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  • The Future Of Your Business May Depend On Having A Mobile Friendly Website
    different size screens without floating away into some digital neverland or becoming so tiny it would take a magnifying glass to read the content Websites built to suit all screen sizes are known in web design circles as responsive websites Responsiveness means that the experience of using a website on a mobile is the same if not better than using the website on a desktop It doesn t just mean the website simply resizes which is a common misconception April 21st The Dawn Of A New Era In Google Search A responsive website at the very least must have text that is easy to read easy to navigate and if you happen to be selling something it goes without saying it must be easy to for customers to place orders too This is why it s a bit of a mystery that more website owners haven t been paying attention to their mobile presence This may change on 21 April This date will not only be a watershed moment for web design It will also be an important development for that other aspect most business owners depend on SEO Google the world s biggest search engine has been quietly experimenting for some time on how to handle the growing audience of mobile users particularly in the US where tablets and mobiles are now the dominant gadgets used to surf the web What they have come up with is a way to rank websites according to how friendly they are for mobile users The official line from Google is that if you don t care about smart phones then building a website to suit those users is not essential unless of course you want to lose those visits When Google makes these kinds of announcements it is important to take notice

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  • 5 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2015
    doesn t stop with building it It needs to be adaptable to changes It is worth paying attention to how it might evolve in the future and that future is often just around the corner With this in mind let s look at the following five areas you would be wise to keep an eye on in 2015 1 Responsive Design There are still many businesses out there ignoring responsive design Responsive design doesn t just mean that the website resizes to smaller screens even if this is a start it s important that the content is readable and easy to navigate on those different screen sizes Personally I get more impatient when I m viewing things on a mobile Viewing on a small screen is the place where I m looking for quick answers why make it harder for customers to find them Statistics say I m probably not alone Responsive design is no longer a luxury it s a necessity 2 Typography The right typography won t create a masterpiece on its own but it will present what you are trying to say better The visual presentation of words on a website can mean the difference between getting a blog read and people passing it by Unfortunately people have short attention spans online and it s usually the pretty presentations that draw people in and get noticed Fortunately there are a vast array of fonts to choose from with new ones being added all the time Few people outside of design consider the sheer volume of choice Ignoring fonts and typography can leave a website looking hopelessly out of date dull and boring particularly on mobile screens where the trend is towards bold typography that is easy to read 3 Video Backgrounds A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the video background and there are signs of it really catching on in 2015 It can make a website look and feel more dynamic and more interesting to look at than the standard website layout It is fashionable now but this doesn t mean that every website should have one If you re an advertising agency or involved in the movies then it might be worth considering Video backgrounds will attract more attention and if you happen to be in an industry where attention grabbing is important then it may be time to consider how a video can be integrated creatively as in this example http mediaboom com home 4 Storytelling Storytelling has become a buzzword in internet marketing circles but it s nothing new As human beings we ve been telling stories since we learned to communicate Businesses are increasingly catching on to the need to tell a story through a combination of video images and text Having that story presented on your website in a way that will engage the audience will soon be critical now that people are faced with more choice online If you re not familiar with buyer personas or simply ignore them

    Original URL path: http://www.baabaadesign.co.uk/5-web-design-trends-to-watch-out-for-in-2015/7 (2016-02-14)
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  • The Silent Seller Every Website Needs | Graphic Design
    you like what you are seeing or tells you to just click off and go somewhere else 50 milliseconds is not a lot of time Businesses invest a lot of money in sales and marketing yet they sometimes neglect one vital area what people in the design world call the silent seller It is the silent seller that grabs a customer s attention in that 50 milliseconds and makes them feel comfortable buying something The silent seller makes a good first impression It doesn t make mistakes and once it s employed it will continue to bring in customers 24 7 seven days a week The silent seller is graphic design and you will see all kinds of examples of graphic design good and bad every time you visit a web page Websites need graphic design as much as they need the functions that make them work At its best graphic design presents a business as successful because it LOOKS successful If visitors like what they see then they are more likely to be attracted by the products or services on offer I once came across a business owner who invested tens of thousands in marketing and just a few hundred pounds in graphic design The website was selling products valued at 30 000 while investing comparatively little into how that high end product was presented or the overall impression created by the website The result was a website that attracted a large number of visitors yet few if anyone bought the high value products Visitors reaching the website were attracted by the product and then turned off by what they saw It wasn t until the website owner hired a graphic designer that his fortunes began to turn around It is easy to assume that a few graphic design

    Original URL path: http://www.baabaadesign.co.uk/the-silent-seller-every-website-needs/6 (2016-02-14)
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  • Graphic Design – What’s The Best Colour For A Website?
    of the emotions your website is triggering in your customers It will also play its part in whether or not they buy your product or service It probably took a bit of time for Facebook and Linkedin to come up with a particular shade of blue for their logos and websites just as it did for the creators of Twitter when they settled on light blue Google keeps it simple with four colours on a plain white background The irony is that even though choosing blue did these billion dollar Internet businesses no harm it can be seen as anything but friendly and social Blue isn t the ideal choice if you want your business to be seen as exciting or warm like a small hotel or restaurant Red on the other hand could be a better choice to communicate a feeling of warmth and stimulation you would expect to find in your favourite restaurant On the flipside red can come across as aggressive and it certainly attracts attention If you re trying to sell products on your website then this is a good colour but you may be stuck when you want your sale items to stand out If you re looking to play safe white or green are a calmer alternatives Green is often associated with nature and sustainability which made it popular a few years back when lots of business wanted to communicate how green they were White is the ultimate safe choice if you want your website to look minimalistic White looks good if you own a dental surgery or if you want to project a nice clean image for your website when there is a lot happening on the page Be careful with your use of white though because the disadvantage is it can look

    Original URL path: http://www.baabaadesign.co.uk/graphic-design-what-s-the-best-colour-for-a-website/3 (2016-02-14)
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  • Why You Should Try Being Good At Graphic Design
    t have the talent One of my school reports came back saying He appears to be working all the time but has produced virtually nothing This summed up my talent for art I spent too much time overthinking what I wanted to create Now with all these tools that make graphic design easier I can put a website together design business cards and even design adverts and posters I don t need any particular talent to do those things Even if my version of graphic design wouldn t meet professional standards it will still look ok to the untrained eye The problem you have as an amateur learning any skill is the time it can take to learn those skills and the results at the end Even with all the tools I will spend a disproportionate amount of time choosing the right colours to match a photograph I ll need a logo that will require a specialist skill in itself to put together I ll get things wrong often I ll think I ve got something so nearly but not quite right And that s just to create one piece of work I ll then need to combine everything I have created into something that defines my brand Those business cards will need to have a logo that catches the eye The website should be instantly recognisable as a shop window for my brand My social media channels flyers and banners will all need to match and say what I want to say about my business Graphic design is like a lot of other skills these days Everyone thinks they can write a blog A lot of business owners think they can take care of copywriting and branding themselves Everyone is encouraged to have a go Many graphic designers will

    Original URL path: http://www.baabaadesign.co.uk/why-you-should-try-being-good-at-graphic-design/2 (2016-02-14)
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  • baabaa design agency in Wrexham & Chester
    Sit back relax and enjoy our articles Why Graphic Design And SEO Are No Longer Mutually Exclusive Posted on 19 07 14 Your typical graphic design specialist will no longer be sitting alone at their desk dreaming up concepts and agonising over fonts or colour matches Something that was previously unthinkable has come along to disrupt the clear boundary lines between graphic design and all the skills involved in creating

    Original URL path: http://www.baabaadesign.co.uk/blog/?page=2 (2016-02-14)
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  • Why Graphic Design And SEO Are No Longer Mutually Exclusive
    well the graphic designer and web developer coming up with beautifully designed websites quite another to get the website to a place on Google s search results where anyone could find it Fortunately in those early days SEO was still something that fell under the technical umbrella which was handled by the web developers as they put together a website Often simply building the website was enough in those days And so it continued The web developer worked away on setting up the website and graphic designers worked on fonts logos and all the nice visual stuff that goes into making a decent website That was until recently when everything changed The catalyst for this change in the industry came from something Google decided to do Rein in SEOs SEO had until fairly recently been part of the more technical side of web development Back then it was unheard of that graphic designers would need to have anything much to do with SEOs SEOs were from Mars and graphic designers were from Venus One was sat at one end of the office working on concepts while the other was busy dealing with a hundred different ways of saying one keyword phrase at the other The job of an SEO was relatively dull and repetitive compared to what looked like the fun job of being a graphic designer Mercifully Google put an end to the robotic side of SEO with successive algorithm updates that shook the Internet world SEO too had become a skill that was seen as specialist and in some cases a dark art To cut a long story short SEO was largely about collecting links from other websites that were used to build authority and optimising for keywords There were no safeguards in place so the job of

    Original URL path: http://www.baabaadesign.co.uk/why-graphic-design-and-seo-are-no-longer-mutually-exclusive/1 (2016-02-14)
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