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  • Egalitarianism of the Free Society • Arena Books
    the individual and the community the misconceptions and difficulties in establishing a truly democratic society and the epistemo logical problems in discussing political science and the role for a New Idealism The book which is written with crystal clarity in appealing to the general reader as well as the student of politics presents an exciting and entirely new way of looking at social issues which cuts through all the ideological dross which has dominated thinking for so long a period The author brings exceptional qualifications to this introductory study of Social Capitalism for not only has he been a life long student of the social sciences but for many years was a senior executive in manufacturing industry as well as an activist in political life on both the local and national levels About The Book The transformation of society and the world of work in the industrialised countries over the past 60 years have overtaken political systems in the democratic world The old left right political divide which has marked the pattern of socio economic struggle since 1789 has now ceased to be a useful tool in advancing the progress of humanity This book presents the new realities in the spheres of social life as an introduction to the author s forthcoming 3 volume work on Social Capitalism which concentrates on the shattering economic and political changes in the contemporary world What is to be the future of society if it is to advance in any meaningful sense If society is to be egalitarian and at the same time free it will need to ditch the ideologies of the past which so inspired our forebears The book opens with 6 chapters discussing the role of high culture in a society where class associations have been minimised and elitism takes on

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/egalitarianism-of-the-free-society.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Emergence of the New Majority • Arena Books
    book as a preparation for presenting his economic ideas on reforming our financial industrial institutions he considers the political environment as we find it today In the early chapters he describes the self delusion confusion and intellectual sterility of the Labour party and the left worldwide and their inability to move ahead as convincing modes for reform and modernisation He then analyses the hidden undercurrents of the left and Marxism as they still influence contemporary politics and shows how modern men and women across the social spectrum are no longer prepared to support the divisive politics of class He then describes the transformation of society over the past 60 years the crisis of confidence of the middle class the upward movement of the cloth capped proletariat and the creation of a new middle middle majority which will eventually lead to the demise of the political system as we know it The book concludes with three chapters describing different practical aspects of Social Capitalism More about this book In democracies throughout the industrialised world political systems are everywhere beginning to unravel and thinking people even amongst our leaders are uncertain of the reason why Whilst most governments drive towards greater equity and justice the reality is towards an opposite direction and the greater polarisation of society The author of this book points the blame on the failure to politicise the significant issues of our time Party politics is ideologically trapped in the past and is unable to grasp the realities of the present Worse still political systems throughout the democratic world are probably incapable of addressing the real threats which confront us In this major 3 volume work Robert Corfe argues that we need to politicise those issues raised by our financial industrial system and for this purpose he creates a

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/emergence-of-the-new-majority.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Prosperity in a Stable World • Arena Books
    capital at the end of the 50s About The Book In this third volume of Robert Corfe s major work on Social Capitalism he describes the business enterprise of the future and how prosperity will be ensured in a stable world Part I homes in on the international situation particularly in the Third world and how internal capitalisation and intermediate technology will assist in raising the living standards of the poor Parts II and IIIdescribe strategies for national prosperity on the macro economic level in the advanced industrialised countries and Part IV considers many aspects in the reform of the business enterprise Part V is an exposé of 43 rentier capitalists and leaders of major corporations and the final Part concludes the work with a summary and analytical declaration of Social Capitalist values and aims As with the earlier volumes the book will be of interest to all those seeking to resolve the most difficult socio economic and environmental questions of our time as well as those concerned with the future of the world of work More about this book The reform of the financial industrial infrastructure cannot be undertaken without considering fully the political culture in which it exists But such reforms can only best be initiated from within the capitalist system itself by those most technically competent to effect necessary change and hence this book calls upon the business community to take such an initiative Whilst the first volume of this work traced the development of the new majority and its potential readiness to promote desired change and whilst the second volume laid out the theoretical basis for Social Capitalism and a new political consciousness the third and final volume is concerned with the policies and practicalities of a Social Capitalist world Part I of the present volume

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/prosperity-in-a-stable-world.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Local Democracy in Modern Mexico • Arena Books
    where he is developing a citizen empowerment index Dr Flores is also part of a research project aimed at promoting citizen participation and regional development in Mexico an initiative directed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico entitled Mexico Las Regiones Sociales en el Siglo XXI The book considers how and why citizen participation initiatives have been recently promoted in such a traditionally centralised and top down decision making environment as found in Mexico By analysing three participatory agendas the book provides a realistic view behind the truth of citizen participation schemes at the local level The book is an important contribution to the citizen empowerment debate taking place in many parts of the globe About The Book This in depth study of local government in Mexico raises issues which go far beyond the territory it covers It will be of absorbing interest to all students of local democracy and participatory methods not only in Latin America but in Western and Eastern Europe the USA Africa Asia and elsewhere where initiatives and experimentation are driven by socio economic change Everywhere citizen participation has become an important part of the democratisation debate and this is certainly the situation in contemporary Mexico This book presents a revealing insight of the wide range of participatory mechanisms including plebiscites referenda and neighbourhood committees which have been introduced by different political parties at the local level in Mexico After presenting the overall picture the author examines the implementation of the participatory agenda in three localities Tlalpan Puebla and San Pedro governed by Mexico s three main political parties the PRI PAN and PRD The critical insight of the author reveals that these parties have a broad range of political motives in promoting participatory mechanisms The restricted powers and resources given to these bodies and the

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/local-democracy-in-modern-mexico.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Marxism and Environmental Crises • Arena Books
    contemporary social inequality He later gained a BA in politics from the Nottingham Trent University an MA in Political Philosophy from the University of York and then a PhD in Politics from the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham all of which led to this book He currently lives in Okinawa in southern Japan and continues to research and write about Marxism the environment and international politics whilst working as an Assistant Language Teacher at Urasoe High School He hopes to participate in more research projects and to teach politics and environment in the future About The Book How can Marxism help us understand the contemporary environmental situation How can Marxism help greens respond to this situation Marxism and Environmental Crises answers these questions by claiming that Marxism offers a uniquely useful means to understand the various environmental crises that affect the contemporary world The strength of Marxism the author claims lies in its ability to comprehend why capitalism produces environmental crises at this point in history and why the effects of environmental crises fall most heavily upon those already in the worst social and economic position The author argues that contemporary developments of Marxism

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/marxism-and-environmental-crises.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Spirit of New Socialism • Arena Books
    the cause before concluding with three chapters addressing some urgent issues of our time Is Socialism to have a future Only through adopting the principles practices of New Socialism so argues the author of this book Socialism today means people power through the implementation of effective democratic mechanisms The author demonstrates clearly that if the means of production distribution exchange are to be transferred directly into the hands of the people then this can only be realised through the repudiation of Marxist thought patterns New Socialism calls not for class war but for inter class cooperation necessary in the great task of calling on essential expertise in achieving practical reforms for humankind at home throughout the world This book is a remarkable stimulating read by one of the most innovative profound Socialist thinkers of the present time This is Robert Corfe s fourth book elaborating on the theory and practice of New Socialism but this volume serves perhaps as the best introduction to the meaning of the Socialism of the future About The Book The Labour Party and Socialism worldwide can only hope to reverse their catastrophic membership decline and failing electoral support by formulating new principles to fit the needs of a society which has been transformed out of all recognition over the past 60 years Changing the image or improving presentational techniques is just not enough This book is about how to achieve a revived Labour Party With desirable measures in view it is shown how left of centre parties in the industrialised world have the potential of securing 90 support of the population But this is dependent on addressing those underlying issues of concern to most people which politicians tend to ignore The role of New Socialism is to analyse these issues and resolve them through a

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/the-spirit-of-new-socialism.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Reinventing Democratic Socialism • Arena Books
    in the process In these books Corfe calls on the need to engage the minds of the so called silent majority who have virtually been excluded from the field of party politics through disillusion and what they see as the irrelevance of the issues of most interest to elected politicians Corfe argues against the idea that the ordinary men and women of today are intrinsically politically apathetic a contention which is strongly contradicted by the success of single issue causes But single issues causes are no proper alternative for a democratic political system which embraces the whole community and attempts to integrate problems in their totality Politics should be primarily concerned with the resolution of problems from a constructive viewpoint The failure of Old Socialism stemmed from its emphasis on class struggle and its blind spot with regard to business or social wealth creation described in these books as the missing gene of Socialism Blairism as indeed with earlier forms of parliamentary Socialism meant nothing more nor less than entering into a compact with the worst aspects of rentier and international capitalism by those with little understanding of its consequences New Socialism is based on a much sounder understanding of society as we find it today On the one hand the mixed class middle middle majority in our tolerant and individualistic society is just not prepared to entertain any political creed which promotes division or underline class differences On the other hand 90 of the population are confronted equally irrespective of their status in the community by threats from a malign form of capitalism taking away their jobs welfare rights pension prospects and financial assets But this problem cannot be resolved through class struggle since there are no longer as in a former era clear economic and cultural class divides

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/reinventing-democratic-socialism.html (2016-02-16)
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  • New Socialist Business Values • Arena Books
    concept of Socialism as a vision for the future But the forward looking view of New Socialism needs to be very different from the old The transformation of society over the past sixty years means that old doctrines have to be replaced by new if Socialism is it to be made attractive to the modern man or woman About The Book This is the third of three ground breaking studies on the philosophy of New Socialism by Robert Corfe If Socialism or Labour administrations are to be assured repeated electoral gains and not encounter defeat as so often in the past through the failure of economic policies then a high priority must be given to ensuring the business or industrial success of the real or job creating economy This book is concerned with those conditions necessary for regenerating the productive sector particularly manufacturing and the primary industries It is interesting that the author is able to identify desirable competition efficiency and the maximising of market share with the needs of justice and equity in the workplace An enterprise in the modern world which fails to carry forward the full commitment of its employees is seldom destined for long term success But business in the decades ahead will be faced by problems of a magnitude which did not confront earlier generations Community interests and environmental threats will call for intervention on a scale demanding much closer co operation between government and business The author argues from the perspective of his long experience in industry that New Socialism alone is likely to have the vision intelligence and tact required in integrating the conflicting demands between the market capital labour and the environment For example whilst in the past economic thinking has always emphasised the need to increase quantity of output in the

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/new-socialist-business-values.html (2016-02-16)
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