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  • Dedicated Server Web Hosting Explained
    deployment of more complex applications databases streaming media Dedicated hosting solutions also have the ability to host multiple sites on one machine Such solutions are usually provided on a world class network connection and include 24x7 monitoring of the server and network availability Dedicated servers Dedicated Server Webhosting Definition Dedicated hosting permits hosting customers to lease pre configured equipment server and connectivity from a web hosting service provider for the customer s exclusive use unlike most other hosting packages where several customers share a hosting company s server The server hardware routing equipment network connectivity etc is monitored and maintained by the hosting company and the server software applications are maintained by the customer But why have a dedicated server Why not share a webserver with other customers A dedicated server is more secure more private and other things being equal it will be faster and better suited to complex applications The options the host provides generally includes a fully manager dedicated server or a dedicated server that is self managed And there may be several options in between Some of the services that the host may manage are a firewall spam protection etc Generally the server is provided by

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  • Digital Dashboards for Business Explained
    time a manager fails to spot something but in the long run the accumulation of information blind spots leads to poor decision making which ultimately will have an impact on a company s profitability and even viability Lay offs and lost livelihoods may lack the drama of a plane crash but they spread plenty of misery too Executive Information Systems in the 1980s first began to address the information perception problem for corporate executives General Electric built on this in the 90s when it began to develop visual interfaces called cockpits for its managers This was the real beginning of the Digital Dashboard At that time there was no off the shelf product GE could use to get what it wanted so it was forced to carry out its own IT development in house It was a tremendous success and proved to be very influential Now that the dashboard idea is out in the wild and almost mainstream General Electric continues to be a prominent user of them today A typical dashboard will feature a number of bars graphs and pie charts to indicate the key metrics which are important to the dashboard s user Colour coding with green to indicate smooth running and red to indicate problem areas is also common A dashboard should allow the user to drill down through the information stack following up areas of concern to learn more about what lies behind the surface metric Those that don t do this and instead present only a superficial visual display are more properly called Digital Scorecards Literally thousands of dashboards have been created for specialised niche areas Designers continue to innovate in the types of visual display used to highlight the Key Performance Indicators KPIs which are important to decision makers Beyond the standard pie charts

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  • Direct Access Storage Explained and Defined
    that can be managed with minimal skills This is because the cabling is an integral part of the cabinet with the server SCSI bus cables do not cost much and therefore logistical planning and administrative overhead costs are kept low Since the storage is localized it helps in optimizing performance DAS is a general purpose solution for all types of storage processing The drawbacks of a single enclosure DAS design include poor scalability and limited disk capacity This means that DAS cannot be used as the only storage medium for an enterprise environment Poor scalability adds to the complexities in managing the storage environment DAS does not allow for good management practices where a single data repository image is maintained DAS does not provide the uptime or security that is associated with a SAN or NAS configuration Disk consolidation with DAS is not feasible Multiple external enclosure DAS systems are ones where the DAS can be configured with external storage accessed through an input output card SCSI interfaces provide extended device management capacity and thus are useful for accessing external storage cabinets Modern external enclosures offer high throughput rates and redundancy of power to ensure high availability A multiple external enclosure DAS design offers the advantage of speedier recovery in case complete server hardware takes place Storage capacity is in terabytes and greater than the internal capacity of a computer On the flip side a multiple external enclosure DAS adds to the complexity of management it is more expensive than an internal solution and has greater space requirements When setting up DAS the following aspects regarding hard disks should be taken into consideration disk capacity disk I O and hard disk connectivity With DAS redundancy is provided at the disk or controller level because with locally attached storage the fault

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  • Disaster Planning, Contingency Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning Explained and Defined
    their companies in any situation involving contingency planning or emergency response more about the planning role and responsibilities more Testing your contingency plans Exercising your teams doing an audit the Institute for Business Home Safety offers a variety of tools for small business owners to reduce their potential for loss and to reopen quickly should they be forced to close more Business Continuity Planning Disaster Recovery Planning Definition Disaster prevention and recovery is a coordinated and documented activity to install measures to facilitate a business s continued operation during a natural or man made disaster or if that operation is interrupted to facilitate a restoration of normal operation with minimum loss It includes planning for off site backups redundant hardware at alternate locations and a clear process for protecting and restoring critical information Disaster planning is also called Contingency Planning or Business Continuity Planning and is used largely to refer to preventing data loss and recovering critical data It overlaps with risk management Natural disasters sabotage equipment failure fires terrorist attacks human or equipment error failures worker strikes power failures criminal attacks computer malware etc are all things that you are best advised to insure against However minimising employees injuries

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  • Distributed Computing Explained and Defined
    This is a method of computing the terms Distributed and Grid are used in very similar ways which involves the use of many computers to tackle a computing task together These computers may be in different rooms different buildings different countries or different continents They re tied together by the software an agent that s run on them to perform their part of that task Only certain types of task lend themselves to the distributed grid computing method as they need to be divisible into sub tasks that can be carried out in parallel before having their results recombined A control program accepts the results of the sub tasks as they come in from all the computers in the grid and integrates them to advance the task towards its overall goal SETI at Home The best known public distributed grid computing project is probably SETI at Home The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence involves a massive computing effort in scanning the results from several different radio telescopes which are sweeping the heavens looking for radio signals which can t easily be classified as coming from natural sources If they re not natural the argument goes they must be coming from a source of intelligent life somewhere else in the universe Using a distributed grid computing program the immense computing power needed to analyse all this radio telescope data doesn t have to be concentrated in one supercomputer Instead it relies on the voluntary donation of computing time by thousands if not millions of interested members of the public By running a special screen saver packets of data are analysed when a volunteer s PC is lying idle rather than popping a copy of the Windows logo round the screen these PCs spend their off duty moments analysing yet another signal

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  • Distributed Denial of Service Attack Explained
    line and reinstating it on a different network Different methods of DoS then began to be developed to make them more effective and more difficult to stop The developments have broadly been in two areas developing more specific lines of attack and using techniques to make the attacking servers harder to find and block Distributed DoS Attacks To take the latter scenario first distributed DoS DDoS attacks use networks of computers rather than just one or two making the source of the attack harder to find This activity is closely linked with the writing and distributing of viruses trojans and worms that allow a third party to take control of a PC and use it in a DDoS These malicious methods allow the perpetrators of an attack to create networks of PCs under their control known as botnets They can be activated by remote control or by a triggering event such as a specific date and time Thus computers with access to the internet that do not have good security can become part of the attacking botnet causing a DDoS without their owners even knowing it Different Attack Methods Email servers were a favourite target in the early days of these attacks as well as flooding attacks but the developers of these malicious tools devised more specific attacks as the game developed Database servers are commonly attacked with botnets issuing thousands of spurious queries which can quickly bring servers to their knees It should be noted that when we talk about serves in this way we are talking about software servers not physical hardware servers One server in the hardware sense can support many different types and instances of software servers DoS attacks can target networking equipment as well as application servers Most communications equipment such as routers and switches are computers in their own right This means that code can be written to exploit loopholes in their programming and tie up the network preventing the computers inside the network from communicating even if they aren t themselves directly affected In extreme cases bugs in code can render communications equipment useless by corrupting the firmware the operating code they hold in memory making replacement the only practical solution Motivations for DoS Attacks Many DoS attacks are purely mischievous that is to say they are aimed at companies or organisations that someone has taken a dislike to for one reason or another This could be a political motivation like the attacks on South Korean and US systems in July 2009 or those on Estonia in April and May 2007 Often they are about ideologies where supporters of one side will attack websites espousing the opposite view These are still damaging but they are not an attempt to commit a crime although if a business is succesfully attacked it will suffer from being off the air and spending time and money fixing resulting problems Other DoS attacks are directly fraudulent or criminal The botnets of compromised PCs can be hired over the

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  • E-Commerce Software Explained
    program or set of programs that facilitates the buying and selling of goods online Typically an e commerce software package is configured on a secure server and connects to a database for product catalogues prices and other information It presents a shopping cart to the site s visitors who can choose configure and order these products or services using a credit card debit card or alternative online payment mechanism The goods can range from offering three varieties of home made jam to local customers to being a complete online retailer such as Amazon or Dabs There are plenty of commercial applications which handle everything for you all you have to do is enter the details of the goods or services you want to sell Some are more complex and integrate with payment gateways to carry out credit card transactions courier companies online booking and tracking software the systems software of drop shippers affiliate merchants PPC programs software download houses and order fulfilment agencies The exact requirements you have for your particular business to function on the internet will vary depending on the goods and services you re trying to sell and the size of your business Things to consider when selecting a shopping cart See whether it can handle customer facing Detailed description of goods or services item by item Pictures of goods possibly with enlargements for extra detail Stock details showing your customers how many of each item is available Pricing details both inclusive and exclusive of VAT other local taxes Maintenance of shopping carts showing what a customer has selected and providing a current spending total Suggestions of other items as alternatives or in addition to those on view upselling cross selling Reviews of items by independent reviewers and or other customers Details of special offers or sale

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  • Electronic Data Processing Explained
    is infrequently used in modern computing Originally coined in an era in which the idea of storing and processing data on computers could be entertained by only the largest of businesses EDP is now a reality of daily life for the vast majority of businesses around the globe In fact the term has since been updated variously to the better known terms IT Information Technology and IS Information Systems History of EDP When the first commercial computer the Lyons Electronic Office LEO 1 was developed in 1951 by the Joe Lyons catering organization the only method of inputting data onto the computer was through the use of punched tape or cards These punch cards had to be separately manufactured before their input and the data itself was stored within the computer on magnetic tape At the time individual organizations were required to create their own bespoke data processing software and utilities as there was no industry devoted to the mass production of applications designed for general data processing use Clearly the process of processing commercial data with computers was both extremely time consuming and prohibitively expensive For example IBMs 7090 Data Processing Computer cost 2 89million and required around 25 operating personnel for each 8 hour shift With the advent of the microprocessor the field of electronic data processing advanced in leaps and bounds Freed from the constraints of punch cards and multiple trained operators it became possible for data to be processed electronically using simple relatively powerful desktop computers EDP in the Modern Era While the term EDP itself may be regarded by many as quaint in today s electronic world the issues and problems involved in electronic data processing are faced by businesses large and small each and every day Most businesses use computers and the vast majority

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