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  • March | 2016 | ams mediagroup blog
    strictly about reaching the right people at the right time for the right cost comms planning is more about influencing them This requires a better understanding of how audiences receive and respond to comms The starting point is therefore the consumer not the media channel or the discipline The strategist must ensure all loops are closed and that we have an integrated whole only that way is a comprehensive campaign possible Having a single strategy means having a consistent story a unified narrative It ensures we have meaning This is what people buy into both literally and metaphorically when they buy into brands Without meaning or relevance advertising is an irritant or an irrelevance Fundamentally marketing is about selling more stuff to more people However selling it more frequently persuasion for more money enhancing the product s perceived value to a newly attracted larger audience identifying opportunities and need states is the ideal This requires a greater perspective and an integrated structure that brings all the objectives into alignment Comms strategy addresses real business needs to the base planning It goes beyond meeting the objectives and helps to deliver a true competitive advantage This requires trade offs making an informed decision on what not to do as much as where to play and how to win At AMS we aim to achieve all of the above by monitoring and learning from the competition and to identify new or overlooked opportunities This means keeping abreast of technology and media opportunities being informed about industry learnings and maintaining fresh thinking on consumer behaviour and psychology All in all it means synthesising the worthwhile data to make our responses as up to date innovative robust and commercially minded as possible taking us full circle and back into that perfect storm once again Written

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  • February | 2016 | ams mediagroup blog
    seriously challenged to make profit and being held very accountable for the effectiveness of their output As for the media agencies there are similar pressures ultra competitive agency networks trying desperately to undercut each other media auditor fuelled deflation the growing influence of client procurement officers ROI against the KPI s and the current fascination surrounding trading transparency Then somewhere in the middle of all that finger pointing will be a media planner buyer just trying to do good work for his or her client Yet given all these pressures amazingly the agency commission system still exists in exactly the same form it did back on Madison Avenue Google came along in 2005 and announced it was withdrawing agency commission full stop The agencies were up in arms and protesting that this young pretender should have the audacity to do such a thing Well more than a decade on is anyone still protesting We all just had to start charging a fee for the service provided and demonstrate to the client exactly what value we can add For me that was a genuine chance for the whole media business to get rid of this outdated mechanic The upside for clients of course is that it means they don t have to allocate budgets to cover their agency s fees as the agency simply retains its income from within the media buy The downside for agencies however is that our revenue remains forever vulnerable to the dreaded budget cut and perhaps more profoundly it can sometimes be difficult for clients to value a service they don t perceive to be paid for by them So at a time when the media trading lines are in need of cleaning up it seems strange that the oldest element of the whole process remains

    Original URL path: http://www.amsgroup.co.uk/blog/2016/02/ (2016-04-24)
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  • January | 2016 | ams mediagroup blog
    course no commercialised internet let alone Social Media so they escape this little retrospective Over the last 20 years I ve loved seeing the influx of new opportunities which have graced the media landscape from all directions and I m excited about the opportunities of the future In fact I hope to be the catalyst for a few more of them myself So it s undoubtedly an exciting world we find ourselves in where Creativity is King or where Content is King or whatever this year s C word might be However in amongst the fun and excitement of all this new stuff the same old principles of media planning still apply Yep however tedious it might sound in a brainstorm every campaign and each part of the activity still needs reach to be truly effective for the client I develop a twitch when I hear about incredibly creative media ideas which never achieved the consumer airing they clearly deserved It often seems the case that 90 of hours are spent on the development and implementation of the idea whilst only 10 is spent thinking about clever and creative ways to really milk its value in terms of exposure I

    Original URL path: http://www.amsgroup.co.uk/blog/2016/01/ (2016-04-24)
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