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  • Welcome to APDT - Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK
    Dog Trainers UK is a voluntary organisation established to improve the welfare of dogs and the competence of dog owners through the promotion of training skills and techniques based on up to date researched methods that apply the principles of kindness fairness and effectiveness and are in keeping with modern learning theory We provide education via pet dog training classes and one to one lessons to the dog owning public promoting the use of Kind Fair and Effective training We carry out this mission through a system of membership accreditation Applicant assessment Adherence to a Code of Practice Continuous professional development Dissemination of advice and information learned from trainers instructors behaviourists researchers observers who are knowledgeable about dogs using courses workshops the internet books and magazines The rejection of invasive coercive or punitive equipment or methods which can cause mental and physical trauma to dogs We will support and cooperate with other organisations in any activity that will add to the body of knowledge of canine training and behaviour and will offer information and courses to educate our members subscribers and the general public The APDT UK training policies remain the same as they have always been We will keep up to date on positive effective training techniques that are based on the application of learning principles We find it sad and incomprehensible that some trainers are still using harmful and damaging equipment such as prong choke and electric collars along with training techniques such as alpha rolls lead jerks kicks and other punishing methods The practice of using aversive methods or equipment on fearful and aggressive dogs is detrimental and dangerous Ideas especially those about dominance are completely disconnected from the sciences of ethology and animal learning High profile dog trainers have a responsibility to all the people who

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  • Membership
    the environment It is up to the applicant to make sure all the owners feel involved in the class All classes will take place indoors This will be assessed by two assessors Oral Immediately following your practical assessment You will be asked about dog matters and may be asked to clarify some points raised in your written and practical assessments and other dog training matters There are no trick questions the idea of the assessment is to ensure that applicants are suitable for membership of the APDT UK This will be carried out by two assessors All three of these sections will be scored against a criteria which will include Technical Knowledge Understanding of dogs and people Conforming to the APDT UK Code of Practice Planning and organising Communication skills Class Dynamics A report will be prepared by the assessors and they will either recommend you for membership or not If you are not recommended it will be because the assessors are not confident that you have reached the level required by the APDT UK for membership This maybe because you cannot demonstrate the level of knowledge experience required or because you employ methods which are contrary to the APDT UK Code of Practice A good instructor needs to understand learning and behaviour theory and have the ability to relate and explain this to a class of owners The Assessors decision is final However if an applicant feels procedures have not been followed or an assessment has not been marked against current criteria an enquiry would take place APDT UK UK Code of Practice requires you to teach in a Kind Fair and Effective way all three of these are required for membership Within those guidelines the Assessors will want to see you teaching the practical class in the way

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  • Am I Ready For Assessment?
    on a loose lead Leave It food or toy no jumping up and other basic exercises in a variety of kind fair and effective ways Can I explain and demonstrate an exercise to a class in a way that is clear and easily understood by the whole class Can I sort out individual problems without excluding the rest of the class Can I plan a class to allow for individual learning abilities and varying abilities of the dogs owners in a class Can I communicate clearly to a class and individuals Can I relate to owners on a class and individual basis Do I understand learning theory reward punishment how dogs learn etc Can I recognise signs of stress in dogs and owners Do I understand what motivates dogs and owners Do I understand the necessity for pre course information and why it is relevant Do I understand and adhere to the APDT UK Code of Practice Do I understand the need for different class layouts dependant on dogs and activities Do I understand the need for different equipment to be available for use during a class Do I have plans for all eventualities Can I make good use of

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  • Benefits of becoming a Member
    Puppy Puppy Dog Training Tips Dog Training Instructors Dog Trainer Courses General Course Information Dog Training Careers Resources APDT UK Education Clicker Order Form Members Subscriber Login APDT UK Library Choke Chain Leaflet Useful Links Photo Gallery News Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Benefits of becoming a Member Clients know that the training methods they are shown by an APDT UK member will be Kind Fair and Effective Many in the UK consider APDT UK the benchmark for instructor standards Listing on the APDT UK website which receives about 15000 hits per month Adverts Marketing in dog magazines keeps APDT UK in the public eye Able to use the APDT UK logo and membership number on website and stationery Fellow professionals know that a member has been assessed abides by a good Code of Practice and this is backed up by a robust complaints procedure Be part of the largest assessed dog training instructor s membership organisation in the UK Support network via a members only Facebook group Members only area on the APDT UK website Three magazines each year containing interesting articles events seminars and workshops Opportunity to guide APDT UK in the years to come either by becoming part

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  • Overseas Membership
    Training Careers Resources APDT UK Education Clicker Order Form Members Subscriber Login APDT UK Library Choke Chain Leaflet Useful Links Photo Gallery News Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Overseas Membership For a number of years we have been pleased to accept overseas members in the APDT This required the Association to confirm appropriate standards of training However recent events have led us to conclude that it is no longer practical to do so New overseas membership will no longer be accepted After careful consideration we have decided that with effect from May 2010 current overseas membership will end This decision was taken with some regret as we are aware that we have many overseas members who are very good trainers and who adhere to our Code of Practice in their teaching methods However it is simply not possible to properly monitor members who reside overseas It is our view that the best option is for you to join with other trainers in your country in order to set up your own Association or Group to encourage the same standard of Kind Fair and Effective dog training that the Association seeks to promote To this end we will be more than happy

    Original URL path: http://www.apdt.co.uk/membership/overseas-membership (2016-02-16)
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  • Student Membership
    Dog Training Tips Dog Training Instructors Dog Trainer Courses General Course Information Dog Training Careers Resources APDT UK Education Clicker Order Form Members Subscriber Login APDT UK Library Choke Chain Leaflet Useful Links Photo Gallery News Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Student Membership Student membership Student Membership of APDT UK is open to people who have successfully completed the APDT UK Pet Dog Training Instructor s course Student Members are required to do 30 hours of CPD per year and to provide reviews of same to share with fellow Student Members They must agree to abide by the APDT UK Code of Practice and are subject to complaints procedure in the same way as full members The fee is 25 per annum This fee gives access to the APDT UK Closed Facebook Group and a Closed Facebook Group exclusively for Student Members for help support and sharing information as well as three copies of the APDT Magazine Dog Trainer Please be aware that Student Members have to apply for full membership in the same way as any other applicant ie via the assessment process Current Student Members Lesley Clements Northern Ireland 07801 990417 bicapuppy aol com Esther Corrick Somerset 07717 893087

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  • About Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK
    and maintain standards for the practice of dog training to advise and inform veterinary surgeons and members of the public seeking dog training and to further the understanding and advancement of good practice among members Principles Members shall practice with integrity and shall recognise their responsibility to clients clients dogs and society in general Their actions or advice should not knowingly cause psychological or physical distress or damage to any of these The welfare of clients and their dogs shall be paramount and shall not be made subordinate to commercial consideration Members shall maintain professional relationships with their clients They shall not exploit such relationships for improper personal professional or financial gain nor seek inappropriately to impose their own values on clients Members shall not misrepresent their activities or make unrealistic claims to their clients or in their public statements It should be made clear whenever they are expressing personal opinion and speculative theories should be stated as such Members shall respect the views and independence of others and shall not publicly denigrate their conduct or opinions Members shall not seek to attract business unfairly or unprofessionally or conduct their practice in any way which would discredit the reputation of the Association Members are responsible for continuing their personal and professional development by undertaking further training and study and acquiring knowledge of new theory and practice Practice The training methods and or equipment advised employed or sold by members shall be consistent with the principles of kindness and fairness to both clients and dogs For this reason coercive or punitive techniques and or equipment should not be used recommended advertised or sold by members Appendix 1 The training techniques employed and advised by members are assumed to be the application of scientifically based research and knowledge and to result from practical experience of the use of non compulsive methods Where techniques are experimental the client and if applicable the referring veterinary surgeon must be so informed Members shall keep clients fully informed about the nature of and reasons for their actions and any possible risk or drawback that might arise from them They shall not lead their clients to form unrealistic expectations of the outcome of any action or intervention Members shall conduct themselves in such a way as not to undermine public confidence in their profession or the Association and shall not practise when physically or psychologically unfit to do so Members may accept clients from a variety of referral sources or through direct advertising Where such advertising refers to clubs or societies it should not assert or imply endorsement by the Association other than to state where applicable that all instructors are members Members may use the letters APDT UK after their name Members must ensure that their name and membership number appear in all advertising The logo may not be used except in conjunction with the member s full details Members who work with assistants who are not members are responsible for ensuring that such assistants act

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  • Dog Training Events
    Morris BVMS MRCVS VetMFHom Which are the most useful remedies to keep at home How and when should you use them How do you store them to keep their efficacy Sunday 6 th March 2pm until 4pm Peopleton Village Hall WR10 2EG 32 per person 28 to members of CHC To book please e mail gelertbehaviour gmail com DOG FIRST AID COURSE With Animal Aiders Up to date dog first aid taught by a veterinary professional Practical skills including CPR and bandaging A resusci dog to practice CPR Certificate of attendance Sunday 6 th March Peopleton Village Hall WR10 2EG 40 per person To book please email lizlanniebehaviour gmail com I Day Seminar with Amber Batson Calming the Reactive Dog Sunday 13 th March 2016 Time 9 00am 4 30pm This fascinating seminar will take a close look at when and why unwanted behaviour in dogs occur Participants in attendance will realize enhanced observations skills learn how to recognise the many subtle signs of tension and stress in a dog that are so easily missed as well as identifying and recognising signs of calmness in a dog Amber will reveal what goes on inside the body and brain of a dog that feels tense in a situation in comparison to a calm and confident dog and why this matters greatly to health safety and training The seminar will mostly focus on how to increase calmness in a dog by using practical examples and video footage Techniques to reduce reactivity in the moment setting up learning experiences to increase calmness as well as looking at how to develop environments and routines that promote natural calmness will all be included in a practical format This 1 day seminar is open to anyone with a love for dogs The information knowledge and experiences Amber will share with you will be of immense value to anyone living interacting or working professionally with dogs We invite you to come along and take part in this unique opportunity to learn network and enjoy what promises to be a positive and enlightening experience Amber Batson is a vet behaviourist and animal welfare legal expert witness working in Surrey UK She has always been fascinated by animal behaviour but since graduating from the Royal Veterinary College in 1999 has focused much of her additional studies on the science of behaviour training and welfare Amber regularly teaches a practical approach to animal behaviour issues internationally as well as working in a busy veterinary practice and undertaking behaviour referrals Amber lives with two dogs several horses and a husband who now knows a lot more about animals than he ever banked on The cost for attending is 55 00 and includes coffee breaks and lunch http www action4dogs co uk evrplus registration action evrplusegister event id 4 Dog Law Seminar With Trevor Cooper of Doglaw co uk An entertaining and informative seminar covering a range of topics including Rights and responsibilities when buying and selling dogs Liability for dogs that

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