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  • Angus Fire | Raptor Foam Nozzle
    ergonomically designed pistol grip and trigger on off control enable the nozzle to be controlled at the same time as the flow rate is adjusted The body is manufactured in light alloy for ease of handling and all alloy components are hard anodised to provide corrosion protection and a long lasting protective surface finish Selectable flow rate The flow rate can be set via an easy grip ring on the body Once operations are completed the flow adjuster can be set to a Flush setting to ensure any foam or debris is flushed from the nozzle Unique serial number Every nozzle is etched with a unique serial number before leaving the factory The number can be used to log each nozzle into inventory and to track equipment in the field Shut off valve Operation is smooth and progressive to allow the operator complete control over the nozzle action Stainless steel Foam Tube A foam expansion tube fitted with a foam spreader gives foam expansion rates of up to 9 1 depending on foam and operating conditions Inlet layout and combinations The Raptor Dual Flow Foam Nozzle is supplied with a 2½ BSP female thread inlet fitted with a 2½ British

    Original URL path: http://www.angusfire.co.uk/products/foam_equipment/portable/raptor.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Angus Fire | VFN-450 Water/Foam Nozzle
    the inlet and outlet and can mix both industrial and or sea water with foam The inductor is factory set for optimum performance at a flow rate of 300 l min and an inlet pressure of 6 bar The foam intake plunger is fitted with a hand valve and a non return valve to keep water out of the foam container VFN 450 Water Foam Nozzle Data Sheet Full jet

    Original URL path: http://www.angusfire.co.uk/products/foam_equipment/portable/vfn450.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Angus Fire | Foamaster MEX Foam Branchpipes
    over a large area but with minimum water usage This makes them ideal for rapid foam cover in outdoor situations or for enclosed fires where total flooding with foam is possible The Branchpipes are matched to Angus Foam Uniductors The MEX 225U matches the Angus UNI 225 Inductor and the MEX 450U matches the Angus UNI 450 Inductor MEX 225U and MEX 450U are suitable for use with Angus Expandol

    Original URL path: http://www.angusfire.co.uk/products/foam_equipment/portable/mexfoambranchpipes.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Angus Fire | MEX Bund Pourers
    rapidly from leaking valves flanges cracked pipes overfill relief systems and routine maintenance threatening personnel and plant safety Serious incident escalation results from ignition of these flammable vapours As a further innovative development of the Angus Fixed Medium Expansion MEX Bund Pourer range these semi fixed units offer the flexibility of a portable approach Following set up personnel can then retreat to a safe area during operations Although primarily designed for vapour suppression of unignited spills and hazardous chemicals they can also be highly effective for fire protection applications These MEX pourers are also suited to many other applications requiring large volumes of free flowing foam eg process areas road traffic accidents warehousing and finished goods storage protection These semi fixed MEX Pourers represent an efficient and cost effective way of controlling risks with maximum flexibility Their high performance design produces a free flowing and stable foam blanket extinguishing fire and cooling vulnerable pipework minimising the risk of potential rupture The Angus semi fixed range comprises three lightweight compact and robust units Foam solution flows range from 465 1970 litres per minute at inlet pressures of 1 5 to 3 bar g Operation at such low pressure minimises pumping capacities

    Original URL path: http://www.angusfire.co.uk/products/foam_equipment/portable/mexbundpourers.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Angus Fire | Mini Turbex
    foam once the fire is extinguished The HI COMBAT Mini Turbex generator is ideally suited to applications in a wide range of industries including Municipal Fire Brigades Military Ships engine rooms machinery spaces and cargo holds mining applications and total flooding of basements flammable liquid stores cable ducts and control of vapour releases of toxic and flammable liquid spills in general industrial applications It is also suited to outdoor situations where fuel spillages may occur or a rapid flowing foam is required These generators are designed to be robust and lightweight for portable use and can be quickly operated by just one firefighter complementing larger output units like the Turbex MkII high expansion generators HI COMBAT Mini Turbex generators are also compact neatly sized to fit into a fire vehicle locker as standard equipment and requires only an Angus HI COMBAT IND225 portable foam inductor in the water line to induce the Expandol foam concentrate at 3 setting for fast effective operation The unit utilises forced air technology from a highly efficient pelton wheel driven fan which enables expanded foam to be produced against high back pressures This pelton wheel is operated by 4 water jets with an additional 4

    Original URL path: http://www.angusfire.co.uk/products/foam_equipment/portable/miniturbex.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Angus Fire | Turbex Mk2
    ventilation and removal of foam once the fire is extinguished HI COMBAT Turbex Mk II generators are ideally suited to a wide range of applications These typically include filling enclosed areas with foam where carbonaceous materials and flammable liquids may be stored such as basements cellars tunnels roof voids cable ducts warehouses and mines Large quantities of smoke can be extracted at the rate of 285 cubic metres 10 000 cu ft per minute by the Turbex Mk II at 7 bar g inlet pressure with the special smoke extraction ducting This facility can also be used for the removal of foam bubbles once the incident is over Each HI COMBAT Turbex Mk II utilises forced air technology and is powered by an enclosed maintenance free water turbine driving an aerofoil fan so that only a pressurised water supply is required for operation with Angus Expandol High Expansion Foam concentrate consumed at typically 4 5litres min A special in built filter system protects the turbine and inductor from blockage due to solid particles in the water supply A unique by pass system allows performance to be maintained when working against high back pressures Under suitable conditions foam can be produced

    Original URL path: http://www.angusfire.co.uk/products/foam_equipment/portable/turbexmk2.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Angus Fire | TPS Mk4 Top Pourer
    300 litres min at inlet pressures between 3 and 10 barg Each unit is factory calibrated to perform at a fixed flow and pressure point within the limits shown overleaf The system designer is therefore able to make the most cost effective use of available water and foam concentrate resources The discharge characteristics of the TPS Mk 4 are enhanced by the deflector plate fitted to the outlet which disperses

    Original URL path: http://www.angusfire.co.uk/products/foam_equipment/fixed/tpsmk4.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Angus Fire | TPS Mk5 Top Pourer
    Mk5 is designed for use in foam systems for the protection of flammable liquid storage tanks and combines foam generation vapour sealing and foam pouring in a robust low maintenance integral unit There are four basic body sizes with capacities ranging from 75 to 3 300 litres min at inlet pressures between 3 and 10 bar g Each unit is factory calibrated to perform at a fixed flow and pressure

    Original URL path: http://www.angusfire.co.uk/products/foam_equipment/fixed/tpsmk5.html (2016-02-12)
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