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  • Featured Maker « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    list to receive latest workshop dates and felt news or My Flickr Photos Hints and Tips Tutorials Tutorial Felt cord making Tutorial 3D Pod Tutorial Nuno felt scarf Tutorial Trollen weaving Tutorial Seamless Felt Handbag Tutorial Seamless Felt Notebook Categories Book Review Curlew Diaries Featured Maker Felt United Felting General Metaphor past workshops Spinning tutorial Search blog Good stuff Andrea Graham Arlene s felt Attic 24 Cash en Els Clasheen Felt Alive Feuer und Wasser Fiona Duthie Foxglove Felts I live I love I craft I am me Irit Dulman LoveFibre Rabenfilz Renata Felt Studiofelter Tanglewood Thicket Terrie Kwong Threadborne Vilt a la kim Vital Temptation Wildy Woolly I m a member of Felting and Needle Felting Forum Archive April 2016 March 2016 February 2016 January 2016 December 2015 November 2015 Older entries April 2016 March 2016 February 2016 January 2016 December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015 March 2015 February 2015 January 2015 December 2014 November 2014 October 2014 September 2014 August 2014 July 2014 June 2014 May 2014 April 2014 March 2014 February 2014 January 2014 December 2013 November 2013 October 2013 September 2013 August 2013 July

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  • Felt United « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    If you have already sent in your image and had your work accepted please mail your work to Tracy or myself a s a p I know I know I m such a nag I just want to make sure that we are able to include work from as many people as possible who want to be involved and I know that deadlines can slip when you re really busy working on so many other things hence the wee reminder We ve made some updates to the exhibition website you can find all the information you need at www thedyingofthesun com please drop by for a look around we d love to know what you think Looking forward to hearing from you Angela and Tracy Tags exhibition Posted in Felt United No Comments Another project started Friday July 27th 2012 I seem to have got fire birds Phoenix on the brain If you read my earlier post you know that I m creating a 3D model of a phoenix but this time I ve decided to have a go at a felt line drawing Both projects require needle felting techniques which wouldn t be a problem if it didn t set off my repetitive strain injury It just means that I have to work on them in stages rather than one go Not that much of a hardship is it The background is a hand dyed wool blanket and this is my basic outline There s still quite a bit of work to do thickening and firming up lines plus adding details but you can see where I m going with it The original intention was to do a front on double winged bird but I discovered part way in that I d placed it too near the edge of the fabric and had to turn it into a profile drawing instead Tags needle felting Posted in Felt United Felting No Comments Preparations Wednesday July 25th 2012 It might not seem like I m doing much feltmaking at the moment but there is work going on I have a new workshop in the autumn which I m trying to work out I also have two exhibitions in October for which I need to create work The first is for The Dying of the Sun based around the Felt United theme of flames and the second is Ilkley Art Trail I ve begun carding fibres ready for work on The Dying of The Sun So far I haven t decided what I d like to do for Ilkley Art Trail but here I m not limited by a theme So much choice Under consideration is work based solely on colour and work based on stylised trees Could be a mixture of course but I find it easier to work on one exhibition at a time to help keep me focused and on track for delivering projects Posted in Felt United Felting No Comments Flames Friday July 6th 2012 Flames are very

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  • Metaphor « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    joint piece I can t wait to see what she does Tags tree of life Posted in Metaphor 2 Comments Tree of life 3 Wednesday January 28th 2015 Do you remember this page from my sketch book Using the bottom image as my inspiration I created a piece from BFL felt leftover from a previous project Fine blanket stitch along the edges of the cutouts and lines added in the centre to accentuate the curves Do you like it I do Tags tree of life Posted in Metaphor 3 Comments Tree workshop 2 Saturday January 24th 2015 Working from the same simple sketch and another piece of pre felt I began by cutting out the curving lines of the tree Each curve was then outlined in purple and a mix of red fibre laid behind and needle felted all over Small circles of yellow pre felt were added in the crook of each bend and attached with a quick stitch in red wool The sections of red wool that I cut from my previous piece were twisted and laid onto the trunk for additional texture As before I felt the tree went too much into the background To combat this I added some stem stitch across the twisted bits of red on the trunk and then purple stem stitch along each of the curving lines of the tree On each of the yellow circles I added a little trio of red french knots Another great set of colours Tags tree of life Posted in Metaphor 5 Comments Tree workshop Thursday January 22nd 2015 Last Autumn I attended a workshop at York Feltmakers run by Jackie Lunn we were experimenting with pre felt techniques I decided to use it as an opportunity to create more tree pieces and made a quick sketch to get me going As requested I d made some pre felt in advance from leftover scraps pf Merino A little yellow laid out and needled in gave me some cutting lines Small circles cut out at the top of the tree and a few areas on the trunk too The technique was then to lay fibres out acrosss the back of the pre felt and secure with needle felting all over Behind each hole I put a circle of blue green fibre in various shades Some of them courtesy of Jackie who d brought her bit box along for us to rummage through The mix of red oranges with blue greens is one of my favourites Needle felting across the piece from back to front pushes little spots of the background colour forward I felt that the background was then a little busy and the tree was less visible A little work with thread brought the tree forward again I ve done a running stitch along each yellow line of the tree I did try stem stitch but it felt too heavy In each blue circle I ve put french knots in various shades of blue It s

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  • Spinning « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    of my first handspun yarns that I thought was usable and is a green and turquoise Merino and silk blend Being an early yarn it definitely has areas which are thick or thin and even some which are over twisted but it was still usable and I had a goodly amount Initially I tried it on 4mm needles but the knitting was dense and didn t have the drape I was looking for so I restarted on 6mm needles which were much better especially when I encountered a thick bit The pattern is not a particularly difficult one in fact I d say it was quite easy but what attracted me to it was the yarn used in the photos and the fact that it would be long I love long scarves and found this one as a free pattern on Ravelry It wasn t many rows before I was running out of space on my needles but fortunately a friend loaned me a 6mm circular needle My first ever circular needle to knit my first shawl using one of my handspun yarns for the first time Whilst knitting it I have to say I wasn t very keen and was planning on gifting it away and oh how that position has been reversed it s mine all mine Better let you have a look at what I m on about That s it after washing being blocked I couldn t wait for it to dry in case the sun disappeared so it ll have to go back on block later to dry You can see it s not a difficlut pattern and yet there was a section of about 10 rows where I had repeated brain malfunctions and had to keep unpicking the work Not being brave enough to take it off the needles and rip it back I did this the slow laborious way one stitch at a time After a whole weekend of messing about I finally got beyond that section and then rapidly finished the shawl It felt important to me to use this yarn and to finish the shawl even if I didn t like it In case you were wondering I love it and have already worn it It did turn out to be very important to use it and has actually taught me quite a lot about the spinning of the yarn I needed no help to understand that it wasn t perfectly even but it was enlightening to understand how that felt in use Uneven yarn isn t a problem there are plenty of yarns on the market which are exactly that but I d not used one before Having every inch of yarn back through my fingers helped me to understand how to spin my next yarn to achieve whatever effect I want My spinning now is finer and much much more even It just goes to show that even imperfect yarns can look lovely made up If you fancy learning

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  • tutorial « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    items with a resist so called because it resists the layers felting together To get the right size I measure the item and add 40 to allow for shrinkage With a notebook you need to measure the width of front back and spine My book measures 31cm wide by 21cm high so my resist is 43cm wide and 30cm high Don t forget to round off the corners so they don t poke through your fibres 2 Laying out the background Don t have your hands too close together so the fibres will separate easily Begin by laying a fringe half on half off the resist and then fill in the centre Your next layer of fibre needs to be at right angles to the first layer Put your net on the fibres and wet out with soapy water use your hand to press all the water down through the fibres until it goes flat and give a very light rub with a bag Take off the net and turn the resist over to fold in your fringe Repeat as above on this side but leave a gap in the centre 3 Adding a pattern Turn it over and add your pattern bearing in mind that you re looking at both front and back Front of the cover is on the right back is on the left Then it s back on with the net wet it out and rub until the pattern is set and do the pinch test above If the fibres stay together then you re ready to roll If the fibres start to separate you need to rub for longer 4 Ready to roll I use a piece of pipe insulation for rolling but you can use a broom handle Wrap the whole thing up in the bubble wrap and roll 100 times Unroll the package turn 90 degrees and roll for another 100 Unwrap turn it over and repeat 5 Finishing When the resist begins to buckle it s time to remove the felt To full harden the felt you can continue to roll or throw it onto the table The impact of the throwing shocks the felt into hardening and gives a more textured finish Remember to keep checking the size against your book so that you don t shrink it too far When you re nearing the correct size cut down to open the flaps out so the book can be inserted and then remove the excess felt Whilst the felt is wet it can be shaped so stretch it and pull it back into shape if you need to before leaving to dry This tutorial will be added to my resources page so you ll always know where to find it Tags felt how to notebook tutorial Posted in tutorial 9 Comments Subscribe to my blog Join my mailing list to receive latest workshop dates and felt news or My Flickr Photos Hints and Tips Tutorials Tutorial Felt cord making Tutorial 3D

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  • April « 2016 « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    Top tip leave the leaves soaking on the wet wool before commencing work and always use a net to prevent breakages Next workshop Saturday 30th April vessels with surface texture Tags skeleton leaves vessel Posted in Felting No Comments Wharf Wool Fair Saturday 7th May Friday April 8th 2016 Only a few weeks to the third Wharfe Wool Fair which this year is being held in Ilkley at the Clarke Foley Centre Twenty four great stalls selling finished goods supplies for knitting crochet felt making spinning and weaving plus demonstrations from the Craven Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers With the entrance fee held at only 2 and under 16s free there s lots to see I ll be running a couple of workshops in the afternoon A quick flower brooch making session followed by poppy pictures Each session lasts an hour and costs only 10 booking can be made direct at this page http www wharfewool co uk workshops php For those who prefer needle felting Jenny Barnett will be running a two hour morning workshop making owl brooches Pretty aren t they Please help to spread the word of this friendly little fair by liking the facebook page and sharing this post If you d like a few leaflets to hand out just email me and I ll pop some in the post for you Tags wharf wool fair Posted in General No Comments Sketchbook Friday April 1st 2016 Rooting around in the loft I came across an old sketchbook started when I began a City Guilds in Embroidery I don t recall if we were all using the same theme or whether this was one which I personally had chosen but I was looking at rocks texture light It s plain to see that I m no artist and am never more unhappy then when trying to create with pencil or paint Actually paint especially So I hope you ll forgive the quality of the work I m showing it because I thought it interesting to see the process by which the work evolved The image below is huge worked on brown wrapping paper It folds into a sixth of the size and that is still equal to A3 Strangely I don t mind this I ve done worse Got a little fixated on moon craters Developing the idea in mixed media paper and fabric More paper then finally fabric Back to paper and messing about I didn t completely hate this process but I m never happy doing it Moving on to create some texture on hand dyed fabric using hand and machine stitching plus quilting The light areas were created using batik More quilting in a different colour way I went back to an earlier design and worked it again in fabric but with better results However I just couldn t get away from the dark hand dyed fabrics they were really working for me The final piece is overlaid with hand dyed scrim and

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  • March « 2016 « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    the same position also made a wonderful gussett on the bag Gill wanted a large fairly plain bag for everyday use It had an internal pocket and was destined for a leather strap Irene was very taken with my leaf shaped bag and created her own autumnal version with a green interior Many pleats means more stitching and felting but it was on it s way to completion by the time she left I can t wait to see a photo of it finished Irene was also inspired to try one with more pleats and this shape I created based on a shell but Irene s colour choice of turquoise with a white interior was stunning It was a joy to work with these lovely ladies and a very big thank you to them all for their help in tidying away Clifton Village Hall is a really nice small hall with views into adjoining fields full of sheep and donkeys All my workshops are being held at this venue for the remainder of the year I hope to see some of you there Tags bag handbags pleated bag Posted in past workshops No Comments Cabled cushion Friday March 11th 2016 Only once before have I attempted a cable and that was on a pair of mittens for my daughter I found it quite difficult but persevered and was actually quite glad when it was over Why then did I decide to create a cable cushion perhaps it was the luscious Jacob aran yarn from The Knitting Gift Shop You can buy it now in cream and s ilver grey I m quite proud of it I must have done the first couple of dozen rows about seventeen times before I really got the hang of the pattern and started to make progress The cable part of the pattern is a saxon braid which I found here the remainder I made up myself with a lot of angst involved The Jacob aran is a beautiful wool to work with One of the most helpful tips I found on the internet was to use a lifeline which is just a spare piece of yarn in a contrasting colour which you can thread though every few rows whilst the stitches are still on the needle If you then make a mistake you can then unravel the last few rows without it going further Although this was suggested for use with lace knitting it was extremely useful with cables Being a beginner with cables I couldn t always determine which way the stitches were twisting the lifline meant I could pick them up again all facing in the correct direction A favourite part of finishing a project is choosing buttons from Duttons for Buttons and I think these suit this project particularly well I have more of the black Jacob which I m knitting into a second cushion not a cable this time but still textured Tags cable cushion jacob knitting Posted in General

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  • February « 2016 « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    vessel Posted in Felting No Comments Birthday garland Saturday February 20th 2016 At Christmas I like to make a garland for the house it s lovely to bring greenery and light into the house This year January felt quite grey so I thought it d be fun to have one for the January birthday we celebrate It was quite a simple affair made purely of ivy intertwined with a set of fairly lights A green garland wasn t enough though so I made an elephant garland with some of the lovely papers that my Daughter has amassed for her crafting Every elephant has different papers on each side and a different paper for it s ear Pink sequins for eyes It s a short crowded garland and I love it so much that it s still there even now long after the ivy garland faded Perhaps I ll leave it there until Easter and replace it with an Easter tree Tags elephant garland Posted in General No Comments Ruffle Scarf Workshop Thursday February 18th 2016 A week on Saturday the 27th February I ll be running the ruffle scarf workshop Due to illness I now have a couple of spaces available if anyone is interested Perhaps you d like to see what you d be making First sample is this scarf which I blogged about here I loved this one with the double ruffle and subtle grey and white colouring but yearned for something with a touch more colour Black Merino with fiery red oranges on the edge and down the cnetre I experimented by including some spots of pre felt If you saw my spotty table runner you ll know I cut a lot of prefelt circles so have plenty to play with on future projects Photos have been a few days in the waiting as it was sunny when the scarf was wet and wet when the scarf was dry Depending on how quickly you lay out you ll be able to make a single or double ruffle scarf Details and booking on my workshop page Tags ruffle scarf Posted in Felting No Comments Winter trees Tuesday February 16th 2016 Recently I visited a local primary school to teach a group of nine year olds how to make felt The teacher had chosen the theme of winter trees and the kids set to with a will Not all of the pieces were captured in this shot but enough for you to see a good selection Only one person chose to do a complete silhouette and I really like the starkness of black on white There s something of an apple tree in this but actually it s a berried holly tree What impressed me was the use of different colours to add shading and life The pine tree was my favourite of the day it has real presence who wouldn t want to shelter there Tags school winter trees Posted in Felting No Comments Commission Sunday February 14th

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