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  • Strategic Enterprise Management Software Explained
    access to the data necessary to formulate effective business strategies Without accurate timely information executives cannot be expected to make the best decisions to move the enterprise forward Progress Feedback Strategies cannot be expected to come to fruition the moment they leave the boardroom Instead the progress of strategies as they move from the executive level down to the workforce and onto implementation must be carefully monitored with data returning to the boardroom continually Aspects of SEM In order to effectively manage the strategies of an enterprise there are several basic principles on which SEM is based Continuous Process Business strategies are simply a set of ideas about what the future of an enterprise will look like and the best method of reaching that future In order to ensure that the desired destination is reached the strategy must be continuously monitored as it progresses Everyone s Job The strategy of an enterprise is carried out by every member of that enterprise While formulated at the top strategies will be refined as they are executed at the bottom Effective SEM will ensure that every member of an organisation understands the strategies are aligned with them and are capable of executing them effectively Knowledge Networks While executives would prefer to believe that they are the members of an organisation most qualified to create strategies it is often the case that the lowest level of the workforce is more knowledgeable Those working in the front line the customer service staff and delivery people often know much more about the needs and preferences of the customer base than the executives charged with marketing the products of the enterprise Effective SEM supports the establishment of cross disciplinary knowledge networks the sharing of intelligence beyond traditional vertical hierarchical structures Strategic Leadership There is a difference between

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  • Sun Servers Explained
    place a big load on the software They feel that RISC is not worth it because in any case conventional microprocessors are becoming cheaper and faster After a couple of less than successful forays into x86 computing SUN committed to using AMD processors in 2005 and opened support for operating systems like Linux and Microsoft Windows Some categories of Sun Servers from 2006 The Sun Grid Rack System A collection of entry level servers that are easy to use They deliver exceptional with faster deployment and lesser risk PRIMEPOWER Servers They are based on the SPARC processor and the Solaris Operating System OS They are offered in selected areas Carrier grade Servers These systems are based on Sun s open standards and are being used by network equipment providers NEPs to meet the requirements of their customers who are service providers High end Servers These systems are extremely scalable and offer very high availability for mission critical network computing They are powered by the new UltraSPARC IV processors and Solaris 10 OS Midrange Servers They are designed to handle high volume computing and are backed by enterprise class features They are based on the UltraSPARC IV processor and the Solaris

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  • Supply Chain Management Software Explained
    encompassing every process involved in manufacturing a product Supply chain management software assists enterprises in controlling streamlining the process through several logistical areas Customer Service Management Customer relations provide information to the manufacturer on the level of demand for the product and also provide feedback to the customer on promised delivery schedules Supply chain management software provides reporting modules to track both current demand and answer a range of what if questions to assist in the prediction of future demand depending on changes in strategy Procurement Process Strategies are developed with suppliers to ensure that materials can be provided on time to meet both current demand and predicted demand for the future avoiding the bottlenecking of resources that comes with inadequate procurement planning Supply chain management software can assist in resource planning for the manufacture of products recommending order schedules to reduce manufacturing cycle times Product Development and Commercialisation Product development managers must work to identify customer needs and preferences in developing new products and then work closely with suppliers and the manufacturers to reduce cycle times and ensure that customer needs are met While supply chain management software cannot advise on the development of new products it can be used to ensure best practices for their manufacture and distribution Manufacturing Flow Management The primary aim of manufacturing flow management is ensure that the manufacture of goods is optimised to operate on a just in time JIT basis manufacturing orders to precisely meet customer demand so as to maximise efficiency and reduce excess stock Supply chain management software can assist in this process by analysing past performance and future predictions to suggest the optimal manufacturing schedule while ensuring that materials to meet that schedule are procured and available in time to synchronise with the manufacturing schedule Distribution Once the product

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  • Transaction Processing Systems Explained
    the systems themselves remain operational permanently TPS systems are therefore designed to incorporate comprehensive safeguards and disaster recovery systems These measures keep the failure rate well within tolerance levels Standardisation Transactions must be processed in the same way each time to maximise efficiency To ensure this TPS interfaces are designed to acquire identical data for each transaction regardless of the customer Controlled Access Since TPS systems can be such a powerful business tool access must be restricted to only those employees who require their use Restricted access to the system ensures that employees who lack the skills and ability to control it cannot influence the transaction process Transactions Processing Qualifiers In order to qualify as a TPS transactions made by the system must pass the ACID test The ACID tests refers to the following four prerequisites Atomicity Atomicity means that a transaction is either completed in full or not at all For example if funds are transferred from one account to another this only counts as a bone fide transaction if both the withdrawal and deposit take place If one account is debited and the other is not credited it does not qualify as a transaction TPS systems ensure that transactions take place in their entirety Consistency TPS systems exist within a set of operating rules or integrity constraints If an integrity constraint states that all transactions in a database must have a positive value any transaction with a negative value would be refused Isolation Transactions must appear to take place in isolation For example when a fund transfer is made between two accounts the debiting of one and the crediting of another must appear to take place simultaneously The funds cannot be credited to an account before they are debited from another Durability Once transactions are completed they cannot

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  • VoIP - "Voice Over IP" - Explained
    your computer equipment is essentially given a unique to keep the explanation simple number How is the VoIP call made A voice signal from a VoIP phone or an older phone connected through an adapter is passed through a VoIP device that converts the regular telephone voice signal to a digital one so it can use a broadband internet connection where it travels to the destination equipment The digital signal is then converted back to the original voice call In other words when the originator calls a number the VoIP adapter logs on to the routing server which looks up the destination IP number that s associated with the dialled phone number and it makes the connection If the destination number isn t using VoIP and doesn t have the phone number tied in with an IP number then it is recognised that the destination number is a Public Switched Telephone Network PSTN phone and the call is routed through the PSTN The PSTN is also known by names such as POTS Plain Old Telephone System and PATS Publicly Available Telephone Services click for larger image new window Devices involved Major advantages for small businesses Cost The major advantage of not paying per call and on length of call and on the destination location results in substantial savings You still do pay for calls to PSTN numbers but you tend to pay less Calls between your own offices across the country can all be free As calls to other VoIP users are free your call costs are likely to go down as more people sign up for VoIP Manageability Employees spread all over the country working from branch offices or even their homes can all be given extensions of a single number with the ability to route calls between themselves

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  • Throughput Accounting Software Explained
    value of all funds tied up in the system In the example of a manufacturing process investment includes the cost of existing inventory machinery factory buildings and warehouses along with any other assets and liabilities Operating Expense OE Operating expense is the term given to all expenditures that vary according to the quantity of goods produced including maintenance taxes payroll and rent Objectives of Throughput Accounting Software Once these three variables have been identified they can be used by throughput accounting software to generate the three measures used to aid management in decision making Net Profit Throughput Operating Expense Return on Investment ROI Net profit Investment Productivity Throughput Investment Clearly the objective of any enterprise will be to maximise these three values by minimising expenditures Management can use these values to help make decisions on strategy by predicting the effects their decisions would have on the overall throughput investment and operating expense for the enterprise In making these decisions it is important that management ask themselves these basic questions How Can We Increase Throughput How Can We Reduce Investment How Can We Reduce Operating Expense Value of Throughput Accounting Software The primary objective of any decision maker involved in the design of a manufacturing process is to enable the process to work on a just in time JIT basis Essentially that means that the manufacturing schedule is optimised so that deliverable goods and services are manufactured only in such quantities as to meet current demand with the minimum possible wastage of resources and inventory Clearly then the objective of throughput accounting software is to allow managers the tools necessary to design such processes To achieve this end throughput accounting software offers decision makers the reporting tools necessary to answer what if questions related to the apportion of resources at any

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  • Advertising your specialist product or servcie
    240 We work with you to integrate the ad and ensure you derive maximum benefit from it Contact us to discuss Or to renew make a payment using the buttons above and send us an email using the address lower down this page Banner tower and other ads Premium pages like the ones in the right column here are 250 per month All others are by negotiation We sell only one ad to the page and it would be in a prominent place of your choosing Minimum term is 3 months Other ads You may have completely different requirements and we are open to discussing other advertisements including advertorials and reviews of your product If yours is a destination that s likely to be of benefit to our visitors and you would like to discuss other advertising options prices start at 650 please use the email link below The prices have been set to discourage lower quality or irrelevant ads and to ensure that overall ads are kept to the minimum Queries Contact Us Generate Leads We could present our visitor with a form and email the leads to you For an example click here The form would pop up

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  • Storage Area Network: The needs for and benefits of this infrastructure
    Connection between storage devices Useful for moving data between storage devices without eating into server capacities which can then be utilized for other activities The need for SAN The I O bandwidth of the networks that were earlier used to connect the data storage devices and the processors was not commensurate with the capacities of the disk arrays and computers that utilized the data stored in them The access to data is further complicated by the different database software run on different platforms Managing different file systems and data formats requires trained manpower The traditionally distributed storage has been a huge drain on management resources and inefficient as well in terms of capacity utilization of hardware resources Scalability is also an issue when disk capacity is tied down to a single server or client Sharing of data often requires creating duplicate copies moving these copies slows down the LAN WAN and often co ordination between applications such as BI CRM and ERP that are spread over the entire organization becomes very difficult SAN infrastructure SAN topologies are predominantly developed using fiber channels Fiber channel is an open technical standard developed for networking and is especially useful for handling storage communications as it offers flexible connectivity and fast access to data Optical fibers are used for long distance networking and copper cable links are preferred for shorter distances due to their lower cost Fiber channels can support different protocols and a large number of devices a quality very desirable in any networking solution The American National Standards Institute ANSI has laid down the standards on which fiber channel networks are based These standards define the manner in which data is to be moved across networks The standards are exhaustive and cover physical interfaces data encoding practices and protocols data delivery methodologies and common services Fiber channels offer the advantage of a high level of hardware processing to ensure high performance The serial data transport scheme used in a fiber channel can be implemented using simple cables and connectors The information can be routed easily through switched networks Since fiber channel transport layers are protocol independent they enable the transmission of multiple protocols Apart from being extremely flexible in its application fiber channel delivers data at the rate at which the receiving application is able to handle besides there is no loss of data Storage Storage devices commonly connected through SAN include disk systems and tape systems Disk systems offer simple integration as the I O control is centralized Disk systems are classified as Just A Bunch Of Disks JBOD and Redundant Array of Independent Disks RAID Disks in a JBOD are treated as individual storage devices by the applications they are connected to RAIDs are treated as a single device that has a higher fault tolerance An array of disks can be made to behave as a JBOD or RAID depending upon the performance requirements of a SAN Disk systems are preferred for online data storage because of their high performance

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