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  • E-Procurement Explained
    There are several varieties of e Procurement each of which can offers benefits to manufacturing enterprises in ensuring both that materials are delivered in time to meet production schedules and that they are at the best price to maximise profit margins Web based ERP ERP software packages from vendors such as SAP AG Oracle and The Sage Group are designed to optimise the resource planning of an enterprise In terms of the manufacturing process they can generate recommended purchasing schedules in order to achieve an ideal just in time JIT production cycle One of the many features of ERP software is its ability to automatically generate purchases orders using the Bill of Materials for the finished product as a basis Web based ERP software can go one step further As well as generating purchase orders it can forward them to suppliers in order to fully automate the procurement process Based on the ideal manufacturing process laid out by the ERP software these orders ensure that materials will be available in time to begin production at the ideal time In addition to generating new purchase orders ERP software can also issue reschedule notices to suppliers Reschedule notices are supplementary orders that can either cancel delay speed up and alter the size of pending orders e MRO ERP software can also generate and send purchase orders for maintenance repair and operating supplies to enable the smooth running of the production process When repairs are necessary to components of a production line e MRO orders can greatly reduce down time E MRO orders are of greatest benefit to automated production lines using numerical control machine tools Many automated machine tools can run self diagnostic programs notifying an operator by SMS message to a cell phone in the event of components failure In addition

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  • Executive Dashboard Software Explained
    obvious metaphor of the business as a vehicle Executives drivers need an instrument panel to provide them with the information they need to drive the business Modern digital dashboards business dashboards are designed by many vendors to work out of the box enabling managers to simply install them on their office desktop or home computer and configure them to track performance across a wide range of business processes Dashboards incorporate powerful information visualisation tools allowing executives to manipulate vast volumes of data into easily understandable graphical formats such as graphs pie charts and gauges Perhaps most importantly executive dashboards are configured to display performance of high level processes allowing executives to get a simple broad overview of the performance of specific areas of the business or see also Key Performance Indicators If a particular area becomes a cause for concern it is possible to drill down into lower level data to provide more information Benefits of Executive Dashboards It s clear to see that an executive dashboard tool can be a powerful aid to decision making Beyond the simple graphics dashboards offer a range of specific benefits to executives Faster Decision Making Before the development of the executive dashboard the process of gathering business performance information for management was both time consuming and impractical As Oracle CEO Larry Ellison complained in Business Week Magazine Before the Internet Ellison says taking the pulse of a company was sort of ridiculous To get the latest sales information he would call several people and wait days for them to process financial reports that often were out of date by the time he got them You would use your cell phone and work on feelings he says The executive dashboard allows busy executives an accurate real time overview of business information Clearly the possession

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  • Executive Information Systems Explained
    can be accessed in seconds The two main aspects of an EIS system are integration and visualisation The newest method of visualisation is the Dashboard and Scorecard The Dashboard is one screen that presents key data and organisational information on an almost real time and integrated basis The Scorecard is another one screen display with measurement metrics which can give a percentile view of whatever criteria the executive chooses Behind these two front end screens can be an immense data processing infrastructure or a couple of integrated databases depending entirely on the organisation that is using the system The backbone of the system is traditional server hardware and a fast network The EIS software itself is run from here and presented to the executive over this network The databases needs to be fully integrated into the system and have real time connections both in and out This information then needs to be collated verified processed and presented to the end user so a real time connection into the EIS core is necessary Executive Information Systems come in two distinct types ones that are data driven and ones that are model driven Data driven systems interface with databases and data warehouses They collate information from different sources and presents them to the user in an integrated dashboard style screen Model driven systems use forecasting simulations and decision tree like processes to present the data As with any emerging and progressive market service providers are continually improving their products and offering new ways of doing business Modern EIS systems can also present industry trend information and competitor behaviour trends if needed They can filter and analyse data create graphs charts and scenario generations and offer many other options for presenting data There are a number of ways to link decision making to

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  • Genetic Algorithms Explained
    likely to succeed in the current market environment Methodology of Genetic Algorithms Process designers can optimise their business processes by following a simple process to identify optimal conditions Generate a Range of Potential Solutions Individuals Initially it is necessary for process designers to identify a number of different methods by which a process could be completed Following the metaphor of a biological system each of these solutions is known as an individual or according to MIT a genome The initial population could be made up of anything from just a few individuals to hundreds or even thousands depending on the scope of the process and the variety of ways in which it can be performed Traditionally these individuals will be generated randomly from throughout the entire search space of the process The search space is a theoretical construct in which is contained every possible individual no matter how unlikely Evaluation Each individual must then be evaluated to produce a fitness function Fitness functions refer to a quantifiable scalar valued measure of the fitness of an individual In the case of business processes the fitness functions of each process will most likely be generated by evaluating the time it would take to complete each process Faster processes would receive high fitness functions and slower ones would receive lower functions Selection Once each individual has been evaluated the individuals with the highest fitness functions will be combined to produce a second generation In general the second generation of individuals can be expected to be fitter than the first as it was derived only from individuals carrying high fitness functions Termination This process of selection and reproduction should ideally allow process designers to develop an ever fitter solution exploiting the collected advantages of its predecessors The process of recombining and reproducing individuals will

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  • Help Desk Software Explained
    business It is a central point through which problems are reported and managed Help desk users can be external or internal or both but where ever the users are coming from the smooth operation of the help desk is fundamental to the smooth running of an enterprise selling technical goods or services Traditionally and prior to helpdesk software solutions help desk functions involved a call being logged numbered and allocated to a person team in first line support see also process management Failing a resolution is it escalated to second third line support When the problem is resolved the ticket is closed During the time the ticket is open there may be need to add updates log further issues or track contact with the user There is of course a lot of repetitive work there and problems that have simple solutions and or problems that appear on a regular basis still go through the same process and use employee time There is therefore a good case for using an intelligent help desk software solution Regular problems can be dealt with by a knowledge base Further with help desk software other problems can be handled more efficiently an audit trail maintained

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  • Human Resource Management Systems Explained
    of an enterprise most importantly by tracking and analysing the timekeeping and work patterns of the workforce allowing management better information on which to form strategies The importance of human resources has not gone unnoticed by the software industry There is now a wide range of applications available to aid the HR department in their tasks making possible the automation of certain tasks and aiding in the organisation of many others HRM software systems from vendors such as Oracle and Ascentis are broadly defined by the four basic responsibilities of the HR department and as such typically contain standalone modules to address the needs of each responsibility Payroll Module The payroll module greatly reduces the workload of the HR department by automating the payroll process allowing HR to ensure that payroll functions are completed on time and without errors At its most basic level the payroll module is supported by the manual entry of timekeeping and attendance data from paper based timesheets submitted by the workforce More advanced systems track employee timekeeping through automatic systems connected to either a clocking in system or a tracker connected to the desktop computers of the employees Once attendance data is fed into the system the payroll module automatically calculates payment amounts and various deductions such as income tax before generating paychecks and employee tax reports Time and Labour Management Module The time and labour management module is designed to collate and analyse employee timekeeping information for the purposes of organisational cost accounting By sourcing data directly from the timekeeping devices and methods used to calculate payroll this module can provide management with valuable data regarding the use of labour resources within the enterprise Benefit Administration Module The benefit administration module provides HR personnel with the capacity to monitor and manage employee participation in

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  • Information Technology Governance Explained
    assume an ever broader role in our everyday lives however more and more legislation has come to be passed circumscribing corporate freedom of action and imposing strict regulations on how data is handled and maintained Advocates of the IT governance approach argue that this is an issue which must be taken more seriously than it has been hitherto they compare it for example to compliance with corporate accounting standards something that at the very least every corporate board members knows must be taken seriously In fact the high profiles business failures of recent years such as those of Enron and Arthur Andersen raised interest in corporate governance issues generally and the IT Governance movement has benefited from this The second major strand of the IT governance approach relates to the level of corporate management at which major IT decisions are made Many deep thinkers on the topic have expressed the view that there has been too great a chasm between the corporate board room and the technical staff who undertake or initiate most IT projects It is this chasm the argument runs which is responsible for so many of the notable IT project failures which have occurred in recent years Because high level board members so often lack technical understanding the oversight they can exercise is superficial only and they may therefore be too inclined to agree with whatever proposals are made to them by technical staff IT Governance advocates believe that IT must be brought into the boardroom so that responsibility for major IT initiatives is owned by the company s top executives Since lack of technical understanding is one of the major barriers to this taking place they feel either that greater efforts must be made to impart technical knowledge to high level managers or that to a much greater extent than ever before those who already possess technical knowledge must be elevated into senior management positions Evangelists for IT governance argue that IT is too important to be left on the margins that it is now fundamental to success of many major companies and for this reason IT strategy must be shaped by board level managers Another of the chief concerns of those arguing for a new approach to IT governance is that the IT goals of corporations have often been divorced from the company s broader business strategy Technological enhancements or developments have been pursued for their own sake rather than because they were expected to deliver real value for the business IT governance emphasises that a company s IT strategy must serve its overall business strategy To this end it is the responsibility of a company s board of directors to set measurable performance benchmarks both for the IT department and the for the more traditional parts of the business which the company s information technology initiatives are designed to support Accomplishing the objective of bringing IT objectives and business objectives into greater harmony with one another often requires some reform of traditional IT management

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  • Information Utilities Explained
    run an enterprise can be an enormous drain on financial resources Many smaller enterprises cannot in fact afford the IT equipment necessary to realise their objectives It can be especially frustrating for those in charge of the purse strings when they are forced to pay through the nose for vital services that are however only required occasionally Though the services may be necessary the ROI may not be exceptional considering the infrequent use The Solution Many enterprises and government organisations therefore opt instead to treat the provision of certain IT resources as a utility much the same as their supply of power and water Instead of financing the purchase of an extremely expensive internal system of hardware and software to provide the information services for an enterprise some enterprises would prefer instead to treat their IT services as a commodity to be turned on and off depending on need In recent years entire industries have grown to provide these services and millions have been spent on the infrastructure to provide them Today it is possible to access a wide range of information services that can be provided as and when required at a relatively low cost to the enterprise Services Available Network Security From the provision of a firewall and virus protection to the authentication of users network security services can be provided to protect the integrity of commercial data and other the IT infrastructure Rather than providing on site network security the service can be provided remotely or can come in the form of such software packages as McAfee enterprise protection applications Web Server Hosting For the provision of web space for corporate web sites as well as Intranets hosting is a service that is often delegated to outside enterprises The cost of hosting and managing onsite web servers

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