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  • Listing of all bears
    Cub Cumin Curry Custard Custard Cream Cuthbert Cyril d Ache Dafydd Dahlia Daisy Damson Dandilion Darryl Dawn Dayfd Debbie Dempsey Denim Dennis Dermot Derwent Dicky Digby Dijon Dilbert Dim Sum Dinkie Dixie Domino Donatell Donatella Donovan Doodle Dottie Dougal Douglas Dragonfly Duke Dumpling Duncan Dusk Dusky Dusty Dylon Eaton Mess Edelweiss Edison Edna Edric Edward Edwin Elena Elgar Elliot Ellis Emerald Enid Eric Ermin Erroll Ethel Everard Expresso Faith Falstaff Fanny Faolân Farthing Felix Fellini Fennel Ferdinand Fergus Festival Fidget Fidgit Fifi Fleur Flip Flitter Flo Flop Flopsy Flora Florrie Fluff Flutter Fondant Forte Fortnum Francesco Franklin Freckle Fred Freddy Frost Fru Fru Fuchsia Fudge Gabriel Gaelic Coffee Gareth Garrison Gary Gentle Geoff George George II Gerald Geranium Gerard Gertrude Gethin Giles Ginger Ginnie Ginseng Gloria Goliath Gooseberry Grad Graham Grant Grasshopper Green Ginger Greengage Greenwich Gregor Gregory Grimsby Griswold Grizzelda Grizzle Grizzle Guggenheim Gus Gwendolyn Haddok Hadrian Hagan Hagrid Half Pint Hamish Harlem Harlow Harold Harriet Harry Harvest Hattie Havacska Hazel Hector Helena Henry Henry and Etta Henry Junior Hermia Herring Hester Hetty Hobnob Hoboken Holmes Honey Honey Bear Hope Horatio Howard Hudson Huey Humphrey Hyacinth Hydrangea Imp Inca Ivan Jack Jack Daniel Jack of Spades Jai Ji James James McTavish Jamie Jasmin Jason Jasper Jeannie Jed Jeffrey Jenson Jessica Jessie Jester Jingle Jo Joki Jonah Joseph Judd Julian Jumble Beary Kaffe Kahlúa Kakao Kapok Kate Katsu Katz Keiko Kerrie Kettle Kev Kevin Kimi Koukla Kris Kris Mouse Kumquat Kyle Lafayette Latte Lavender Lemon Drop Lemongrass Lennox Lentil Leon Leonard Leopold Leroy and Leana Lewis Lexington Liberty Lilac Lilith Lincoln Ling Tou Liquorice Little Orchid Liz and Beth Lizzie and her bear Loganbeary Lola Lorcan Lotus Louie Lu lu Lucia Macchiato Macy Madge Madison Madras Maggie Magnus Maisy Major Makepeace Malibu Malt Mandarin Mango Margareta Marlon Marmaduke Marmalade Martin Marylin Mason Matilda Maximillian Maya McTavish Meadow Melody Meshach Mi Mi Mick Midge Midnight Mignette Mignon Milly Milton Minnie Mint Julep Misha Mishko Misty Mocha Molly Monroe Monty Morel Morello Morgan Mortimer Moss Moth Muffin Mulbeary Murano Murgatroyd Murphy Murray Muscat Mustard Mustardseed Myrtle Napoleon Nettle Neville Newark Nibbles Nicholas Ning Ning Nixie Noah Noeline Noelle Nolita Nora Norris Norton Nutella Nutkin Nutmeg Oddjob Ohanzee Olive Oliver Opal Orion Osbourne Oscar Oska Oyster Ozzy Pansy Paprika Parker Parkin Parsley Parsnip Pashmina Patricia Pavlov Peach Peaseblossom Pebbles Pecan Pelirrojo Peng Song Penn Peony Pepper Peppercorn Percy Perdita Persimmon Pesto Petal Pewter Pierre Pilau Pilchard Pippin Pistachio Plum Polka Polly Polo Pom pom Pooch Popcorn Porcini Port Porthos Portia Posie Powder Puff Pringle Pudding Puddle Pumpernickel Pumpkin Pursey Pushkin Putney Quartz Quentin Quin Quince Radish Raphael Raspbeary Candy Ratatouille Rhodedendron Ribena Richard Rob and Bertha Robbie Robyn Rockefeller Rodney Róisín Rollo Ronnie Rose Rose Bud Rose Christine Rosie Rough Roxanne Rozy Ruby Rudyard Ruff Rufford Rufus Rush Ruskin Russ Russet Rust and Neil Rusty Ruta Rutland Rye Sable Sadie Saffron Saffy Sage Saki Salsa Sam Samuel Sandy Sardine Sasha Satsuma Scamp Scampi Scone Scott Scraggy Scrap Scraps Scribble Scruff Scruffy Seal Seamus

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  • What is needle felting?
    one or more felting needles Felting Needles are straight needles with barbs cut along the shaft When repeatedly pushed into a tuft of wool fibres the barbs pull the fibres down compressing and locking them together The barbs are cut in one direction so that felting or matting together of the fibres will occur when the needle is pushed in and not when it is pulled out This matting felting

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  • Links
    We have linked with Sophos to provide you with the latest information on the current virus threats

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  • C & M's Bearhugs News - Workshops
    is 47 50 and this includes all materials required plus tea and coffee throughout the day There is a café on site or you may bring your own lunch To book a place please contact Maria at the Patchings bear studio or via email maria bearhugs co uk You can download a copy of our leaflet which includes a booking form here or to download just the booking form click here The leaflet is available in a PDF format and to view you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader click here to download for free Three Netted Necklaces Beadwork class Saturday 9th January Tutor Claire Crouchley Using seed beads bugles and crystals learn how to make 3 different necklaces based on traditional East European designs All materials will be provided to complete three necklaces This class is suitable for beginners and up Watch out for Son of Netted Necklaces coming later in the year Great Oaks From Little Acorns Introduction to Goldwork Saturday 13th February Tutor Maria Crouchley Learn the basic techniques of traditional goldwork by stitching this charming motif All materials including various metallic and metal threads will be provided This class is suitable for beginners and up The Goddess

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  • C & M's Bearhugs contents Bear Courses - handmade collectors artist teddy bears
    bea r making courses If you are interested in a course then please see Maria Maria will hold courses as long as there are at least two people interested Other courses Course to make a 7 inch 12 inch or a 14 inch bear or panda Craft Courses Beadwork courses If you are interested in any of the above workshops or courses Maria will run a course at your convenience

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  • Craft Courses
    are at least two people interested Course Fee 15 00 Christmas makes with children a course for parents A variety of crafty Christmas activities for you to do with your children Ideas and techniques for gifts and decorations using easy available and scrap materials All materials included All tools provided Classes are held in small groups in the Farmhouse studio T here are no set dates for craft courses If

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  • C & M's Bearhugs News - handmade collectors artist teddy bears
    I updated the site We had six chicks for the Festival and a very busy festival it was All six chicks fledged successfully Since then we had a wonderful concert with Michael Ball and we are now all busy again preparing for the Bear Fair New Editions Liquorice Anemone Sorbet Fondant Rozy Persimmon Plum Pashmina Bourbon and Maisy Adopted before appearing on this site Caran d Ache Pesto Rose Popcorn and Greengage No longer available Hazel Maya Little Orchid Trouble and Mint Julep 20th May 2008 We have eight eggs this picture was taken when we had seven She has started sitting on the eggs and we hope for chicks in time for the Festival No longer available Hope 2nd May 2008 Well we have settled Claire in Gorseinon near Swansea just don t mention mail boxes to her Wilbeary Maria and John took a van full to the brim it still did not contain all of her stuff Last weekend Maria was at Patchings and she saw a bird enter the nest box John later saw it and we can confirm that it is a pair of Great Tits We are hoping for eggs soon Claire is home for the Spring Bank Holiday weekend we are looking forward to seeing her New Editions Ruby and Russ Adopted before appearing on this site Tabitha Rose No longer available Buddleia and Graham 5th April 2008 We had a very busy Bear Fair there were many stalls both in the log cabin and in the pavilion and a steady stream of visitors Then we travelled to Swansea last weekend Claire has a new job there and we went to find a place for her to live Wilbeary went with us and as usual he found some delicious food even if he couldn

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  • C & M's Bearhugs News - handmade collectors artist teddy bears
    unbleached calico and are supplied with a pen The idea is that you have the bear for a significant occasion and collect as many autographs as you can to remember the occasion They are 9 5 tall and cost 15 00 New Editions Cardamon Cumin Spearmint Charlton and Campbell Adopted before appearing on this site Bibi and Saffy No longer available Major Seville Bailey Humphrey Tabasco Candie Cerise and Smudge 15th April 2007 We had a good bear fair our largest yet John has been away again to New York yes he promised to stay at home but you know what he is like He is off again at the end of April Wilbeary put his foot down and insisted that if John had to go then the least he could do was to take Wilbeary and Maria with him So we are all going the Memphis on Friday Maria said Gracelands We will be back in the studio on Sunday 6th May Keep an eye on Wilbeary s Blog for news New Editions Harry Basil Audrey Tipsy Angostura Alfred Ambrose and Holmes No longer available Hudson Seville Baileys Ohanzee and Zorba 4th March 2007 It has been a busy year so far John has been to Barcelona New York twice Bangalore and Edinburgh He is off again tomorrow to New York again we are beginning to think he doesn t like staying at home He tells us that he will be back for a while after this trip Easter Monday s bear fair looks like being our largest yet we have stalls in the Pavilion and in the log cabin so make sure that you visit both locations Both John and Claire will be home for the fair New Editions Half Pint Candie Aramis Ohanzee Chang Chang Zhen Zhen

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