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  • Spanish Travels - Wedding - Angie Scarr Miniatures, Crafts and Nail Art
    Juan Manuel A well builder how many of those do you get in England We had imagined that the weekend would feel rushed But Spain worked it s magic and the two days for the price of one feeling kicked in instantly The bride was beautiful we ll show piccies when we ve asked for permission The wedding feast was all afternoon and evening unforgettable and I Angie particularly remember being taken on to the dance floor by one of the young musicians I didn t protest too loudly The next morning we were lucky enough to meet up with the family and take a traditional Spanish breakfast of Churros y Chocolate Or in my case cafe con leche Churros are an unsweetened doughnut mix which is piped in huge swirls straight into the huge friers Chocolate pronounced like latte is a thick hot chocolate drink almost always taken with churros Then we took a trip across country towards Cordoba hoping to meet up with a friend We were waylaid by the sight of Almodovar castle and the stories of how it was rebuilt The weather was amazing and we picnicked on the hillside on the most delicious olive oil crisps Spanish made Havarti and chocolate bars I pointed out that all that was missing was the lashings of ginger beer We reached Cordoba mid siesta At 17 degrees in mid January it felt like heaven It was such a rushed visit we really can t say mich about it except that we ll be back to see it s wonderful historic buildings and bridges And our Hotel Tryp was very comfortable and really inexpensive We didn t get to meet our friend who it turned out lived an hours drive away where he was suffering with a cold Don

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  • Spanish Travels - Barcelona - Angie Scarr Miniatures, Crafts and Nail Art
    liked The fair was not busy but not a disaster either It was also very enjoyable especially as we spent the 3 hour lunch siesta break on the beach I washed the sand out of my hair each day in the sinks outside the loos before the evening opening I m hoping we can find an excuse to go back next year Human sculptures lined Las Ramblas These guys were outside our hotel Highly recommended for position and price These skeletons seemed to be part of a theme I also had a brush with Death We just couldn t put all the pictures we took here If you re visiting watch out for the card sharks We watched a very professional team take 150 euros from a gullible punter Even the members of the public who appeared to be on the side of the punter could be identified as plants when you knew what was going on Another skeleton Look carefully and find Mr Frank enjoying the act You d better have a handful of coins though The human sculptures performers take a dim view of you photographing them without contributing fair enough I say Strolling through Barcelona there were many memorable sights smells and sounds but the most evocative was hearing a strange resonant melody from a distance turning the corner and seeing this guy Pedro Collares de Moraes playing what looked for all the world like a small silver spaceship It turned out to be a type of hollow steel drum We sat for much longer than we intended and I particularly found it hard to tear myself away Spain Gaudi Trail August 2005 The name Gaudi is for art or architecture lovers synonymous with Barcelona We just had to use Gaudi as the theme for our only

    Original URL path: http://www.angiescarr.co.uk/UK_Spanish_Travels___Barcelona.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Spanish Travels - Campofrio - Angie Scarr Miniatures, Crafts and Nail Art
    Home Return to the main page For Dollshouse Craft And Nail Art Spain Campofrio July 2005 This year we decided to spend a whole 3 weeks in Campofrio My excuse To work on my book Franks excuse to work on his website program 3 weeks of bliss Work done very little Maybe this is where we should file our application for building approval This is why nuff said The end of any attempt at the Atkins diet The ONLY way to eat rice The whole village were fed with plenty to spare The fiesta culminates with the parade of Santiago saint John The procession around the village took over an hour We sneaked away for one of Cecelia s amazing solomillos sirloin at the Bar Encina and were back in time for the end of the parade and the fireworks View of the village from the Bar Encina In the other direction you would just see the lights on the castle at Aracena 17Km away Part of the Campofrio fiesta The day after the bullfight little sisters of the bulls get their own back We called this plucky guy greenpants The score was equal We rather suspected the whole audience

    Original URL path: http://www.angiescarr.co.uk/UK_Spanish_Travels___Campofrio.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Spanish Travels - Alicante - Angie Scarr Miniatures, Crafts and Nail Art
    much nicer than I d imagined I d recommend a trip to the fair usually first weekend in May and a few extra days as a holiday for the miniature enthusiast This was another fair done without Frank Thanks to Iris for helping out This time I decided to use a few extra days to relax and think Each day I went down to the Internet cafe Read my email Sent up my work from the day before Each afternoon I went down to the beach with a swimming costume a pen and paper and enough money to pay for a sunbed and parasol hire It s a hard life I did finally get down to the plans for my second book Again watch this page This promenade was usually full of Illegal traders Hazel Iris and I bought a scarf each from one of the girls and were quite amused to see the game of cat and mouse between the traders and the police If the police arrived they scattered like leaves blown in the wind Not all sunshine I didn t mind the prospect of this impending shower I was going home A really strange Ficus rubber tree

    Original URL path: http://www.angiescarr.co.uk/UK_Spanish_Travels___Alicante.html (2016-04-28)
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  • German Travels - Soest - Angie Scarr Miniatures, Crafts and Nail Art
    Demonstration Home Return to the main page For Dollshouse Craft And Nail Art Germany Soest June 2005 Soest was the start of my ridiculous itinerary for June which saw me doing 14 flights in 28 days I enveloped the whole Australia trip within the German one Proof that we are genetically related to Wallace Gromit Say more cheese Howie The Veg Basket class in Soest The class went right from

    Original URL path: http://www.angiescarr.co.uk/UK_German_Travels___Soest.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Australian Travels - Angie Scarr Miniatures, Crafts and Nail Art
    I caught it on camera Australia Perth June 2005 The real ulterior motive for my trip was to get to see my sis on her own home turf Though I ve never forgiven Steph for leaving England just after voting for Margaret Thatcher s first term Steph so much wanted to show me her city in the sun But the clouds stubbornly refused to part So we had a big English style brekky in a park restaurant Freemantle I love the sea and couldn t resist a splash Of course June is winter here but the temperature was bearable Just outside this picture there are surfers having probably more fun than British surfers in June From the left Alex my niece Steph and pommie Australia Melbourne June 2005 My first visit after the Tasmania Conference was to Andrea Currie s place I d like to thank Andrea and her family for looking after me so well I d been nervous about the trip but Andrea and her husband made it all so much easier than I thought Andrea and I seemed to have a lot in common Blue crabs Never got around to eating one but a challenge perhaps Australia Tasmania June 2005 Amea conference Hobart Tasmania My 2 week whirlwind 4 state tour of Australia started in Hobart a town which has picturesque Victorian clapboard houses The weather was very English too It rained on my lunchtime jaunt with a couple of friends to the local market Names have been witheld to protect the innocent Jan Jones took us around the views of Hobart and we took breakfast here Very nice Jan was incredibly busy as was her sister Merrie and the rest of the committee But Jan still took time to be the perfect hostess Above and beyond

    Original URL path: http://www.angiescarr.co.uk/UK_Australian_Travels.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Danish Travels - Farum - Angie Scarr Miniatures, Crafts and Nail Art
    local restaurant at the end of each day and consume a little too much Italian wine And of course some Grappa There was some kind of Hans Christian Andersen anniversary This was the full size Prtincess and the pea bed in the entrance hall to the Kulturhuset There were miniature commemorative works too What is Angie doing with a hot water bottle Watch this page My favourite exhibit was this

    Original URL path: http://www.angiescarr.co.uk/UK_Danish_Travels___Farum.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Holland Travels - Arnhem - Angie Scarr Miniatures, Crafts and Nail Art
    solo motorway drive Fortunately I had Hazel John and Sarah Dowd to help me John drove ahead and I stayed as close to his tail as safety allowed Sometimes just a bit closer Many thanks also to Klara for stepping in to help me out at the fair Leaving Anja with only 3 helpers Thanks to John for this image of the fair in the impressively large Rijnhal Virginie s

    Original URL path: http://www.angiescarr.co.uk/UK_Holland_Travels___Arnhem.html (2016-04-28)
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