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  • Alok Sharma calls for tougher sentencing for dangerous driving | Alok Sharma MP - Member of Parliament for Reading West
    law Despite all the problems that they face as a result of the loss of their fiancés they have had the courage to put forward an e petition which was prepared with the help of a fantastic local campaigner in my constituency Teresa Colliass and is now on the Government website The petition calls for drivers to receive a maximum sentence of 14 years per person who has been killed Chris Skidmore Kingswood Con I thank my hon Friend for securing the debate Tragically there was a similar case in my constituency last year when Ross and Clare Simons riding a tandem bike were mown down by a dangerous driver who was disqualified and had many previous convictions Ross and Clare s families and the campaign Justice for Ross and Clare today back Tracey Hayley and their families in a common cause 14 years should be 14 years per person killed We should not have concurrency sentences being served together My offer is that we and those families work together to get the law changed urgently Alok Sharma My hon Friend is absolutely right families want to make sure that we have not concurrent but consecutive sentences If Walter had been given 14 years for each death he would now be facing 28 years behind bars rather than being out in what will probably be a lot less than 10 years Susan Elan Jones Clwyd South Lab I congratulate the hon Gentleman on securing this debate We all agree on the importance of the review of sentences for driving offences I am sure that like everyone else here he would be grateful for clarity from the Minister on when that review will happen Alok Sharma I am sure the Minister will address that point in detail I put on the record my thanks to the Reading Post and The Reading Chronicle for publicising the case and the petition I also thank The Sun which has done so nationally and many others for helping to publicise the petition So far 25 000 people have signed Both I and the families want to see a lot more signatures I do not believe that 10 years was a long enough sentence for what Walter did The families affected do not believe that and so far 25 000 people across our land do not either We have heard today that Members of Parliament representing many many people across our country do not believe that that was right I would like us all to sign the petition which should influence the review and to bring about a change in the law There are a number of specific things I want to hear from the Minister I understand that he cannot predetermine the review But does he understand the strength of feeling there is in the country about this issue and that Members of Parliament members of the public and families who are affected by such tragedies want to put victims first Does he have sympathy for the petition s aims The hon Member for Clwyd South Susan Elan Jones talked about the ongoing review on all driving offences How can members of the public influence the review Will there be a public consultation I want justice for John and Kris as do their families Hon Members want justice for the families of constituents who have been affected by this crime When it comes to dangerous driving the punishment must fit the crime It is high time we had a change in the law 5 2 pm The Minister for Policing Criminal Justice and Victims Mike Penning It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship Mr Caton I congratulate my hon Friend the Member for Reading West Alok Sharma on securing this debate which I welcome My thoughts and prayers are with his constituents families and all those who have been mentioned today The hon Member for Poplar and Limehouse Jim Fitzpatrick a former Road Safety Minister is in his place to listen to the debate I pay tribute to him and will refer back to the work done on this issue over the years not least the work that he and I both did in our former occupation Far be it from me to nudge my colleagues into going before any Committee but given the absolutely understandable strength of feeling here today the petition may well get 100 000 signatures and no doubt should It should go before the Backbench Business Committee as we need a much longer debate on the matter I do not mind whether I respond to that debate or the Road Safety Minister does but the House should hear more about the effects on Members constituents including my own Ministers should never forget that we are still MPs and I know my constituents will support many of the comments made today Nothing I say today will bring back Kris and John As an ex fireman ex paramedic and ex Road Minister I have lots of ex careers one of the most poignant jobs I have ever had was going to what used to be called inappropriately road traffic accidents and are now quite rightly called road traffic collisions I pay tribute to all our blue light responders our police ambulance and fire crews and representatives of local authorities who are now often there They do a fantastic job for us every day Going to an incident is enormously difficult as responders can see what has been done to an individual or individuals by someone who should never have been driving the car in the first place because they were disqualified as in this case who should not have been behind the wheel because they were drunk and who had no regard for another person s life Far be it from any parliamentarian including me to tell a judge what they should do in their court we do not have that system in this country thank goodness but it is absolutely

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  • Sharma secures Parliamentary debate on Dangerous Driving | Alok Sharma MP - Member of Parliament for Reading West
    Bus Route Number 33 Bus Route Survey Save the Bath Road Reservoir Campaign Southcote rat infestation The Reading Futures Fair Underwood Road Precinct Development Visitor Parking Permits Letters Gallery Contact Links Sharma secures Parliamentary debate on Dangerous Driving 31st October 2014 Alok Sharma the Member of Parliament for Reading West has secured a Parliamentary debate on sentencing for dangerous driving offences to take place on Tuesday 4th November 2014 Alok will use the debate to raise awareness about the tragic case involving two of his constituents Kris Jarvis and John Morland who were killed by a reckless driver as they cycled through Purley earlier this year At the time of the incident Alexander Walter was driving without insurance at 70mph in a 30mph zone whilst already disqualified from driving was nearly two and a half times over the alcohol limit and was being pursued by Police The driver had also taken cocaine less than 24 hours prior to the accident and had 67 previous criminal convictions Tracey Fidler and Hayley Lindsay the fiancées of Kris Jarvis and John Morland have launched an online petition which calls for the Government to change the law so that in the case of multiple deaths judges can impose a jail term per victim not just the 14 year maximum The petition already has more than 24 000 signatures Visit http epetitions direct gov uk petitions 67911 to sign the petition The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has already committed to a review of all driving related offences and penalties which is expected to conclude early next year Alok Sharma said I do not believe that the ten year sentence received by Mr Walter was a sufficient punishment for the devastation he caused and I look forward to raising this case in Parliament to try to

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  • Alok Sharma calls on Government to ensure world knows UK education sector is open to genuine students
    the Government are doing to clamp down on bogus colleges and bogus students Certainly we do not need to take any lecture from the Labour party on controlling our borders I welcome the Minister s confirmation that the UK is open to genuine students and that there are no limits Will he ensure that that message is delivered in some of the key markets from which students travel to the UK because this is an important industry for us and one that is clearly growing James Brokenshire Absolutely I can certainly confirm that to my hon Friend He makes a number of important points about presentation and how others seek to present a false picture of our immigration system and the important requirements that we have We can puncture some of the myths that are perpetrated overseas Ministers visiting those key countries seek to underline that but we have firm processes and procedures in the visa system for a purpose to prevent abuse and that is why steps such as interviews are important safeguards against those who are not legitimate who are not genuine and who seek to abuse our hospitality Hansard Alok Sharma MP Reading West The Reading West

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  • Alok Sharma highlights importance of developing economies
    merely an income on which people can barely survive The World Bank has set two goals for 2030 to eliminate absolute poverty which is vital and to promote inclusive growth by concentrating on the lowest income 40 in each country I commend the World Bank president Dr Jim Yong Kim on his relentless focus on that He sees that we must not only eliminate absolute poverty vital though that is but raise the living standards of everybody particularly those at the lowest end of the income scale Hansard Alok Sharma My hon Friend has a huge amount of experience of working in Africa and in some ways the continent is an untapped resource for business links I will be speaking at the Afro Business Expo which is taking place in the Thames valley in a few weeks and which I believe UK Trade and Investment is supporting Does he agree that as individual Members of Parliament one of the things we can do is to encourage such events that enable businesses from African countries to come and meet businesses here Such events will provide an opportunity for creating jobs not only in the UK but in developing nations Jeremy Lefroy I absolutely agree with my hon Friend Such events are vital The more connection we have with markets in the developing world the more we can trade and invest both ways these days and the closer our relationship the better That is why I welcome DFID s focus on livelihoods and on bringing in British business My right hon Friend the Secretary of State took British businesses to Tanzania to help with development work in that country through enterprise That is absolutely vital My hon Friend the Member for Reading West Alok Sharma has already mentioned finance Once someone wishes

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  • Alok Sharma backs WREN's secondary school plans in Parliament
    Secretary of State agree that this is exactly the type of excellent parent led initiative that everyone in the House should be backing It certainly enjoys cross party support in Reading Michael Gove I absolutely do agree It is important to bear in mind that the All Saints school in Reading was outstanding in every category when it was inspected by Ofsted I look forward to working with my hon

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  • Queen's Speech Debate
    we can provide more equity funding I would like to see the Government replicate the success of their StartUp loans scheme with a StartUp equity finance scheme with match equity funding of up to 5 000 or 10 000 mentoring support and a fast turnaround of application decisions The StartUp loans scheme has been allocated 150 million and has helped more than 18 000 entrepreneurs Perhaps a StartUp equity finance scheme would have similar success I turn now to the small business enterprise and employment Bill outlined in the Queen s Speech I welcome the Bill There is a lot in it that will help smaller businesses In particular I welcome the fact that it will establish a deregulation target for each Parliament and introduce a new appeals champion to protect business against overreaching regulators Small and medium sized businesses do not want to be shackled by unnecessary red tape or to spend precious time and resources on it they want to spend their time and resources building their business and creating employment As well as an appeals champion I suggest that in future Parliaments we ought to have a Minister whose sole job is to look at deregulation across the piece Ministers are helping to create new legislation every day and it would be rather nice if at least one Minister spent all his or her time thinking about reducing the burden of regulation particularly on businesses My final point is about naming and shaming employers who are not paying the minimum wage and raising fines on such errant employers I welcome what the Government are doing to expose the underpayers but we need to be careful that reputable employers who make a genuine one off error are not having their reputations tarnished unnecessarily On Monday I was contacted

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  • Human rights in North Korea
    West Con I congratulate my hon Friend on securing this incredibly important debate which matters to all our constituents Many of mine came to see me to raise the issue The North Korean delegation to the UN has said that it will examine 185 of the 268 human rights recommendations handed to it by the member states of the UN Human Rights Council Does my hon Friend believe based on what has happened in the past that North Korea will take the recommendations seriously If not what pressure does he think the UN and the British Government should bring to bear on the North Korean Government Andrew Selous I am pleased that my hon Friend s constituents are engaging with him on the issue As I will say in a little while we could press the UN to take the matter to the International Criminal Court which would be one positive step that could come out of the UN commission of inquiry My hon Friend is absolutely right we must not let the report just gather dust on the shelf Hansard Alok Sharma MP Reading West The Reading West constituency embraces parts of two local unitary authorities Reading Borough and

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  • Alok Sharma questions Minister in Immigration Bill debate
    threat to national security who are subsequently unable to gain citizenship of another country Alok Sharma I want to press the Minister on the point that my hon Friend the Member for Cambridge Dr Huppert made If the Home Secretary has every reason to believe that an individual could get the citizenship of another country but the Government of that country turn around and say that they do not want them as a citizen what will happen to that individual Will he or she remain without citizenship James Brokenshire If the individual is in the UK which I think is the situation on which that comment is predicated there is precedent for giving limited restricted leave to remain That might impose specific conditions It would also mean that an individual would not have the usual rights of a citizen to access public services and enjoy public benefits In seeking to mitigate the risks that of itself may be considered a significant and relevant factor Hansard Alok Sharma MP Reading West The Reading West constituency embraces parts of two local unitary authorities Reading Borough and West Berkshire Reading Battle Kentwood Minster Norcot Southcote Tilehurst and Whitley West Berkshire Birch Copse Calcot

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