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  • May 2012
    at all Note that the IR system is not designed to apportion blame Although the system requires a name and contact details so that further information can be sought if required these are never publicised And there is no shame in reporting an error that you made it just might prevent others making the same error with perhaps more serious consequences It is in fact a legal requirement to report air incidents Fatal or potentially fatal incidents must be reported to the BHPA the Air Accident Investigation Branch AAIB and Police immediately Serious incidents should be reported to the BHPA as soon as possible In these cases an IR should be submitted to the BHPA as within 48 hours Otherwise an IR should be submitted following an incident if it Involves injury whether to participants or others Involves damage to property third party or not May give rise to an insurance or legal claim Involves non standard equipment or techniques Involves failed or malfunctioned equipment Highlights safety points or is unusual Is something you feel the sport may learn from The new online IR report can be found at https contact bhpa co uk incident php IR submissions can still be made on paper for an IR form contact your club s safety officer or the BHPA Office UK flexie record goes to 280km On Sunday April 15th Carl Wallbank pushed the UK flex wing hang gliding record to 276 93km On a day when most pilots were grounded by high winds Carl put into action a plan he had conceived and perfected a long time ago So confident was he of reaching the south coast from his home site at Llangollen that he declared Weymouth 165 miles away as a goal With a RASP soaring prediction in the red over the entire route Carl took his first climb at 1045 passed to the east of the Long Mynd about an hour later crossed the Severn and reached his turnpoint west of Chippenham to avoid Bristol airspace at 13 10 and altered course to the south south west From there it was little more than an hour and a half to Dorchester and Weymouth beach landing at 15 30 after five hours in the air The few extra km to secure the UK outright record were there for the taking but would have involved landing on the Isle of Portland a dodgy proposition in the fairly strong wind Sadly due to a daft error he missed his 10km goal radius by just 450m and the flight to goal record remains for another occasion Several other hard nosed pilots were active that day Tim King securing a 118km Class 5 out and return along the South Downs Paul Harvey on the same route and Tony Stephens going down at Arundel on the way back to Harting among others But hats off to Carl for achieving a flight he has been obsessing about for 15 years Planning planning planning plus no little

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  • Apr 2012
    Gliding Paragliding Pilots please read this Events Competitions RSS e News The BHPA is a member of The The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom The BHPA is a member of The European Hang Gliding Paragliding Union New BHPA Chairman At the BHPA AGM in Nottingham on March 3rd Martin Heywood stepped down from the Chairman s role he has held for more than eight years Rising to the challenge is Marc Asquith already BHPA Chairman for several years in the late 90s Martin becomes Vice Chairman and continues as Insurance Officer Marc s BHPA Company Secretary role will be taken on by John Nash These changes ensure continuity and safe hands Officers reports reveal that the Association remains on an even keel A small profit is predicted or the year and BHPA s ownership of its Leicester premises should give a greater return on reserves than in any bank br An uncontested Election of Officers returned Brett Janaway Angus Pinkerton and Steve Walsh to the Exec and also former Exec member Ed Cunliffe Ed takes the place of John Lawson who has stood down BHPA Communications Survey This survey which ran throughout March has now ended Our thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in this survey John Dickenson honoured in US Hang gliding pioneer John Dickenson was made an Honorary Life Member of the BHPA in 1993 and awarded an FAI Hang Gliding Diploma in 2012 Now the USHPA has seen fit to confer a Presidential Citation on him in recognition of his achievements The citation statement includes these words The Dickenson wing s essential design features were so easily comprehended and absorbed with only a few minutes inspection that it was routinely copied by thousands with no special knowledge or skill and often flown within a day of that first viewing Because it was so simple so easily copied at a cost of 100 to 300 and so user friendly tens of thousands became pilots in a great many cases with no training whatsoever No other aircraft can make such a claim Share the Sky The Share the Sky campaign is a call to anyone involved in flying to help save the world s vultures by spreading the message of conservation The aim is to inspire and encourage the international flying community to participate in the global effort to protect vultures and prevent their extinction The campaign was inspired by the success of Parahawking in promoting vulture conservation and raising funds for vital conservation projects in Nepal Parahawking raises several thousand US annually through its tandem flying business now they are asking other airsports related businesses clubs associations manufacturers etc to do the same Funds will go directly towards vulture conservation projects run by local organizations By joining the campaign you pledge to participate and contribute to the global conservation effort in whatever way you can big or small For more information and to join the campaign go to www share the sky org

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  • Mar 2012
    Meeting of the BHPA will be held on Saturday March 3rd at the Belfry Hotel Nottingham NG8 6PY starting at 11am The Belfry is adjacent to Junction 26 of the M1 You will be able to quiz Exec members on their record and put forward ideas for the future direction of the Association The British Gliding Association AGM will take place at the same location on the same date This will include trade stands and the BGA s fabled gliding simulator The BHPA wants your views A project is under way to review communications across the BHPA To this end an online survey will be running on the BHPA website from the 1st 31st March 2012 The Association values the opinions and views of the membership and it is hoped that as many members as possible will participate in this short survey BHPA Communications Survey Otto Lilienthal meeting photos unearthed Hitherto unseen photos of the first Otto Lilienthal hang gliding meeting at Newport Beach California on May 23 1971 have recently come to light The images were taken by Frank Colver father of early hang gliding pioneer Matt Colver In January this year Frank supported by the local Historical Society showed the photos to the Newport Beach city council in support of a proposal towards erecting a marker to the event in a park adjacent to the original site The subject is now on the Parks and Recreation agenda and it seems likely that a marker stone will be erected in due course Other photos in the series reveal the presence of pioneering designer Taras Kiceniuk and one of the meet organisers current hang gliding historian Joe Faust Hang gliding didn t begin with this meeting but the worldwide explosion in enthusiasm for the sport stemmed directly from the widespread publicity achieved by the Newport Beach meet New UK Bautek importer Cumbrian hang glider pilot and Skywings glider reviewer Garry Hume is to open a UK agency for the German built Bautek range The Kite is a glider I know and like says Garry It matches topless performance up to 70km h but with the lighter roll and easier handling of a kingposted glider I ll be buying a demo Kite and getting the Bautek website properly translated into English I also aim to test fly the Astir an ultra safe bowsprit design with excellent sink rate and very light roll and Fizz models in Germany later this spring Further details are at www bautek com or contact Garry at garry hume btinternet com tel 01539 725226 500km UK sailplane flight Last summer sailplane pilot Eugene Lambert cooked up an interesting plan to bag a 500km diamond flight On August 15th his base in the Cotswolds was forecast to succumb to a warm front early in the day Airborne at 10 30 Eugene motored to his start point north of Cirencester switched off and set course for Bungay in Suffolk right across the area of central England shaded bright orange

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  • Feb 2012
    flying season Pat will be running UK based XC coaching and flying development for groups of pilots Pilots will be able to benefit from a range of expert ground based coaching even if rained off or blown out Running these in the UK says Pat means pilots can have a high quality experience at affordable cost A limited number of intensive pilot development weeks abroad are also planned the first one based near Annecy These are the jewel in the crown Pat says for pilots wanting to focus intensively on building their skills overcoming barriers and moving to a new level in their flying Individual coaching will help pilots meet their particular goals In addition pilots wanting personal coaching can arrange a one to one or small group pilot development day in the UK designed around their own training programme By combining my teaching experience in education and my leadership coaching with over ten years of coaching in flying I can provide targeted development for pilots of all levels The key to a pilot s development is helping them to work on the right thing at the right time and in the right way he says Pilots will need to be at least CP rated details and Pat s blog and other useful resources are at www patdower co uk Testing and certification of the new EN D wings As previously reported testing of EN D gliders was briefly suspended in November following an accident involving Alain Zoller at Air Turquoise Para Test while testing a candidate EN D glider The opinion put forward by Air Turquoise and the SHV was that the current crop of EN D gliders was becoming too dangerous to test After consideration at the Paraglider Manufacturers Association PMA meeting on December 9th it was agreed that the testing of EN D gliders would recommence citing that the testing house s role was to test gliders not to decide which gliders may or not be tested However a testing house may still refuse to test a glider if the manufacturer s own test flight videos or live demo flights are not satisfactory One of the big issues arising was the very tight tolerances in the EN schedule for the 75 collapse test for these wings This will be addressed in the new EN regime for 2012 which will be updated to make it closer to the wider tolerances in folding angle and collapse percentages permitted in the LTF DHV tests A second issue was the use of folding lines These are additional lines which are not part of the canopy as it is sold but are connected to extra tabs to allow the test pilot to induce an exact 75 collapse at the leading edge that does not exceed 50 at the trailing edge as specified by the tighter EN tolerances An interim consensus has been reached that collapse lines will not be used at all in the testing of EN A and B gliders and

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  • Jan 2012
    Airmen NOTAM Emergency Parachute Advice Licensed Parachute Packers EN paraglider classes Safety Notices Safety Advisories Documents Forms Fees Club Bulletins Instructor amp Coach Newsletters BHPA Executive Council BHPA AGM Minutes BHPA Exec Minutes Schools Online Incident Report Form Alerting the military CANP Notices to Airmen NOTAM Emergency Parachute Advice Licensed Parachute Packers EN paraglider classes Safety Notices Safety Advisories Documents Forms Fees Club Bulletins Instructor amp Coach Newsletters BHPA Executive Council BHPA AGM Minutes BHPA Exec Minutes Safety Online Incident Report Form Alerting the military CANP Notices to Airmen NOTAM Emergency Parachute Advice Licensed Parachute Packers EN paraglider classes Versioned Training Documents Who to call in an emergency BHPA BMFA Operating Code Flying Abroad Incident Reports Informal Incident Reports Formal Annual Incident Analysis Reports Safety Notices Safety Advisories Manufacturer Safety Notices DHV Safety Journal DHV Safety Notes HPAC Safety Notifications HGFA Defect Notices NZHGPA Safety Notices USHPA Safety Advisories home sport news jan 2012 Archive Skywings News Jan 2012 Subscribe to Skywings the official magazine of the BHPA or buy back issues Subscribe to BHPA e news Download the BHPA Elementary Pilot Training Guide 8 11mb Buy the BHPA Pilot Handbook Flight theory meteorology basic and advanced flying skills and more Invaluable for post CP pilots Visiting Overseas Hang Gliding Paragliding Pilots please read this Events Competitions RSS e News The BHPA is a member of The The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom The BHPA is a member of The European Hang Gliding Paragliding Union XC development day A joint initiative between the Cumbria and Dales clubs has resulted in an inaugural XC Development Day run by Pat Dower on Saturday February 18 th It s aimed at budding or improving XC pilots of all levels The cost for the day is 30 per pilot and numbers may be limited Pat Dower is of course a very accomplished flier with many years of XC and competition flying behind him and excellent communication skills Details of the venue timings and course programme are at www dhpc org uk To book a place contact organiser Ed Cleasby at edcle1 tiscali co uk or call 07808 394895 Great retrieves No 5 Dales XC hounds will be aware that the upper reaches of Nidderdale can be something of a sink hole The area lies about 30km downwind of Wether Fell and has to be negotiated in order to enter the Vale of York and the route to the east coast One day last summer half a dozen Dales pilots sunk out in this dead end valley and found themselves scattered around the village of Lofthouse They congregated at the pub in accordance with Rule 1 of the XC Pilot s Handbook only to discover that it was closed Without a mobile phone signal and the next bus not due for two days they drew lots for the inevitable walk and hitch hike to civilisation However before this plan could be put into action a bloke trimming ivy from the windows of the

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  • Nov-Dec 2011
    early this year and provided just such a superb window of wave flying on Lords on November 6 th We received a number of superb pictures not least from local regulars Gordon Rigg and John Baxby Richard Carter confirmed the others were getting into the wave over near Jacob s Ladder an easy glide from launch reports Gordon I found a lumpy 5 up that I had to circle in before it smoothed out and then the valley opened up above base with lift everywhere There s no long story writes John Just a truly amazing four and a half hour flight around the Edale Valley above the clouds that was absolutely breathtaking Winter flying just doesn t get better than this Words just cannot compare to the experience Having been there and done it long ago I can but agree Hats off to all those who were able to enjoy the ride Paramotor speed race BHPA member Steve Brockett attended the first PXP paramotor speed race at Baza in Spain organised over five days in October by PXP paramotor boss Jose Navarro Competitors from all over Europe took part in a series of race tasks over spectacular desert landscapes and the stunning lake Negratin Overall winner was France s Mathieu Rouanet flying an Ozone Speedster PAP Moster outfit The final day s events included acro by Raul Rodrigez and parachuting from a trike Steve the only UK competitor finished a respectable 10th PXP intend to run the event again next year details are at www pxparamotorspeedrace com index php en North Wales North West Repack The North Wales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club will be running its annual Parachute Repack on Saturday 28 th January at the Airbus UK Sports and Social Club at Broughton near Chester Bill Morris and his team of BHPA Parachute Packers will provide instruction and supervision The repack is open to any BHPA member at a cost of 10 per applicant Advance booking by 20 th January is essential An application form can be downloaded from nwhgpc org uk or requested from organiser Jerry Hazzard on 01948 780378 e mail jerry hazzard btinternet com SHPF repack The SHPF s annual dynamic reserve deployment and repack event runs on Saturday 4th February at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena Ratho All pilots and families are cordially invited This year reserve parachute deployments and repacks will run simultaneously with the workshops which include Steve Nash and Richard Bungay providing insight and images of the X Scotia and X Alps Gordie Oliver s workshop on speed wings Advance XC Serial teamster Triantafyllos Gkikopoulos XC workshop and Brendan Reid top Scot at the British Open talking about his R10 exploits Facilities available for family members can be found at www eica ratho com Details and entry forms are at www shpf co uk shpf Ratho Repack php Carnet takes world paramotor speed records Michel Carnet took advantage of strong winds at altitude at West Wittering on October 2nd secure

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  • Oct 2011
    theory meteorology basic and advanced flying skills and more Invaluable for post CP pilots Visiting Overseas Hang Gliding Paragliding Pilots please read this Events Competitions RSS e News The BHPA is a member of The The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom The BHPA is a member of The European Hang Gliding Paragliding Union Flying in the Dolomites an urgent request from FIVL Pilots visiting Italy and flying in the Dolomites in particular Val di Fassa Canazei and Molveno Dolomites of Brenta are advised to take note In the event you become aware of an accident in your vicinity you are advised in the strongest possible terms to either land or clear the area immediately This is because the presence of PGs still in flight in the area has seriously hampered helicopter rescue services which attend casualties on a regular basis not just for pilots but also other mountain based sports such as mountain bikers and climbers The situation has become so serious that there is currently a threat to close these sites to flying unless the situation improves This is a request from the FIVL that the BHPA fully support and we hope you will co operate so that the sites can be preserved for all Safety Notice 3 5mm maillons fitted to wings from Paramania manufactured since March 2011 FSC has issued a safety notice regarding the maillons fitted to wings from Paramania manufactured since March 2011 and any pilot who has a Paramania wing manufactured since the beginning of March 2011 fitted with 3 5mm maillons is advised to contact their dealer for details of the checking and replacement procedures Paramania have established for ensuring the airworthiness of the maillons fitted to their wing The notice can be downloaded from the Safety Notice area of our website Hangies win again at Worthing Veteran hang glider pilots took all the top places in windy conditions at the Worthing formerly Bognor Birdman competition on August 13 th and 14 th The overall winner was irrepressible boffin Dr Bill Brooks with 78 4m Bill also stayed longest in the air at 14 78 seconds Tony Hughes flew 65 4m and longtime rival Ron Freeman made 54 2m last year s winner Toby Quantrill also flew his Clubman but did not place All these Worthing Birdman regulars continue to pursue the elusive but definitely attainable 100 metre flight and the 30 000 prize that will go with it CAA Safety Plan The CAA has issued the latest version of its Safety Plan Following BHPA input to the CAA s consultation on the draft document a Desired Safety Outcome has been added to investigate the risk of accidents due to the effects of helicopter and wind turbine induced wake turbulence The BHPA has long been of the opinion that there is a significant gap in the knowledge of both BHPA pilots and helicopter pilots regarding rotor induced turbulence demonstrated by a number of incidents and Airproxes over the past few years

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  • Sep 2011
    member of The European Hang Gliding Paragliding Union Unstoppable Carter goes 250km Richard Carter already seven times holder of the UK paragliding distance record flew 256km on August 9 th to claim the record yet again Richard flew his Ozone Mantra M3 from Bradwell taking off at 10am in 10 15mph winds and landed at Beaumont in Essex at 5 15pm It didn t look like a 250km day to me he reported but I was anxious to knock off a 100km flight this year The RASP forecast didn t look brilliant I thought I d maybe get to Norfolk before it overdeveloped but there was enough there for me to take the risk of getting away early And I thought Bradwell might get blown out later too Base was at 4 000ft to start with rising to about 5 800ft later in the day I got low down to about 1 500ft around Newmarket but was able to get going again Nevertheless I only got to cloudbase five times in the whole flight Beaumont is about 6km from the coast at Frinton on Sea I wanted to still have a reason for going back to Bradwell again joked Richard Apart from the Mantra M3 Richard is flying with the same flying suit vario helmet boots and harness with which he broke so many records back in the early 1990s If anyone wants to sponsor me with a new harness I m up for it Richard s flight the first ever UK 200km flight eclipses John Silvester s record of 194km set in 2007 Flight details are at www xcleague com xc flights 20112107 html Thrilling end to Red Bull X Alps At 16 22 on July 27 th Race Swiss ace Chrigel Maurer won the Red Bull X Alps race for the second time Chrigel arrived at Monaco in style doing fly bys of the take off and pulling acro moves in front of a cruise ship before landing Nothing is certain in the the X Alps environment but Chrigel was always considered the top prospect even by most competitors Once the leader has landed the race continues for a further 48 hours and all eyes were on 2007 runner up Toma Coconea Romania and Austria s Paul Guschlbauer lying neck and neck around 65km out from Monaco Both had flown well through the southern Alps to get within range within range of goal The final day became a tortoise and hare with Coconea on foot only 20km short of goal at 0930 With good conditions forecast Guschlbauer elected to hike to Maurer s final launch spot and fly for goal However Coconea surrounded by a crowd of Romanian supporters launched into a gap in the clouds to glide over the line and secure second place with the Austrian only 9km adrift Behind them Martin Muller Switzerland flew well to clinch 4 th place 73km from goal while Brit newcomer Jon Chambers held on to 5 th place 113km

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