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  • Tips and tricks on reducing PC noise
    tie wraps to secure loose cables inside the case to prevent them from touching moving parts avoid the use of rubber bands as these get brittle over time and they break into little pieces which get into fans Vacuum the dust out of your PC Dust clogs up fans causing them to get louder over time If your CRT monitor generates a buzzing sound or audible hiss then it is faulty the manufacturer should be willing to repair replace it Keep devices like mobiles and other objects capable of electromagnetic interference far away from PCs Note that baby monitors washing machines and a range of other household devices can interfere with your PC and or cause your speakers to hiss click or burst into pops Depending on your operating system and modem you can usually set your modem to silent mode so it doesn t make a noise when dialing out You could also experiment with the Power settings in the Windows control panel to set hard disks monitors fans to turn off in a pre determined time if the PC is not being used Read the Windows help file on what the various suspend sleep and other modes mean You can also turn off the Windows sounds i e the automatic wav files that are associated with Windows starting up shutting down and running a variety of other tasks The cheapest ways of reducing noise for PC Builders Use sleeve fans rather than bearing fans when possible Check dba ratings on all fans you use from the CPU fan to the case chassis fan to the PSU Be aware that many components that come with fans are also available in no fan versions including motherboards with just a heat sink and no fan on the Northbridge and power supplies that are based more on music system power supplies and don t need active cooling When using fans use larger fans with a lower rpm A 120 mm chassis case fan running at a low rpm will generate the same cfm cubic feet per minute of airflow as an 80 mm fan running at a higher rpm but will generally make less noise Avoid using PCI slot 1 Keep some distance between the graphics card fan and other PCI cards so air from the graphics card fan will not be obstructed Some hard disks are sold as Quiet drives they tend to not cost any more than standard hard disks Shop around for quiet drives 5400 rpm hard disks may not be quieter than the low noise 7200 or 10000 rpm disks Higher rpm generally mean more whine BUT many of the higher rpm performance hard disks use fluid dynamic bearings and other clever technologies to run very quietly indeed Route your cables carefully When they block airflow they add to the noise Choose your case carefully Buying a quality case will allow you to add other sound control features later Use the right wattage of PSU If your PC

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  • Review of the Zalman TNN 500A No Noise PC case, Zalman TNN-500A
    fans in the case altogether Be warned It will dent your wallet Estimated retail price in the UK is approx 800 That price does include an innovative fanless power supply though So if you are looking for a cheap solution this isn t it cheaper alternatives but if you re looking for the quietest PC you can get your search has ended How unbiased is this review considering we use this case ourselves We ve no idea We ve posted what we believe is a warts and all review We ll let you decide First why quiet What s the big deal about having a silent PC According to Tomas Risberg s silent se site PC noise makes it difficult to concentrate impairs productivity impairs creativity and competes for attention Ambient noise is uncomfortable and bothersome Acoustic comfort has long been a goal of PC manufacturers who monitor customer feedback That seems to be high on customers wish lists Which components generate the most noise The Power Supply Unit PSU noisy hard disks and optical drives contribute to noise But by far the loudest parts are the numerous fans inside the average PC A typical machine will have fans on

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  • Hard Disk Review: Western Digital Raptor vs Maxtor DiamondMax 10
    terms of metrics all they ve done is move from 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm on the spindle speeds and from 2 MB to 8 MB of onboard cache and that s it The storage space has increased tremendously over time and the cost has deceased to less than 1 00 per GB a figure that would have been simply unbelievable as little as two years ago There are downsides to larger sizes of course in that the more the data you have on your platter the longer it takes to find any one part of that data All of the main hard disk manufacturers today such as Maxtor Western Digital Seagate and Hitachi IBM offer near identical 7200rpm 8mb cache PATA UDMA133 SATA UDMA 150 hard disks The products vary only slightly in factors such as heat output noise generated and warranty There is one exception the Western Digital Raptor an enthusiasts drive that has received rave reviews The Raptor is optimistically referred to as an enterprise class drive because it spins at 10k rpm This offers faster read and write speeds and faster access times than any 7200rpm drive The Raptors are available in only two sizes 36 7GB and 74GB and are often compared to SCSI drives in performance Enthusiasts even combine them in RAID 0 configurations to push their performance past many older SCSI drives Maxtor s new drive the DiamondMax 10 sic goes down a different route Maxtor decided to forsake faster spindle speeds to offer a doubling of the onboard cache and importantly support for Native Command Queuing The increase in cache helps with the storage of I O requests from the controller and speeds up the user experience Accessing the cache which runs at RAM speeds is faster than accessing the disk platters

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/reviews/ncq/ (2016-02-08)
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  • Cheap Laptop, Cheapest Laptops and Lowest Prices on Laptops
    X but sold only 184 567 They need to clear stock out for the new model to be released shortly They can t delay release of a new model just because they have a few thousand of the old one left 2 They are ex rental Large companies don t want to tie up millions of pounds of capital in laptops so they just lease them or rent them After a few months of use the business returns them to Compaq Toshiba etc and get new replacements These returned laptops are all fully working and need to find a home 3 Disposal of retail channel stock For whatever reason large retail outlets like Dixons Jungle Argos etc return stock to manufacturers as shop soiled faulty or second hand The manufacturer needs to extract some money out of this stock so they repair recondition these laptops and need to sell them on 4 Repairs refurbs Customers return products for all kinds of reasons whether it s just that they changed their mind or that they found a cheaper deal elsewhere Laptop manufacturers can t sell these on as new units They put them through quality testing again and have to sell them as refurbished So why can t you call Compaq IBM Toshiba Acer etc and ask for these units Well it s an image thing Also they don t want to be talking to you about cheap laptops there s no big profit in that They want to talk to customers who ll pay full whack And you can t blame them If they are losing money on these units the last thing they want is the extra time and hassle of selling them individually and handling the enormous number of telephone calls enquiries emails etc So they have an

    Original URL path: http://www.bestpricecomputers.co.uk/entry/cheap_laptop.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Video Editing Computer Guide, Video & Image Editing Computer System, PC for digital and analogue video processing
    decide which of the following you need Analogue input Analogue output Digital input Digital output Analogue inputs outputs are like the red white and yellow sockets composite on your TV VCR The red and white handle the sound the yellow handles the video Some camcorders have the round S Video connectors that are also supported by some VCRs but you don t find S Video inputs on average computers S Video handles video only and if you re using S Video you ll have to use a separate cable to provide audio feed If you have an older analogue camcorder you will need analogue inputs on your PC The quality of analogue footage is of course lower than digital Tip If a computer lists an S Video socket on the graphics card it s probably only an S Video out and NOT an S Video in However you do get composite inputs on most professional video editing cards Digital input outputs DV are provided by what s called Firewire i e IEEE 1394 ports You will need this if you wish to transfer footage from a digital camcorder to your PC Firewire ports can be found on some soundcards like Creative Audigy 2 are included on most modern motherboards and if you have neither of these you can add firewire functionality via a PCI Firewire card which is a lot cheaper than a video editing card All modern dedicated video editing cards provide at least one firewire port Tip When buying a digital camcorder check that it supports out digital out and digital in Not all do A word in favour of analogue Note that even if your camcorder is digital you may want analogue connectors on your PC for the following reasons 1 You may at some point want

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  • Sitemap
    Oriented Architecture SGI Workstations Software Deployment Distribution Solaris SPARC SQL Structured Query Language Statistical Data Analysis Storage Area Networks SAN Strategic Enterprise Management Software Structured Query Language Sun Servers Sun Workstations Supply Chain Management and software Transaction Processing Systems VoIP Web hosting WiFi Windows or Linux Hosting Windows Migration Best Price Computers Ltd is one of the UK s best kept secrets Our original business was the supply of quality budget computer systems While we still do these the company has increasingly been winning awards for the Poweroid brand of PCs at the luxury and performance end of the market With our reputation for quality and the numerous awards we receive from the PC magazines we have established the company as one of the UK s major players with one major difference We are not a rich multi national corporation We are a group of PC enthusiasts who ve turned a hobby into a financially successful business We do not stock a wide range of software or a wide range of peripherals We don t sell a wide range of components and don t stock assorted other IT products But if you are looking for a quality budget PC or a top notch performance monster a server a network or a graphics workstation you ve come to the right place Privacy Policy This privacy policy is reviewed and revised from time to time You may wish to revisit it regularly This site does not collect or store data from you with the purpose of selling or renting the data or sending marketing emails We collect no more data about each visitor than most other websites When posting a comment a name and email address are required You do not have to select your real name Your email address will not published Comments trackbacks pingbacks and forms submitted here will be identified by your IP address It s sometimes possible to use these numbers to trace identify someone or the ISP or employer educational institution the IP address is registered to Your IP address could potentially be used in conjunction with other data to identify you If this is a concern please use an anonymous browsing service see http tor eff org Browsing this site doesn t reveal your identity publicly Some of the facilities on this site are usable only if you have cookies enabled Some advertising networks like Google also store cookies You may wish to clear these cookies and the browser cache if you wish to refrain from revealing any identifying information especially if you are using a public or shared computer Any time you visit a page on the internet you send quite a bit of information to the server The web servers that host this site maintain access logs with the information that you send These servers are owned by third parties and this information is used to provide site statistics and to get an idea of popular pages and what sites link here We do

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  • Business Intelligence: Who benefits?
    bewildering to some employees who are not used to processing it As a result they may prefer to simply ignore the data rather than make an effort to sift through it and extract something useful One solution is a role based distribution of BI under which employees receive different sets of data specifically tailored to their status and responsibilities within the company Another cultural issue that arises through the wider dissemination of BI is that some workers feel disempowered because they previously regarded themselves as owners of data that is now readily accessible to everyone Encouraging them to see this as a burden lifted from their shoulders can help reconcile them to this new status quo Having performance metrics easily viewable by everyone can also create problems Individual workers whose performance is struggling may now have their predicament painfully obvious to all of their colleagues whereas previously it would have been a private matter been the worker and his or her manager In some settings for example a sales team the tension this induces may be regarded as healthy or even productive in other cases where a culture of fierce personal competitiveness is not the norm it may be stressful and demoralising The Maine Medical Centre implemented a pervasive Business Intelligence concept in partnership with SAS All hospital employees were able to track the movement of dozens of Key Performance Indicators KPIs which were the metrics judged to be most important for the efficient running of the hospital both from a cost and patient care point of view Management found that simply by being exposed to the information workers altered their behaviour They prioritised certain things rather than others Once the BI system began tracking the number of patient falls they became less frequent The mere fact of recognising that

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  • Unleashing Productive Creativity
    the ideas captured One of the ways in which productive creativity can be encouraged is through mind mapping It is a method developed by Tony Buzan which follows the brain s tendency for organic pictorial and associative thinking Whereas a computer works in a linear manner the human brain works associatively and compares integrates and synthesizes words and images at the same time During mind mapping the main concept or problem is placed at the centre of the paper and thoughts and ideas jumping out of it are compressed into words and images and placed radially around it This branching out goes on till all the ideas and options have been captured on paper This process allows spontaneous thoughts and ideas to be transferred on paper without losing their freshness and immediacy and the resulting diagram is called a mind map Mind mapping can then be simply defined as associating comparing integrating and synthesizing words and images at the same time on a focused subject It is all about mapping the mind on paper Mind maps can be very useful for individuals and organizations in order to achieve a synergy between productivity and creativity For individuals in creative professions or roles requiring organizing skills mind mapping can be an efficient tool that encourages creativity without losing sight of the end result Writers designers pdf guide directors and film makers can have a quick overview of their projects on a mind map which will keep them organized focused and productive all the time Not only that a mind map provides a fertile ground for new ideas to crop up through the process of associative thinking For those in the academic professions like students teachers professors scientists and researchers mind mapping can be a way to efficiently organize information They can absorb

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