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  • AICR - United Kingdom - AICR
    Front Office Management of all levels more The Amicale was founded as a professional organisation but the name was chosen to reflect the friendship that is built between our members The aims of the AICR are to facilitate and strengthen the professional relationships between members and to promote and publicise the importance of their profession developing the profile of the industry through training and development Our membership constitutes an extensive source of contacts offering invaluable networking opportunities whilst providing each other with support information and advice Throughout the year events are organised for our members offering a wide range of opportunities to get together to network exchange our views and share our experiences In addition to our AGM and International Congress past events have included skill development information sharing new hotel inspections and product presentations We have worked closely with colleges universities and Government organisations with initiatives to attract more young people into the industry and to develop their careers within Front Office A key event in our annual calendar is the Receptionist Of The Year Competition Information about the Receptionist Of The Year Competition and our other forthcoming events can be found on these pages together with past newsletters ways to contact your committee and the full membership database As an existing member we hope that you will find your web site a useful tool for keeping up to date and in touch If you would like to join the AICR UK please review the membership criteria and use the e application we look forward to welcoming you as part of the Amicale On behalf of the committee of the United Kingdom section we are delighted you have visited this site We hope you enjoy using the web site and invite you to contact us with any information ideas

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  • History - AICR
    of the ACR in Paris The ACR Paris under the new presidency of René Carle Front Office Manager of the Plaza Athénée numbers 53 members the Côte D Azur under the presidency of René Jayles Front Office Manager of the Carlton in Cannes 25 members Jean Potfer Director General of La Réserve de Beaulieu becomes the second Honorary President of the Côte D Azur 1969 2nd National Congress of the ACR in Monte Carlo The AICR Paris now numbers 60 members and a new president Guy Moreau Resident Manager of the Hotel Ritz The Côte D Azur twin 40 members and the same president René Jayles The French ACR seeks to export the amicalist spirit overseas Contacts are made with Germany Italy Belgium and Switzerland which bore fruit in 1973 1973 1st International Congress in Lausanne The first International President is elected Otto Berger Front Office Manager of the hotel Bellevue Palace in Bern Jean Paul Desmarestz modifies the logo Jean Armleder visionary of international hotel industry becomes the first Honorary President of the AICR 2nd International Congress in Cannes Pierre Weill Resident Manager of the Hotel Ritz in Paris is elected President 1974 Germany in the era of the Iron Curtain founds her Amicale Gert Prantner Front Office Manager of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg becomes the first President 1977 3rd International Congress in Genève New president Stéphane Bertrand Director of Sales at The Hotel Ritz in Paris 1979 4th International Congress in Paris Franz Hofer Director of Hotel Aukamm in Wiesbaden is elected President Austria under the impetus of Franz Hofer joins the ranks of the AICR with Alfred Konvicka at its head Italy and Belgium hesitate regarding joining the AICR Some independents from San Remo and from Brussels are affiliated to the Côte D Azur 1981 5th International Congress in Munich Election of Franz Josef Brühl Front Office Manager of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg as President 1983 6th International Congress in Davos Election of Marc Hemmer Front Office Manager of the Hotel Bellevue au Lac in Zurich as President 1985 7th International Congress in Vienna David Campbell Front Office Manager of the Hotel Ritz in Park start the first of a long series of presidencies 1987 8th International Congress in Monte Carlo David Campbell remains President Delegation attends from United Kingdom and observers from Spain Portugal and Italy 1989 9th International Congress in Paris David Campbell President United Kingdom join with at her head Annie Boslem Front Office Manager of the Royal Garden Hotel in London Reception for Congress attendees held by the Mayor of Paris Jacques Chirac 1990 Frank J Klein President of the Hotel Ritz Paris becomes Honorary President of the AICR Paris 1991 10th International Congress in London Claudio Guida Resident Manager of the Hotel Beau Rivage Geneva is elected new President Message of welcome from Prime Minister John Major Launch of new sections East Germany President Horst Schwanstecher Director of Reception Hotel Potsdam Hungary President Andras Kovacs Front Office Manager

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  • Statutes - AICR
    the committee and in particular by The International Secretary in charge of everything concerning minutes of meetings reports correspondence archives etc administrative questions and relations with all national Sections The International Treasurer in charge of current accounts and management of the assets of the Amicale The International Treasurer may not however dispose of assets constituting the reserve fund without the authorisation of the presidium a The International Treasurer receives the share of the dues which all sections must send by 31st January each year in conformity with Article 11 b The International Treasurer keeps proper records of the financial transactions and reports to the President members of the committee and the Presidium and finally to the General Assembly which after verification and certification by the official auditor approves The International Treasurer s financial management The secretaries assisting the President and other members of the committee as required All decisions by the committee are taken by a majority of votes 14 POWERS OF THE PRESIDENT The President convenes and chairs all membership and committee meetings He represents the Amicale at all times and has full authority for this purpose In particular the President is empowered to represent the Amicale in court and court pleadings both as plaintiff and as defendant to take all appeals and to apply for all writs of review and agree to any compromise In the case of appeal the President may act with the approval of a majority decision of the committee In the event of absence or illness the President is replaced by a Vice President and in the event of the latter s absence or illness by the International Secretary In the event of division the vote of the International President is deciding 15 THE PRESIDIUM The Presidium constitutes the Board of Directors of the International Amicale It consists of The International President who chairs and convenes the Presidium The International Vice President or Vice Presidents The International Secretary The International Treasurer The International Public Relations Secretary The David Campbell Trophy Organiser The Web Master The Membership Co ordinator The Councillors The President of each section member or affiliated regardless of number In the event of unavailability of a Section s President he or she may nominate a qualified member of his her committee to represent him her If necessary the official auditor may be asked to attend the meetings A presidium meeting has to be held every year 16 EXPENSES INDEMNITY When the International President convenes the Presidium the International Amicale may reimburse the travel expenses of the International Committee on the basis of the minimum return fare between two cities the place of domicile of the participant and the city where the meeting takes place Where appropriate the International President in agreement with the International Committee may accept the reimbursement of any other expenses 17 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS The International Congress is convened every two years and chaired by the elected International President This should take place preferably in a city well known for

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  • AICR National Associations - AICR
    year 2015 competition Past Competitions Membership Services Annual General Meeting AICR members Member Applications Job Opportunities Vacancies and Placements Add a vacancy or placement Job seekers Add my CV Charity Fundraising 2012 a very good year BUPA Great Capital Run The Starlight Foundation Sponsorship Current Sponsors Become a Sponsor Contact us Committee Members National Associations AICR AICR National Associations AICR National Associations Login Register Username Password Register Forgotten your password

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  • News and Events Overview - AICR
    Capital Run The Starlight Foundation Sponsorship Current Sponsors Become a Sponsor Contact us Committee Members National Associations AICR News and Events Overview Overview News Upcoming Events Past Events View All Page 1 Two Hotels for the price of one 03 01 2016 Canapé Reception at The Metro and followed by a show round of The Levin The Capital read more Page 1 Login Register Username Password Register Forgotten your password

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  • Media Centre - AICR
    research conducted by Livebookings concerning young people starting careers in hospitality 2012 09 05 207 4 kb Download Hospitality Apprenticeship Awards application information 2012 2012 08 17 159 02 kb Download Spirng Newsletter 2012 catch up with all of the lastest AICR UK news 2012 05 03 3776 27 kb Download Knowcross have recently become an international sponsor of the AICR and Knowcross are delighted to introduce us to their hotel software TRITON TRITON is an integrated set of applications that automate the handling of all guest requests complaints and maintenance jobs thus ensuring high quality service high staff productivity The AICR UK section would like to welcome members to share their experiences with using TRITON 2012 03 07 4786 96 kb Download Newsletter June 2002 2011 09 27 851 16 kb Download Newsletter Autumn 2002 2011 09 27 891 74 kb Download Newsletter Summer 2003 2011 09 27 111 65 kb Download Newsletter Spring 2003 2011 09 27 322 29 kb Download Newsletter Autumn 2003 2011 09 27 250 66 kb Download Newsletter Spring 2004 2011 09 27 725 73 kb Download Newsletter Summer 2004 2011 09 27 1272 75 kb Download Newsletter Autumn 2004 2011 09 27 2187 3 kb Download Newsletter Summer 2006 2011 09 27 3007 38 kb Download Newsletter Spring 2007 2011 09 27 211 2 kb Download The AICR Statutes 2010 03 10 66 kb Download AICR International Rules 2010 03 10 30 5 kb Download Madrid Spain 2010 2010 03 10 48 14 kb Download UN Sailing Team per AICR 2010 03 10 547 72 kb Download The Madrid Presidium Program 2010 2010 03 10 698 35 kb Download Memories of the AICR The Book The Amicalist 2010 03 10 21 84 kb Download The AICR International Committee 2009 2010 03 04 1296

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  • Competition Rules - AICR
    Stage Successful applicants need to be available for a second stage interview on the evening of either 9 th or 10 th November 2015 at a central London Hotel and must attend in full uniform Finalist Announcement All second stage candidates are required to be available on an evening in the week beginning 16th November 2015 at a central London Hotel for the announcement of the finalists Final Stage UK Receptionist of the Year Award Ceremony The finalist interviews and role plays will be held on the 7th 8th or 9th of December 2015 at a central London Hotel All finalists should attend in uniform and be available throughout the day Following the finalist interviews and role plays there will be an award ceremony in the evening at the same central hotel following All entrants and their nominating managers are requested to attend the ceremony The UK Receptionist of the Year 2015 will receive a personal development course and one week of cross training at a UK 5 hotel The winner is required to attend the International Competition to be held in Vienna from 13th to 17th January 2016 All travel arrangements for this will be paid for by the AICR Terms and Conditions The person putting you forward must be a paid up member of the AICR UK and currently work at the same hotel All applicants must hold a permanent contract with the nominating hotel and have to be employed as receptionist or similar throughout the duration of the competition Placement students are not permitted to enter A maximum of two candidates can be nominated per hotel The candidate s is required to attend the competition on the dates mentioned above and if they win will be required to attend the International Competition to be held in Vienna

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  • The David Campbell Trophy - AICR
    Starlight Foundation Sponsorship Current Sponsors Become a Sponsor Contact us Committee Members National Associations AICR The David Campbell Trophy The late David Campbell became Chef de Reception at The Ritz Hotel Paris after gaining a wealth of International experience In memory of David and in acknowledgement of his dedication and passion to the industry the International Receptionist of the Year Competition was formed with a Trophy designed and sponsored by the Paris AICR section to be presented each year Marcel Elbaz Graham Bamford Annie Boslem and the AICR International Committee members worked together with the International College of Hotel Management in Adelaide Australia to establish the rules and format launching the Competition in 1995 Jane Renton continued these efforts after Annie Boslem s departure two years later The International College of Hotel Management in Adelaide continues to have representation at to competition to this day The Competition grows from strength to strength each year and has gained the respect of Hoteliers and Sponsors It meets its objective as a training tool for the younger generation and the future AICR and the Hospitality Industry with the emphasis on Amicale The current David Campbell Trophy holder is Paula McMinn The Savoy Hotel

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