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  • Angela’s Interiors, Home to Beautiful Interior Design – Angelas Interiors
    being mildly obsessed with current well known interior designers such as Kelly Hoppen who designs interiors such as shutters and blinds she has videos and interviews which can really be an inspiration to watch online when talking about new designer trends Other designers who have had a great impact on my current styles include Dorothy Draper who has had a lasting impact on the interiors world for over 100 years now I can only hope that I make a small dent in the world of interiors over my lifetime but really nothing can compare to these famous interior designers There is so much inspirational design for me that it s the perfect role to develop a passion for interiors and home decoration As you can see I am a big fan of window dressings and coverings and to be honest in today s accessible interior days without shutters we d all be barmy One thing that seems to be gaining significant ground is the use of patio doors as we start to drag the outside in and I can assure you that patio door shutters are an excellent way of covering these doors between the outside and inside We recommend to all our customers using similar devices for their homes Around Angela s interiors site I hope that you find my site useful and inspirational I am available for bespoke interior design quotations product sourcing antique restoration and mood board creation With any new client I will always discuss their dreams and aspirations as I find whether clients want a new kitchen updated lounge or simply well chosen accessories they will always have aspirations of a homogenous decor just under the surface and this is the exact element which a great interior designer can tap into and locate making the

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  • Contact Angelas Inteiors Interior Design Services – Angelas Interiors
    clients will begin working with us with a budget starting from 500 This can go right up to 10 000 20 000 The range of fees will allow us to be involved with your project to various capacities from simple yet informative consultation and insider information as to where to source some excellent interior products right up to project management and trades organising The level of our involvement with your

    Original URL path: http://www.angelasinteriors.co.uk/contact-us/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Custom Shutters Partnership With New Supplier – Angelas Interiors
    you might think We have sourced other products like blinds and curtains for years but as this well written article from over a decade ago shows shutters are well enough established to provide many homes with the perfect window dressings Although they are well established they are as mentioned still quite a unique offering and the clean lines of shutters elevate most situations providing a very modern looking solution to an age old problem of keeping light and prying eyes out of your home There are numerous advantages to shutters which we believe will make them very popular with our interior design customers For example they are easy to clean they are robust and can handle some obvious abuse which every day life will throw at them They are simple to operate with no fiddling for pelmets or draw strings but open with either a twist of wooden slats or the push and pull of a front mounted rod Design options The custom manufacturer we have chosen as our preferred supplier has a host of design options for the discerning eye with designer colours clean crisp whites and ivories wood grains and stained colours for many tastes They can even try to match a bespoke colour which will appeal to us greatly as we strive to offer the most modern and bespoke service we can which often leads to customisation on a grand scale This shutter company is so keen to impress despite years of active service that they offer a free written quotation online simple measuring instructions to give them your window dimensions will leave a quote in your inbox within 24 hours You can t say fairer than that Why not give them a try directly at www customshutters co uk quote and see for yourself if they

    Original URL path: http://www.angelasinteriors.co.uk/custom-shutters/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Interior Design Inspirations for Angela’s Interiors – Angelas Interiors
    contemporary design art and music helps to draw a balance for an interior theme which often may get neglected or overlooked and this applies irrespective of whether we are looking at a minimalist bright white design or super saturated Moroccan vibes man But lets remember that trends in design and specifically interiors do not equate to durability there have been a multitude of fads which may have been popular in their time do not in fact equate to quality design some great examples include shallow bathroom sinks and other incredibly poor design items which do the opposite of enhancing interiors Angela s inspiration from around the world There are no right and wrongs to a degree and it s pretty clear that many designers are getting back to basics with their sources Strong bold lines of aboriginal arts floral timeless style of Indian patterns and the decoration of african art has inspired the likes of David Attenborough for decades It really depends on each individual project as to where we might wish to go for style and wherver it might end up being we ll work with you to create super mood boards that are fun and drive the style forward Enjoy all the information on this page and please let me know if you are interested in my services inspired by what you see or simply to say hello We love working with window products for our customers and gain inspiration from treatments like shutters and blinds which really can make a room more modern Click here to see great examples and articles about these types of interior products and let me know if you feel these would suit your project Using our interior mood board will help gain the best finish for your project There are no right

    Original URL path: http://www.angelasinteriors.co.uk/inspirations/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Interior Product Sourcing Bespoke Service – Angelas Interiors
    the outset I will use a number of physical shops as well as scouring online interior trends to find the most suitable products If you happen to be looking for uk window shuttersI will source great sites like this one and share that information with you It s in our interest to share deign facts with our clients as they ultimately may be disappointed if we withhold information or secure products which were not up to expectations I provide a truly bespoke product sourcing service and have negotiated a range of discounts for a multitude of products not to mention we re very persuasive at Angela s Interiors so we always get the best deal We negotiate on our clients behalf We will even go so far as to contact companies across Europe and the world for example you may be interested in direct shutters so we will scour the best suppliers in Europe if that is where your installation might be Products for interiors will be made from a vast array of materials and these will be sourced to best suit the application as well as the design If your home has a host of little ones bouncing around on the sofa all day there s little point recommending a French Louis XVI item no matter how gorgeous it may be as it will be damaged in seconds and everyone will regret that You can t have it anyway it s mine Products for durability and style Whether we re looking for a new stone kitchen worktop or classic Joseph Hoffman lamp you can be sure we pride ourselves in sourcing products for our clients based on the overall style Prices for originals can be prohibitive so often we will take on board the overarching style which we are

    Original URL path: http://www.angelasinteriors.co.uk/product-sourcing/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Original Pieces and Antique Sourcing and Restoration – Angelas Interiors
    in and out of fashion since well since they became antiques but there are so many classic designers from really the 17th century onwards that many period homes are crying out for quality antiques or dare we say it reproductions Where to site antiques and best restore them to original beauty Depending on the room being renovated and the style being embraces antiques can really find their home just about anywhere Mixing hard linear modern lines with softer over the top gold leaf antique mirrors can create just the mood your room is after Wherever the design inspiration comes from antiques can be dotted around your home From tables and chairs to antique restored tiles in a Victorian hallway there is plenty of choice We have worked on many period homes particularly large Georgian town villas and Victorian properties around Brighton and London and there are few exceptions when I say that our clients have absolutely loved the pieces selected If you remove the newer plasterwork in many of these properties you will find a wealth of antique and traditional features underneath and who wants awful plastic PVC windows when you can potentially restore the original ones Sourcing products with an antique or original feel is also part of this aim which is to create an inspired and original interior design which even if on a budget looks and feels like the original This company used a modern take on Victorian window shutters to blend old with new and we think it looks really successful That is the aim of any interior layout including materials and items within to look successful and authentic Antiques abound in Britain as well as abroad We ve been asked to source wood burners for alcoves simply as decorational items as well as functional and

    Original URL path: http://www.angelasinteriors.co.uk/antiques-originals/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Angela’s Interior projects and mood boards – Angelas Interiors
    and paste onto big sheets of paper The greater the planning budget for an interior project the greater the result from a mood board We ll implement textures and patterns as well as swatches and many clients will source colours they like from paint manufacturers and historic paints photographs cut outs from interior magazines The broader the source of inspiration on the boards inevitably the greater the result not only here but of course the final project We ve tried to demonstrate some of our more successful boards and related projects on these pages We are not at liberty to display all of the projects we have worked on as discretion and copyright can be issued however we hope you find enough inspiration to start your own mood board and ultimately complete a design project to your satisfaction Enjoy Simple Ways to Begin A Design Mood Board A group of words seem to be impeccably inadequate when explaining visual design The sky was filled with an explosion of yellow doesn t really capture the essence of the scene as quickly as say a photo does Creating a mood board is another exceptional method of documenting scenarios effectively and is often a useful and inventive way to help visualize the effect or style you are aiming to achieve for your interior design In general mood boards are easy to prepare and implement Don t forget you can always order free samples such as from various companies or pop in to super stores and pick up fabric swatches for free Creating one the old fashioned way is easy simply get a large sheet of paper and start to collect snippets and cutouts from media such as packaging newspapers and interior magazines You can also utilize natural sources such as flowers and leaves anything to help you document your ideas Depending on your style and taste your moodboard will grow and develop over time almost every time I make one I learn something new about colour combinations materials and how different ideas can react together If you have a team who are involved with your project you could always ask them to contribute and research material you might not have the time to search through A mood board can be developed over a group of people can induce discussion and debate and at the end of the day if you are convincing your partner that your ideas far outshine theirs then creating a mood board is one of the best and most cost effective solutions and gives you the perfect excuse for popping down the shops to buy up all the latest interior design magazines If you are involved in a debate with your partner pushing your feature colour bright red walls then going out buying the paint and decorating your room may seem like a great idea but we know in practice a healthy debate over a well planned mood board can be a much softer approach and almost always wins the

    Original URL path: http://www.angelasinteriors.co.uk/interior-design-projects-and-mood-boards/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Interiors links – Angelas Interiors
    and respond We hope you enjoy and find these sites useful however don t forget to come right back to us once you ve been Furniture and Furnishings safety regulations This site is essential for many home owners particularly if you intend to let out your property Interior products should on the whole be covered with appropriate fire regs See this site for more information If you are interested in gaining courses or sourcing other designers then we recommend a visit to The British Institute of Interior Design and their site is packed with tip top information which you will find very useful we re sure For all structural work and other aspects of interior work you may need building regulations input This may include moving windows knocking down walls changing lintels and other aspects of home renovation We will advise where we can but you can visit this site for definitive information South West UK dwellers will be really pleased that they have a company such as Deccardy to provide them with services such as renovation and refurbishment in and around Dorset Wiltshire Hampshire and Poole Their site has excellent portfolio examples of interior works carried out as well

    Original URL path: http://www.angelasinteriors.co.uk/interiors-links/ (2016-04-26)
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