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  • Columnists - Jane Graham - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
    says that the average age children stop believing in the great red gift giver has gone down from almost nine How Wilko s touching love story simply took my breath away It was a joy to be reminded of the extraordinary story of Wilko Johnson in this week s BBC documentary The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson For anyone still unaware of the Wilko story Johnson the brilliant strutting pin up guitarist of Seventies rock band Dr Feelgood How amateur filmmaker proves women have better hi tech focus This week we read the story of the Irish amateur filmmaker whose trip of a lifetime to Vegas has resulted in one of the most watched YouTube videos in the world Evan Griffin gave his dad Joseph his GoPro movie camera to capture every golden moment of his holiday and Joseph Politicians act like babies with their attitudes to breastfeeding The Conservative MP Sir Simon Burns is worried about the House of Commons being mocked in the Press Simon frets about politicians who should be bastions of propriety being derided in the media as if they were no better than vulgar chaps from the underclass So he s Why Kate Winslet is just right to put her children before film business I read an interesting broadsheet newspaper interview with Kate Winslet this week in which she was very honest about her family life with three children after two divorces she s now married for a third time Despite being scarred by a tabloid Press which every time it got a X Factor strikes wrong note through humiliation How ironic Just as I m convinced The X Factor has jumped the shark Simon Cowell assures the world it ll be on for another 10 years Weighing up our relative experience of making live prime time Saturday night TV shows Simon s assessment is probably more credible than mine Which is a shame If a teen is fixated on their spots it can be good to airbrush them away We should encourage our children to embrace their acne it s part of who they are Hmm In every campaign grounded in righteous positivity there comes a tipping point where the principle of the thing trips up the common sense instinct which initiated it How women who celebrate their dislike of children let down the sisterhood Baby hating It s the new feminism Except obviously it s not But you could be forgiven for wondering This week it was an article on the highly respected liberal leaning website Salon which made the pitch Regular contributor Alanna Weissman wrote a piece celebrating her Rihanna s honesty about abusive relationship is admirable I ve had my moments good and bad with Rihanna over the years But I applauded her this week She spoke frankly about an experience in her past which gave rise to much criticism most of it patronising and unfair and in doing so shed real light on a situation which affects Harry Styles is all

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  • Columnists - Alf McCreary - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
    It is ironic that in the run up to Christmas a report published this week claims that almost half the population of the United Kingdom describes themselves as non religious Priest who focussed on what unites rather than divides us The death this week of Fr Gerry Reynolds the Redemptorist priest from Clonard Monastery at the age of 82 marks the passing of another member of that remarkable older generation of people who played such a major part in peace making Why we all should count our blessings in spite of life s trials This has been the week of Thanksgiving especially in the US where it is associated partly with the Pilgrim Fathers but it is also celebrated in other countries as well Our faith is being bombarded now time to call cut When senior Church figures in Northern Ireland express something as being both bewildering and hypocritical mystifying overbearing and a case of unparalleled political correctness it is time to take notice Why we should pray for Islam to undergo its own reformation One of the abiding memories of last week s horrific attack was the inspiring call to Pray for Paris This later became Pray for Paris and the World but what does that mean Stifling debate in church will not help fill the empty pews On last week s Stephen Nolan TV show there was a report of a cross border survey on several social and political issues One particularly interesting finding was that 31 of Protestants and 13 of Catholics in Northern Ireland say they never go to church For many people the Why it would be a disaster to heed those No Pope Here calls Not for the first time the members of Belfast City Council recently put their ornate gowns and undergarments in a silly twist This week they voted for the second time to invite the Pope to Belfast but according to this newspaper there was controversy confusion and How the colour of money taints Christian festivals Some people have been complaining about the way in which many stores have been trying to cash in on Christmas even before Halloween is over You and I will hear even more about Halloween on this very day but the build up has been taking place for weeks now It s time for churches to talk tough on terror gangs Earlier this week a senior Presbyterian cleric the Very Rev Dr Norman Hamilton gave a considered response to the report of the independent review into the many paramilitary groups in our midst Another flap over a flag is dividing the faithful One of the saddest developments in Church life is when a minister and a congregation fall out and the story becomes headline news more Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Most Read Most Shared Most Commented Thought for the weekend For the love of God and Man Alf McCreary Why the best Lenten resolution is to listen more

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  • Columnists - Frances Burscough - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
    were married to one Why I will be in tears watching TV tonight I was absolutely delighted when my younger son decided to pursue a career as an actor Although there are no guarantees of success fame or even regular money he is both following his passion and maximising his greatest talent which as far as I am concerned is the right way forward for anyone Why Christmas cheer isn t available online On the first day of Christmas my true love emailed me online credit for Amazon UK to the value of 50 quid It doesn t quite have the same ring to it does it Not that I d particularly thank you for a partridge in a pear tree or eight maids a milking for that matter Rory McIlroy needs to go down the aisle this time So it seems congratulations are in order for Rory McIlroy Again Why the Ulster Fry is now a healthy option I ve always been interested in healthy eating and drinking guidelines I largely ignore them like but I am interested The Hunt is on TV so I ll look away now Hearing word of a new television series by Sir David Attenborough is usually like music to my ears As far as I m concerned and probably everyone else who is as fascinated by the natural world for that matter he can do no wrong I went barking mad on journey from hell One of the main problems of living in Northern Ireland but having your family in England is all the travelling And now that I m caring part time for my elderly dad I m doing the trip there and back at least once a month Being a Victoria s Secret Angel is as close as it gets to heavenly perfection in fashion and It s always good to see someone from Northern Ireland succeeding on the global stage and this is most certainly the case with the model Stella Maxwell I ll always remember the fifth of November There s a joke that appears on social media every year around this time It s a 16th century drawing of Guy Fawkes and the caption reads The last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions Beware the wicked witch of Pendle Hill I m writing this column from the family homestead in Preston Lancashire My octogenarian dad had a bad fall and fractured his pelvis so I m here for a while to look after him Waxing Lyrical about our incredible theatre According to our Culture Minister Caral Ni Chuilin art has turned its back on communities in Northern Ireland This statement made last week at a Queens University think tank would be laughable if it wasn t so offensive to all the organisations performers and artists working so hard and with such passion purely to enrich our humdrum lives here On what facts she bases that outrageous comment God Fashion this season is so last century It s

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  • DebateNI - The Home of Northern Ireland Politics - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
    casualty of war Ruth Dudley Edwards Mike Nesbitt s vision to be skewed by the realities of politics here DebateNI Pregnant woman booted off Belfast bus in blizzard because she didn t have change Northern Ireland Woman s body found on the M2 in Belfast near Bellevue Bridge Northern Ireland Cannabis oil transformed life of terminally ill brain tumour man Kieran McCrory Northern Ireland The Troubles gallery 40 years of conflict in Northern Ireland from the Belfast Telegraph Events More than 500 000 watch Drumquin Northern Ireland men s sofa struggles Northern Ireland James McClean involved in a touchline spat with Everton fan at Goodison Park Sinn Fein Northern chair steps down and replaced by Gerry Adams ex body guard Translink s apology to pregnant Belfast teen booted off bus in blizzard Multiple car crash on M1 citybound in Belfast Belfast footbridge plan still being pushed despite 7m funding shortfall Liam Clarke Arlene Foster must keep Sinn Fein onside while keeping DUP united As I write it seems a racing certainty that Arlene Foster Thorny issues right up law chief s street Can t live with him can t live without him used to be an old joke about husbands and wives too that could apply to John Larkin The DUP and Sinn Fein need him as Attorney General and have Nelson McCausland It seems far Left is intent on hanging Peter Bunting out to dry There are rumblings at the heart of the trade union movement Strictly bizarre as Shinners dance on the memory of their 1916 heroes Many different events are being organised to commemorate the Ruth Dudley Edwards Hughes and his ilk unfit to lace boots of Patrick Pearse Did Patrick Pearse die so that Provo Sean The Surgeon Hughes could be cheerleader on a Mystery of Nairac proves how truth is casualty of war Here are just three Troubles related questions raised last week Did the security services know Steven Agnew Northern Ireland abortion law must be amended Every week 20 women from Northern Ireland will travel to England to access abortion Selection of Ellen Murray a major step The Green Party consistently and repeatedly stands for equality We fight with our under Johnny Andrews Executive U turn only hope for Northern Ireland We wish Arlene Foster success in her duties as First Minister and urge her to emphasise creating Northern Ireland Executive is to blame for health crisis Another winter another crisis for the NHS in Northern Ireland A Es are struggling to cope with Bill White Do opinion polls influence the outcome of elections The general election 2015 wasn t exactly a success for the UK polling industry and although Flags on lampposts How do Northern Ireland people feel about them LucidTalk was commissioned by the QUB Institute of Irish Will Chambre Uncertain time ahead for MLAs Some say that the largest source of derelict property in Northern Ireland comes in the shape of Parliament Buildings at Arlene Foster has her work cut out

    Original URL path: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/debateni/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Columnists - Liam Clarke - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
    1930s I learnt that when I brought my father a Presbyterian minister and one time Orangeman to meet his boyhood friend Peadar Murnane two Syriza U turn a harsh lesson for Sinn Fein In Athens it s called Syriza in Spain it s called Podemos in Ireland it s called Sinn Fein Martina Anderson the Sinn Fein MEP said at her party s ard fheis She even appeared beside Alexis Tsiparas the Syriza leader and Euclid Tsakalotos shortly before they buckled to the creditors conditions Fantasy budget Stormont heads in the sand hoping for the best This is the least irresponsible thing to do The words were those of Alliance s Stephen Farry the Employment and Learning Minister as he defended voting through funds for Arlene Foster s so called fantasy budget Ashers gay cake case Quoting Bible in 21st century is no argument It s hard not to feel a certain sympathy for Daniel McArthur a young man standing up for what he believed in and what his church the Reformed Presbyterians had advised What jars is his seeming lack of empathy for others His statements were all about what he had Churches could show path to peace on key marching talks The Orange Order s plan for a review of parading in north Belfast was inelegantly done but it is in everyone s interests to give it a fair wind Be careful what you wish for on European vote Tony Blair hit the nail on the head Europe is one of the biggest issues in the general election in Britain Here in Northern Ireland leaving the EU would pose particular challenges for us In fact we might be better voting on Europe than either the border or local issues Taking aim at unions will add insult to injury Running a large organisation like the public service would be far more difficult without full time union officials to sort our problems as they occur General Election There is no getting away from the fact that electoral pacts are basically There is no getting away from the fact that electoral pacts are basically sectarian headcounts Parties will have to put up or shut up on toxic parades issue The treatment of our Secretaries of State here sometimes reminds me of the old story about the Emperor having no clothes only in reverse Stormont needs to evolve the old way no longer works Is this the beginning of the end for Stormont It may seem a strange question to ask after the parties defied most expectations sometimes even their own by producing the Stormont House Agreement and a budget The problem is that pulling together on this point almost more Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Most Read Most Shared Most Commented Twelfth 2015 Belfast violence leaves the Orange Order badly wounded Liam Clarke History has answer to Peter s vision of future Liam Clarke Why Catholic unionists still won t vote for DUP Liam

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  • Opinion - Columnists - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
    low and I think it is about to get even lower Be they Isis or the IRA all terrorists walk in the same bloody footsteps Some years ago the journalist Jim Cusack wrote a newspaper column which had the headline Before the Taliban there was the IRA Now we can write a new headline Before Isis there was the IRA They try to hide it but Sinn Fein s leaflets show they re as sectarian as ever After the last general election in May candidates had to submit a record of their expenses to the electoral office Those expenses have just been made public and as usual they produce a story or two for the media Simply wrong to wind down our defences as Putin flexes his muscles The incursion by Russia into Ukraine in the spring of 2014 the annexation of Crimea and the ongoing violence in eastern Ukraine serve to remind us of how naive some Western politicians were about the threat from Vladimir Putin s Russia The war in eastern Ukraine Most Read Most Shared Most Commented Be they Isis or the IRA all terrorists walk in the same bloody footsteps Nelson McCausland Woman s body found on the M2 in Belfast near Bellevue Bridge Northern Ireland Pregnant woman booted off Belfast bus in blizzard because she didn t have change Northern Ireland Cannabis oil transformed life of terminally ill brain tumour man Kieran McCrory Northern Ireland More than 500 000 watch Drumquin Northern Ireland men s sofa struggles Northern Ireland Big Brother Megan McKenna calls Strabane club goers scum in Twitter tirade News James McClean involved in a touchline spat with Everton fan at Goodison Park Sinn Fein Northern chair steps down and replaced by Gerry Adams ex body guard Translink s apology to pregnant Belfast teen booted off bus in blizzard Multiple car crash on M1 citybound in Belfast Belfast footbridge plan still being pushed despite 7m funding shortfall Titanic II Take a peek inside replica of ill fated liner Northern Ireland Wags Tori Lant Nightlife Galleries Northern Ireland nightlife in pictures Alibi Belfast Nightlife Bowie night at Limelight Nightlife Bot Wednesdays Nightlife Refreshers Ball Nightlife Radioactive Sketchy Nightlife 21 Social January 2016 Northern Ireland Nightlife Botanic Inn January 2016 Nightlife Filthy McNasty s for Faith Nightlife Circus of Freaks Nightlife Radioactive Sketch David Bowie night at The Bar With No Name Nightlife Villa Belfast From Belfast Telegraph Northern Ireland Video Tyrone men s sofa struggle goes viral Northern Ireland Willie Frazer Fenian looking people are watching me Northern Ireland Jim Wells row Second complaint after altercation with MLA Northern Ireland 3 000 back petition for restoration of Belfast s Floral Hall Technology Gravitational waves ripples in spacetime detected News Rio Carnival 2016 explosion of colour and glitz Northern Ireland Exploris saved Aquarium gets 1 5m investment World Chinese New Year Find your sign by year of birth World Who is Bernie Sanders What does he stand for Events The Troubles gallery IRA checkpoint early

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  • Blog: Ruth Dudley Edwards - DebateNI - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
    a lawyer this morning said a friend the other day but amazingly I still have all my fingers Sinn Fein edifice shakes as signs of dissent surface The amazing news from the Republic of Ireland is that there are publicly expressed differences of opinion in Sinn Fein Does IRA killer Seamus Kearney have no shame Anyone with decency would be begging Have you no shame Seamus Kearney Sinn Fein s politics are as outdated as the party s leaders In a column in this newspaper eight months ago I wrote about the determination of the old men to cling on at the helm of Sinn Fein Since then Martin McGuinness Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland has reached 65 and qualified for the British pension which Gerry West right to wage war but Muslims are not the enemy Forget the wishful thinking The West is fighting for its life It behoves every country in Europe to pool resources to defeat the common enemy And that includes the Republic of Ireland David McNarry should sort out problems closer to home I m an agnostic when it comes to Brexit but Ukip MLA David McNarry is a proponent of getting out of the EU who could provoke me to campaign to stay in Orange reaction to KKK painting hurts free speech I m relieved that the Orange Order has stopped short of demanding that Joseph McWilliams painting Christian Flautists Outside St Patrick s be removed from an Ulster Museum exhibition because it includes five figures in white hoods and Orange collarettes Easter Rising rebels were idealists but Sinn Fein are foul opportunists I don t believe there was a moral justification for the Easter Rising as nationalists tend to call it or the 1916 rebellion as unionists prefer but I accept that most nationalists think otherwise and there s no likelihood that they ll be otherwise convinced any time soon Blustering Gerry Adams just unites his foes with his denials Like many unpleasant people Gerry Adams can unite his foes In the Irish parliament last week for instance his and his party s antics over allegations that the IRA hadn t gone away caused Enda Kenny and Micheal Martin Taoiseach and leader of the opposition to stand Victims must not be deserted for sake of political expediency So many individuals and interest groups are claiming to be victims that the word is getting a bad name Victim is a word we should try to reserve for hapless sufferers from serious crime or shocking accidents People cannot be forced to enjoy a different culture I m unlikely ever to attend a GAA match Most team games leave me cold though like Martin McGuinness I m fond of cricket more Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next Most Read Most Shared Most Commented Sinn Fein election hopes may be casualty of Dublin s gang war Ruth Dudley Edwards Mystery of Nairac proves how truth is casualty of war Ruth Dudley Edwards Hughes and his

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  • Political Blogs - DebateNI - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
    Enterprise Minister Jonathan Bell returned to work briefly to announce in an apparent U turn that he would be ending the onshore wind subsidy a year earlier than planned Public vote could cure our crisis I hesitate to write that the political crisis continues because crisis seems to be the norm I for one am crisised out and would like to get on with constructive work such as bringing forward my Children s Bill which will have real positive impact on families here Parties are playing a silly game The Tories are coming The Tories are coming Don t cut public out of politics Whether it is the logjam over welfare reform or the involvement of members of the IRA in the murder of Kevin McGuigan Northern Ireland s political institutions are once again staggering towards the abyss Our cruelty laws need toughened What happened to Cecil the lion was tragic and appalling but with animal cruelty rife in Northern Ireland I ll focus my ire on achieving change here Tackle the causes of migration Another day another tragedy as a boat packed with hundreds of migrants overturns in the Mediterranean Equality is needed for everyone I am an advocate for LGBTQ rights in Northern Ireland From bringing forward the first Assembly motion on equal marriage to working with LGBTQ members to set up the Queer Greens group I will continue to be an advocate until the rights of my friends and colleagues have been validated and recognised as equal to my own There s no excuse for fox hunting Last week was when the Conservative Government had hoped to unravel the 2004 Hunting Act legalising the hunting of foxes with hounds in England and Wales Budget an assault on the poorest George Osbourne s Budget is an assault on many in our society particularly young people our future workforce Northern Ireland s children in care need an identity In any given year there are around 2 800 children and young people in the care of health and social care trusts in Northern Ireland They reside in a combination of foster care kinship care at home with birth family and children s residential units Sinn Fein s sums don t compute It would appear that Sinn Fein have found their calculator and having done so realised that their sums don t add up Let s stop illegal flags on streets The recent outcry over the temporary flying of the Irish tricolour on Parliament Buildings in Stormont is in marked contrast to the lack of attention given to the illegal flying of paramilitary flags in communities across Northern Ireland more Previous 1 2 3 4 Next Most Read Most Shared Most Commented Reading about sectarian violence and parade disputes it s easy to think Northern Steven Agnew Woman s body found on the M2 in Belfast near Bellevue Bridge Northern Ireland Pregnant woman booted off Belfast bus in blizzard because she didn t have change Northern Ireland Cannabis oil transformed life

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