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  • Branding & Brand Basics | Andrew Noddings
    s an effective method of creating localized brand awareness it s not exactly the best way of creating the best image for your business I mean think about it who would trust a grocer who s disturbing the peace Well sort of They know about you great But they d remember you as that guy who went around town waking everybody up with your bullhorn and your noisy vehicle The Basics of Branding But to be able to brand yourself well it ll do you good to remember the barest essentials involved with brand management To be able to do this effectively without putting yourself to shame you need to know the basics of branding To wit the basics are the following Brand name The brand s identity Approach to brand management The first two generally answer the basic who and what question The third in the mix is a more complex matter and deserves a section all its own For now let us focus on the brand name and identity For most people the brand name is the brand itself That s a common misconception the brand is the complete identity of a product or trademark while the brand name is what it says it is a name However along with your logo branding the brand name is probably the first thing potential consumers will see so don t play down the importance of your brand name There are three ways of defining the type of brand name you choose for your business Descriptive brand names are names that sum up what your product does Take the case of the soda brand Sparkle or Pop This is to branding what a direct sell is to sales it is up front and in your face so to speak leaving very

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  • Corporate Branding Management | Andrew Noddings
    reputation to do your job for you you have to haul ass for your reputation And sometimes that involves not just making sure people know what you re selling but creating a story about your product as well The best example in this case would be Apple Back in the day say early eighties Apple was pretty much just another fledgling computer manufacturer Even after Steve Jobs joined and then left and returned to the Apple fold it wasn t until designer Jonathan Ive joined the team that the iMac started selling again After a series of failed attempts at reinventing themselves the introduction of the iMac s design and sleek interface brought interest back to Apple s Macintosh series Seeing as how the hip and trendy and artistic niche caught on to the iMac s appeal Apple started a brand identity that simply said that Apple was the definition of hip Even the logo branding see picture above evolved from the old Apple logo as seen below Of course the good thing about Apple is that they followed through with what they sold to their audience Not long after the introduction of the iMac and the Mac OSX software another hit to the upscale consumers the release of the iPod revolutionized the way mp3 players were defined And not long after that the iPhone blazed the way into the future of smart mobile communication See what I m getting at here The Identity is in the Approach Apple s approach to propagating the brand image of Apple computers as well as the I trademark was to tap into their niche and hit them with the best gadgets they have By consistently providing quality technology under the Apple name to their regular consumers Apple unsuspectingly created a culture of evangelization

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  • Creative Design History | Andrew Noddings
    sources For example the cave paintings of Lascaux while often used as an example of primitive art could also be used as a prehistoric attempt of creative design The attempt of cave painters to communicate to their peers through a visual medium is in line with the prime directive of creative design For example the cave paintings of Lascaux while often used as an example of primitive art could also be used as a prehistoric attempt of creative design The attempt of cave painters to communicate to their peers through a visual medium is in line with the prime directive of creative design For example the cave paintings of Lascaux while often used as an example of primitive art could also be used as a prehistoric attempt of creative design The attempt of cave painters to communicate to their peers through a visual medium is in line with the prime directive of creative design The papyri manuscripts of the Middle Ages also exhibited detailing that one would usually expect to see from advertorials and press kits of the modern age Pages from the Book of Kells for example contained handwritten textual stylistics created by monks to give the pages a sense of elegance Of course since most of the population back then didn t have the capacity to read it only goes to show that most of the creative graphic design within the pages were put there primarily for the nobility One could assume that early proponents of creative design were geared towards providing pleasing visual aids for the rich and the powerful From the Tang Dynasty to the Twentieth Century During the Tang Dynasty in ancient China a method of printing using wooden blocks was developed to produce patterns on textile Later on this method was used to print

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  • Creative Design Process | Andrew Noddings
    to put the visuals and the text together seamlessly In other words if you strip away the romantic stereotyping the creative process is known for you end up with a frustratingly difficult flow of work But the creative process can still be one of the most fulfilling jobs there is It all boils down on your personal outlook Elements of Style There are a variety of disciplines and skills that are important in creative design A newcomer into the field of creative graphic design and advertising will probably have had experience it at least one of the following fields 1 Visual arts This is perhaps one of the most basic skills anybody needs in this industry In order to have graphics to arrange in any given page agencies need graphic designers who can create visuals needed Depending on what the agency needs you ll be using visual elements created by hand taken with photography or made through computer generated means 2 When you deal with advertisement posters advertorials on paper and even website banner ads you need the proper typographical skills to pull them off The folks with typographical skills will take care of how your text will look like on the printed or unprinted page 3 Layout artists will be the people in charge with putting these elements together The best layout artists will be able to make an efficient and viewer friendly If you re setting up a design firm getting somebody with the skills to create an effective page layout is vital Process at Work Once those three basic elements are gathered together you ve got the makings of a fledgling design team Now it s all a matter of getting them to function as a unit and in order to do that you need to apply

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  • Digital Design Introduction | Andrew Noddings
    two formats are called digital designers If writers are the meat these guys are the backbone of digital media They are responsible for creating eye catching graphics that will draw the viewer s attention to the printed page or to the website Without digital designers we may very well have been stuck with computers that used the command line alone In this section I ll give you guys a primer of what digital design is its breadth and scope and how you can tell if a so called designer is worth his price or not What Differentiates Digital Designers from Creative Designers If creative designers were the professionals responsible for ensuring that the visuals and color schemes for the logo branding and overall image management of a brand were in line with the creative director s plan of attack digital designers are the people who do pretty much the same thing but do so through computers and digital imaging programs From the description alone you can tell that the digital artist has a lot of ground to cover The digital designer in any marketing and branding team is the go to person when it comes to what the web layout of this promo website or the layout of that flyer should look like In general both creative and digital designers are trained similarly on the onset But when it comes down to application digital designers tend to utilize computers more than anything else Creative elements are created from scratch using programs like Adobe Photoshop and whether the graphical element will grace the pages of printed paper or hit the Internet via a website the hands on approach used by digital designers is on a whole less complex but more involved The Two Factions of Digital Design There are generally two

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  • Print & Digital Design | Andrew Noddings
    mind numbing You bet The Internet With the advent of digital media and the world wide Internet market digital artists found for themselves another niche to tackle Here in Dubai web design isn t a particularly difficult profession you can find designers wherever you looked But the large population of skilled artisans doesn t even skim the surface of how difficult web design can be The biggest problem when it comes to this implementation of digital design is that you have to know your HTML And sometimes various other programming languages too It isn t enough to have the pictures you want up on your website Arranging the elements on a page is an important factor of web design today and most digital web designers are usually tasked to create templates flash videos and additional graphics for client websites Tools of the Trade Some of the tools used in freelance graphic design to create graphics include but are not limited to the following Adobe Photoshop is bar none the tool of choice among many graphic artists Although heavy on the system s resources CS3 more than makes up for it with the large scale ability to manipulate graphics seemingly at will CorelDRAW on the other hand is the Corel Corporation s entry into the digital imaging field CorelDRAW styles itself as a full graphics suite but started out as a vector graphics editor and is still widely used with that end in mind Corel Paint Shop Pro Corel s answer to the broad popularity of Photoshop Formerly a product published by Jasc Software Corel s version still suffers from the criticisms that plagued it early on but is still considered to be a decent contender in the industry GIMP GIMPShop is the open source community s graphic editor While not

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