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  • Do you need a website? — Beetlebrow web design for the south west
    a small business spending most of your time working on site and do not need any more customers then you re in a good place and probably don t need to invest in a website Similarly if you have a situational business that relies on passing trade a website to advertise your services may not be necessary Or if your customers are more likely to pick up the Yellow Pages than to search on Google then you may better off in the short term to invest in a bigger bolder Yellow Pages advert we can help with that too However see this article on Digital Britain as this is soon to change Probably you do A website is a good idea if any of the following is applies to your business You know your customers are likely to use the Internet want to grow and market your business want to attract customers from more locations want to sell products online believe you could save costs by providing information and services to your existing customers or supply chain So if you do and you d like us to discuss the best way forward contact us here Getting in touch Please contact

    Original URL path: http://www.beetlebrow.co.uk/what-do-you-need/do-you-need-a-website/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Logo design and branding — Beetlebrow web design for the south west
    ensure your business gets the logo it needs During the design process you will have the opportunity to select from several possible logo designs and have several chances to provide feedback and make design suggestions At the end of the process you ll have a great logo For more information about logo design and branding or a quote please contact us here Filed under branding corporate identity Corporate identity Getting

    Original URL path: http://www.beetlebrow.co.uk/what-do-you-need/logo-design-branding/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Copy writing — Beetlebrow web design for the south west
    to remember Some companies have someone who can turn out good copy for their web site some don t One of the most common reasons for a delayed web site launch is a delay with the production of the text After all it s not your day job to write otherwise you d be a journalist Luckily we have experienced journalists on hand to fill the gap for you Our teams includes writers with many years experience on national newspapers and publications such as the Financial Times They can produce the different styles required for different audiences while ensuring the text if rich in important keywords to help your site register well with search engines Whether you need copy writing services turning brochures or other literature or your notes into excellent prose or copy editing services to tighten up what you ve written and make sure it s suitable for the web we can help For more information about our copy writing service or a quote either give us a call or message us via our contact form here Filed under copy writing Getting in touch Please contact us at beetlebrow by using the quick enquiry form here The more

    Original URL path: http://www.beetlebrow.co.uk/what-do-you-need/copywriting/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Photography — Beetlebrow web design for the south west
    and vibrancy to your site but can also be informative Our elegant zoom mechanism allows the picture to enlarge in front of your eyes facilitating more detailed viewing Try clicking on the onion on the left In addition we can add movement to you site by introducing a slide show on to the page this can display as many images as necessary These will then fade in and out on a time delay revealing a complicated message in bite size chunks or different messages on each slide Beetlebrow has a large photography resource of its own but can also undertake specific custom work as required Most photographic use will be covered in the cost of the web site design but extended or special photo requirements may need to be priced separately as it may involve travel or the commissioning of local photographers if the work was beyond the UK For more information about our photography services or a quote please get in touch here Filed under photography Eye watering photography Getting in touch Please contact us at beetlebrow by using the quick enquiry form here The more information you can include now about your requirements will help us to provide

    Original URL path: http://www.beetlebrow.co.uk/what-do-you-need/photography/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Eye catching design — Beetlebrow web design for the south west
    very highest standards Everyone wants an attractive professional design but some people need a business like appearance and others need a more creative approach Some companies want to spend time looking at different design options with a lot of input into the evolution of the design from initial idea to finished product Others want to be guided to a swift and professional design conclusion with as little fuss as possible Whatever your requirements our flexible approach to the design process means you ll get what you want at the right price Tell us what approach you d like to take and we ll tailor the process to your needs Only what you need Most clients come to us with a certain amount of branding already in place and often with a very strong corporate identity In these cases we ll take the logo company colours and any other existing branding plus design suggestions and use them to create a design or series of designs which draws on and complements the material supplied Start ups or companies looking to rebrand often ask us to include logo design and branding in their design package In these cases the logo and corporate identity comes first and the web site design comes from that If you need a quick result which looks great then we can quickly supply an attractive design with a distinctive look and feel If you want the reassurance of an open ended process with as much input from you as you need then we re happy to oblige For more information on our design approach visit our prices page Whichever approach is right for you our eye catching web design will Provide your business with a confident professional and impressive brand Help persuade potential customers that you have the products

    Original URL path: http://www.beetlebrow.co.uk/what-do-you-need/beetlebrow-web-design/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Domain name registration — Beetlebrow web design for the south west
    for your web site name Web sites has addresses like www beetlebrow co uk The bit after the www is called the domain and it s this that you buy to identify your company or organisation on the web While it s not difficult to register and maintain your own domain we can help by registering it for you and managing the web email and other parts of the domain If you prefer we can help you set up your own account with a domain services provider such as Fasthosts that s who we use so you can control the domain yourself With our wide experience of the web we can also help you decide which domain or domains it s worth buying Sometimes it can be worth buying several versions of the same domain to protect your brand and to catch more people trying to find you on the web but sometimes there s little point For more information about our photography services or a quote please get in touch here Getting in touch Please contact us at beetlebrow by using the quick enquiry form here The more information you can include now about your requirements will help us

    Original URL path: http://www.beetlebrow.co.uk/what-do-you-need/domain-name-registration/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Optimised for search engines — Beetlebrow web design for the south west
    engines and other directories and a Google sitemap is created to help Google analyse and rank the site SEO is not an exact science and success cannot be achieved overnight no matter what some people say The natural successful ranking of your site by search engines is a gradual process that may take several weeks to achieve After an initial keyword analysis process where Beetlebrow and the client work together to produce a comprehensive list of useful keyword searches Beetlebrow will perform an initial benchmarking of the site s performance on search engines for comparison with later results We then analyse the existing pages for the effective use of keywords and where necessary recode and tweak the pages to improve it Beetlebrow can also manage a link builder campaign whereby well formatted and worded links are exchanged with relevant sites which can have a dramatic effect on search results Statistics about the campaign will be published on a secure web page that you can access at any time to monitor the results of the campaign and keep track of the time that has been spent Search engine marketing Adwords and Pay Per Click PPC campaigns are highly effective at getting your link in front of as many people as possible and can effectively run alongside an SEO campaign to achieve short term penetration In effect you bid for various relevant keywords and set a maximum number of impressions or clicks for your link If your bid is well chosen your link will appear in the paid for sections on the various search engines and you pay either for views or clicks on your link We will help you set weekly or monthly budgets and decide how much to spend on each keyword as well as manage the campaign and keep

    Original URL path: http://www.beetlebrow.co.uk/what-do-you-need/search-engine-optimisation/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Statistics — Beetlebrow web design for the south west
    used to pinpoint areas to improve your service Beetlebrow can provide detailed site statistics covering a rolling 12 month period with our own analysis tools which use the data stored in the logs of web access on the server Alternatively you can have Google analytics built in to your page which provide similar statistics or if you prefer you have opt to have both systems enabled The statistics include pages views most and least popular pages words used to find you on search engines and the address of the pages that people are most commonly coming to your site from among other data This will help you to keep track of the effectiveness of any web marketing you employ Statistics are a vital tool in helping to maintain and improve a site s search engine effectiveness by showing you which search terms people are using to find you and which pages are most popular For more information about our photography services or a quote please get in touch here Getting in touch Please contact us at beetlebrow by using the quick enquiry form here The more information you can include now about your requirements will help us to provide a

    Original URL path: http://www.beetlebrow.co.uk/what-do-you-need/statistics/ (2016-02-16)
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