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  • The New World Order • Arena Books
    Lincolnshire teaching courses in performing arts at the Sam Newsom Music Centre In 1995 he returned to higher education obtaining a BA Hons in English and Politics and an MA in Politics and International Relations from De Montfort University In 2002 he took up a teaching position at the Ashesi University College in Ghana where he taught courses in political philosophy comparative politics and literary criticism As a lecturer of political science he developed an interest in the ideas of Francis Fukuyama and his famous article The End of History 1989 In 2011 he returned to the UK and completed an Mphil in Politics and International Relations examining the geopolitical developments of the Post Cold War and the extent to which the spread of globalization has shaped the social and political nature of the New World Order About The Book At the end of the Cold War two famous articles were published which produced contrasting visions of a new world order namely Francis Fukuyama s The End of History 1989 and Samuel P Huntington s The Clash of Civilizations 1993 The content of these two articles not only framed the post cold war debate but the prospect of two great geo political realities capable of influencing global events Fukuyama s The End of History provided an optimistic prediction of a New World Order in which liberal democracy and capitalism would triumph over all other ideologies to form a lasting social order of peace and prosperity In contrast Huntington s article was far more pessimistic in its future predictions and argued that the post cold war would produce a multi polar world of regional tensions and conflict in which civilizations were destined to clash As global capitalism leads towards greater levels of economic interdependence a universal culture of mass consumption will

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  • Shattered Illusions • Arena Books
    killed by the revolutionaries his elder brother a Red was committed to the other side Consequently the middle brother Olavi was regarded with suspicion by both sides in the conflict and in 1924 he decided to go to England to learn the shipping trade When the British authorities refused to renew his work visa the following year the London based shipping office for which he worked offered him a job in the new Soviet Union This book relates the horrific story of his experiences and disillusion in the land of the future and of his arrest and incarceration as a political renegade in various prison camps in Western Russia the Urals and Siberia over a 6 year period Through the intercession of his English wife and the Finnish authorities he was eventually released in 1935 after which he lived and worked near Helsinki until his death in 1960 About The Book This is the true but incredible story of the survival of the Finn Olavi Veltheim in Soviet Russia and how his experiences in this land of dreams turned into a nightmare A civil war was raging in Finland and one of Veltheim s brothers was fighting on the side of the Reds and the other on the side of the Whites Olavi s disability meant that he was unfit for combat and had no future He left for England to study shipping was taken on by the Anglo Russian company Arcos and shortly thereafter married an Englishwoman When the British authorities refused Olavi a visa and he was unwilling to return to Finland the Soviet Union offered the family the chance of a new life free of exploitation But the reality of this promise was not what they expected The family lived in poverty and could not find work

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  • Chewing The Cud • Arena Books
    here by its all too human protagonists To achieve this end the book turns upon a number of conceits Liberties are taken with certain dates events and not least the characters of the principals as they have come down to us from the quills of Plato Aristophanes Xenophon and others The Nietzschean aspects of the dialogue however as voiced here by Alcibiades are taken verbatim from the source texts The dialogue takes place over the course of the following day of Plato s Symposium As the fates conspire to bring about the demise of ancient Athens a sexually importunate and unwitting Socrates waylays a hapless Alcibiades to chew the cud in respect of life love and Nietzsche About The Book Horace the Roman poet once declared that his aim was to say something serious through the medium of comedy The aim here is to do likewise to say something serious about Nietzsche s continuing relevance through a fractious and both good and ill humoured dialogue between an all too human and ageing Socrates and his former companion at arms the Athenian general Alcibiades The discussion ranges over matters both personal and philosophical for as Horace declined to mention you only get the wider audience by keeping them rolling in the aisles To this end a certain license has been taken with events dates and the characters as originally described by Plato and others The action takes place over the course of the day after Plato s Symposium with a sexually importunate Socrates accosting Alcibiades at a beauty spa and attempting to draw him into conversation Unbeknown to Socrates Alcibiades begins to give voice not only to his own concerns and situation but to the philosophy of he who aspires to be Socrates nemesis Friedrich Nietzsche All this takes place against

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/philosophy/chewing-the-cud.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Boundaries of Modern Art • Arena Books
    worked in the publishing industry all his life editing and writing educational and general books His hobby and major interest is in watercolour painting and he has held several joint and one man exhibitions He lives in Cape Town and is married with four children and an increasing number of grandchildren About The Book Conceptual art in the Western world is in crisis That is the view of many people who are disillusioned with what they regard as its attention seeking antics where artists themselves have proudly proclaimed the death of art Why has art been on this road to destruction and how did it get there How does one make sense of the bewildering complexity of Conceptual art and how does one extract meaning from its diverse and sometimes bizarre manifestations This predicament needs explanation and an exploration of the theoretical underpinnings of modern and contemporary art and a means to evaluate it This book starts with a summarised overview of the major art movements since the beginning of the twentieth century a tracing of the extraordinary journey that art has followed in modern times The next part considers contemporary art movements to explore whether they have value and how that value can be determined Are the activities that take place in the name of art actually art Or as some would have it is it a gigantic sham manipulated by clowns to make a trap for fools To some it is an outrage that modern and contemporary artists can splash paint around quickly and freely with a modicum of skill or assemble a range of found objects and regard themselves as gifted and creative artists Others see this as a new forward rolling wave with art at last released from the suffocation and restrictions of the past The

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/art/the-boundaries-of-modern-art.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Rise and Fall of Art Needlework • Arena Books
    The significance of these ventures is explored particularly the contribution made by women employed in this industry Auditing their working practices then relating this to our understanding of gender history These ventures stimulated the commercial side of embroidery in the late nineteenth century by mobilising commercial activity through numerous agencies department stores depots and charitable institutions A craft became a major industry and in examining these important developments the organisational structure of these enterprises their marketing techniques in relationship to their predominantly female workforce will be evaluated The theme of business enterprise is a conduit which runs throughout yet the work is not intended as an economic history rather business history as social history The growth and development of Art Embroidery in Britain circa 1870 1890 will be explored giving special consideration to the support received from the art establishment in designing for and educating embroiderers Initially designing for the massive church building programme being conducted in Britain the immense popularity of medieval and oriental designs employed in this work lead also to a demand for secular work As with all art design changes are a derivative of social and political changes These deterministic style changes were reliant upon imperialism

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  • Orion is Upside Down • Arena Books
    A fascination with technology led her to choose a career path that she believed would bring her to its cutting edge gaining along the way a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Glasgow and studying for a time at the prestigious Ecole Nationale Supérieur de l Aéronautique et de l Espace in Toulouse She maintains that the reality is somewhat different and that whoever said the space industry is glamorous has never worked in it But her first love has always been the sea Orion is Upside Down is her first book and is a sea story with almost as much ice as there is brine about it Amy recounts the events and adventures of a journey to Antarctica and the sub Antarctic Islands drawing parallels and contrasts between the places she visits and the island she reluctantly calls home Amy is a typical travel writer in that she insists that she is not a travel writer About The Book This sea story from the bottom of the earth takes the reader on a philosophical voyage through many realms religious and secular mathematical and poetic natural and mechanical Something akin to a Scottish Bill Bryson Amy Kernahan who was born and grew up on the Isle of Lewis the largest of the chain of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland sets out with her travelling companion her father to journey in the Antarctic and follow her dreams of seeing and even standing in the places where Sir Ernest Shackleton had been Casting Shackleton in the role of Virgil to her Dante she follows his trail through the ice fields around the Antarctic Peninsula a vision here on earth as hellish as the frozen Lake Cocytus at the centre of Dante s Inferno Along the way the might

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/travel/orion-is-upside-down.html (2016-02-16)
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  • The Compleat Surgeon • Arena Books
    war ended they all retired leaving a fair number of posts to be filled He was appointed to be an Honorary Surgeon Honorary indeed as with it came a minimal salary To survive he needed to set up for private practice and to take on work from more senior surgeons work that might be less skilled but was essential to back up their practices as well as covering for them during weekends and holidays Separate chapters describe his work in St Thomas s and other hospitals and in private practice and for various aspects of his work and hobbies like night calls the Metropolitan Police the General Strike the start of World War 2 nursing homes the theatre and Doctors Doctors children and women as patients and racing at Brooklands About The Book This book is the autobiography of one of the old style general surgeons those who could still cope with every sort of surgical work without needing to refer it to a specialist the Compleat Surgeon of its title Born in 1889 he started by getting first class honours at Cambridge in each of Mathematics and Natural Sciences whilst also taking his first and second MBs over a period of only four years before going to St Thomas s Hospital in London in 1913 There he went into Casualty before going out onto The District Lambeth to qualify as a House Surgeon Casualty Officer Completion of this part of his training coincided with the outbreak of World War 1 Taken into the RAMC he was sent to work on a hospital ship for Indian soldiers at a casualty clearing station in France and in a hospital in Aldershot In the midst of all that he married the Irish nurse whom he had met at Addenbrookes Hospital and to

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/biography/the-compleat-surgeon.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Love and Life's Adventures • Arena Books
    in Normandy where subsequently he was taken prisoner Twice married consecutively to two Czech daughters of families who offered succour whilst on the run and it was during the second of Christopher s three escape attempts the third successful that his second wife after the war was to produce a son and daughter A member of the British Guild of Travel Writers a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a recipient of a Winston Churchill Award for biography and travel his subsequent world wanderings provided the narrative for 19 books Following the death of Anna in 2006 and the loss of his then Brighton home he became homeless for 18 months before becoming at 85 a very active Chelsea Pensioner About The Book The remarkable autobiography of a Chelsea Pensioner tracing his often horrific experiences during the 1944 savage battle of Normandy his capture followed by the hideous events he experienced and witnessed in eastern and southern Europe during the last year of World War Two These included his being condemned to death by the Gestapo after recapture following the first of his three escape attempts a spell in the death camp of Auschwitz Birkenau and participation in the notorious 1945 Death March as the Russian armies advanced westwards Having fallen in love consecutively with the daughters of Czech families who at different times provided succour during Christopher s second escape attempt they were to become his wives again consecutively after the end of the war But this not before the descent of the Cold War Iron Curtain dividing East and West Europe which necessitated him in 1951 cutting his way through electrified fences between Czechoslovakia and West Germany only to be ambushed inside communist territory and given a 104 year jail sentence of which he served four months

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