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  • Life Insurance | Aifawto Insurance
    it s best to take your time and carefully compare them One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to go with the cheapest one you find It might not provide the coverage you hoped it would What Life Insurance Policies Types are There There are two basic types of a life insurance policy whole life insurance and term life insurance Whole life insurance policy is a permanent insurance and combines life coverage and an investment fund With it you are purchasing an insurance policy that pays a fixed amount of money on your passing while a part of the premium goes toward building monetary value through investments that the insurance company makes One type of permanent life insurance called universal life insurance combines term insurance and a market type investment paying a market ROR rate of return These policies don t guarantee a specific rate Term life insurance has no investment option Instead you are purchasing a coverage that lasts for a set period of time Here you can choose between annual life insurance which gives you the lowest annual premium but that grows higher as you age and level premium term life insurance which lets you lock the premium for that period Apply Now Fill in the form and we ll contact you First name Surname Telephone no Postcode Email Call me back at How to Find Really Good Life Insurance Quotes Selecting cheap life insurance is not the best option At the moment you might be tempted to do that thinking that you ll save some money this way but we advise you not to do that A life insurance policy is meant to protect you and your family if the worst happens Because of this you should always make sure that the policy you

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  • life insurance | Aifawto Insurance | About Us
    and never coming back Not just emotionally but also financially as they depend on you The best way to be sure that your loved ones are protected in case of your unexpected death is to get a life insurance policy Aifawto Insurance provides cheap life insurance quotes for the people in United Kingdom With them you won t have to worry about your family s financial future Home About Us

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  • life insurance | Aifawto Insurance | Contact Us
    via a contact form below or email Home About Us What does Life Insurance Mean to You Converting Term Life Insurance to Permanent Life Insurance a Smart Move How to Find the Best Term Life Insurance Quotes How does Whole Life Insurance Work How Can You Benefit From No Medical Exam Life Insurance 5 Types of Life Insurance Policies that You Might be Interested In Terms and Conditions Contact Us

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  • life insurance | Aifawto Insurance | What does Life Insurance Mean to You?
    person who will receive the funds when you are no longer able to Life insurance is important as it gives a peace of mind to the insured person With it the insured knows that his or her spouse children or someone else such as parents selected as the beneficiary are looked after in case of the insured sudden death The price of life insurance coverage depends on a number of factors Life insurance agents spend a great deal of their time in measuring risks for potential policy buyers Don t be surprised if you get asked a whole lot of questions some of which may seem redundant to you when you try to apply for life insurance coverage Mostly however these questions will be based around four groups your medical history your finances your lifestyle your job All of them are taken into equal consideration when determining your life insurance policy and any one of them could be the reason for a life insurance company to reject your application In addition you should also make sure to provide completely truthful information as any fraud made can easily be detected and the penalties could be very severe Typically you need life

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  • life insurance | Aifawto Insurance | Converting Term Life Insurance to Permanent Life Insurance a Smart Move?
    on even if you reach 100 years of age or more That way you know that the death benefit will always be available Of course there is a certain price that you have to pay for this as your health and age still play a significant role in your life insurance coverage This is why it s best to convert your term life insurance to permanent while you still have good health You should clearly understand your conversion rights if you have term life insurance policy or are thinking about purchasing one in the near future Is there a time table to convert Some life insurance policies will only allow you to convert until the age of 50 with others you can convert past that age There are three types of permanent life insurance policies Whole life insurance which gives you a fixed premium and guarantees Universal life insurance This type of life insurance policy allows you to specify your policy in terms of determining how large the premium you want to pay over the minimum amount Variable life insurance is basically a combination of the two above which lets you invest your money in mutual accounts In case you

    Original URL path: http://www.aifawto.co.uk/converting-term-life-insurance-to-permanent-life-insurance-a-smart-move.html (2016-02-11)
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  • life insurance | Aifawto Insurance | How to Find the Best Term Life Insurance Quotes?
    this time consuming You bet it is but it s definitely worth the effort What You Need to be Looking at It s certainly easier to look at only the policy overview However a term life insurance quote requires much more examination than that For instance if you have term life insurance I bet that there s a whole lot of stipulations that you have no idea about For example did you know that the value of your insurance policy can get lower with time Don t buy the insurance policy just because someone offered it Instead check the small detail some would say small print as this can literally not figuratively save you hundreds every year in payments What is the Difference There are two types of life insurance term and permanent When we talk about term life insurance the coverage is available only for a previously set period of time from 5 to 30 years After that the coverage is no longer active So if the policy for term life insurance you chose is 15 years then payments will be regularly made for that period but not after Finally Finding the Best Possible Quote It s easier to find the Loch Ness monster than it is to find an insurance broker that doesn t claim to offer the best and or cheapest term life insurance policy Can he prove that claim Of course he can t Of course maybe he strongly believes that but the fact is that the best insurance policy depends on your needs as the applicant and not some market margin or whatever You should get a minimum of 3 4 term life insurance quotes online and compare them before you can make a sound decision Fortunately some good people have thought of making comparison

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  • life insurance | Aifawto Insurance | How does Whole Life Insurance Work?
    type of whole life insurance does not pay dividends and its premiums can be a little more expensive Dividends can be used for reducing premium payments as they can be paid in cash They can be left to accumulate at a certain interest rate or to provide more insurance which decreases the cash value a beneficiary receives after the holder dies Non participating Whole Life Insurance This type of whole life insurance provides a levelled premium and a face sum throughout the policy holder s life As the policy has fixed cost premiums are not high but there are no dividends paid when the policyholder dies Single Premium Whole Life Insurance This form of life insurance policy is common for most people who choose a whole life insurance type It is a limited policy with only one relatively large premium to be paid at issue Because the policy owner needs to pay only that single premium when he or she signs it single premium insurance will have cash value right from the get go Limited Payment Whole Life Insurance This kind of policy allows the holder to pay premiums only for a specific period of time What this basically means is that this is the type of policy you want if you intend to pay premiums for say 20 years or until you turn for instance 70 years of age You should be warned that with this insurance type the premiums are higher but you ll be covered for life once you pay them Indeterminate Premium Whole Life Insurance This is probably the simplest type of whole life insurance in terms of understanding it It provides the insured parry with a premium based on how he is doing economically and expense costs What this means is that premiums are lower

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  • life insurance | Aifawto Insurance | How Can You Benefit From No-Medical Exam Life Insurance?
    to the time you have to wait for the policy to be reviewed and approved Of course not everything is sour when it comes to a policy with medical exam First of all it is less expensive Since you are expected to reveal your health information during the underwriting process the insurance company will be able to provide one at a lower rate Insurance Without a Medical Test If you intend to purchase life insurance you should also know that certain life insurance options don t require medical exams With these types of life insurance you can be covered in a much faster and easier way as the whole underwriting is designed to be simplified A no medical exam life insurance allows you to secure protection without visiting the doctor Of course you still need to provide the basic information about your health This is done through simple yes or no forms Benefits of a No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy Simple underwriting There are no overly complicated tests and underwriting that you have to go through It s quicker Since there are no medical exams involved you can receive the cover in a much shorter period of time It

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