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  • Cheap laptops and PCs
    a range of articles commentary guides and other IT related information including a glossary on business IT terms What to know what RAID Data Recovery or SAN means Follow the links or go to the glossary here Our articles like the one on why RAID may be bad for you how to transfer data and programs from an older PC to your new one how to build a quiet computer

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  • What is Overclocking? Other overclocking questions. Over-clocking software
    for every components every version of DirectX Intel Application Accelerator and all the various other programs patches switches service packs and updates you can use with a given PC You need to know how are the parts and software interact with each other what the poison combinations are which configuration is likely to affect which component adversely and a lot of other information that can only be gained by a great deal of experimentation trials testing benchmarking and analysing Optimising does not affect your warranty Why overclock The main reasons we believe that people overclock are in order of importance 1 The My PC is faster than yours brigade Usually young people fighting for bragging rights It s common for an individual to spend several days overclocking and running benchmarks on his graphics card in order to gain a fraction of 1 in extra performance so he can boast online to friends and foes about his benchmark score or the number of frames per second he s getting in his favourite game 2 The I m entitled to more performance for my money mentality Manufacturers like Intel often under clock products Processors for example may be sold with different rated speeds even though they were all made on the same day the same die and to the same specs When they come off the manufacturing line the units that fail quality tests for faster speeds are then tested at lower speeds When they are found to be stable at a certain speed they are marked down and sold as processors rated to that lower speed Anybody who believes that this marking down is purely a marketing gimmick to create product differences may pay less for a lower spec 8 GHz fictional number processor and attempt to overclock it to the more expensive 10 GHz speed 3 Cheats Companies competing for business have been known to artificially inflate the performance of PCs they ve manufactured to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors in reviews Fortunately this is not seen often but you d be surprised at how this cheating is not limited to small town or fly by night merchants Big names like ATI and nVidia have been very publicly accused of cheating in the mainstream IT press 4 Idiots Heard about the gizmo that could convert black and white TVs to coloured TVs There are plenty of the modern day equivalents around And there are always suckers who ll pay 10 for a widget that will make their 80 processor run supposedly as fast as an 800 one 5 Work related The PC engineer or technician doing research work The extent to which a product can be stretched sometimes does predict it s long term stability running at rated speed What parts can generally be overclocked CPUs processors motherboards and video cards are the most common targets AMD CPU overclocking is probably the most discussed on the internet Overclocking AMD Athlon processors is considered by many to be a

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  • Business Glossary: Business Definitions, Technology Definitions and Management Glossary
    Appserver Asset Tracking and Asset Management Asset Management Backup Software Blade Servers Business Activity Monitoring Solutions Business Analytics Business Intelligence Solutions Business Process Automation Business Process Execution Language Business Operation and Protection Business Performance Management Software Business Process Management Business Process Modelling Business Technology Management Cloud Computing Cluster Computing Collaborative Software Groupware Computer Aided Design CAD Computer Aided Facility Management Software Computer Aided Manufacturing Computer Based Training CBT Corporate Antispyware Solutions Customer Experience Management Software Customer Information Management CIM CRM Solutions Database Management Systems Database Marketing Data Mining Data Mining Software Data Recovery Data Storage Solutions Decision Support Systems Dedicated Hosting Digital Dashboards Direct Access Storage Direct Access Storage Device Disaster Recovery Planning Distributed Computing Distributed Denial of Service DDoS Domain Hosting Domain Registration Ecommerce Software EDP Electronic Data Processing EDP Electronic Document Management Systems Embedded Systems Enterprise Application Integration Enterprise Backup Solutions Enterprise Feedback Management Enterprise Information Security Architecture Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Service Bus Enterprise Storage E Procurement Executive Dashboard Software Executive Information Systems EIS Expert Systems Front and Back Office Integration Genetic Algorithms Geographic Information System Grid Computing Groupware Collaborative Software Help desk Software Home Business Ideas Human Resource Management Systems HRMS Information Technology Governance Information Utility Information Visualisation Infrastructure as a Service IaaS Intranet Strategies Inventory Management IP Convergence iSCSI and iSCSI protocol ISO 17799 ISO IEC 27002 ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library IT Service Management Learning Management Systems Management Information System Media Convertor Meta Computing Mind mapping Software Multi Dimensional Analysis Network Attached Storage NAS OLAP Online Analytical Processing Online Analytical Processing OLAP Open Document Management API Operational Business Intelligence Solutions Oracle Parallel Computing Performance Management and software Platform As A Service PaaS Podcasting Process Architecture Product Lifecycle Management and software Program Management and software Project Management and software Rack Mount Servers RAID RAID 0

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  • RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks - Explained
    for fault tolerance and performance RAID disk drives are used frequently on servers but aren t generally necessary for personal computers More RAID under Linux RAID under Apple RAID under Windows What is RAID RAID explained Definition RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent or Inexpensive Disks It involves the configuration setting up of two or more drives in combination for fault tolerance and performance RAID disk drives are used frequently on servers and are increasingly being found in home and office personal computers RAID is a method of creating one or more pools of data storage space from several hard drives It can offer fault tolerance and higher throughput levels than a single hard drive or group of independent hard drives You can build a RAID configuration with IDE parallel ATA SATA Serial ATA or SCSI hard disks or in fact even drives like the old 3 5 floppy disk drive The exact meaning of RAID has been much debated and much argued The use of Redundant is in itself a contentious point That several manufacturers have deviated from accepted RAID terminology created new levels of disk arrangements called them RAID and christened them with a number has not

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  • Data Recovery Tools and Free Software Downloads. Data Recovery Explained and Defined
    It could also have simply just been erased Very often a large percentage of this data can be recovered using a variety of techniques Recovering or salvaging the data from such media can sometimes be performed using simple hardware or software but may occasionally require the assistance of data recovery specialists Some examples of data recovery With optical drives there are options to repair the small nicks and scratches on the underside of your CD DVD Some consumer level repair products are available from your local PC shop They often involve a two stage process of filling the nicks and then sealing the surface Done correctly this will sometimes allow reading of data that was previously inaccessible With hard disks the fault could be either mechanical physical or logical If the motor or PCB Printer Circuit Board of the hard disk is damaged but the platters themselves where the data is stored are intact then the motor PCB could be replaced with another one If the mechanics are undamaged but the data has been deleted written over or the index of the files has been damaged a Hex Editor will facilitate the viewing of the drive in absolute sector mode i e one sector of 512 bytes at a time The first sector of your hard drive is used as a partition block providing information on disk size partitions file system etc And from there markers to the previous location of your data can be found Note Both of these are jobs best left to people who specialise in data recovery With errors in RAID configurations e g RAID 0 where data is striped split over two different physical drives it is possible to recreate the RAID array and or recover the data from each drive separately and merge them back to their original state See RAID data recovery Can erased data be recovered Yes usually When you delete a file the file is not actually deleted It s just the entry in the index pointing to the file s actual location that is deleted The file itself is left untouched but subsequent work you do on the PC could overwrite the location where the file was so it s important to minimise any amateur attempts at data recovery How can I completely erase a hard disk You can t Any data you ve deleted can probably be recovered later Formatting doesn t remove the data beyond recovery Neither does low level formatting or shredding Even when every single byte of information on your drive has been written over a lot can still be recovered by extra sensitive recovery systems in use by the local plod well maybe not him but his peers in their hi tech departments But always seek assistance at the earliest signs of trouble rather than relying on the assumption that everything can be recovered Prevention Prevention is of course better than finding a cure Have a disaster recovery plan do frequent backups Keep your backups

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  • What is SAN? What are Storage Area Networks?
    and WANs It is generally used to connect all the storage resources connected to various servers It consists of a collection of SAN Hardware and SAN software the hardware typically has high inter connection rates between the various storage devices and the software manages monitors and configures the SAN From webopedia Storage Area Network SAN is a high speed subnetwork of shared storage devices A storage device is a machine that contains nothing but a disk or disks for storing data A SAN s architecture works in a way that makes all storage devices available to all servers on a LAN or WAN As more storage devices are added to a SAN they too will be accessible from any server in the larger network In this case the server merely acts as a pathway between the end user and the stored data From Enterprise Storage Forum A SAN is a network of storage devices that are connected to each other and to a server in some configurations a SAN is also connected to the network it is forecast to become the data storage technology of choice in the coming years SANs originated to overcome the problems with network attached storage

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  • RAID, not such a clever idea for a home pc
    are rarely told the other risks because risk warnings don t shift stock Other risks Yes there are other risks Isn t drive failure considered not a very likely mishap The other risks are even bigger monsters and take the risk reward ratio firmly towards not using RAID But hardly anyone seems to know about these risks so they don t get discussed often More later RAID 1 Give up the ghost The other ubiquitous RAID is the mirrored array offering redundancy and the safety of an up to the minute backup drive to take over seemlessly in the event of a drive failure So the R in RAID does justify its presence in a RAID 1 array Does RAID 1 do what it says on the tin Yes it does It protects from one of the limitations in the RAID 0 array hard disk failure Just to be petty we ll elaborate It protects from one hard disk failing There is one other issue with RAID 1 and we ll go so far as to say it s a risk RAID 1 users are less likely to take regular backups or ghosts images of their system A certain complacency seems to set in when there s the perceived security of a mirrored drive There s the assumption that come what may a backup exists Except of course that it is not a backup The same feature that provides the protection can also be the user s downfall RAID 1 maintains a faithful copy on the second disk of everything that s on the first Warts and all Mistakes made files irrecoverably deleted virus caused issues shredding etc are all duplicated on the second disk Users tend to forget that RAID 1 does not protect against errors it protects only against one disk going faulty There are other instances where the RAID 1 insurance can provide very little protection including in disasters caused by fire theft or vandalism RAID 1 is no substitute for regular backups Even better don t give up the ghosting till you have proper disaster recovery planning in place Remember the other risks referred to in the discussion of RAID 0 Most of those risks do also apply to RAID 1 and they are covered in the next section Risky Array of Independent Disks RAID 1 does not protect against the unlikely eventuality of both drives failing together What are the odds of that happening Modern disks are very reliable wouldn t it be almost unheard of for two drives to die at the same time No it s not Hard drive failure results not just from faulty manufacturing or wear and tear Drives can fail as a result of other components being faulty Such disasters can and often will take both drives Further the reliability of the modern hard disk is exaggerated The quoted Mean Time Between Failure MTBF for the average modern IDE drive is about 1 000 000 hours The MTBF for a

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  • Setting Up a New PC
    of a program involved relatively little or no background activity All the files and folders required to run the program were conveniently stored in a folder then called directory created for the purpose Moving that program over to another PC involved no more than copying that whole folder across Windows has taken that beautifully simple process and applied a complexity to it in a way that only Windows can Seemless program transferring across PCs is now almost an impossibility When a program is installed in Windows there is still the creation of a folder for that program but there is a lot more that happens behind the scenes Files are added to the Windows folder files are added to other folders some existing files are changed the registry is modified and all of this makes it tricky to transfer a program over from one PC to another Successive versions of Windows came with vast improvements in reliability and security or not but with each new version of Windows the integration of program and operating system got more and more involved What happens if just the program folder is copied over That s an exercise in futility because the program won t actually run It needs to be installed on the target PC not copied to it And that requires the original installation disk Or does it Assuming there was an easy way of transferring programs over the job is still not done It s not just data and programs that need transferring over Users often spend a great deal of time personalising their PCs setting passwords creating email accounts doing their banking etc In an ideal world the user wants to see the target PC seemlessly take over they don t want to go through all the settings transfer all

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