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  • What is the fastest hard disk?
    NCQ enabled Pure performance wise the Raptor still wins hands down with its faster spindle speed and faster access times If you don t have support for NCQ or are willing to live with the limited sizes the Raptor comes in stick with the Raptor If however you do have support for NCQ and need a hard disk larger than 74 GB there s no better choice than the Maxtor DiamondMax 10 It spins at a lower speed than the Raptor and makes less noise it also generates less heat and doesn t need active cooling in most machines What is a clincher is that as the Maxtor costs not much more than the Raptor it s cost per GB makes it better value by far especially as it s performance is similar to the Raptor in many tests and better in some To get the full benefit of NCQ two or more read writes must be happening to hard disk This is best achieved in a multitasking setup where two or more apps are competing for the drives usage The performance potential of the Maxtor when many applications are all being used is very high NCQ is a big

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  • Video Editing PC Guide, Video & Image Editing Computer System, PC for digital and analogue video processing
    standard PC in our range and talk to us about adding a dedicated real time video editing card and software Professional Why settle for a video editing PC when we offer a range of video editing dual processor professional turnkey workstations Browse our products for a fast feature rich stable video editing PC or video editing workstation If your requirements are unusual we can build a video editing PC to your specific requirements minimum order value may apply Why buy a video editing card instead of a firewire card You can indeed use just a firewire port and Windows Movie Maker Cheap and cheerful But you ll soon see how very very limited that is You could buy a video editing software package separately for as little as 50 It ll probably offer you a little more than the built in Windows package Some of these software packages come free with cards like the Radeon All In Wonder graphics cards more However do note that there are incompatibilities Not all video editing software works on all firewire ports And even if yours does work it can t be taken for granted that the card software will work with your video camera More on video editing software OHCI Compliancy More from Microsoft The main reasons for using a video editing card rather than a firewire card are speed convenience features free bundled software that is a lot more powerful than the Windows program versatility no compatibility problems and not having to hang about while your clip is being rendered OK we ve already said speed but it can t be emphasised enough A firewire card would take ages to apply the simplest of changes even to a small low resolution video clip irrespective of the speed of the PC Video editing

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/entry/video_editing_PC.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Ultimate PCs, Ultimate Computers
    is another matter A professional f baller stands a better chance to make the English team NOT to build your PC That wouldn t be advisable If you re looking for the ultimate gaming PC you want a PC that among other things provides not just simply outstanding graphics but the best graphics possible with today s technology That requires a keen understanding of BIOS settings and graphics benchmarks optimisations and tweaks plus a familiarity with how different graphics cards interact with various other components in the PC You d also benefit from practical experience of how different versions of the graphics drivers affect performance latest drivers are not necessarily the best It does help if you have a variety of graphics cards drivers and motherboards to do all the testing And that s just the graphics If you are looking for the ultimate quiet PC it s not just a matter of buying a load of Zalman products you ve seen advertised on an overclocking site Professionals building quiet PCs for a living know about calculating and controlling airflow through the PC They know how many cfm of air needs to pass through the PC for a given room

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/entry/the_ultimate_computer.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Transferring data from an old PC to a new PC
    need a crossover network cable This is slightly different to the network cable you d use to connect your PC to a hub in that one pair of the wires is well crossed over The cable will have an RJ45 plug at each end which plugs into your two network cards Alternatively you could setup a wireless network Again you can external wireless LAN cards for your two PCs How do you setup a network Well that a question for an article of it s own Read your Windows help file it ll give you some advice Do a search on the internet and you ll find thousands of articles helping you to setup a network Or call a knowledgeable friend Our 2 choice Use a CD ReWriter or DVD Writer This could be an external one if you don t have an internal writer in your older PC It s a bit slower than a network connection and not suitable for large volumes of data but using a CD doesn t involve the aggravation that network connections can sometimes be for the uninitiated Bear in mind that with a CD you are copying only about 600 MB of data at a time and with a DVD only about 4 GB of data at a time Rewrite able RW disks would be your choice for obvious reasons Our 3 choice Use a USB devices like a USB pen Again this assumes USB ports in both machines and you are limited to the maximum capacity of the USB drive but it s quick it s convenient and doesn t involve spending a lot of time configuring the PC devices drivers Our 4 choice Moving hard disks This is lower down on our list as some companies including ours do warranty seal

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/entry/transfer_data.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Basics and help with dual monitor setups
    can be enormous What do I need to have to setup dual monitors Very little really A PC running Windows 98 or above and a dual monitor video card is all that you need In some machines you can even use two separate video cards Do I need to have LCD monitors or CRT monitors It doesn t matter You could have two LCDs two CRTs or one of each What video cards support dual monitor displays Most modern cards support dual monitor displays and some of them even support three or more monitors Some professional graphics cards support up to eight monitors Does the second monitor have exactly the same image as the first one You can set the second monitor to be a clone of the first one which is useful in some training type situations where the student is seeing the same information on her screen as the teacher is seeing on his You could also use it as an extended desktop allowing you to run a different Window application on the second monitor Do both the monitors need to have the same settings No you can have different resolutions colour settings and refresh rates for each

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/entry/dual-monitor.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Unleashing Creativity though Mind-Mapping
    mapping Think tanks and policy review meetings can benefit from the range of ideas generated during a group mind mapping session because research shows that each individual has unique and totally original takes on a given concept during mind mapping The best part is that the ideas can be combined on one final page and the top management can make decisions on actionables and follow up programs based on a quick but very effective overview Devising strategies and planning how to execute them is easier if the relationships between the factors involved risks and task priorities are clearly visible on the board in a snapshot If the mind mapping session involves various levels the organizational team spirit gets a boost This happens especially because nobody s ideas are discounted at the initial stage no matter how weird or irrelevant and there is an open channel of communication of issues problems and ideas between various levels in the organization A good team spirit encourages productive creativity Many organizations have realized the importance of mind mapping for developing productive innovations case study pdf solutions and strategies But a hand written mind map lacks the formality of an official report document and cannot

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/reviews/productivity/1b.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Open-Source Business Intelligence Software - Should you Take it Seriously?
    reliability and rigour which they imagine comes from a old school corporate product Databases for example are one such area although even there MySQL has gained some traction Will Business Intelligence BI be another Business Intelligence is one of the latest corporate buzzwords and the market for Business Intelligence software has grown dramatically in recent years Business Objects SAS have established themselves as the major players and the software giants from other sectors Microsoft Oracle and SAP are eyeing the market up and starting to make some serious moves on it The BI big hitters have tailored their marketing and developments efforts towards large corporate customers companies which don t mind shelling out serious cash on enterprise software The more cash constained smaller and medium enterprises have been feeling a little left out like there s a party going on somewhere round the block and they didn t get an invite This is where those touting open source BI might make some headway if only they can convince potential users to take them seriously Actuate a company which started the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools sub project of Eclipse a popular programming development tool commissioned a survey to assess corporate acceptance of open source BI software It found that 24 were already using it and 31 expected to be using it soon Pentaho is the leading player in open source BI currently By all accounts a dynamic company which has recruited or poached much of its talent from the heavyweight corporate BI vendors it markets its suite of Java based BI applications while offering its source code for free How does it make money By selling support for the product which of course you re under no obligation to buy and by selling higher end professional editions of the basic Pentaho package Pentaho claims the open source variant contains 90 of the features present in the professional edition Jaspersoft is another of the leading open source BI companies Like Pentaho it makes money by charging for specialised add on modules to its core product which it distributes for free Its JasperReports tool was created originally as an open source alternative to Crystal Reports and is now well established with over 10 000 installations worldwide You can read more about Pentaho and Jaspersoft s products here and here So apart from cost are there any advantages to be gained from going the open source route rather than using a proprietary solution Well for one thing it might help you to avoid lock in That is the phenomenon when one vendor s products become so intimately and fundamentally tied up with your company s business processes that it becomes almost impossible for you to do without it If at some future stage you make a strategic decision to liberate yourself from your formerly preferred vendor s embrace you might find yourself in a world of hurt The corporate BI vendors make little secret of their desire to get you locked in They

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/open-source-business-intelligence.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • VoIP Phones, what are they, do you need one?
    to work with your favoured service or will one size fit all In general VOIP phones are highly interchangeable Bear in mind that the roots of VOIP are in PC to PC based calling To make these calls people would simply speak through a microphone attached to their computer and would listen to their interlocutor through the PC speakers In essence then that s all the simplest VOIP phone is an extension of your PC s speaker and a microphone to allow you to speak Don t be fooled by the physical form factor which may make it look like a traditional phone There s not necessarily any magic going on under the hood Some phones do have more sophisticated capabilities however such as special features designed to work with specific services Skype for example certifies phones based on usability requirements These requirements might mean that some of the provider s details are built into the phone meaning you don t have to go through a cumbersome sign up process Certified phones are also more likely to offer you access to some of a VOIP service s peripheral features such as Instant Messaging over and above the simple voice chat facility If there s a particular feature that s important to you though you should check to see whether the phone supports it beforehand Not all provider marketed or badged phones support the full range of that service s features Usually then if you see a phone marketed as being compatible with a specific service it just means that using that service with that phone will be slightly easier and perhaps only initially Configuration details for that service will be pre programmed into the phone making the whole set up process less painful The one thing to beware of is that some of the PC based services require the user to sign on through a browser before they are used Some of the phones which are designed to remove or limit the user s dependency on the computer may not have any means of performing the initial sign on meaning you can t access the service Mobile VOIP Since Wi Fi isn t yet ubiquitous and many of us need to make calls while out and about it seems we can t make a complete transition to VOIP just yet We could either carry two phones a VOIP handset for when a Wi Fi connection is available and a conventional mobile phone for when it isn t Although this works it s a little cumbersome and it means you need to update two sets of contacts on the different phones One solution is to get a dual mode phone A Dual Mode phone can switch between Wi Fi and conventional modes of operation sometimes seamlessly within the same call ie you may start a call over Wi Fi then switch to the old fashioned mobile network when you move out of Wi Fi range without any interruption at all and

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