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  • Top Features of the Zalman TNN500A Silent PC Enclosure
    If you do have a wobble it s because you haven t extended all the feet to the same length it s easily corrected Power Supply The power supply is the noisiest part in most PCs It s the main route for hot air being pumped out Not only to PSU fans tend to be a lot larger than other fans in a PC but they also tend to create a lot more noise Building a PSU without a fan is a technical achievement itself but Zalman has gone even further The TNN 500A PSU is only 300 watts but bear in mind that you need a lot less power in this PC as you have no fans However the 300 watts it does provide is subject to review and it appears they are working on beefier solutions Handles Strong sturdy design of pewter finish handles adds that little sparkle to the top of this all black case And it s a nice touch The fact that there are two handles suggests that the case never really was designed for a single person to lift However it doesn t take an Arnold Schwarzenegger to get the case off the ground and on to a table A reasonably fit adult could probably do it Having two handles rather than one does make it easier Versatility Heat transfer pipes connect the graphics card and CPU heat sinks to the blue heat sink blocks that are screwed down at various locations on the inside of the case There are several sets of holes for you to screw these blocks into The advantage in being able to move these blocks around is that you can use pretty much any motherboard in the TNN500A The location of the processor varies widely from one make and model of motherboard to another and irrespective of where on the motherboard your CPU is you should be able to find a location on the case body where you can position the blue heat sink blocks so that the neat transfer pipes can connect properly from the CPU heat sink to the heat sink blocks Door hinges and clasps The clasps that hold the doors shut have a nice clunk to them and they even have some limited adjustment to increase decrease the holder wheel play The hinges are solid and more than capable of taking the weight of the two side plates Zalman calls them the left and right heat sink plates Left heat sink plate is open in the below image with the PC resting on it s right heat sink plate And the best features are the ones that do not add much to the look of this case but are the most important components for a completely fan free case The heat pipes that transfer heat away from the CPU and AGP card The clever design of heat sink blocks to help in that transfer The innovative use of heat pipes to transfer heat to the

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  • Review of Computer Case, Zalman TNN 500 A
    smeared over your RAM are all things the parent of a two year old will have nightmares about For the older kids this is a convenient place to hide your unwanted broccoli If you re missing your hamster or pet mouse have a look inside this case first It s a nice warm place to hide And it can t be locked Hard disk attachments Maybe we were just unlucky but we ve had no joy with this The idea of incorporating the ZM2 HC1 hard disk heat sink with the TNN 500A case was a good one but we are not particularly excited about the ZM2 HC1 It comprises two metal plates that fit either side of the hard disk and a set of pipes that connect from one plate to the other This creates a larger surface area for heat from the hard disk to disperse So far so good But the ZM2 HC1 connects to a case via a set of four very flimsy rubber bushes bottom inset We don t know whether it was just our unit or whether there is a design fault with these bushes but we had a problem We set it up in a PC and before long the combined weight of the hard disk and the heat sink caused two of the bushes to break visible to the left of the hard disk here leaving the hard disk balancing on the other two and we doubt those would have lasted long The ZM2 HC1 is definitely something that you wouldn t want to fit into a PC that you are trusting to a knock it about and bash it around courier The normal rough handling PCs get at most couriers is bound to damage something this delicate Poweroid will not be using this hard disk heat sink in PCs we build Our couriers are better than most but they don t have an unblemished record Fortunately there are other 3 5 locations within the case that will take up to four five hard disks It s been pointed out to us that Zalman have a revision to this product coming out shortly in the form of the ZM2 HC2 This hopefully will not suffer the same shortcoming Security The easy access to internal components does raise some security issues We don t know why you d leave this expensive a case in a less than secure environment but a thief could nick all four of your RAM modules in under ten seconds And he doesn t even need to have any tools on him Cleaning We haven t had to dust one of these babies down yet but if you re using this case in a dusty location it could take a while to wipe down all the fins Who said men don t think about all these things The good news is that not having fans pumping air into and out of the case reduces the amount of dust that

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  • The best features for an already zero noise PC, TNN500A
    protection to restrict the very easy access to the insides of the PC And while they are about it an external lock would be nice too 2 Some more holes in the case The centre heat sink block that connects to the CPU heat sink can move parallel to the motherboard but can t move closer to or further away from the motherboard On some motherboards you ll find that the heat pipes just don t reach from the CPU heat sink to the centre heat sink block 3 It seems a bit mean that products like the ZM CHPL1 and ZM VHPD1 are optional These are heat pipes that you ll need if you are using an Athlon 64 CPU or a more demanding graphics card like the ATI Radeon 9700 We d like to see them included as standard 4 While you are about it how about some spare 18 long heat pipes Zalman We could cut them to size and bend them to shape to use on PCI cards like the Matrox RT X100 video editing card As things stand now there is no way of dispensing with fans that come with some PCI cards You can

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  • Final comments on the no noise case, Where to buy the Zalman Totally No Noise Case
    it does what it says on the box It is impressive it is unique it is of superb quality and most importantly it is quiet quiet quiet Is it worth the hefty price tag Absolutely If you value a no noise environment this is the ultimate no noise case for you Tom s hardware says we were very impressed with the engineering effort that went into the design of the TNN 500A we feel that it is one of the most impressive solutions that we have seen to date that addresses computing noise with an adequate cooling solution for the internal components if you have a high requirement for an almost totally silent solution it doesn t get much better than the TNN 500A This site says Ja was soll man da noch sagen ein Sahnestück der Superlative Da bekomme ich feuchte Augen Heatpipes 18 Stück und Kühlkörper bis zum abwinken Ruhe in Vollendeter Form da es ein in sich völlig geschlossenes Gehäuse ist Das erste PC Gehäuse wo man auch die optischen Laufwerke dämmen und entkoppeln kann Mehr ist technisch nicht machbar Leiser gehts nicht I think they mean that they like it Google s translation of that page goes like this cream of the superlative I get damp eyes Peace in completed form More is technically not feasible More quietly it gets not Geddit TrustedReviews com says So why is this case so special Well for starters it s not beige but much more importantly it is completely noiseless With the complete removal of cooling fans it is truly a ground breaking product read full review Where to buy the case on its own UK Quiet PC Canada PCs based on this case Poweroid Canada Canada s Silent PC Leader FrontierPC com Do you build PCs in this

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  • Specification of DiamondMax
    Maxtor Shock Protection System Maxtor Data Protection System Capacities SATA 150 8 MB cache 80 120 160 200 GB SATA 150 16 MB cache 250 300 GB Performance Specifications Rotational Speed 7200 RPM Buffer Size for 80GB 120GB 160GB 200GB 8 MB Buffer Size for 250GB 300GB 16 MB External Transfer Rate MB sec SATA 150 Average Seek ms 9 0 Average Latency ms 4 17 Reliability Specifications Start Stop

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  • What is Native Command Queuing
    hard disks manufacturers recommend you defrag your hard drive frequently Native Command Queuing allows the hard disk to dynamically change the order in which the read write requests are done For the example above the hard disk would reorder the requests so that the first and third requests are done before second This would save the whole disk head moving across the platter and back again theoretically halving the time taken to perform the task Another way to present NCQ is to compare it to the Travelling Salesman Problem NCQ is very similar to the TSP Essentially the TSP is a logistics problem requiring a travelling salesman who has to visit a variety of different locations to optimise the route he takes to cover all customers with the minimum amount of travelling It is discussed a lot in logistics courses and there are vast corporate resources devoted to managing internal versions of this problem whether relating to delivery trucks routes or field service engineers work plans as companies can save a lot of money by working out the optimum route their vehicles travel The TSP is a particularly good example to explain NCQ as it bears this similarity to it the larger the number of locations that need to be covered and the further away they are the more there is to be gained from optimising the route Here are two examples of a hard disk travelling to read data at four different physical locations on a platter The red line shows the route the reading head takes It is obvious from the images that the second one uses NCQ to minimise the distance the head travels Typically the time taken to access a file is the normal seek time the hard disk displays added to the rotational latency time

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  • Is this the fastest SATA hard disk around?
    now supports Advanced Host Control Interface AHCI AHCI is a hard disk control standard for SATA that supports new features such as Hot Plug and Native Command Queuing The full PDF specification of AHCI can be found here AHCI must be enabled in the bios before NCQ will work as it s not recognisable by standard SATA standards If Windows is installed prior to enabling AHCI then unfortunately a complete reinstall of Windows becomes necessary AHCI hard disks install the same way RAID configured disks do i e the relevant drivers must be on a floppy and you must press F6 when prompted to during the DOS portion of the Windows XP installation The Intel Application Accelerator will only install in WinXP 2000 if AHCI is enabled in the bios and installed on an NTFS file system Once in windows a quick load of Intel Application Accelerator will show you whether or not the drive is NCQ enabled Below is a screen shot of the Maxtor Diamond Max 10 300GB drive with NCQ enabled And NCQ not enabled for the Western Digital Rapto r Test Setup Processor Intel Pentium 4 550 3 4Ghz Motherboard Asus P5AD2 Premium Intel 925X Chipset

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/reviews/ncq/test_hardware.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Benchmark Results
    and the Maxtor leads in the communication Overall they isn t a great deal to choose from between these two disks in Sysmark 2004 Do bear in mind though that the Raptor is running at 10 000 rpm while the Maxtor is running at only 7 200 If it wasn t for the NCQ and 16 MB of cache on the Maxtor the results here would be a lot more in the Raptor s favour HD Tach 3 HD Tach 3 is a benchmark that tests the burst speed sequential read speed and random access times of the hard disk It is a good solid HD Benchmark program In the first bar below Random Access Time lower is better in the others a larger number indicates better performance For the random access time we see that the Raptor is almost half that of the Maxtor drive This is expected though due its 10k rpm rotational speed For the average read speed the Raptor comes out on top HD Tach takes an average read speed from all different areas of the hard disk From the graph below we see that the speed of the drive gets slower as if moves to the inner parts of the drive and the larger drive is more affected by this The burst speed above tests the speed at which data can be accessed from the on board read ahead memory All the data would be in the same area of the disk so NCQ would not provide any benefit This leaves the reason for the Maxtor s strong showing in the burst speed test down to the it s onboard 16MB cache Disk Bench 2 3 Disk Bench 2 3 is a program that creates a file on the hard disk It measures the time

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