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  • Women in Leadership • Arena Books
    taking a degree at York University she became an educational researcher before working several years in the City of London By the age of 26 she was the director of two Exporting and Confirming houses before ceasing work for 10 years to raise her three children She then retrained as a counsellor before moving to set up Hexagon Training Company and has since delivered papers and conducted seminars throughout Europe and the US It was in the course of this work that she was struck by how few women reached board level and by the remarkable added value they contributed when board members This book represents the obvious next step an enquiry into what makes women succeed in an arena which tilts away from their accustomed path and what can be done effectively to address this problem About The Book This is a book of stories Tales of women who have made it Ordinary women with extraordinary careers You would not have known it from their histories some of them even looked as though they were being groomed for failure All of them are moving and inspiring As I collected these tales some of my old ideas about developing both

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/womens-studies/women-in-leadership.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Right to National Self-Defence • Arena Books
    The book begins with a careful in depth analysis of Cyberwarfare s special features such as stealth speed untraceability the availability to State as well as Non State sponsored agents the defiance of traditional borders and the resulting unprecedented potential for destruction All of this is shown as typical of modern methods of warfare The ultimate aim is to demonstrate that we have exceeded the boundaries of traditional legal thinking based on the concept of regulating types of forcible action traditionally available to the State About The Book This ambitious work which took the better part of a decade to produce will be essential reading for all serious defence study students and of absorbing interest to military professionals and lay people concerned with the future of warfare and all aspects of response to military attack Its ultimate aim is to demonstrate that the advent of Cyberwarfare has pushed traditional legal thinking regarding the regulation of forcible action beyond traditional boundaries It attempts to do so by critically analyzing specific characteristics which are inherent to Cyberwarfare such as stealth speed untraceability the availability to State as well as Non State sponsored agents their defiance of traditional borders and an unprecedented potential for destruction all of which have played a major role in making obsolescent traditional legal norms relied upon for the effective regulation of the use of force It follows from the above that no defence system can be effectively regulated especially one as new and unconventional as Information Warfare unless all its specific aspects are explored as deeply as possible The best means to achieve such a purpose have been deemed to be through the inclusion as well as the careful analysis of as many real life examples of Information Warfare operations as possible in order to illustrate the special

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/war-and-peace/the-right-to-national-self-defence.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Palace of Crystal • Arena Books
    gone wrong since those heady days when Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive And to be young was very heaven The democracies we inherit today seem hardly to merit the name when great unaccountable power has accumulated in the elected leader and his chosen aides About The Book War has blighted the security and happiness of humanity from time immemorial but when two hundred years ago the colonies in North America broke away from British rule and established the United States it was seen as a hopeful promise for the peoples of the world A new democracy had been launched wherein all or at least the majority were deemed to be created equal in respect of their rights and were citizens and not subjects in a land of self confident individualism which was not only free of the hereditary based authoritarianism of the Old World but more significantly seemed destined to live at peace with the great nation states beyond their frontiers It was a nation where government was minimised to ensure freedom in the spheres of commerce religion and private life but the ideals of universal concord were not so easily to be achieved by either the efforts of this new people or by the world at large The good intentions of humanity were soon found to clash with the psychology and social realities of human interaction The democratic instinct is not necessarily a universal attribute of humanity Our minds may be attracted to the ideals of justice equity and freedom but another sinister tendency the lapse into authoritarianism or the longing for the charismatic sets up an opposing force in the body politic There is an inseparable divide between the practicality of democracy and the triumph of captivating leadership True freedom and the Superman cannot

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/war-and-peace/the-palace-of-crystal.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Democratic Imperative • Arena Books
    1960s and after many years of practical experience in senior management in business in politics and other spheres of public life he is ideally qualified to have prepared the present study on some major issues which our elected politicians dare not address These are the problems of casino capitalism and over population in their many manifestations For some years the author has distanced himself from any party allegiance in the belief that all parliamentary groups have now lost the plot and that the time has arrived for reaching a cross party consensus on national rather than factional issues About The Book Democracy understood as people power which is the only proper definition of the word is put forward in this book as the panacea for resolving the most pressing issues of our time But democracy as a practicable system hinges on many conditions which are seldom appreciated by our world leaders international institutions or relevant bodies of learning The evolution of democracy as a system of government and way of life and the problems to which the former gives rise is broadly discussed by the author Of most significance are those situations in both East and West when democracy is ideologically used as a cover for ulterior purposes It is powerfully argued that the left right divide which for 200 years has served as the rationale for advancing social progress in sustaining democracy is now destroying it as partly witnessed through the collapse of both party memberships and voting figures in most advanced industrial economies This has occurred through the transformation of society and the world of work over the past 60 years and has left our parliamentary representatives trapped in a time warp of the past in their inability to meet the actuality of contemporary issues It is clearly

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/the-democratic-imperative.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Socialism • Arena Books
    and as a volunteer miner in the South Yorkshire coalfields His subsequent professional life alternated between trade union work and teaching He finished his working career as Secretary to the Corporation of London Staff Association He is also the author of three other important scholarly works which are listed opposite the title page of this book Socialism Vision and Reality explains what socialism is and traces its different forms through history It discusses the Soviet model and the reasons for its failure and suggests prospects for the future in Britain and elsewhere The book is aimed both at those who are seeking an alternative to capitalism and those already committed to the sturggle for socialism About The Book It is aimed at those especially young people who have just become involved politically as well as those engaged in single issue movements having come across the word socialism and want to know more about it It is not a detailed text book on the subject The author was a full time trade union official most of his working life he is now retired and was also involved politically on the left so is able to write with some experience and knowledge on the subject The book opens with an attempt to describe capitalism as it is now then deals with the basic ideas of socialism It then takes the reader more deeply into the politics and economics of socialism from a Marxist standpoint The remaining chapters deal with various social problems of today including the growing gap between rich and poor and between rich and poor nations feminism racism democracy freedom and liberty under socialism etc It considers the road to socialism in the light of past attempts to set up socialist regimes e g the Paris Commune of 1870 71

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/socialism.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Swiss Democracy • Arena Books
    brought up in Cheshire educated at Trent College and then following army service at the University of London BA History 1962 MA 1986 and M Phil 2008 He has had a career in teaching both in grammar and secondary schools He is currently Vice President of his constituency association political party and is married with three grown up children and seven grandchildren He enjoys reading and visiting historic sites About The Book This is a timely and important work in presenting pointers which could be significant in helping regenerate the sad state of British politics This is not only a clearly written book the arguments of which are supported by many reliable authorities but more significantly the author draws on his practical experience in the hard graft of contemporary political life British democracy is in the doldrums Until the 2001 General Election voter turn out since the end of the Second World War averaged 77 However in 2001 it fell to 59 and in 2005 it was a mere 61 This book demonstrates that one European country namely Switzerland has a direct citizen based democratic structure which could at least in part be beneficially incorporated into our representative parliamentary system

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/swiss-democracy.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Future of Politics • Arena Books
    the social sciences history and philosophy After a long business career in senior management in a manufacturing environment promoting home based productivity and later as a management consultant he founded the Campaign For Industry in 1987 to confront the damaging tendencies of international finance Lord Gregson of Stockport was elected President of the association and for over a decade Corfe wrote many pamphlets on the problems of industry and the question of more widely distributing the assets of wealth His ten years in Scandinavia in addition to business travels throughout the world have given him a broad perspective of the needs of all humanity About The Book The left right confrontational system is coming to an end since it is failing to further promote the interests of majorities worldwide For 200 years it has acted as the linchpin of democracy and politics is almost unthinkable without referring to the concepts of the Left or the Right This book describes how the old confrontational system has fulfilled a vital function for the progress of humanity but how in advanced industrial economies everywhere it is now reaching the end of its useful purpose This is not only reflected in the collapse of party memberships globally but in the tendency of legislation and the executive to compound rather than resolve the issues of our age Meanwhile a new class is emerging in the advanced industrial world which the author describes as the middle middle 90 majority Because contemporary parties are trapped in a time warp of the past they are unable to represent the interests of this new majority The most urgent political issue of our time â heightened by the debt fuelled financial crisis â is the need to make the banking and corporate sectors socially responsible This book outlines a practical

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/the-future-of-politics.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Death of Socialism • Arena Books
    usually in the engineering sector He is also the author of three autobiographical books under different pseudonyms Death in Riyadh dark secrets in hidden Arabia Geoff Carter based on his experiences as a businessman in the Middle East in the 1980s My Conflict With A Soviet Spy the story of the Ron Evans spy case Eddie Miller based on his adventures in Scandinavia in the 1960s and The Girl From East Berlin James Furner an epic novel relating the story of his love affair in the old German capital at the end of the 1950s In 1987 he founded the Campaign For Industry to which he was elected Chairman and for which he wrote many pamphlets on the problems of contemporary business His broad experience frequent travels overseas and years of residence in Continental Europe have given him a unique perspective of socio economic issues About The Book Socialism and the mindset of the traditional left have outlived their purpose A new political philosophy is needed in the cause of creating a fair and egalitarian society for the peoples of our planet This is a startling yet profound book which strikes at the foundations of established politics in the West The author s conclusions are drawn from two directions an analysis of the consequences of the transformation of society over the past 60 years in industrialised economies and personal experiences as an activist both locally and nationally after 14 years within the Labour party It is demonstrated that both the Labour party and socialism in the wider world is now counter productive to its given purpose i e it hinders rather than promotes the progress of the less fortunate people in our midst The left is hampered by two great faults in its thinking and policy its idolatrous commitment to

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/the-death-of-socialism.html (2016-02-16)
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