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  • Home : Amy Croft
    down there BAND at Fluc Wanne Demoraum Akademie Wien Made in the Dark Number Five Studio CV Writing Links Interesting people and websites An artists website used to display completed

    Original URL path: http://www.amycroft.co.uk/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Works : Amy Croft
    down there BAND at Fluc Wanne Demoraum Akademie Wien Made in the Dark Number Five Studio CV Writing Links Interesting people and websites An artists website used to display completed

    Original URL path: http://www.amycroft.co.uk/works/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Luster : Amy Croft
    real and digitally produced layers and filters quivering tree branches hair whisping in the wind lens flares of red or green and fringes of mis aligned RGB colour layers This treatment of the image extends to it s display with the white borders subtely tinted in red or green and the images set slightly off center Throughout the exhibition space A Slow Loop is audible The voice of a female radio narrator recounts in the first person a conversation between three characters the left eye the right eye and the brain The dialogue is steeped in repetition as momentary interactions are revisited from each characters perspective to be embellished with inward thoughts that could at times signify longing or the awareness of being watched by the other A further element in the exhibition is a 4 3 TV monitor screening on loop The Knife 1974 by Jack Goldstein For the duration of four minutes laying on a flat blue background a static silver table knife is filmed with a sequence of coloured lights slowly moving across it from blue to red to green Each light flooding the knife with colour before returning it to its original state The Knife brings an additional sense of scale and depth to Luster which makes direct connections to the body and hands In addition it represents an important historical moment within post conceptual art when immaterial affect was recognised for it s political agency I want to turn a thought into something tangible an object and then back into a thought 1 Each element in Luster offers the viewer a non narrative which neither unravels to reveal a full plot nor settles into the background as an abstraction The exhibition is a palimpsest of sequenced and looping time In this way the subjects of

    Original URL path: http://www.amycroft.co.uk/works/luster/ (2016-02-12)
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  • A Fog : Amy Croft
    parallel operations It interrogates the conditions needed to perceive and locate oneself within the spatial depths of reality representation and virtuality It investigates how transparency and obscurity are interdependent modes of address used to manipulate information comprehension and judgments of sincerity The central element is grey sky blue a video installation shot in high definition The looped video shows a female character moving through mirrored monochromatic corridors stairways and lounges She walks from front to back left to right back to front continuously entering and leaving the frame Her presence is expressionless and she shares no emotional directives these could be merely the test shots Light experiments activate the camera lens Interlaced into these sequences are shots of cloudscapes clouds detached from any distinguishing space moving with a range of contrast direction and speed grey sky blue uses the qualities of digital video and stereo sound to create audiovisual planes that are sequenced into a virtual architecture made of atmospheric affects The elements in the video the figure the hotel setting the soundscape the coloured spotlight the clouds as well as the hardware used for its capture and display camera lens projection screen projector lamp shift between narrative subject and spatial signification Contexts are subjects backgrounds shift to foregrounds material facts suspend perspectival relationships architecture atmosphere and psyche are interchangeable The sound of grey sky blue is audible throughout the exhibition space footsteps on arid land wind catching in palm trees goats foraging on mountainsides and dry branches scratching on rocks These ephemeral sounds conjure up vivid scenes from another landscape and move in waves through the exhibition grey sky blue is augmented by a series of Iris prints of a horizon line partially concealed in foggy colour The title of the series METAR GMMX 28010KT 9999 SCT100 SCT200 29

    Original URL path: http://www.amycroft.co.uk/works/a-fog/ (2016-02-12)
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  • grey sky blue : Amy Croft
    down there BAND at Fluc Wanne Demoraum Akademie Wien Made in the Dark Number Five Studio CV Writing Links Interesting people and websites An artists website used to display completed

    Original URL path: http://www.amycroft.co.uk/works/grey-sky-blue/ (2016-02-12)
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  • up there down there : Amy Croft
    of design and urban planning namely György Kepes and Kevin Lynch up there down there includes a video installation a set of sculptures and two historical artefacts The sculptures are shown as an arrangement of curved plexiglass objects that demonstrate a scale of colours tones and dimensions Words such as distortion form simplicity and visual scope are printed on the objects The vocabulary is drawn from Kepes s Principles of Camouflage and Lynch s Form Qualities and introduces the theme of complex viewpoints and an interplay between visibility and invisibility The room size video installation features a continuous tracking shot in which the camera glides across the surfaces of the plexiglass sculptures Alike the roving camera the sculptures are also set in motion by two figures moving through and arranging the filmed space Accompanied by a four channel soundtrack that draws from the harmonics and cacophony of a dense cityscape the installation becomes a shifting territory of sound image and space Perception of surface and space is translated and mediated from the city to the printed page to opaque and transparent plastics to an illusionary two way projection screen a moving video image and a collaged soundscape Two historical artefacts link the artist s interest in Kepes design theories to the subject of camouflage a photograph by Kepes titled Juliet with Peacock Feather 1938 and an article titled Civilian Camouflage Goes into Action from Civilian Defense magazine June 1942 by John L Scott Moholy Nagy and Kepes The artist considers camouflage as a permeable layer or a lense between the two perspectives of space used for orientation aerial view and street view In drawing this connection Croft poses the question could city planning schemes government marketing programmes or simply the certain architectural style of a city be considered a form

    Original URL path: http://www.amycroft.co.uk/works/up-there-down-there/ (2016-02-12)
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  • BAND at Fluc Wanne : Amy Croft
    in four batches which progressively built up various combinations of the letters B A N and D in the colours Cyan Yellow and Magenta Also during the run up to the show members of BAND wore a different white t shirt everyday with the single letter B A N or D on the back At Fluc Wanne the initial element the audience encountered was BAND s first audio track which was played in the entrance thereby folding the group s colourful poster campaign seamlessly into the event itself The animation titled THIS IS THE WRONG TIME AND PLACE TO PLAY IN A LOW KEY rolled through on continuous loop at the back of the dance floor and opposite to the stage area On the stage itself the audience was left with a lifeless display of four microphones and a single monitor As the audience waited for BAND to begin a light show took place on the dance floor where spots of RGB light were combined in the form of Venn Diagrams A further element to this setting was a t shirt stand where fans could buy their own BAND shirt Those passing by Fluc outside could look down on this scene through a large window above On this window was the phrase I wish I was part of that collective making those t shirts printed in black vinyl The show took place backstage and was presented via a live feed to the monitor onstage BAND appeared at 11pm backstage the members were at various stages of getting ready for their gig but all of them wore individually styled costumes A performance lasting 34 minutes took place where the members of BAND discussed various aspects of their collectivity from the repercussions on the group of individual tardiness to problems with the

    Original URL path: http://www.amycroft.co.uk/works/band-at-fluc-wanne/ (2016-02-12)
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  • Demoraum Akademie Wien : Amy Croft
    to display completed works share developing ideas and stream associated imagery EMAIL ME 2010 This installation is the result of commission from the curator in residence Soeren Grammel for Demoraum at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna The spacial elements were initially conceived in response to a seminar series called Current Curatorial Practice which took place at the Fine Arts Academy 13 15 January 2010 The work was subsequently

    Original URL path: http://www.amycroft.co.uk/works/demoraum-akademie-wien/ (2016-02-12)
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