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    and hanging baskets With a musical accompaniment emitting from the downstairs bathroom window too Washing on the line kettle on it s a wonderful place to take your breakfast in the quiet and cool of the patio The smells are amazing at the moment honeysuckle a really strong David Austin Rose stocks and citrus shower gel Sitting in the sunshine with the sound of the waterfall trickling in the background cuppa tea and iPad what more can you want It s one of my favourite places in the Summer Thursday 4th July Well that caused a little stir didn t it Thanks for all your lovely messages and emails I really appreciate them I ll work my way through them and answer each and every one of you My studio has been out of bounds for well over a week now No room to paint but plenty of room to come and browse through a huge range of new and used brushes and art accessories All I can say is I wish I had known someone like me when I was starting up with the oils I could have saved myself an absolute fortune I m helping one lady set up as a tutor Some supplies are going to a charitable organisation to help with the art therapy sessions In fact as my stock is going down my smile is getting broader The equipment is finding itself some lovely new homes and I know it ll be well used in helping someone else start on their art adventure Monday 17th June If you ve ever read my about me page you ll see I often mention that nothing stays the same for long Well once again I find myself on a new track I have given up the teaching side

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  • details 11 75 No Record s Available Br1 Soft Blending Brush 1 Fine haired soft blending brush 1 10 No Record s Available Br2 Soft Blending Brush 2 Fine Haired Soft Blending Brush 1 60 No Record s Available Br3 Fine Blending Brush 3 Fine Haired Blending Brush 1 95 No Record s Available D001 Seven Elements of Seascape Painting 3 DVD Set 5 hours by Joyce Ortner Master Seascape Artist 115 No Record s Available D002 Anatomy of a wave By Joyce Ortner Master Seascape Artist 30 No Record s Available D003 Magic Moment 2 DVD Set 3 hours by Joyce Ortner Master Seascape Artist 38 No Record s Available D004 Storms Coming 2 DVD Set 3 hours by Joyce Ortner master Seascape Artist 38 No Record s Available D005 Old Man and the Sea 2 DVD Set 3 hours by Joyce Ortner Master Seascape Artist 38 No Record s Available D007 Golden Twilight 2 DVD Set by Joyce Ortner Master Seascape Artist 38 No Record s Available FLORALANG HALF INCH FLORAL ANGLES BRUSH A SYNTHETIC BRISTLED BRUSH IDEAL FOR LEAVES IN PARTICULAR ALSO USED IN WILDLIFE PAINTING 4 50 No Record s Available FLORALFLAT FLORAL SOFT FLAT HALF INCH LONG HANDLED SYNTHETIC HALF INCH FLAT BRUSH 4 50 No Record s Available FLORALWIDE SOFT FLORAL FLAT 3 4 INCH WIDE BRUSH Soft a flexible 3 4 inch wide floral brush 4 50 No Record s Available G001 Valerie Stewart s Portrait Series OILS An exciting 6 DVD Set from Valerie Stewart America s most popular Portrait tutor Click details for more info 145 No Record s Available G002 Valerie Stewart Demo DVD Valerie Stewart s Portrait Painting Technique Demo DVD 1 Hour REGION FREE Painting The Face 16 No Record s Available G003 Portrait Paint Set Valerie Stewart s 6 tubes of ready mixed oil paints 37ml each Burnt Umber Basic Skin Tone Highlight Skin Tone Deep Flesh Darkest Shadow Pretty Colour Price includes delivery 36 No Record s Available G004 Portrait Brush Set Superior Valerie Stewart s Superior Portrait Brush Set 5 brushes included A fine detail eye brush plus one each of No 2 No 4 No 6 No 8 soft natural bristle brushes Price includes postage 26 No Record s Available G005 Portrait Brush Set Valerie Stewart s Portrait Brush set 5 brushes 1 fine detail eye brush and one each no 2 no 4 no 6 no 8 White Taklon soft brushes Price includes postage 17 50 No Record s Available G006 Background Brush Valerie Stewart Size 10 white nylon portrait background brush 8 No Record s Available GPaper Graphite Paper 1 sheet of graphite paper in either grey or white Size 18 inches x 36 inches 2 25 No Record s Available GV001 Painting Class Gift Voucher This AyoubArt Gift Voucher makes an ideal present for all 15 discount if you buy more than one 45 No Record s Available GV002 Private Lesson Gift Voucher The AyoubArt Gift Voucher for a Private Lesson

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  • Learn to oil paint
    held in Suffolk Essex At my classes you can relax in a friendly and fun atmosphere away from family demands away from the telephone away from chores My painting classes allow you to indulge yourself totally just leave the organisation to me All you need to do is turn up with an open mind and allow me to show you in a just a few hours how you a total beginner can produce an oil painting which you can proudly display in your own home These classes are just 45 per person The price inclues refreshments plus all the equipment and materials you will need to complete a wonderful oil painting A 20 deposit is required at the time of booking a class Cheques can be sent to Sue Warne at Apollo House 10 Windmill Hill Capel St Mary Ipswich Suffolk IP9 2JF If you bring a friend you can take advantage of a 5 discount each Should you prefer I am also able to offer one to one tuition in private painting classes from my home I can easily teach private groups of up to 4 people from my light and airy studio The cost of these classes are

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  • Learn to paint Pop Art
    I can take a maximum of 4 students at a time for a Pop Art class so if you d like to make a group booking you can take advantage of the 5 discount per person You do not have to paint the same subject as everyone else Once learned you will find Pop Art to be easy and fun to do at home You can choose to spend just 10 minutes on your portrait project or paint all day long It s not something that has to be completed in one sitting This makes it very versatile project to do fitting it into any spare time you have Emily was thrilled to receive a Pop Art painting lesson as a surprise birthday gift She was able to paint her musical idol in a single lesson and he now hangs in her home or sometimes not as you can see She s very proud to tell her friends I did that A family photo can easily be transformed into a funky Pop Art portrait If you would like to paint a family member friend pet I will require a selection of photos from you beforehand It s ok for these to be emailed to me If you d like to paint a celebrity I will require your choice of subject at least 5 working days before the lesson This allows me to work with the image saving time during the class although the full procedure will be shown to you Not all photos are suitable for Pop Art portraiture and having images finalised before the lesson will prevent any disappointment Paintings are made on a 10 x 10 inch deep edge box canvas Larger canvas are available for your portraits at a nominal charge It s possible to start a

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  • Learn to paint portraits
    to start with a relatively simple subject This can be a family member a friend even your favourite celebrity I can help you to select the best subject for your lesson Each portrait lesson is 3 hours long Most simple portraits can be completed in 3 lessons In the photo to the left you will see a student working on her portrait To her right you will see my portrait which I use to demonstrate the different stages Lesson one will cover canvas preparation pencil image and underpainting If we have time we can start on the background In lesson 2 we will work basic skin colours highlights shadows We will work on some of the finer details Depending on time we could work on the background and clothing too In lesson 3 we can work some more on the finer details It is quite possible to finish your painting within the 3 lessons Bookings can be made for groups of 1 2 or 3 students at a time The cost per lesson per person is 45 on weekdays or 65 per person per lesson at weekends Stage one completed on this student s brilliant portrait Her family thought this was a finished sepia toned painting Just wait till they see the results after the next stage Totally absorbed in working on some finer details Enjoying the painting coming to life with the clever use of subtle shading The finished portrait Someone is going to be receiving a rather special Christmas present as this lady works on her grandson s portrait Here s stage 2 completed one more step to go Another student s portrait at the end of stage 1 If you would like to learn to paint portraits do give me a ring on 01473 311938 and we

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  • AyoubArt Gift Voucher
    Voucher makes an ideal present for all 15 discount if you buy more than one Click to view details Product Name Private Lesson Gift Voucher Product ID GV002 Product Price 65 00 Quantity Vouchers The AyoubArt Gift Voucher for a Private Lesson 15 discount applies if you buy more than one Click to view details Product Name 25 Gift Voucher Product ID GV003 Product Price 25 00 Quantity No The

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  • November News
    classes One lovely thing about my new classroom I leave the phones inside the house so I do not have any interuptions while I am teaching If you happen to ring and there s no answer do leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am free Or you can drop a line by email if you prefer info ayoubart co uk 01473 311938 12th November I have a rather exciting painting class this weekend I ve been looking forward to it for quite a while I m not going to say too much at the moment but I will tell you I ll be needing my passport Intrigued 12th November I ve updated my painting classes timetable page with some new dates I ve added some scheduled portrait classes too some that will suit people that want to paint weekdays and some that will suit people that want to paint at weekends Alternatively it will also suit people that want to spend consecutive days working on 2 portrait projects The classes will be small and friendly with a maximum of 4 students at a time Do be sure to book in quick if you want to secure your place 45 Gift Vouchers for these classes are also available HERE 11th November This week a private student selected to paint Tranquility a gentle and tonal seascape We added a few little extras to the composition as there was ample time Lynn decided she d quite like a pennant blowing in the wind at the top of the mast We also added some headlands in the distance the obligatory seagulls and a sparkling North Star to the sky As we were painting we discussed various ways this composition could be adapted and different colour combinations It s always good to plant a seed with a student especially when I know they have all the brushes and equipment at home One of the nice things about this particular painting is that you only need 3 colours minimal equipment and there is absolutely no brush cleaning required during the painting session 11th November I had a lovely surprise earlier this week when Marylin one of my portrait students brought me a rather lovely and very useful gift It s a handy little holder for my portrait brushes an absolutely ideal easel companion It ll be a great little container to take along to a couple of craft fayres I have coming up this month as it has a cleaning reservoir within I hope to demo some portraiture at the fayres along with the usual wet on wet landscapes I ll leave you with an image of Marylin s portrait of her grandson One more session should have this completed I think you ll agree he s looking pretty neat already Helen if you re reading any feedback you have will be greatly received before we put on the finishing touches Do email me so I can send

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  • Valerie Stewart
    Specialising in Portraits in Oil Valerie also enjoys painting and teaching still lifes Her love of people is easily recognised in her soft life like portraits With her easy to follow teaching style every painter from beginner to advanced can glean valuable knowledge about successfully painting portraits no matter how much they have painted before Valerie encourages those who may think they can t do portraits to give it a try Her favourite saying is Everything s easy once you know how The Seminar This seminar is designed with the serious portrait student in mind Beginners and advanced painters alike will enjoy and greatly benefit from this exciting experience Each attendee will complete two portraits of their own choosing How about painting your pet Or maybe you d like to paint your children or grandchildren It s completely up to you the artist With Valerie s easy to follow instruction you will find out just how easy and fun portrait painting can be Join us next year for this 100 GUARANTEED class What s included Your portrait paints mediums and your portrait brushes are not only included in the price but also you ll be able to keep and take your brushes home with you Valerie wil also provide each student with a complete instructional notebook for home reference Refreshments and biscuits you might like to bring a packed lunch although the venue is located close to a bakery and small supermarket Brush cleaning equipment easels palettes kitchen roll Photo courtesy of Kim Johnson Smiles taken in a Spring 2009 seminar What s not included Accommodation transport meals Your canvas Valerie usually recommends that students use a 16 x 20 inch canvas for a standard head and shoulders portrait Each canvas needs to be coated ahead of time with white

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