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  • Autoinform | PICO
    into a powerful diagnostic tool Think of it as the X ray machine of diagnostics letting you see the changing signals inside wires You can purchase a PicoScope on its own but most people purchase one of our award winning Automotive Diagnostics Kits These money saving kits contain everything you need just add a PC Visit PICO Products Click Here Open your eyes with PicoScope software PicoScope 6 is the most advanced automotive oscilloscope software available to date and has now firmly established itself as the industry standard so the time you invest in improving your diagnostic skills will benefit you for the rest of your career Features such as auto setup tutorials and the guided tests quickly get new users up to speed Advanced features such as maths channels waveform buffers advanced triggers and reference waveforms ensure the experienced user will not run out of power The modern user interface is easy to use There are no old fashioned knobs and dials We leave the space free for what matters your waveforms displayed in crisp clear high resolution Updates to our software to add new features and new tests are free for the life of the product Automotive Diagnostic

    Original URL path: http://www.autoinform.co.uk/pico/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Autoinform | DSG Disaster- By Andy Kelly
    job He assured us he had owned the car for quite a while and nothing had been done in regards to the gearbox The clutch and special tool were duly ordered and when they arrived the car was brought in the work commenced It was apparent from the beginning that things weren t as they should be Clips were missing from induction pipes The battery wasn t secured and alarm bells were starting to ring Further investigation found the Multiplug for the Metatronics box siliconed to the gearbox casing and the alloy gearbox mounting was smashed across two bolt holes One of the main criteria for removing these boxes is to not lose any oil Sending the car up in the air soon showed that whoever had been here before had really screwed this up The drain plug for the box was beyond mangled At that point the customer was telephoned and promptly told to come and take his car away He arrived with two brothers and seemed to accept our findings although one of the brothers refused to take on board what we were saying We stood our ground and the car left Obviously we were disappointed not to complete the job after taking the course We are the only accredited garage in the area for these clutches and it is annoying when customers try to shortcut or don t appreciate the time and effort that goes into training and the expense of buying specialist equipment Not every job we undertake is a success but you have to stand your ground and not be bullied into doing work for less than it s worth or to lower standards and take on work that will come back and haunt you http www drigmot co uk Share this entry Share on

    Original URL path: http://www.autoinform.co.uk/dsg-disaster-by-andy-kelly/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Autoinform | You cannot have a steak for the price of a Big Mac
    otherwise a garage round the corner has quoted 40 80 to fit it although he does not have equipment to check the sensors or program the ECU parameters for the new DPF once fitted I can take it to a mechanic he knows who does Other than that I can take it to a company recommended by my sister in Stockport who is a service receptionist at FORD NISSAN themselves a company in Manchester or even to a friend s garage in North Wales who has access to a diesel specialist company and at the same time spend the afternoon with my father in Rhyl Either way as I have the DPF I am sure I wont be paying anything like 650 to have it fitted and I ll leave the ball in your court Kind Regards My response Hi Mr Thank you for your email below I have broken down the quote given to you by my colleague and hopefully clears up any confusion 546 DPF BM cats this is retail price 276 3x 69 per hour labour this includes specialist engineering where required ie damaged threads specialist equipment and tools for ecu programming etc etc 90 diagnostics Already paid 26 35 Gaskets and bolts from Nissan vat 20 938 35 90 paid 848 vat as quoted by myself 169 1017 6 inc vat You must appreciate we run a specialist company where we provide expertise and access to equipment which are second to none and respected globally In order for me to continue running this business I must earn profit that s correct profit there I said it This profit allows me to continually develop and grow my business so I can continue to train my staff and equip my workshop with the very latest equipment allowing me to carry out specialists diagnostic repairs and ecu coding programming etc not to mention things like rent insurance paye bills wages etc etc you get the picture So the quote you have been given includes all the access not only to our expertise and equipment but also includes making profit in labour and parts which is the lifeblood of my business and allows me to make sure that we re here tomorrow offering the same fantastic service for all our customers Now let me ask you a question imagine yourself walking into a top quality restaurant and deciding what you like eat drink from the menu and then calling the waiter over to take your order Upon taking your order you question all the prices for food and drink items on the bill and say to the waiter and chef that you can go down to your local supermarket or wine shop and buy all the ingredients cheaper and not only that but you also have a mate who can cook it for far less money Admittedly he s not a very good chef and hasn t got the proper kitchen equipment necessary But you really would like to continue

    Original URL path: http://www.autoinform.co.uk/you-cannot-have-a-steak-for-the-price-of-a-big-mac/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Autoinform | Autoinform Live weekend 2015
    sessions so everyone could hear clearly above the background noises and running engines The beginning of the day Everyone arriving nice an early for the first 9 am sessions Morning registration and sign in bright and early As well as Training sessions we also had open areas showcasing the very latest technology and fitting techniques Theory sessions in full swing individual registration packs on arrival LIVE Frank Massey Diagnostic testing on Direct Petrol IMI Certified courses delivered by Schaeffler Diesel Diagnostic courses delivered by Keith Geach The very latest systems testing with Bosch Presentations by the OESAA Group Business talk from Andy owner of Brunswick Garage Latest system testing latest technology by ZF Services Tackling Carbon Build up with BG Products diagnostic sessions from Pico Technology The very latest Tooling from Pichler Networking with other successful garage owners 1 hour sessions LIVE on the vehicle diagnostics Getting hands on Share this entry Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google Share on Pinterest Share on Linkedin Share on Tumblr Share on Vk Share on Reddit Share by Mail 0 replies Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion Feel free to contribute Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email

    Original URL path: http://www.autoinform.co.uk/autoinform-live-weekend-2015-2/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Autoinform | Rover 75 Diagnostics- double trouble
    able to be produced is approx 60 bar This is achieved via the closure spring in the drv So no pressure no minimum rail pressure enabling the injectors to be triggered no start Let s recap so far without an absolute minimum rail pressure relating to 1 volt approx 260 bar the ecu will not release the injectors Possible causes no priming hp pump control or a system leakage Next we attach our priming gauge we have designed and have built to our specification gauges to accurately test pressure peak max flow the test confirmed a healthy 5 bar supply with no cavitation A very common cause of this symptom is a ruptured control seal on the drv many suppliers will try to sell a complete pump when all you need is a repair kit or a new drv So off with the drv on with a new seal A repeat cranking test now confirms a small increase in pressure At this point I decided to kill or cure we have a special tool which is able to control the pump independently of the ecu This test confirms a peak pressure of 4 5 volts or 1350 bar spot on for this system So we have a good pump why no start A quick back leakage test proves good so back to the drv control signal It was there I did scope it now it s only got around 5 volts supply And you all know actuators need nominal battery voltage to carry the necessary current In our case the current range is 0 6 amps 300 bar and 1 6 amps 1350 bar Back to my original opinion a wiring fault with the power supply to several key critical components A quick check of the current flow schematics suggested

    Original URL path: http://www.autoinform.co.uk/rover-75-diagnostics-double-trouble/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Autoinform | 50 Shades of Carbon
    old friend carbon based deposits resulting from incomplete combustion oil based contamination The absence of fuel directly delivered through the inlet tract encourages extensive contamination behind the inlet valve head Injector related problems and Another old friend NOx regeneration issues How we treat them does however differ from diesel and is the focus of this topic The future of fuel quality cannot be taken for granted modified engines are required to operate on flexible fuelling strategies It is highly likely an increase in ethanol in petroleum will come bringing with it greater demands on lubrication and shorter servicing intervals due to its difficult low temperature combustion properties Lean burn technologies are also giving problems due to NOx and sulphur accumulator saturation This forces the fuel strategies to operate a homogenous rich adaption in order to regenerate the accumulator This leads to further valve and oil based contaminates This problem is not confined to low power low mileage vehicles as a specialist independent vag tuning and repair centre we see more than our fair share of the top draw high performance variants The dirty story It s the RS4 that forms our story on carbon contamination having tried several directly applied liquid removal methods all of which were effective however messy very dirty Reflecting on an old method adopted to similar problems with Mitsubishi gdi engines long ago we now use polymer beads directly applied to to back of the inlet valves The obvious intrusion into the combustion space is not a problem however we do remove as much polymer as possible prior to reassembly Careful examination of intake swirl flaps egr valves with a thorough ASNU injector bench test is strongly recommended Apart from the obvious flow and spray patterns inductance is a vital function test as it will directly

    Original URL path: http://www.autoinform.co.uk/50-shades-of-carbon/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Autoinform | AUDI RS6 V10 Diagnostics
    a minimal loss experienced through the wiring Setting the Pico up Channel A voltage range set to 20 Channel B current clamp 0 600A set as voltage 1V The attenuation sensitivity is 1000 1 so 100 mv 100 amps simples Preventing the engine from starting allows extended testing Rotation speed is provided by placing the horizontal cursors over two compression events for 4 stroke engines Older vehicles expect 200 250 rpm Vehicles with stop start EFB AGM batteries expect 250 300 rpm The initial voltage drop may appear excessive however focus on the recovery rate or rise time One to two compression events is normal Expect around 7V in a good environment rising to 10 5V over sustained cranking Current consumption should reflect load and available voltage Peak current should exceed the max cranking amps battery rating by at least 100 amps for example 700cca 800 peak amps Sustained cranking amps should be approximately three times the battery hour rating for example 70amp hr 210 amps cranking load In our case voltage drop was excessive resulting in low current consumption and a slow rotation speed Our problem was establishing where the voltage drop was We also noted that with the engine running we only had 10 5V at the battery With the RS on the ramp it became obvious how physically challenging this repair would turn out The ideal tool for simple voltage drop test is the DMM The alternator was producing 14 7V However at the starter motor it had dropped to 10 5V The cable run between starter and alternator was quite short and hidden behind the sub frame and various engine parts That turned out to be the biggest understatement I have heard Let s understand briefly how this repair went Raise vehicle front panels off Intercooler

    Original URL path: http://www.autoinform.co.uk/audi-rs6-v10-diagnostics/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Autoinform | VW emissions scandal !!
    come to regret I m absolutely 100 that what CARB have discovered is purely the beginning of what could spell ultimate doom for small passenger diesel cars not only in the USA but across Europe and eventually the world I have estimated that diesel cars have a maximum shelf life of 5 10 years before they are finished If you carefully examine the EU emission legislation EU5 EU6 and the technology involved purely to maintain safe levels of Carbon and NOX emissions you would see we are already at breaking point both technologically and financially The problem doesn t purely lie in designing and building systems which comply with EU law but the real world cost of maintenance and aftermarket repair Manufactures boast almost unbelievable MPG claims and reduced maintenance schedule programs but in reality its just smoke and mirrors and impossible to achieve For example VW and Audi claim a full Add blue tank should last 20 000 miles before it requires refilling where as in reality my customers are lucky of they reach 5000 miles Real world diesel cars are now subject to extended service schedules sometimes travelling 20 000 miles before the oil is changed Madness Take a modern VW Audi ultra diesel engine which utilises edc 17 control which compromises of 3 EGR systems 1 DOC diesel oxidization cat 1 x DPF filter and an Add blue system to combat harmful diesel emissions Without being rude neither the dealers and 99 of the aftermarket can cope with accurately diagnosing and or repairing cars equipped with just a DPF filter We are so far behind it s actually scary Now take this car outside of warranty and what do you think will happen to the value Nobody in the right mind would want to own a diesel car outside of manufactured warranty and i cant blame them To make matters worse recent studies in cities such as London have discovered even smaller particles nano Particles which pass through current DPF filters which enter even deeper onto the respiratory system and directly into the blood stream which are being directly related to health issues and respiratory diseases Euro 6 EU6 emision legislation are targeting NOX nitrogen oxide by injecting Ammonia directly into the exhaust which acts as a catalyst separating Nitrogen and oxygen into harmless atmospheric gas however interestingly scientists have now discovered a sudden and sharp increase atmospheric presence in Ammonia which is both toxic and corrosive Please don t think i m scare mongering or being pessimistic don t forget i earn my living not only Diagnosing and repairing and diesel cars but over 50 of our training program is aimed at teaching technicians how to fix diesel cars Diesel cars currently represent over 50 of the cars on our roads to day in Europe and not of but when the day comes that diesel cars are finished we will all have to go back to the drawing board and have a hard think about where

    Original URL path: http://www.autoinform.co.uk/vw-emissions-scandal/ (2016-02-17)
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