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  • BullHuss Fishing in The Bristol Channel off South Wales
    the background The upper and underside of the body is pale or dark brown and appears to be mottled as is covered with a series of small and large black sometimes white spots and the under side tends to be paler in colour The Bull Huss diet consists mainly of molluscs crustaceans and small flatfish Bull huss mate in the autumn and the females lay their eggs in shallow water

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  • Smoothhound Fishing in The Bristol Channel off South Wales
    Channel Smoothhounds are strong fighters and are usually caught in shallow water inshore The Starry Smoothhound is light brown with numerous pale star like spots along its flanks just above the lateral line this distinguishes it from the common smoothhound which does not have the star like spots The quick way to separate Smoothhound from small Tope is by the teeth the Tope s teeth are triangular and ultra sharp capable of chopping prey clean through whereas the Smoothound s teeth are flattened and blunt similar to a rays and designed for crushing crabs etc and not designed for cutting The smoothhounds dorsal fin when viewed from the side is also set nearer to the pectoral fins than that on the tope which is positioned more rearwards The tail indentation on the smoothound is less deep than that on the tope and the smoothies lower tail lobe is small but on the tope both upper and lower lobes are roughly equal in length The best bait for Smoothounds is just simply crabs The Welsh rod caught record Smoothhound came from just off Nash sands in 1996 and weighed 17lb by M Maloney and the record Starry Smoothhound came also from

    Original URL path: http://www.anchormancharters.co.uk/smoothhound.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Bristol Channel Tope Fishing
    often come very close in during the summer months Upper body Grey to brown under side white Tope eat mainly fish and pout and whiting feature high up on their menu Squid and crab are also effective fishing baits to use Tope are live bearing with usuall around 30 pups at 35cm at birth Females mature between 130 185cm when approximately 11 years old Found between depths of 5 450m

    Original URL path: http://www.anchormancharters.co.uk/tope.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Blue Shark Fishing in The Bristol Channel off South Wales and North Devon Coast
    the Bristol Channel into deeper waters where there are blues up to 160lb in weight Blue sharks have a distinct colouration dark blue from above bright blue on its sides changing to white underneath on its belly Blue sharks are voracious predators mainly feeding on schools of pelagic fish such as mackerel pollack and cod The Blue Shark is more commonly found in deeper waters where it is cooler Shark

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  • Fishing Other Species off South Wales in The Bristol Channel
    group of fish have venomous spines on their dorsal ventral and anal fins each spine has a separate venom gland at the base Most injuries are caused when the unsuspecting swimmer steps onto one of these spines whilst swimming The Ballan Wrasse is the largest of the wrasses found in British waters and can reach up to 60 cm in length and live to be several years old These pretty

    Original URL path: http://www.anchormancharters.co.uk/other-species.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Wreck Fishing in The Bristol Channel off South Wales
    Northeast off Whitby for big cod and ling The Bristol Channel wrecking has always been the runner up in the wrecking scene maybe its because the inshore fishing is so good that wreck fishing is ignored but the fact is that there are some good wreck fish to be caught There are wrecks lying out to the southwest beyond the 20 mile mark these are out in the clearer water

    Original URL path: http://www.anchormancharters.co.uk/wreck-fishing.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Shark Fishing in The Bristol Channel off South Wales
    required Two speed versions are also available TLD Model Number Weight g Ball Bearings Line Capacity lb yds Gear Ratio TLD20 670 4 ARB 20 700 30 450 40 330 3 6 1 TLD25 695 4 ARB 30 600 40 450 50 350 3 6 1 Shimano Tyrnos Tyrnos features a gear ratio of 5 0 1 and is built for power thanks to its 4 A RB bearings oversized gears die cast machined aluminium handle and ergonomic rubber power grip The Tyrnos is ideal for big game fishing Two speed versions are also available TYRNOS Model Number Weight g Ball Bearings Line Capacity lb yds Gear Ratio TYR20 1021 4 ARB 20 700 30 450 40 330 5 0 1 TYR30 1080 4 ARB 30 600 40 450 50 350 5 0 1 Shimano Tekota The tekota comes with level line within these metal frame reels a multi disc star drag system can be adjusted in every position required Gears are assisted by 3 A RB ball bearings plus a roller bearing TEKOTA Model Number Weight g Ball Bearings Roller Bearings Line Capacity lb yds Gear Ratio TEK700 815 3 ARB 1 30 350 4 2 1 TEK800 845 3 ARB 1 30 450 4 2 1 Shimano Tiagra Since its introduction over ten years ago Tiagra has become a worldwide market leader It is the solid construction in combination with easy to use features that is so loved by even the most demanding fishermen Amongst its many features it boasts a one piece machined Aluminium frame cold forged aluminium spool A RB ball bearings 2 speed gears Twin Disk Drag system on 16 130 size new designed Septon grip and much much more Tiagra is a reel built to comfortably cope with the biggest fish on earth and

    Original URL path: http://www.anchormancharters.co.uk/shark-fishing.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Penarth Marina Charter Boat, Fishing the Bristol Channel
    moored at Penarth Marina South Wales The marina is established as the premier boating facility in South Wales with 340 fully serviced pontoon berths The marina is situated within the non tidal waters of Cardiff Bay and built around the historic basins of Penarth Dock Directions The Marina is just ten minutes from the M4 At Jctn 33 follow the A4232 dual carriage towards Cardiff Bay then take the exit

    Original URL path: http://www.anchormancharters.co.uk/penarth-marina.html (2016-02-18)
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