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  • Baldwin's - Buy and Sell Rare Coins - A Rare Father & Son NGS Pair to the Murton Family - Military Medals and Decorations
    Expedition aboard HMS Rodney and the East Indies 1801 in the West Indies slightly wounded in 1804 on the Coast of France engaged with an enemy Flotilla in 1805 the Mediterranean in 1806 cutting out enemy vessels from under the Batteries and was voted a Sword from the Patriotic Fund the Coast of Spain aiding the Guerillas served in Holland 1813 Medal for service in Egypt He retired on Full Pay 12 February 1842 and died at Brompton Chatham 6 January 1854 The inscription of his Lloyds Sword is worthy of inclusion From the Patriotic Fund at Lloyds to Lieut H I Henry John Murton of the Royal Marines of HMS Renommee for his Gallant Conduct in the Command of the Marines Employed in Boarding Carrying the Spanish Schooner Giganta of 9 Guns 38 Men under the Batteries of the Town Tower of Viega 4 May 1806 as Recorded in the London Gazette 8 July 1806 This sword has appeared on the market as recently as 2003 and was previously sold at auction by Butterfield Bonhams 15 October 1996 and originally sold by Sotheby s in 1966 just months prior to the original sale of the medals His son Lieutenant Henry Fortescue Murton Royal Marines served at the Battle of Navarino aboard HMS Asia He appears to have resigned from further naval service as the result of a conflict between himself and Captain William Wise whilst serving on HMS Thunderer stemming from a perceived act of indiscipline For this Captain Wise ordered Second Lieutenant H F Murton to keep the First Watch 8 00pm to Midnight whilst in port at Malta As Royal Marine officers were not usually expected to keep watch this order angered Murton who promptly offered his resignation which equally promptly appears to have been accepted as

    Original URL path: http://www.baldwin.co.uk/military-medals-and-decorations/a-rare-father-son-ngs-pair-to-the-murton-family.html?usrc=1 (2016-02-12)
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  • Baldwin's - Buy and Sell Rare Coins - NGS Centaur 26 Augt 1808 to AS Nicholas Roberts - Military Medals and Decorations
    with his ship HMS Centaur and HMS Implacable to assist the Swedish Fleet under Rear Admiral Nauckhoff against a Russian Fleet known to be operating in and around the Oro Roads having been spotted exiting the Finnish port of Hango Upon encountering the Russian Fleet of roughly equal size on the 25th of August the Russians had the wind against them and were seen to retreat and move towards more friendly waters the Anglo Swedish Fleet followed in pursuit The superior training of the British crews as well as their ships copper bottomed hulls allowed Centaur and Implacable to lead the pursuit overnight leading the Swedish by some 10 miles during which they found the Vsevolod straggling towards the rear That morning on the 26th of August the first broadsides were exchanged between Implacable and Vsevolod with the Centaur approaching in support After suffering numerous withering broadsides and seeing the Centaur closing in the Sevolod struck her colours with British losses of six killed twenty four wounded and heavy damage to Implacable s rigging Russian losses were totalled at 48 killed and 80 wounded in this initial contest The Russian Fleet soon noticed that the two British vessels were so far ahead of their allied fleet as to be virtually alone and they closed in around Vsevolod and began to tow her away towards Rogerswick as Centaur and the damaged Implacable were forced to withdraw a short distance The unfortunate Vsevolod then ran aground in her approach to the friendly harbour and Hood saw an opportunity to seize his prize sending Centaur in so close that both ships riggings became tangled Broadside to broadside the crew of the outnumbered Vsevolod fought desperately but after 10 minutes or so they once again struck colours This second time Russian losses were much

    Original URL path: http://www.baldwin.co.uk/military-medals-and-decorations/ngs-centaur-26-augt-1808-to-as-nicholas-roberts.html?usrc=1 (2016-02-12)
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  • Baldwin's - Buy and Sell Rare Coins - NGS 2 Clasps to Cooper William Jerome, HMS Beagle - Military Medals and Decorations
    operations on the Channel Station On the 2nd of October 1808 HMS Beagle chased and subsequently captured the French vessel Hazard 14 On the 23rd of January 1809 Beagle chased two French Privateers managing to board and capture the Vengeur 16 and on the 18th of February Beagle ran alongside and captured the French Privateer Fortune 16 HMS Beagle played an important role in the attack on a fleet of 14 French vessels anchored in the Basque Roads Arriving on the 10th of April with several fire ships she commanded and successfully launched one of the fireships towards the enemy fleet The following day HMS Beagle followed Lord Cochrane s Imperieuse and Aetna towards the enemy Newcombe s HMS Beagle fired repeatedly at the French vessel Ville de Varsovie assisted in the boarding and capture of Calcutta and closed within pistol shot of Aquilon 74 and exchanged fire with her for ten minutes until the enemy ship struck colours making Beagle the first brig to take a line of battle ship The prize crew from HMS Beagle also saw to the safe explosion of Calcutta On the morning of the 13th HMS Beagle was one of just a handful of ships under Cochrane that ignored the recall ordered by Rear Admiral Stopford and Beagle set about protecting the bomb vessel Aetna whereupon Beagle anchored between her and the anchored French vessels Whilst only suffering one man wounded by splinters she received heavy damage to her rigging and several cannon shots to the hull and in her defence expended all but 3 barrels of her powder It would be fair to assume that Cooper Jerome would have made himself useful assisting the Carpenter s Crew in making essential repairs to this damage Following this action for his achievements and gallantry Newcombe received a promotion to the rank of Post Captain Following these events Commander William Dolling was placed in charge of HMS Beagle taking part in the Scheldt operations Soon after this it returned to harrying smuggling vessels in the Channel recapturing the brig Resource and taking the ships Ox Fly and numerous other smuggling vessels Under their own rather shrewd initiative the officers and crew of Beagle apparently purchased the cargo of two of these vessels and later sold it at great profit Such activities continued under Commander John Smith until mid 1813 In the autumn of 1813 HMS Beagle was to play its last major role as part of the fleet under Captain George Collier sent to assist the Duke of Wellington s campaign in northern Spain HMS Beagle assisted in the taking of the battery on the island of Santa Clara with one man dangerously wounded Smith himself was wounded whilst in charge a party of seaman who were firing their own 24 pounders landed ashore to silence the city s own batteries After returning home from this action HMS Beagle was laid up and sold and William Jerome s busy 5 years of naval involvement appear to

    Original URL path: http://www.baldwin.co.uk/military-medals-and-decorations/ngs-2-clasps-to-cooper-william-jerome-hms-beagle.html?usrc=1 (2016-02-12)
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  • Baldwin's - Buy and Sell Rare Coins - MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL - Military Medals and Decorations
    1912 David Spink Collection 1984 In late January 1810 the British launched a renewed campaign to finally remove the French presence from the Caribbean Following the capture of Martinique by the British in February 1809 the British had implemented a very effective naval blockade of Guadeloupe the last remaining French possession in the region which had starved the island of food and supplies This island had been used as a safe haven for French warships and privateers which had for some time threatened British trade in the region as well as a centre for the continuing French slave trade which the Royal Navy had been actively persecuting since 1807 On the 30th of January the British invasion force of some 6 700 men including just 9 of the 70th Surrey Regiment landed unopposed upon the island under the command of Lieutenant General Sir George Beckwith The French forces under General Ernout soon appeared in force upon the British approach to Basse Terre but the weakened French were flanked by the British and soon forced to retire Meanwhile a party of Royal Marines had attacked and seized the now unguarded capital of Basse Terre spoiling the French retreat After this effective combined attack during which the French received a total of roughly 500 600 casualties the island quickly surrendered with the capture complete by the 5th of February 1810 Some 3 500 French soldiers and their officers were taken as prisoners of war as well as cannon and an Imperial eagle of 66th Regiment In all the British suffered 52 officers and men killed and 250 wounded As a consequence of this small campaign the Atlantic slave trade finally came to an end in the region and the absence of French vessels in the area allowed for British trade interests in

    Original URL path: http://www.baldwin.co.uk/military-medals-and-decorations/military-general-service-medal.html?usrc=1 (2016-02-12)
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  • Baldwin's - Buy and Sell Rare Coins - MGS 3 Clasps to Pte William Jones, 3rd Dragoon Guards - Military Medals and Decorations
    MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1793 1814 3 clasps Albuhera Vittoria Toulouse William Jones 3rd Dragoon Guards officially impressed with ornate silver suspension bar with reverse pin for wear mounted on card for display Lightly toned a few light hairlines and edge nicks tiny dig to Albuhera clasp otherwise good very fine with an excellent provenance ex Glendining June 1914 ex Hume collection 1923 ex J B Hayward collection September 1970 ex DNW 2 December 2009 lot 144 1400 Private William Jones was born c 1762 in Madely near Wellington Shropshire having previously worked as a Miner He served in the 3rd Dragoon Guards for a period of over 18 years joining up in May 1794 at the relatively old age of 32 He served in the Peninsular Wars being present with his regiment at Albuhera Vittoria and Toulouse yet it appears he was not at Talavera and was eventually discharged from the 3rd Dragoon Guards into the 11th Royal Regiment of Veterans in July 1812 where he served for two years before being discharged with debility upon the disbandment of the regiment the date being 24 July 1814 Coins 2143 Commemorative Medals 108 Military Medals and Decorations 133 Tokens 86

    Original URL path: http://www.baldwin.co.uk/military-medals-and-decorations/mgs-3-clasps-to-pte-william-jones-3rd-dragoon-guards.html?usrc=1 (2016-02-12)
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  • Baldwin's - Buy and Sell Rare Coins - MGS 2 Clasps to Pte John Hart 62nd (Wiltshire) Foot - Military Medals and Decorations
    Valuations News About Us Contact Us Back To Military Medals and Decorations Military Medals and Decorations Next Item Previous Item MGS 2 Clasps to Pte John Hart 62nd Wiltshire Foot Price 1 450 Item Reference HM52316 Add To Basket Add To Wishlist MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1793 1814 2 clasps Nivelle Nive John Hart 62nd Foot officially impressed Dark old tone a few light marks and tiny reverse edge bruise pleasing very fine ex Glendining November 1956 earlier seen with 9 clasps now corrected ex Spink January 1974 Private John Hart was born c 1767 at Selbridge County Kildare Ireland and served with the 62nd 1st Battalion Wiltshire Foot during the Peninsular Wars having previously worked as a Weaver He was present at Nivelle and Nive and was later discharged from further army service 27 January 1817 rank of Colour Sergeant at the age of 50 having served for some 33 years Coins 2143 Commemorative Medals 108 Military Medals and Decorations 133 Tokens 86 Banknotes and Paper Ephemera 103 Books 637 My Basket You have 67 items in your basket Basket Subtotal 67 925 00 View Basket Go To Checkout My Wish List You have no items on your wish

    Original URL path: http://www.baldwin.co.uk/military-medals-and-decorations/mgs-2-clasps-to-pte-john-hart-62nd-wiltshire-foot.html?usrc=1 (2016-02-12)
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  • Baldwin's - Buy and Sell Rare Coins - Field Officer's Gold Medal to C E Conyers 82nd Foot - Military Medals and Decorations
    the hostile chiefs for the evacuation of the island owing to the constant fighting and the ravages of malaria and yellow fever The remains of the 82nd were collected at Jaremie under command of Lieutenant Conyers the only remaining officer of the original number which had landed less than three years before at St Domingo In total from this original contingent 22 officers were lost as well as some 1000 men After returning for a time to England in late January 1799 he served briefly in the expedition to Quiberon Bay in France before serving in Minorca for two years with the 82nd Foot until it was ceded to Spain under the terms of the Peace of Amiens before being removed to Ireland in 1802 In this year Conyers was promoted to Captain 25 June 1802 and made ADC to Major General Patrick Wauchope It appears that he subsequently followed Wauchope to Malta for one year and eight months and then on to Egypt in 1807 as ADC serving as a member of the Staff under General Alexander Mackenzie Fraser to confront Ottoman forces in that strategic location He was present with the British force led by Wauchope at the storming and retreat from Rosetta as the British forces were shot and sniped from windows in the labyrinthine streets Here Wauchope was killed and Captain Conyers was presumably wounded with him in the fighting receiving a severe contusion presumably from a glancing bullet His service papers then detail that he was subsequently made ADC to Brigadier General Sir William Stewart during the siege of Rosetta before the British and Colonial army s retreat to Sicily where Captain Conyers served for two years on the Staff there as Brigade Major Returning to England after some nine years abroad in 1809 he was officially promoted to Major on 16 February 1809 when he was granted three months of leave His service papers inconveniently end at this point but it appears very likely that he served in the ill fated Walcheren Expedition where both battalions of the 82nd Foot served We do know however from the The Royal Military Calendar that he served on the Staff as Brigade Major in Spain under Wellington The 82nd saw a great deal of action throughout the war in the Spain and France and perhaps owing to the severity of senior officer casualties suffered amongst the 82nd foot during this campaign he appears to have been the highest ranked able bodied officer of that regiment by late 1813 Continuing into 1814 he saw his finest hour during the operations on the Gave d Oleron at Hastingues and Oyer le Gave across the Pyrenees culminating at the Battle of Orthes Here he led his regiment into action against concentrated French force in a superior position and commanded it successfully until he was severely wounded presumed bullet wound details strangely absent from all records being awarded the Army Gold Medal another being awarded to Major Vincent who succeeded him

    Original URL path: http://www.baldwin.co.uk/military-medals-and-decorations/field-officer-s-gold-medal-to-c-e-conyers-82nd-foot.html?usrc=1 (2016-02-12)
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  • Baldwin's - Buy and Sell Rare Coins - Brunswick Waterloo Medal to Aide Niemeyer, War Commisariat - Military Medals and Decorations
    Create an Account Log In Home Buy Sell Consign Auctions Valuations News About Us Contact Us Back To Military Medals and Decorations Military Medals and Decorations Next Item Previous Item Brunswick Waterloo Medal to Aide Niemeyer War Commisariat Sold Item Reference FM45134 This item has recently been sold BRUNSWICK WATERLOO MEDAL 1815 with replacement clip and straight bar suspension Carl Niemeyer Aide KR Comm officially impressed in large capitals Well toned good very fine ex Jager Medals and Militaria 2011 private purchase Carl Niemeyer served as an Aide in the General War Commissariat which was set up to oversee the workings of the Army Having been present at Waterloo in 1818 he appears to have worked within the Criminal Courts in Hannover Despite the variance in surname spelling this recipient may potentially be the brother of Augustus Niemeier as suggested by some genealogical research Coins 2143 Commemorative Medals 108 Military Medals and Decorations 133 Tokens 86 Banknotes and Paper Ephemera 103 Books 637 My Basket You have 69 items in your basket Basket Subtotal 93 875 00 View Basket Go To Checkout My Wish List You have no items on your wish list View Wishlist Contact Retail 44 0 20

    Original URL path: http://www.baldwin.co.uk/military-medals-and-decorations/brunswick-waterloo-medal-to-aide-niemeyer-war-commisariat.html?usrc=1 (2016-02-12)
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