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  • This Was My England • Arena Books
    as a businessman in the Middle East in the 1980s He has also been active in different spheres of public life and in 1987 he founded The Campaign For Industry in promoting home based productivity This Was My England records the tempestuous first 18 years of his life and the horrific experiences both at home and at boarding school It then describes his love for a film star during his teens and the long term destructive consequences of this impossible obsession which led to gestures of suicide and murder The book is also an interesting social document in that it presents an array of colourful and eccentric characters and vividly portrays the attitudes and private life of a long past epoch in the 1940s and start of the 50s About The Book Few books evoke the private life of an era as it was in England between 1935 and 1954 with such clarity as this autobiography And it is only through such an intimate memoir that the hidden aspects of an age so often lost to future generations may be revealed as social history It comprises the confession of a prolific author with all his thoughts and feelings and no attempt to conceal his faults or failings Whilst his happiest memories were as an evacuee at his grandparents home in Wiltshire his return to the dreaded London home brought brutal corporal punishment and periods of misery in a rigidly religious environment But on being sent to a well established boarding school he went unknowingly from the frying pan to the fire where he endured horrifying ritual torture and permanent physical injuries He subsequently went to a North London public school and although was never to be bullied again was witness to and partly implicated in anti Semitism as a pre

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/biography/this-was-my-england.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Against the Odds • Arena Books
    Essex in the immediate post War period Eventually the family moved into one room of their maternal grandmother but life was never easy Whilst the younger sibling suffered badly and withdrew into herself Shirley put her own spin on life and embarked on a series of adventures and misadventures with the law and society as described in this vivid and moving book About The Book This candid and vividly written autobiography of an Essex working class girl in the immediate post War period together with its description of her family background presents a valuable social history of the milieu and private life in which she was nurtured The deprivation and poverty of the 1930s was carried through to the 1950s and of course was exacerbated by the struggle and misfortunes of the Second World War As this book shows clearly lack of money or proper housing is deterministic for good or ill in influencing human behaviour and relationships and it therefore follows that measuring blame for consequent wrongdoing is difficult to determine Shirley comes through as a girl of spirit and independence who is not easily going to be crushed by adversity or injustice at the hands of others Her

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/biography/against-the-odds.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Looking for Mr Legba • Arena Books
    American hippies He went on to to take a degree in Drama and subsequently worked in England and Kenya as a drama teacher actor photographer and theatre director Divorced with two grown up daughters he lives blissfully in rural Devonshire with his fiancee In 2002 he toured Mali The Gambia and Senegal on a photo journalism magazine assignment Two years later he set out on a series of extended tours of Ghana and neighbouring countries to investigate its common culture with the African diaspora in the West Indies with a special focus on Voodoo This book is his carnet de voyage About The Book At school in the late 1960s a Ghanaian fellow pupil brought to Richard Laister s attention the historic links between the West Indies West Africa the Atlantic slave trade and the Voodoo religion Forty years later the author slipped away to explore these historic connections In this book he describes a series of extended journeys above the coast of the Gulf of Guinea focussing on Voodoo as a lens through which to observe the traditional ways of life still practised in this part of the world Ghana Togo Burkino Faso and Benin remain so he discovers hardly touched by Western tourism and the cultural steamroller of globalisation Arriving in Accra Richard is welcomed by a retired colonel of the Ghanaian army who is the first of several West Africans he meets to lament the passing of colonial rule The Colonel provides a rare opportunity to attend a Voodoo funeral where the corpse dressed as a bride is seated upon a throne to receive her guests Here the author first discovers Legba god of entrances crossroads mirrors and sunlight a divine messenger trickster and Janus faced herald of joy and terror The funeral is a prelude to

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/travel/looking-for-mr-legba.html (2016-02-16)
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  • A Childhood in Bohemia • Arena Books
    interesting childhood there unaware that through the political upheaval of the Second World War her family s existence was soon to undergo a dramatic change with nowhere to go and struggling to survive About The Book Erika Schroll a small girl growing up in the picturesque town of Saaz discovers the way of the world and her own nature amidst the turmoil of a World War and its devastating consequences Always being accompanied by her mother Josefine she feels safe in spite of the family s sudden deportation with millions of compatriots to the recently destroyed Germany In East Germany by now was part of the Russian Sector the country having been divided up by the allies Erika and her mother spent 9 months in an overcrowded refugee camp whilst her fatally sick sister Liesl was being nursed in the hospital in the town of Freiberg Saxony The long enforced march across the Ore mountain range dividing Czechoslovakia from Germany had done irreparable damage to her already dysfunctional heart valves After two years of starvation and ill health and the worst winter for centuries their physical condition became critical At that time Erika s father Ferdinand found his family through the efforts of the Red Cross and helped them escape to the American West Sector Josefine and the two girls had to cross the border from East Germany to Bavaria in the Western Zone illegally while Ferdinand took their few belongings as hand baggage on the train In No mans land Josefine and the children were shot at by East German border guards Nonetheless Josefine felt that the risk of walking on was worth taking as the family would anyway have starved to death in East Germany She succeeded and after many obstacles found her husband across the border In

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/travel/a-childhood-in-bohemia.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Death in Riyadh • Arena Books
    the ever present threat of the evil eye and the constant portent of death especially on a Friday throughout Saudi Arabia seems almost to anticipate the horrendous events of September 11th as an episode which was doomed sometime to cast its shadow over the world of the infidels and non believers It is difficult for Westerners to understand the loathing of the Saudi for all things Western even though Saudis remain dependent but unthankful for the material benefits of the West unless the Westerner has actually visited the area and spoken and socialized with its desert inhabitants The hatred of the West is to be traced to the intensity of religious belief and the puritanism of the Wahhabi sect which was sent on its conquering course by the Saudi princes from the 18th century onwards The author sees the two civilizations the West and the Arab Islamic as inevitably incompatible and on a collision course for in the latter not only is all social mixing between the sexes forbidden but also in the workplace and even in the private home under the laws of Illegal Seclusion The consequence of this total segregation in its psychological implications perhaps even more malign than racial segregation is that two opposing views of the world are created in terms of living social communication and an understanding of the eternal verities of life In such a strict society where the rules for life are laid down in the most minute detail with regard to diet cleanliness and the five prayer rituals of the day there can be no room for the value of tolerance which alone has made possible the full development of individualistic Western civilization This book is therefore essential for understanding the conflicting attitudes between the West and the Islamic East for it

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/travel/death-in-riyadh.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Build Your Dream Team • Arena Books
    Administration from the University of Brussels and works as an executive in the banking industry He is passionate about teaching team management and how good management can increase productivity Marie Nothomb graduated in Criminology at the Université de Louvain She is employed in the financial sector and her work has evolved from transaction processing and technical business re engineering to a more people focused approach where the person the working environment and team interactions are key Emma Angulin is from Dublin and holds a BA Hons in European Business from Dublin City University and also a degree in Management from ESC Rheims She is a senior business analyst in the financial services sector and a counsellor to junior colleagues Their joint collaboration has produced an outstanding all round practical guide for ambitious executives employed in all spheres of business About The Book Build Your Dream Team puts in perspective the progress made over the last 20 years in management It presents in a simple and pragmatic way the key elements of powerful management Management by vision example and values The reinforcement of Emotional Intelligence The use of key skills The development of empowerment and accountability for a real client orientation

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/business/build-your-dream-team.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Globalisation and Manufacturing Decline • Arena Books
    direction on this topic before the appearance of her present ground breaking book This book provides a penetrating analysis of the Rover Longbridge case and of its historical cultural economic and social significance to the local national regional and even global economy This work is essential reading for anyone in senior management in manufacturing and in the automotive industry It is also a valuable reference for scholars of political analysis who are keen to learn about the real effects of perceived processes of globalisation on the British political economy in addition to those in the trade union movement or local government concerned about the future pattern of employment in the area Dr Hothi is positioned as an experienced Consultant and Lecturer and has a Ph D in Political Science from the University of Birmingham About The Book At a time when manufacturing industry in Britain is coming under increasing focus Globalisation and Manufacturing Decline aspects of British Industry provides a clear framework for positioning the key drivers and influences on automotive manufacturing in Britain today No other automotive manufacturing issue is more profound or more significant to the British public or more clearly illustrates the challenges faced by British manufacturing

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/business/globalisation-and-manufacturing-decline.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Our Swindling Finance Houses • Arena Books
    to change of any kind These were men of tradition and if they had faults they were also balanced by virtues and these were integrity a sense of honour and responsibility as custodians of financial assets belonging to others a moral sense and an understanding of right and wrong Deceit and lying was not only something which would have been abhorrent to their code of professional conduct but something beyond their experience At that time traditional Life and other policies offered a sum fattened periodically with annual or terminal bonuses and so were based on a system of relative stability But then in the 1960s new ideas and a new system began to worm its serpentine course into the City institutions promoted by a group of unscrupulous men whose main purpose was self enrichment at the expense of public credulity Their ingenious money making or rentier capitalistic approach entailed the introduction of unit linked Life policies and these differed from the safe conventional policies of the past in that they fluctuated in line with the value of the unit trusts in which the premiums were invested The main proponent of this new system which shot him to fame and fortune was a South African by the name of Mark Weinberg It was also Mark Weinberg who headed Allied Dunbar during the period when Guy Tallice worked for the organization and the former failed to answer the letters of complaint which the latter had sent him From the Author s Preface Fraud or misrepresentation as understood in their general definition as opposed to legal terms may be divided into two categories firstly tangible or visibly evident frauds e g coining or the printing of stated promises that may be clearly contradicted in fact and secondly sleight of hand frauds e g

    Original URL path: http://arenabooks.co.uk/books/non-fiction/socio-political-studies-and-economics/our-swindling-finance-houses.html (2016-02-16)
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