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  • Art Rebellion - Art Gallery & Cafe Lounge
    more a question of how Just like life art is an adventure best explored with an open mind and preferably whilst holding a good cup of coffee Imagine a space where there are no boundaries where the mind has free reign and you come close to experiencing a taste of the fresh and innovative gallery that George Ioannou has established Confronting the limitations of the conventional art gallery Art Rebellion provides a fun and exciting collection of work a truly unique expressive outlet for the artists represented Art Rebellion continues to challenge the relationship between the artist the gallery and the art lover through its innovative and fresh approach It s a place to relax to enjoy art and be inspired Since self published cult artist George Ioannou opened the doors to Art Rebellion in 2010 he has gained recognition as one of the top ten best selling living UK artists Art Business Today As George jokes I thought you had to be dead to be recognised as an artist FROM THE SHOP Diva 1 950 Read More TalisManic 1 950 Select options Divo 1 950 Read More Death by Chocolate 1 950 Read More The Blossom Tree 140 Select

    Original URL path: http://www.artrebellion.co.uk/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Art shop | Art Rebellion
    artwork available through Art Rebellion s online store Please visit our gallery at 171 Brighton Road Coulsdon Surrey for a selection of other rare and original works Recently added Divo 1 950 Read More Diva 1 950 Read More Graffi Tea Cups From 50 Select options I Think I might be Sinking 5 295 Select options Play For Keeps From 345 Select options TalisManic 1 950 Select options Death by Chocolate 1 950 Read More The Blossom Tree 140 Select options The Meadow 140 Select options The Journey 140 Select options Garden Concert 140 Select options Butterfly Parade 140 Select options Top sellers OMG 130 Select options Audrey Hepburn Skull 90 Select options London 2012 From 95 Select options T V Mary 385 Select options Monroe Black Original NOW SOLD Call for Price Read More SpaceCamp 350 Select options Black Velvet Scream 2 395 Select options Ozzy Fallen Angel From 145 Select options Kurt Cobain Skull 90 Read More Mona Montana From 175 Select options Megan and the Last Shishin 125 Read More Mini Upgrades From 1 750 Select options View all art Art shop Artists Know your art Commission artwork Exhibit with us Hire the gallery Best Sellers OMG

    Original URL path: http://www.artrebellion.co.uk/art-shop/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Artists | Art Rebellion
    Waldemar Swierzy Find out more Jenni Murphy Find out more ZIG Find out more HiJack Find out more Bradley Macmath Find out more Tom Lewis Find out more S O B Find out more Mr Mitty Find out more Lee Blyth Find out more David Perry Find out more Art Rebellion Collection Find out more Lhouette Find out more Dale Bowen Find out more Michael Abrams Find out more Edward

    Original URL path: http://www.artrebellion.co.uk/artists/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Know your art | Art Rebellion
    and numbered by the artist with a commitment that no other reproduction of the image will be made unless stated on the certificate of authenticity Open edition prints An open edition print can be produced in any quantity and the image may also be used in other ways such as on tableware mugs bags etc Open editions tend to cost less than limited editions and are much less likely to increase in value Americans call these posters a term increasing in use worldwide though poster was traditionally a term for advertisement artwork Giclée printing Giclée prints are made using digital printing technology usually inkjet The technology enables users to produce small runs of prints It also allows retailers to offer print on demand services where buyers select an image and it is printed out there and then Digital print technology can be used by artists to create original prints Giclées are not always reproductions Print quality Whichever type of print you buy you should expect it to last The Guild print standard requires paper to be at least 250gsm with an acidity level of between pH7 and pH10 to minimise discolouring Colours should be relatively lightfast scoring 6 or more on the Blue Wool Scale the industry standard measurement in the UK or its equivalent Reproductions should normally be close facsimiles of the original work Printing should be clear with a good depth of colour An artist s signature endorses the visible print quality Value The art market is as fickle and hard to predict as any other Reputation affects value so research the artist s past achievements and recent prices Rarity is also an important factor as is condition Look for a certificate of authenticity with a full disclosure of relevant information A professional gallery owner will give good

    Original URL path: http://www.artrebellion.co.uk/know-your-art/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Commission artwork | Art Rebellion
    And it can make an incredibly special gift for a loved one George Ioannou has completed countless numbers of commissioned artwork and the result has always been something outstanding and breathtaking He has worked with many well known figures to produce unique artwork for their homes To find out more phone Art Rebellion or visit the gallery in Coulsdon to discuss in person with George Art shop Artists Know your

    Original URL path: http://www.artrebellion.co.uk/commission-artwork/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Hire the gallery | Art Rebellion
    holding a networking event or having an office brainstorm Art Rebellion provides a fantastic atmosphere for the occasion Contact Emily at emily artrebellion co uk for more information or to book your upcoming event Available for hire Mornings Monday Saturday 7 00 9 00am Evenings Monday Friday 6 30pm Midnight Saturday evening 5 30pm Midnight All day Sunday 7 00am 11 30pm Maximum Capacity 45 people Payment terms The rate of hire is 80 per hour and a 50 deposit of this is required to confirm the venue with the remainder to be paid within a week of the start of the hire period A damage deposit of 500 must be paid at the start of the hire period This will not be cashed unless there is damage In the event of damage being caused the damage deposit will be returned minus the amount required to make good the damage caused by the hirer or their guests Advertising Promotion Any changes to the layout appearance of the gallery must be approved by Art Rebellion and carried out by our staff Depending on the scale of changes required an additional fee might be payable The hirer must provide a draft of

    Original URL path: http://www.artrebellion.co.uk/hire-the-gallery/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Exhibit with us | Art Rebellion
    Rebellion gallery of approximately 12 Sq feet in size for exhibition of artworks Curatorial support and assistance with exhibition installation and associated administration Experienced gallery staff will provide sales support throughout the run of the exhibition within normal gallery opening hours Please note however that all artwork sales that are carried out by Art Rebellion are subject to VAT and a 5 handling fee Promotion Art Rebellion will promote the artist and exhibition via their website and twitter account A general overview of the exhibition will also be highlighted in the monthly gallery newsletter In addition we can provide support and advice on all aspects of your exhibition including press release writing and distribution framing and presentation The gallery wall space can be hired for a maximum of 2 weeks and a minimum of 1 week Regular gallery opening hours during exhibitions Monday Friday 9 00am 6 00pm Saturday 9 30am 5pm Application procedure ALL APPLICATIONS MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING Full contact details including postal address email and phone number Exhibition proposal Your artistic CV bio statement At least six images of recent work Details of any on line resources such as your web site Contact Emily at emily artrebellion

    Original URL path: http://www.artrebellion.co.uk/exhibit-with-us/ (2016-02-15)
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  • About Queen Bean | Art Rebellion
    stands out from the crowd While working in London for a busy firm co owner Emily understood the need for good coffee and tea whilst on the go and during meetings With Emily s experiences and husband George s creativity The Queen Bean was born They are extremely passionate about their coffee and have produced their own blend of coffee exclusive to the Queen Bean You will find all your

    Original URL path: http://www.artrebellion.co.uk/about-queen-bean/ (2016-02-15)
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