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  • Tape Dispenser | Brown Tape | Clear Tape | Packaging Tape
    password and or Username Send my details register our packaging products Biodegradable Void Fill Bubble Lined Envelopes Bubble Wrap Polythene Products Tapes and Dispensers our packaging products Biodegradable Void Fill Bubble Lined Envelopes Bubble Wrap Polythene Products Tapes and Dispensers Tapes and Dispensers Secure all your boxes with our quality packaging tape ASC Direct provides all your polypropylene tape and dispensers needed for your business packaging Our brown and clear polypropylene tape can be used for securing and sealing your boxes giving you a strong secure hold If you need advice on the correct tape for your boxes please call our experts on 0800 0731 126 and they can advise you on your product choice Tape Dispenser 6 00 PER PACK view product Brown Packaging Tape 30 24 PER PACK view product Clear Packaging Tape 30 24 PER PACK view product Product Name No in packs 1 Colour Pack Qty Add to Basket Product has been added to you basket Continue Shopping Proceed to checkout can t find the right box why not try our we build a box to your exact requirements in 3 quick and easy steps start your box now secured by About Us special offers Services

    Original URL path: https://www.ascdirect.co.uk/packaging-products/tapes-and-dispensers (2016-04-26)
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  • Cheap Packaging Solutions For Your Business
    we recognise that you want packaging solutions that meet your needs with the lowest environmental and social impacts We also know that cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability are effectively two sides of the same coin and that the end packaging solution has to be designed to meet the protection required by the product withstand the distribution and delivery chain and satisfy your end user We are very conscious of our impact on the environment and all our boxes are made from 100 recyclable materials and support the needs of the small home run eBay seller or multi national conglomerate alike By using our Boxbuilder tool ASC Direct can help you produce that specific size box for your product whilst reducing your financial and environmental costs The online Boxbuilder tool will guide you through a three step process to make your box to the exact size you need Just click the style you are looking for choose the thickness click the colour and enter your custom sizes and quantity It couldn t be simpler With a minimum order of only 25 boxes a free roll of 66 metres of packaging tape and a 48 hour turnaround everyone can take advantage of

    Original URL path: https://www.ascdirect.co.uk/news/cost-saving-packaging-solutions (2016-04-26)
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  • Spring cleaning storage solutions
    need them The rule of thumb is to keep records going back five years but this will obviously change for each company profession and type of record Hide it away everything that lives on a desk or in a drawer should have its own home where it s kept If not then a desk will become a home for everything Hide things away in storage boxes which are easy to access keeping only everyday objects within your reach Recycling made easy label four boxes to sit next to your bin so that staff can separate tin cans paper and cardboard glass and plastics Keep the bin for wet foods only Is it broken Then either have it repaired or get rid Local councils will offer electronic recycling so check out your local centre for the do s and don ts in your area Label everything either with a label maker or little stickers and a pen label everything as you go Not only will this help you to remember where things are placed it will also help others from cluttering the office People are more likely to return items to the proper place rather than leaving them on your desk or bookshelf HOME Start off with the Four Box Method this is a popular de cluttering technique using four boxes bin give away keep or relocate Visit each room and challenge yourself to come up with four items in each and place them into one of the four categories Charity Box always keep a charity box on the go and when you find something you don t need any more put it in Seasonal storage store bulky items like duvets and pillows or out of season clothes in boxes under the bed top of the wardrobe in the garage or

    Original URL path: https://www.ascdirect.co.uk/news/spring-cleaning-storage-solutions-for-your-office-and-home (2016-04-26)
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  • Win A Pandora Cat Charm In ASC Direct's Fab Competition!
    cat Pandora charm with ASC Direct 01 April 2015 Share Tweet To celebrate National Pet Month we are giving one lucky person the chance to win this fabulous cat charm from Pandora It really couldn t be easier to enter Simply LIKE us on Facebook and COMMENT below by telling us the name of your favourite animal cartoon character or animal from a film The competition will close at 5pm Wednesday 29th April Good luck Terms and conditions 1 The prize promotion closing date is 5pm Wednesday 29th April 2015 and any entries received after this closing date will not be accepted by the Promoter 2 The prize is non transferable and non returnable 3 If the winner does not claim their prize by 5pm Friday 8th May AS C Direct maintains the right to select a new winner 4 The winner needs to be able to provide their address so the prize can be posted to them 5 The winner s agree to participate in any publicity or other such promotional activities which the Promoter may reasonably require in connection with the prize promotion the winner should be willing to share a photo of themselves with their prize back

    Original URL path: https://www.ascdirect.co.uk/news/win-an-adorable-cat-pandora-charm-with-asc-direct (2016-04-26)
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  • ASC Direct |First Cardboard Camera | The Brownie
    In the 1900 s the first ever cardboard camera was created by Frank Brownell The camera stood just 13cm tall and was the named the Brownie Camera after its creator The Brownie was a simple popular design for inexpensive cameras to be used by everyday people It could be bought for 1 with film and would have been processed for the total sum of 2 s It was originally produced by Kodak who helped to promote low cost photography as well as making the camera a snapshot tool Prior to the Brownie photographers used to carry around cumbersome equipment that produced photos however they took a long period of time to develop These cameras were usually made from mahogany and brass which made them heavy and inconvenient unlike the brownie which was light small and simple to transport Today in the 21 st century Google has brought out the innovative simple design of Google Cardboard This is a take on the cardboard camera but instead of using film and being a small box camera it becomes a holder for your phone It allows your smartphone to provide a virtual world all you need to do is download the Google apps to experience the true virtual reality These experiences can consist off you flying around Chicago using your head as the steering device or watch YouTube movies as if you are sat in a huge cinema This low tech approach to a virtual world uses your smartphones accelerometers and gyroscopes to move through worlds and interact Google don t produce Google Cardboard they have just put the list of parts and all drawings needed to build the smartphone holder on Google Cardboards page You can download the full PDF for the instructions or we have provided the downloadable PDF for ease

    Original URL path: https://www.ascdirect.co.uk/news/cardboard-revolutionises-the-tech-industry (2016-04-26)
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  • Packaging Costs | Damaged Cardboard Boxes & Packaging
    on eBay Nearly 60 of the sellers we asked admitted to having had goods returned back because of damaged faulty packaging One online retailer said that after rethinking their packaging techniques they have seen a large improvement as the number of faulty products being returned has decreased significantly Tina Parker from www frenchloveliness com which sells French shabby chic style furniture accessories has said Packaging was never a real priority for my business until I experienced a spate of returns for one item which had unusual dimensions The time not to mention sales lost as a result of this made me realise I needed to invest a bit more time looking at my packaging requirements I now consider the packaging as part of my marketing and I believe it s helped to build my repeat customer base The results from the survey told us that 38 claimed that they had received items in the past which were packaged so poorly that it would discourage them from using a retailer again 40 also said another factor which would dissuade customers from using a supplier again is when they receive a package which contains extra and unnecessary cardboard and packaging materials Andrew Woodhead the managing director here at ASC Direct says We are a nation with many small online sales businesses Packaging is often an afterthought but it shouldn t be Cheap poor quality packaging significantly effects sales and ends up costing more in the long run It s detrimental especially for the smaller businesses With selling and buying online becoming more and more popular there s plenty of consumer choice so it s time we thought more about the quality of the service which includes the quality of the packaging At ASC we have been providing the UK with a wide

    Original URL path: https://www.ascdirect.co.uk/news/2015-survey-damaged-packaging-is-costly-to-small-businesses (2016-04-26)
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  • ASC Direct | Bubble Wrap History & Creation
    What Was Inside History Of Bubble Wrap If you ever indulge in purchasing or selling products then chances are you will have come into contact with bubble wrap before The sealed air pockets provide the perfect cushioning for sending products around the world and not to mention the hours of fun they can provide simply popping them is brilliant But what exactly is the history behind the now world recognisable packaging product Well bubble wrap was originally invented back in 1957 by two engineers named Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding in Hawthorne New Jersey They had originally set out to create a three dimensional wallpaper made of plastic they thought they had hit the jackpot when they sealed two shower curtains together which created a collection of little air bubbles which they tried to sell However as you may have guessed it turned out not as successful as they had first hoped After a re evaluation and a rebrand the team planned on marketing the product as greenhouse insulation after its failure in the wallpaper market Of course this didn t last that long either and eventually in 1961 Fielding and Chavannes realised it would be useful as protective packaging A year after they had turned the invention into a brand the Sealed Air Corporation The first client that they managed to recruit was the large technology company IBM They used the newly purposed bubble wrap to protect their IBM 1401 word length decimal computer providing it with the cushioning it needed to ensure the fragile parts were kept intact From then on the rest is history bubble wrap became a globally used product Bubble wrap took off the air filled pockets are now seen in all sorts of different packages worldwide The product has come a very long way

    Original URL path: https://www.ascdirect.co.uk/news/popping-through-the-history-of-bubble-wrap (2016-04-26)
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  • ASC Direct | Customer Account Login
    Login Forgotten password and or Username Log In Remember me Forgotten password and or Username Send my details register Log In Please enter your username and password Register if you don t have an account Log In Keep me logged in Forgotten password and or Username Forget Password Email ID Close Submit secured by About Us special offers Services delivery payment testimonials Contact Us T s and C s Web

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