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  • Unlawful Intent • Arena Books
    wrong His parents cared more for the battle and drama than their three children One good aspect was that a hero emerged from the ashes and became an image of hope viz the very first character created by Erzi and Qwerty Smith was born About The Book Qwerty Smith has been a hero and law abiding citizen but in attempts to save lives during an earlier period he has brought confusion and upset people in power Unknown to him a hidden and mysterious menace lies in wait to destroy his life His family life is taken away when his wife Pamela begins a campaign to remove him from their marital home Why is she doing it and what can he do to stop her When the unaccountable accusations of domestic violence start Qwerty is barred from his home With no options available to him he finds he has no choice but to live rough He is forbidden to go near Pamela his home or their young daughter With no help from his church or Dorothy his Guardian Angel he must fight for himself In order to live he steals and is arrested Everything Qwerty believed in even his belief in

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  • The Inorganic • Arena Books
    and computing at Queen Mary College London and as a career has spent many years working on flight control computers He grew up in a Salvation Army family attending the Gillingham Corps and since January 2007 has been happily married to Ilse They had met in Jerusalem during Easter 2005 About The Book In the shadow of the Cold War a secretly operating but well intentioned British research establishment designs a bionic being for use as a sinister defensive weapon in countering the unknown future threats of a foreign power The manifestations of this creation evoke such unpredictable consequences that even the scientists are reluctant to reveal their full findings to the heads of their government Sean Heyward an MI6 agent uncovers the seemingly impossible and when the secret formula falls into the hands of several powers Britain and America struggle to suppress the enormity of the consequences as science begins to lose control over its intended purpose Dr Liz Kating a leading engineer on the most advanced project yet embarked upon by humankind is horrified by what she and her colleagues have unknowingly unleashed The action of the story takes place in England America and a remote part of

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  • And The Waters Shall Cover The Earth • Arena Books
    television In addition to his literary activities he is a trained architect and acts as an expert adviser He is married with three sons and lives in East Anglia His novel And The Waters Shall Cover The Earth presents a vivid and poetic description of fenland life in the 1690s and is an intriguing tale of love and communal conflict based around the drainage of that part of the country which was eventually to produce the richest soil for fruit and vegetable horticulture in Britain About The Book Jacob de Vries arrives from Holland with his wife Cristeen and daughter Katja to a remote part of East Anglia to undertake the drainage of the swamps and meres of Oxay Fen In doing so he is unaware of walking into a mêlée arousing political passions which divide the community The great project ahead in continuing the work of Vermuyden forty years earlier in transforming an ancient landscape and way of life is financed by the landowners led by John Warburton But the village people see this as the theft of their fowl fish and eels and their very livelihood and are determined to oppose those who call for change For John Warburton and his friends the work is essential for the recovery of what they regard as theirs The prize is the realisation of fine pasture and rich fields In this situation a drama is played out involving night raids arson and the suspicion of witchcraft and the tension is not subdued by the arrival of the militia Foremost in the resistance is Clara the fearsome blacksmith who gains an unexpected ally in Emms the vicar the latter who refuses to reject the evidence of his own eyes as ancient artefacts and even a body emerge from the diggings Another dissident

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  • And The Waters Shall Cover The Earth • Arena Books
    co writer Gavin Stoker he has written a variety of pilot comedy scripts for radio and television as well as a feature film screenplay The Ubiquitous Man is Christopher s debut novel About The Book A vivid and mesmerising high tech thriller that speculates on the field of commercial teleportation The year is 2104 and the teleportation of people from one continent to another has become an expensive and controversial

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/fiction/the-ubiquitous-man.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Bully Glares At Anti-Bully • Arena Books
    of St Helens where I was born in 1952 He said you can learn all there is to know about life without going any further than Billinge another village on the northern edge of St Helens Well I went off to University became a Structural Engineer and lived in the Midlands and then the South West for awhile but after the 1970s were over came back to where I started He was right that tough old man I could have figured it all out without moving away see what you think About The Book This is a thought provoking life enhancing book addressed to ordinary men and women in the 21st century that helps resolve a broad spectrum of moral dilemmas Through the presentation of familiar dialogue and a realistic yet poetic narrative the author introduces a discussion of the greatest ethical issues of our age His core thesis is explored through the Bully Anti Bully principle in reaching what may be found to be incontrovertible truths There are philosophical problems that every one of us grapples with e g abortion injustice euthanasia infidelity just wars blackmail murder theft rape and torture It is the problem of who started it who reacted who over reacted who was rich and had power and influence who was poor and never had a chance Surprisingly or maybe not at the heart of this there is only ONE philosophical issue A concept so central to all our lives that it is far too important to leave only to academic philosophers politicians priests and pundits In the words of the author listen come closer I have only one story to tell but it is the only story all other stories are but gilded versions permutations of a story as old as time as old as

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/social-studies/bully-glares-at-anti-bully.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Loyalty and Disloyalty • Arena Books
    Helens Well I went off to University became a Structural Engineer and lived in the Midlands and then the South West for awhile but after the 1970s were over came back to where I started He was right that tough old man I could have figured it all out without moving away see what you think About The Book Imagine yourself transported to live with an early human hunter gatherer group of 100 or so individuals back about 250 000 years ago Think of them as similar to one of the few forager societies still in existence today As a basis for this exercise it will do for now Can you see any reason why human actions and emotional reactions to those around them in the group were likely to be fundamentally different then to our relationships now No me neither and so you and I should fit in there pretty well The theme of this book is simple enough I hope back then the Group and Loyalty to it was our whole world was everything because without it you would starve to death or be killed by predators Loyalty to the Group was everything and Disloyalty was a crime

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/philosophy/loyalty-and-disloyalty.html (2016-02-16)
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  • A-Blogger's-Guide-To-A-Saner-World • Arena Books
    evolve The author blogged under the name of Nobby About The Book This book reveals how the author dealt with a life that as far he was concerned had been challenged spiritually and ethically He left a successful and prestigious job in Oxford and subsequently walked for thirty two days across Spain in 2004 Blogs written from 2007 follow a life teaching abroad for eight years after 2005 But dates do not figure so much in the memories of stories which are primarily autobiographical and happened at any time in the past For example The Incredible Story of Nobby and The Frenchman took place in Spain in 2004 while on The Camino walk in Spain some 850 miles was written three years later in 2007 Biographies also feature such as Black Lamb and Grey Falcon a classic book written by Rebecca West Yet even here there remains some autobiographical component since it is not just a book review but an account of travels in the region by the author There are many stories which explore thoughts on events either from the past or present For example The Moon landing looks back at an old story and how it is sometimes

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/philosophy/a-bloggers-route-to-a-saner-world.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Visionary Perspectives Reincarnated• Arena Books
    His latest book Visionary Perspectives Reincarnated is a search for the answer to the question is there one idea which mankind can embrace which will be his salvation which will make this existence heaven on earth and do the visionaries of the past the seminal minds in science philosophy religion politics and polemics provide an answer to that question This book reviews the thoughts of Socrates Confucius Buddha Darwin Muhammad Nietzsche and Freud in a question and answer session which brings these men into your own home where they tell us in easy to understand language where they think man is going and what it is that controls his destiny About The Book This book was written out of a sense of hopefulness a sense that there is an answer to the perennial question asked by members of our species Is there a state of mind which I can attain which will make my life wonderful a joy to live This certainly is to me the ultimate question for man Questions of career social relations travel and education must be of only secondary importance at least in the grander scale of things Most of us have known at least moments of true happiness but they are for most too few and too fleeting The quest in these pages is for that elusive state of mind which has the power to produce changes in the physical environment mirroring the individual s dream life This dream life is referred to here as the Golden Oneida One Idea This Golden Oneida will hereafter be the symbol for that state of mind and affairs which we all seek and which produces for each of us the highest good fortune It is not a place but a condition a state of mind It represents an

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/philosophy/visionary-perspectives-reincarnated.html (2016-02-16)
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