Health Safety regulations The sundries pages briefly cover findings bolt rings jump rings bead threading ear fittings stones ring clips etc jewellery care Hagerty products ear piercing Caflon Caress and the watch strap AGT range of quality Leather straps and bracelet ranges Cenre Clasp FixoFlex etc stocked Right Bergeon Watch Makers knife 14 classic tools an internal tool box with a further 8 There is also

    Original URL path: http://www.agthomas.co.uk/catalog_tools.htm (2016-04-26)
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  • Clock parts catalog
    and replacement and by the manufacturer who makes clock cases from wood crystal china metal plastic slate etc Wholesale Discounts The pricing structure gives good value for the repairer needing a few movements and for the manufacturer needing hundreds or thousands of Wholesale parts Apply for you free copy of this catalogue today Quartz Movements Our standard quartz movements are high quality from a leading German manufacturer at a very competitive price Easy installation uses single centre fixing nut with dial centre hole of 10mm Supplied complete with accessories rubber washer brass centre fixing nut hand retaining nut hanging bracket solid hand nut available if centre seconds not required Hands can be set from front or rear With or without centre seconds Accurate timekeeping Two year guarantee Battery life using Rayovac approx 1 2 years Case Dial thickness As a general guide if you deduct 7mm from the spindle length it leaves the maximum case dial thickness that can be used e g 17 2mm spindle case dial 10 2mm can be used Standard Quartz movement available in 3 spindle lengths M419 10 8mm M420 17 2mm M421 22 5mm There are a variety of hands dials and numerals available

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