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  • Cautious welcome for council report on Dee Road crossing
    Road schools more than a month ago on 28th January However to date the lights have not yet been turned on The report also casts doubt on whether a crossing will actually be installed with the report stating that Outside of the schools times there is no demand for crossings within the area of the school gates and that a pedestrian crossing may lead to a worsening of traffic conditions The report also discusses the impact that a pedestrian crossing would have on parking Alok Sharma said I cautiously welcome this report which appears to promise that a pedestrian crossing on Dee Road will be installed If this happens this will be a significant victory for parents who have fought long and hard for action to be taken Alok continued There is however serious concern that although the Council seems happy to want to take credit for this announcement about installing a crossing the Council s action so far has left much to be desired It has now been more than a month since the Council promised to have the flashing lights outside the schools working and still nothing has been done What we do not want are just more empty words from the council we want positive action and we want it fast Emma Simpson Holland said I am obviously very pleased that the Council are now promising to install a crossing but the report is a little confusing and far from clear cut What is still not clear is where this crossing will actually be located and when this will actually be installed I think the Council needs to set out a clear timeline for when it plans to hold the consultation and when work will take place to install the safety measures we need Councillor Sandra Vickers

    Original URL path: http://www.aloksharma.co.uk/print/824 (2016-02-14)
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  • Sharma keeps on the pressure for Dee Road pedestrian crossing
    investigation which will make recommendations on whether to install a pedestrian crossing on Dee Road A report will be published on 5th March 2015 which will then be considered by the council on 12th March 2015 when a formal decision will be made Also attending the meeting were Emma Simpson Holland who began the petition after she experienced a number of near misses on Dee Road local councillor Sandra Vickers who is also a governor at English Martyrs Primary and two transport officers from Reading Borough Council It was also agreed during the meeting that school flashing warning lights which have been installed but have not previously been switched on will be switched on between 8 15am 9 00am and 2 45pm 3 30pm Traffic islands on Dee Road were also considered during the meeting as well as proposals to find a team of people who might split the role of lollipop person after the council claimed it had found it difficult to recruit someone for the position Alok Sharma said Reading Borough Council will have been left in no doubt after this meeting that the only acceptable solution to the traffic concerns on Dee Road is to install a pedestrian crossing I very much hope that the council will listen to the headteachers of St Michael s and English Martyrs schools and to the hundreds of local people who have signed the petition Councillor Sandra Vickers said I am very pleased that the council is considering this proposal for a crossing and traffic islands and that as a mother and grandmother I consider the safety of our children to be a top priority and hopefully these safety measures will be in place as soon as possible Emma Simpson Holland said I am pleased that the council are going to

    Original URL path: http://www.aloksharma.co.uk/print/808 (2016-02-14)
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  • Progress made on campaign for Dee Road crossing
    governors at St Michael s School and English Martyrs School to discuss the need for a crossing and the recruitment of a lollipop person with the leader of Reading Borough Council The meeting will take place on 28 January 2015 Alok Sharma said It has taken a petition signed by nearly one thousand concerned local parents and residents a public meeting and an intervention by the local Member of Parliament but the council finally appear to have acknowledged that there may be a need for a school crossing on Dee Road and that is primarily thanks to the tireless work of the brilliant parent campaigner Emma Simpson Holland Alok continued Of course we now have to wait for a decision in March but I am cautiously optimistic that some progress has been made In the meantime I am now arranging a meeting for headteachers and governors at English Martyrs School and St Michael s School with the council to ensure that all of their concerns are listened to and considered Tilehurst councillor Sandra Vickers said As both a governor and councillor for English Martyrs School I welcome the council s acknowledgement that there is a problem with road safety in this road As a caring and responsible council we must put measures in place to alleviate the problem It is too late to do something once a child or adult is hurt or killed Councillor Vickers continued This is not just happening on this road and now that many of our schools are expanding due to increased local demand I think we should as a council make it a priority to look at all schools in our area and make sure there is adequate crossings and road islands together with visible flashing signage at all our schools Emma Simpson Holland

    Original URL path: http://www.aloksharma.co.uk/print/802 (2016-02-14)
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  • Impassioned plea for pedestrian crossing at public meeting
    leader Jo Lovelock responded to the meeting on behalf of Reading Borough Council and explained that there was funding for both a crossing and a lollipop person but that the council had not been able to find anyone willing to take on the role and stated that the council had to work within government regulations on crossings During the meeting Alok spoke about why a crossing was important for the safety of children and parents and responded to Jo Lovelock s comments about government regulations to make clear that there were no regulations that should stop a crossing from being installed St Michael s Primary School headteacher Miss Higginbotham also expressed frustration with the council for not doing enough to fill the lollipop role and for not being responsive enough to concerns Councillor Sandra Vickers who is a governor at English Martyrs School and the local councillor has been working on this initiative for some time and reiterated the need for a safe crossing Alok Sharma said I have organised a follow up meeting with representatives from the two local schools and the council and I hope that we can work together to come to an early agreement about putting in place a crossing and a lollipop person Alok continued As I made clear at the public meeting the transport policy specialist at the House of Commons library has assured me there are no government regulations that would specifically prevent the council from installing a crossing in front of a school On the contrary the published guidelines make clear that local representations should be one of the primary factors to consider when deciding whether to install a crossing and it is time for Reading Borough Council to listen to local voices on this issue Local parent Emma Simpson Holland said

    Original URL path: http://www.aloksharma.co.uk/print/797 (2016-02-14)
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  • Campaigners organise English Martyrs School crossing public meeting
    outside the school and that action needs to be taken before an accident happens The petition has already been signed by hundreds of local residents and parents at the school and has the support of Alok English Martyrs School and local parish priest Canon Michael Dennehy Reading Borough Council will be discussing this matter and deciding whether to introduce any traffic calming measures at a sub committee meeting on Thursday 15 January 2015 The public meeting which takes place a week earlier will therefore provide an opportunity for parents and local residents the opportunity to try to persuade Reading Borough Council to install a crossing The Leader of the Council Jo Lovelock has already been invited to the meeting by Emma In order to help with the organisation of the meeting those planning to attend should email alok sharma mp parliament uk or call Alok s Reading office on 0118 941 3803 Alok Sharma said I do believe we need some concrete measures introduced to keep our children safe I have been told by parents that there have been recent near misses one adult has been knocked over by a car and anyone observing the traffic along this road particularly in the morning can see that traffic calming measures need to be introduced Alok continued Councils often say that they will only act if a road spot has experienced an accident I just do not think this is an acceptable response in the case of the speeding traffic faced by young children and their parents and grandparents at English Martyrs If Reading Borough Council representatives can see the strength of local feeling on this issue it may convince them to agree to some positive action Emma Simpson Holland said It is vital that safety measures are put in place The

    Original URL path: http://www.aloksharma.co.uk/print/791 (2016-02-14)
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  • Patient concerns addressed at Circuit Lane GP Surgery update meeting
    meeting thanked those who had been involved in the process to find a new provider and took part in the questions and answers session Alok thanked NHS England in particular for running an efficient process selecting an interim provider which is well known to patients and focussed on providing excellent continuity in care Matthew Tait Director for the Thames Valley region at NHS England provided an outline of what NHS England had done so far in the commissioning process and provided an overview of the timetable for securing a long term provider for the surgery Mr Tait went on to introduce Berkshire Healthcare to attendees as the new provider of Circuit Lane making clear that Reading Healthwatch the Circuit Lane Patient Participation Group and the Local Clinical Commissioning Group had all been involved in the process of selecting the new provider Bev Searle Director of Corporate Affairs at Berkshire Healthcare and Dr Jeremy Lade Clinical Lead at Berkshire Healthcare gave a presentation in which they outlined what the Trust would do to ensure patients were provided with continuity of care as well as issuing assurances that the organisation intends to work in partnership with people to improve service provision where possible during the contract period Berkshire Healthcare also confirmed their interest in being the long term provider at Circuit Lane Surgery Alok Sharma said I know from speaking to patients at Circuit Lane Surgery that the most pressing issue is that they continue to receive an excellent service and that the care that they receive is not disrupted in any way I am therefore absolutely delighted that Dr Horne Dr Jarman Dr Garside and Dr Adams will all be continuing their work at the surgery and that we have a new provider with an excellent track record providing other local

    Original URL path: http://www.aloksharma.co.uk/print/781 (2016-02-14)
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  • New GP provider for Circuit Lane Surgery
    NHS England will continue to work to secure a long term provider Any new provider will be tested to ensure it is able to provide continuity of care for patients and safe accessible high quality services will be NHS England s top priority At Alok s request NHS England will hold a public information meeting on Friday 5th December 2014 during which NHS England and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust will present an update of their plans The meeting will be held at Southcote Primary School at 7pm Following the announcement that five GPs had tendered their resignation at Circuit Lane Surgery Alok proposed that a Working Group should meet to provide regular feedback to NHS England on local patients views and priorities and allow all key stakeholders to be kept informed of progress on finding a new provider The group which along with Alok includes representatives from NHS England the local Clinical Commissioning Group the Circuit Lane Patient Participation Group the local Health Well Being Board and Healthwatch Reading has been meeting fortnightly since Friday 26 September Alok Sharma said I am extremely pleased that we have a new interim provider of GP services at Circuit Lane in place and well done to NHS England and others who have worked hard to ensure the timetable for securing a new provider has not slipped The Working Group I initiated has worked very effectively and meant that the views of patients and local people have been considered at every step Alok continued There will now be an opportunity at the public meeting on 5th December for local people to receive further updates from NHS England and Berkshire Healthcare and I continue to hope there will be scope for some of the current doctors at the Circuit Lane surgery to continue as

    Original URL path: http://www.aloksharma.co.uk/print/761 (2016-02-14)
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  • Circuit Lane GP Surgery update
    process This Working Group consists of representatives from NHS England the local Clinical Commissioning Group the Circuit Lane Patient Participation Group the local Health and Well Being Board representing Reading Borough Council Healthwatch Reading and Alok The role of the Working Group will primarily be to provide regular feedback to NHS England on local patients views and priorities allow all key stakeholders to be kept informed of progress and keep the public updated as progress is made The first meeting of this Working Group will take place on Friday 26 September NHS England has also agreed to the suggestion of writing to all registered patients to communicate developments and a letter will be sent by NHS England shortly A further update public meeting will take place on 5th December 2014 and Alok s constituents interested in attending this meeting should email alok sharma mp parliament uk or call 01189 413 803 Alok Sharma said I know this is a worrying time for patients at Circuit Lane Surgery but there is a clear determination to deliver continuity of care Whoever emerges as the new GP service provider I hope there will be scope for some of the current doctors at the

    Original URL path: http://www.aloksharma.co.uk/print/746 (2016-02-14)
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