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  • January « 2016 « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    It really is plain isn t it I have a pair of beloved wool slippers that have stretched and are now a little sloppy on me They re expensive to buy and as there s lots of wear left in them I didn t want to go the expense of a new pair A pair of Icelandic wool inserts is my answer The piece of felt I made is large enough to provide a second pair of inserts so I ve put that away somewhere safe will I ever find it again for future use Not only are my slippers less sloppy they re super cosy too Tags slippers Posted in Felting 1 Comment Oh my Monday January 11th 2016 You may remember that I was lucky enough to win the giveaway by The Skep Knitting and Quilting Shop last year and I duly toddled along to see what goodies I could find There was a pair of wrist warmers on display in a lovely deep purple Debbie Bliss wool and I was smitten The wool came with a free pattern called wandering cables so I was all set to go It s a really easy pattern and as I decided to have them shorter it wasn t very long before they were finished With excitement I stitched them together with my newly learnt mattress stitch which gives an excellent join I put them on and then oh no realised that as I d given the top and bottom of the wrist warmers different size ribs I d actually sewed one up wrong It was no good I couldn t live with it I got out my scissors and snipped at the join oh drat I cut through one of the stitches not just the seam and it began to unravel My rescue skills aren t great so I went for completely unpicking it and starting again This left me somewhat disheartened and the project languished In the spirit of finishing things I eventually picked it up again and soon had a brand new wrist warmer I checked and double checked where to put my thumb hole and was pleased as punch when it was done I tried them on bugger I d forgotten that I d done the first set on 5mm needles and so had done the second one on 6mm it s too sloppy wail Perhaps I can live with it I tell myself but you know what I don t think I can Tags knitting Posted in General 4 Comments New Year Saturday January 2nd 2016 It s traditional at this time of year to review the past year and to ponder on the one ahead We re encouraged to make resolutions and to start afresh As a child and young adult I always did this and was then disappointed when I inevitabley failed to achieve the long list I d set myself Then one year I decided my resolution was to never make another new

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  • December « 2015 « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    have been collected from many places over the last 35 years A few of the baubles are older than me and were bought by my parents for my older brother s first Christmas I ve grown up with these baubles and could never bear to let them go Our rose bush provided the branches for this cute little bauble tree Strangely I got other decorations out this year and have put them away again as it made the house feel too cluttered Perhaps it s because the house was overrun by work stuff for the last month that I need some space now Our door sports the wreath which I made at least three years ago and the only other thing I intend to do is make an arrangement for the mantelpiece this Saturday Tags christmas decorations Posted in General 1 Comment Wrap workshop Tuesday December 15th 2015 We had absolutely foul weather for this workshop with people unable to attend due to floods and we had a leak in the hall Despite this we also had a brilliant day with some stunning wraps produced They were still wet when I took the photos so not looking their absolute best but still stunning I believe the one above is by Sheila who used Koala merino on a purple and black devore base The white one is by Zoe who also found time to start a flower corsage to finish it off This delightful one is by Sandra who used Lavender merino on a white devore base If you look below you can see the great texture that using devore produces Bright purple on a purple and black base yum Black Merino behind the turquoise and black devore with a peacock merino frill I thought you might like to see it reversed It s the work of Kathryn I believe this one is by Alison and my sincere apologies if I ve got that wrong Aren t they all wonderful I get so excited when it comes to the end of the day and pieces are revealed it gives me such a buzz Tags devore nuno wrap Posted in past workshops 1 Comment Inspired by Autumn Saturday December 5th 2015 With the howling gales and sleeting rain outside it s hard to remember the calm mild days of autumn but try and cast your mind back to the glorious leaf colours It was as the leaves were turning that I became inspired to make a leaf shaped handbag with touches of autumn colour Obviously it took a couple of weeks or so to find the time and then for one reason or another this is my first opportunity to show what I made Laid out wet and set and ready to come off the resist The leaf veins are pinned ready for stitching let felting commence I love love love the mini wedge washboard from Heartfelt Silks The small size and the point allow me to get into small places and

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  • November « 2015 « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    two circular bags and here I must apologise for missing photos There was a cute round purple bag with a flap which was finished and for which I have no photo even though I could have sworn I d taken one However when I cam to load these I realised that I haven t got pictures of two more Sorry Happily you can see this one where the spiral pleating emphasises the circular shape of the bag Last but not least is another beautiful leaf shape with much care going into the stitching Liz had just finished as I took this shot and I have to admire the zen like calm she maintained throughout the day as I know I never manage that as a participant The larger the bag and the more pleating then the less chance of finishing at the workshop but I know they won t regret taking them home to complete as they re all going to look amazing Thank you for a pleasant day ladies and a very tasty lunch Tags pleated bag Posted in past workshops No Comments Poor Puck Tuesday November 17th 2015 I ve not posted much recently which is due mainly to the fact that my card reader has broken and the new one hasn t yet arrived so all my photos are trapped on my camera Today I can share with you only because my mischievious daughter Charlotte took these on her phone It all began with Pan who brought a live mouse into the living room and set it free Unable to recatch it I had to step in and try to help by outing it from all the tiny places that the cats couldn t get but a long stick could We dashed to the door to keep it in one room and Puck dashed to the door a fraction later trapping her tail in the process She then compounded the injury by panicing and pulling it free which resulted in quite a serious injury The mouse was eventually ushered out of the patio door closely followed by Pan Miserable to be kept indoors and wearing a collar with her tail all wrapped up after an operation Puck spent the next 4 days sulking Once the dressing was removed mega stressful I had to do a return trip to the vets for a larger collar as she could reach her tail and had drawn blood within 10 miutes of arriving home All went went well after that until last Friday the day she was due to have the stitches removed and be allowed to roam free again When I arrived home the little minx had got her collar off pulled on the stitches and started to re open the wound Another three days confined to barracks I m not quite sure why Charlotte thought that turning Puck into a dande lion would cheer her up but you can clearly see it didn t wotk One fed up cat

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  • Revealed at last « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    it is only a prototype for larger ones I have in mind and I would like to see MUCH more texture on the next one Here s hoping I find the time soon Tags 3D felt handmade pod 6 Responses to Revealed at last tracy says March 7 2011 at 10 23 am wow this is amazing i love the shape the colour the textures the silky yarn was well worth the effort and the hanging curl inside is fab can t wait to see what you do next x Angela says March 7 2011 at 10 37 am Thanks Tracy your enthusiasm has made my day and made me smile Elizabeth says March 7 2011 at 1 36 pm I ll bet lots of birds peek inside to see if it would make a nice nest Angela says March 7 2011 at 4 44 pm I do hope so Elizabeth I even have plans to make nesting pockets martine says April 28 2011 at 8 03 pm Love seeing your work as always and thanks so much for the tutorial i am going to have to do some experimenting now thanks for sharing martine Angela says April 29 2011 at 8 57 am Thanks Martine do let me know how it goes Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Mail will not be published required Website Subscribe to my blog Join my mailing list to receive latest workshop dates and felt news or My Flickr Photos Hints and Tips Tutorials Tutorial Felt cord making Tutorial 3D Pod Tutorial Nuno felt scarf Tutorial Trollen weaving Tutorial Seamless Felt Handbag Tutorial Seamless Felt Notebook Categories Book Review Curlew Diaries Featured Maker Felt United Felting General Metaphor past workshops Spinning tutorial Search blog Good stuff Andrea Graham Arlene s

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  • Surface texture vase « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    a lot more of this in my textured vessels workshop on 30th April Tags texture vase vessel Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Mail will not be published required Website Subscribe to my blog Join my mailing list to receive latest workshop dates and felt news or My Flickr Photos Hints and Tips Tutorials Tutorial Felt cord making Tutorial 3D Pod Tutorial Nuno felt scarf Tutorial Trollen weaving Tutorial Seamless Felt Handbag Tutorial Seamless Felt Notebook Categories Book Review Curlew Diaries Featured Maker Felt United Felting General Metaphor past workshops Spinning tutorial Search blog Good stuff Andrea Graham Arlene s felt Attic 24 Cash en Els Clasheen Felt Alive Feuer und Wasser Fiona Duthie Foxglove Felts I live I love I craft I am me Irit Dulman LoveFibre Rabenfilz Renata Felt Studiofelter Tanglewood Thicket Terrie Kwong Threadborne Vilt a la kim Vital Temptation Wildy Woolly I m a member of Felting and Needle Felting Forum Archive April 2016 March 2016 February 2016 January 2016 December 2015 November 2015 Older entries April 2016 March 2016 February 2016 January 2016 December 2015 November 2015 October 2015 September 2015 August 2015 July 2015 June 2015 May 2015 April 2015

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  • vase « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    white wool it s mainly the pink dashes that stand out There were quite a few pieces of organza on this pot some of which overkapped and meant it shone beautifully in the sun Here s the other side of the pot You can see the white fabric quite clearly against the red wool but the ribbon blends in far more this time This richly coloured pot is by Ruth her first ever 3D piece by the way There are variegated rovings nepps and parts of an old scarf When felting it s not unusual for something to not go or turn out as you expected This time it was the fabric used one thread in the scarf lost colour during felting which meant lots of dirty looking water about and slightly stained hands for Ruth Fortuntaley it hasn t affected the final glorious vase Whilst we were at it we thought we might as well use a bit of decoration on the inside too Ruth used more scarf and roving and Fran choose to experiment with cotton muslin on the inside of hers This extremely cheerful pot below has been free formed by Fran who I believe thoroughly enjoyed the experience Multi coloured roving and parts of a different old scarf The yellow wool really makes the other colours sing One of the learning experiences for the day was how different fabrics give different textures and how different coloured wools affect the colour of the fabric during felting Ruth brought an old vase to re cover for her second piece and we painstakingly made a resist and Ruth blended up some pretty greens with the carders Due to the falability of the tutor yours truly an error was made with the resist and the experiment didn t work Ruth was very generous spirited about it and we had a good laugh but not before I d had a slight sense of humour failure Thank you Ruth and Fran for making me laugh at Rabbit ears Tags 3D nuno vase Posted in past workshops No Comments Pots Tuesday October 9th 2012 These are the photos from the 3D workshop last week When I went to extract the photos from the camera the memory card had gone walkabout but I finally tracked it down this morning The two above were made by Katherine and I love the little orange mushroom pot The white spots were created by adding wool nepps These two were made by Judith The round pot has a bright red interior which you can see has started to migrate through to the outside Somehow these colours give it a Japanese feel for me As you can see the nepps were popular with everyone and these two delightful items were made by Jeni The box works very well I think Below is one I made whilst demonstrating Tags 3D wet felt box vase Posted in past workshops No Comments Blue vase Friday August 19th 2011 I haven t managed

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  • Hidden texture workshop « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    was still wet Bet it looks even better now Sue was ambitious with her design and there was a point when I thought she d be finishing it at home but it was completed in the time we had It has quite a celtic feel about it I wonder if it s the colour contributing to that This is the only bag without a handle as Sue was considering using a metal chained handle as a contrast to the wool I have more workshops coming up and am looking forward to the lacy cobweb felt scarf workshop a week on Sunday 5th october It s at the festival Hall in Gisburn which is a lovely light space to work in I hope to see some of you there Tags 3D bag texture 2 Responses to Hidden texture workshop Ali says September 24 2014 at 8 03 am Really enjoying all your felty hidden texture bags Angela those you have made and enabled Fab range of colours and knobbly textures Ali x angela says September 25 2014 at 6 56 am Thanks Ali they ve been fun to do I ve always liked texture and these have the benefit of being safe from getting knocked or pulled off Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Mail will not be published required Website Subscribe to my blog Join my mailing list to receive latest workshop dates and felt news or My Flickr Photos Hints and Tips Tutorials Tutorial Felt cord making Tutorial 3D Pod Tutorial Nuno felt scarf Tutorial Trollen weaving Tutorial Seamless Felt Handbag Tutorial Seamless Felt Notebook Categories Book Review Curlew Diaries Featured Maker Felt United Felting General Metaphor past workshops Spinning tutorial Search blog Good stuff Andrea Graham Arlene s felt Attic 24 Cash en Els

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  • 3D « a life of fibre – Angela Barrow
    with 5 basic sausage shapes yet ended up with very different animals creatures dolls I do wish we d managed to name them as this debonair offering from Jane deserves a name I feel The bow tie was an inspired addition I m not sure at what point the idea of an elephant presented itself to Jeanette but there was no stopping her once it had You may have noticed that it s smaller than some and this is because Jeanette worked until the felt was very firm and hence smaller There are even muscle details on the haunches This appealing winged creature is by Tricia One of the original ideas was to give it over sized ears but Tricia wasn t happy with them until she realised they d make great wings instead a happy chance This figure by Barbara went though the great change in it s creation Early on it was definitely a male creature and as you see now is definitely a female doll Barbara s love of all things pretty meant she wasn t happy until it underwent a complete change This is by Shiona and is very cute I especially like tthe friendly face heart on his leg and the love banner We worked with a number of fibres during the day trying out Merino English 56s Black Welsh Mountain Jacob and Norwegian with most people choosing to work in either Norwegian or Jacob It s a workshop that creates lots of laughter as we marvel at the transformation of wool into characters some of it not intended but always interesting Roll on the next one Tags 3D needle felting Posted in past workshops No Comments Flames Friday July 6th 2012 Flames are very much on my mind at the moment This year the theme for Felt United is flames and Tracy Markey and I are arranging an exhibition around flames and the sun to coincide with the day So it s no surprise that when I came across this remnant from a previous project in my cupboard I immediately thought phoenix The basic bird shape is good but obviously the colouration is completely wrong for a phoneix So my first move was to transform it with flame I find it much easier to concentrate on shape when I m not distracted by colour or pattern Now the bird is a uniform colour I can see the changes I d like to make to the shape with the most change being in the tail area This is as far as I ve got so I m afraid you ll have to wait to see morre but I will show you as soon as I do it Tags 3D bird flames needle felting phoenix wet felted Posted in Felt United Felting No Comments First workshop of the year Saturday February 4th 2012 Every time I run a workshop it s fun and today was no exception Good company lots of laughs and some quite fabulous pieces of felt So far this winter we ve had very little snow so why oh why did it have to snow today Here s a lovely winter scene from the village hall Isn t it adorable It s not quite as out of focus as you think it had started to snow But enough of the weather here s a few of those bags you were all waiting to see I did say it was a bag workshop did I This lovely bag was made by Jeni and has a pocket on the inside I changed the workshop slightly today and brought Blue Faced Leicester fibres for people to use in oatmeal and black It s a brilliant British fibre and well worth trying for yourself In order we have loveliness from Lindsay Angela and Elaine All handles and catches are felted in the flashes of colour are provided by Merino fibres and Elaine s bag also has vegetable bags included A nice bit of recycling The top bag is by Cera with an all over spot decoration and internal pocket The bottom bag is by Pauline and has Merino fibres and Wensleydale curls Top bag by Pauline her first ever piece of felt pretty good it is too lovely solid felt Bottom left is by Karen another first time felter who did a great job you d never have guessed it was her first piece Bottom right is understated gorgeousness by Sue and it has 2 internal pockets We tried really hard to finish early but what is this a lone felter Yes I m sorry to say Lesley was naughty and had to stay behind No not really this is what you call dedication and perseverance when all around you have left It was worth the work though wasn t it and when the Wensleydale curls dry they ll look even fluffier what a fab bag Thank you ladies for a great day and I hope everyone got home okay Do please send photos when they re dry and you ve added buttons Tags 3D BFL handbags handmade Posted in past workshops 2 Comments Remember this Monday July 4th 2011 In May I showed you this little blue pot I d been playing around with the shape and couldn t decide what to do Some of you were kind enough to respond with suggestions and Kate suggested putting beach glass in the holes It s taken me a while to find the time but here it is I decided to put the beach glass on the outside rather than in the holes and I like the finished piece The brown beach glass looks good and I m so pleased to have found a use for some of it as I seem incapable of not collecting it I was chuffed to find a thread that matched and it does look good on the gravel Thanks Kate Tags 3D beach glass blue merino wet felted Posted in Felting 3

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