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  • Business VoIP?
    Yes indeed There are a number of things you can do with VOIP which you can t do with a conventional phone service For example if you have a web page you could embed a link to it that visitors could click on to speak to one of your customer service operators directly from their PC Video conferencing is much more feasible with VOIP than it ever was with the traditional phone network so you may find that becoming part of your business culture With VOIP voicemail can often be saved in a portable format such as mp3 and sent via email to the appropriate user In many cases this is much more convenient than old style voicemail The fact that your telephony is taking place over software can potentially give you much more information about your usage of it than you ever had before This can lead to cost savings if it lets you spot things like excess capacity for example Business VOIP The Numbers Issue Another important factor in the business use of VOIP is the removal of the geographical dependence factor in what your telephone number is This can be both a good thing and a bad thing If you don t want to be perceived as servicing one region only a VOIP number can elminate the problem On the other hand having a local number may often be advantageous The cost customers pay to call your VOIP is affected by the distances involved just as with conventional phone numbers You may want to retain a local number and even if you are not located in a particular region you may want to give the impression that you are Both of these things are possible through VOIP You can also have multiple numbers feeding through to the same phones So if you so desired you could arrange things so that your customers in multiple locales were all able to get through to you with what for them was a local rate number Business VOIP Key Considerations Most VOIP services offer diminished audio quality compared to conventional phones This is an issue for business users If you are dealing with customers or clients low quality voice communication may be grating on the ear and may give an image of unprofessionalism After all does a serious company skimp on quality just to save a few pennies It should be noted however that some VOIP providers now claim their audio quality is indistinguishable from that provided in a standard telephone call In addition some business VOIP providers insist their service is of higher quality than the standard consumer offerings In fact some are prepared to guarantee certain levels of service through Quality of Service agreements They can achieve higher quality because their software may allow them to distinguish between data packets and voice packets and so prioritise the latter Reliability is also an issue for VOIP calling The VOIP industry is still a relatively young one and it just hasn

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