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  • Animal Prints (Special Effects) knitting designs
    Effects Hand Knitting Knitting swatchboards Knitting for men Throws and afghans Florals and Fronds Needlework Knitters List About me Contact Special Effects animal print designs Innovative collection including a variety of all over textile designs including animal prints for imaginative knitters moving away from traditional designs for knitwear Contains imitation leopard lion zebra giraffe dalmatian and cow skin designs as well as paint effects like sponge ing stippling and ragrolling

    Original URL path: http://www.artika.co.uk/Special-Effects-MK-text.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Art Deco Designs for machine knitters
    and afghans Florals and Fronds Needlework Knitters List About me Contact Art Deco stitchpattern designs for machine knitters There are 20 designs in this collection of Art Deco knitting designs some linear or angular some circular rounded or oval some designs incorporating a feeling of movement and energy others reflecting calm and order There are a number of border designs as well as the full complement of all over textile designs all suitable both for garments and furnishing fabrics Knitting The Art Deco designs in the book are suitable for both 24 and 40 stitch machines and electronics using the fairisle setting and are quick and easy to knit In addition many are very successful knitted as textured designs on the garter carriage As usual the all over designs feature short floats but with the borders I have allowed myself some leeway The odd area of long floats in these designs allows a bolder design or allows a design to taper off into a plain area of fabric so there is no perceptable join between the two areas and the finished knitting will appear as a single bordered fabric A preview of designs you will find in the Art Deco

    Original URL path: http://www.artika.co.uk/Art-Deco-MK-text.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Colourways 40 machine knitting designs
    with 40 stitch punchcard or electronic machines It is an eclectic selection of textile designs ranging from a monochrome Japanese style willow design stylized florals sophisticated checks and tweedy looking designs optical illusions and abstract designs echoing traditional tapestry and brocade There are small designs suitable for children as well as interesting abstracts with a masculine feel and last but not least the beautiful rose design a sohpisticated flower motif

    Original URL path: http://www.artika.co.uk/CW40-MK-text.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Colourwash Fabrics machine knitting designs
    and afghans Florals and Fronds Needlework Knitters List About me Contact Colourwash Fabrics The Colourwash Fabrics collection contains stitchpatterns which move beyond the use of dark light stitch arrangements and allow you to gradually change the colour of the fabric using the stitchpatterns and achieve a colourwash effect This effect lends itself particularly to fabric which has been felted after knitting as this further blurs the colour changes and increases

    Original URL path: http://www.artika.co.uk/Colourwas-MK-text.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Quirky and traditional contemporary Pattern machine knitting designs
    way threads of art deco and japanese style monotones I have again included some designs with rich colour combinations where some colour changing enhances the design but where the knitting remains relatively straightforward all changes at the same side of the knitting only two colours in a row etc At the same time there are designs which rely on the built in patterning not colour for the impact of the design so you can choose whether to go for something very quick or whether to set aside some quality time for your knitting Most of the designs in the book are suitable for both 24 and 40 stitch machines or have a separate version for each There are a couple of larger designs suitable for electronics as well The separate versions of the designs often produce a slightly different effect thus giving you the choice of two designs Many also produce attractive designs using the garter carriage Two big designs with small floats perfect for easy knitted throws refractions design No need to change colours to achieve this edgy design cobweb design Depending on the way you look at it the spider s web centre moves around from place to place Longest float 6 st A bold check for a traditional touch Choose bright mediterranean colours or traditional burgundies and greys Maximum float length 6 sts A quirky irregular design the circles are not round and the borders are not neat A good choice for modern minimalists Maximum float length 7 sts Like all the books Contemporary Pattern includes design notes like those you see here with colour and design ideas to try If you are a Designaknit user and just want the stitchpatterns opt for the DK disk Seastrands design mirror imaged The strands remind me of seaweed strands

    Original URL path: http://www.artika.co.uk/Contemporary-Pattern-MK-text.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Debut Collection for machine knitters - small stitchpatterns with short floats
    st punchcard machines and electronics As well as the bold Willow design this collection contains many intricate and smallscale stitchpatterns such as a three colour small argyl an optical illusion block design and other designs with short floats suitable especially for men and children These designs are specially quick and easy to knit even by beginners to fairisle Most have very short floats and few colour changes All of them

    Original URL path: http://www.artika.co.uk/Debut-MK-text.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Furnishing designs for machine knitting
    Florals and Fronds Needlework Knitters List About me Contact Designs for Interiors A collection of 33 fabrics for 24st 40st and electronic machines intended as a design sourcebook for knitters who want to extend the scope of their work to include projects for the home as well as knitting garments The fabrics in this collection reflect the current preference for clean smooth lines in furnishings such as canvas and awning designs ticking pinstripes contemporary colourwash and quirky modern stripes where the edges are wavy or blurred as well as more traditional Regency stripes ginghams and checks These fabrics are ideal for blinds cushions chair coverings Roman blinds mats curtains tie backs throws afghans ottoman covers bedspreads lampshades and so on and are designed to be knitted quickly with no colour changing so that you can quickly knit yardages which can then be used for furnishings The interest is created through the stitchpatterns themselves many of which use shading to create the appearance of a third colour However most of the stitchpatterns are remarkably small and can be punched or marked out very quickly and 24st and 40st punchcard versions are provided for each of them As well as the stitchpatterns

    Original URL path: http://www.artika.co.uk/Interiors-MK-text.htm (2016-04-27)
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  • Eastern Promise Oriental machine knitting designs
    and Shades Trellis Collection Special Effects Hand Knitting Knitting swatchboards Knitting for men Throws and afghans Florals and Fronds Needlework Knitters List About me Contact Eastern Promise Contemporary Japanese inspired designsfor 24 40 st machines Short Floats This collection gathers together a very varied selection of designs although they all echo the distinctive simplicity and clean lines of Japanese and eastern style and all are based on two knitting colours only The book contains 49 punchcard diagrams based on 26 design ideas and producing over 60 different fabrics if you count the totally different ones that are sometimes obtained just by swopping dark and light yarns around The designs can be used both for garments and interior furnishings and many are also very successful knitted as textured designs on the garter carriage There are a number of bold distinctive designs featuring circles fan shapes and lozenges a group of optical designs where shapes and lines seem to emerge from nowhere and change depending on the way you look at the design There is also a group of purely abstract contemporary designs where irregular shapes emerge subtly from a textured looking background These are particularly useful for those seeking almost floatless

    Original URL path: http://www.artika.co.uk/Eastern-MK-text.htm (2016-04-27)
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