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  • Cardi Phones | guaranteed mobile phone contracts
    contracts that will not only meet your budget but will also fit your lifestyle needs Since the brand was established we ve already helped with numerous mobile users across UK Regardless of credit score we can assure you that we ll assist you find a deal you ll easily get approved for What We Do At Cardi Phones helping customers who struggle to get approved for a phone contract is what we do best We have a team of specialists who will assess your needs and financial circumstance Based from key information our team will offer you recommended deals you can choose from We also work with top suppliers and providers in the UK to guarantee that you ll always get the best phone contract deal when you partner with Cardi Phones What We Offer Our offers at Cardi Phones are wide and varied We have guaranteed mobile phone contracts with terms starting from 12 months up to 24 months or 36 months if preferred All our offers include a choice of handset and a phone tariff which includes your call text and data allowances Handset selection includes a wide variety of models from brands such as Apple Samsung HTC LG Nokia and more Once approved for a phone contract deal you ll pay a fixed monthly fee until end o term Just in case you need extra help when choosing your handset Digital Trends has useful tips and guidelines you might find useful Are You Eligible To be eligible for a guaranteed phone contract the requirements are very basic You must be at least 18 years old who reside in the UK and who can provide proof of income Because we cater to customers with bad credit your credit score is not a factor when assessing your application for

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  • About Us
    the UK market quick and easy access to affordable and suitable phone contract deals Whether you re a light average or a heavy mobile user we can help you find a phone deal to suit not only your lifestyle but also your pockets At Cardi Phones we guarantee fast approval affordable phone deals and dependable customer service If your phone contract application has been rejected elsewhere you can count on

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  • FAQs
    phones do you have available Cardi Phones carry a wide selection of handsets including new and older models Brands included in our collection are Apple Samsung LG Nokia HTC and many more When do I receive my handset Once your phone contract application is approved you can expect to receive your phone instantly if you applied from our office If you prefer to have it shipped to your address expect to receive the phone within 24 to 48 hours after approval Do you guarantee 100 approval rate While we do not guarantee 100 approval Cardi Phones has one of the highest approval rates in the industry today We have a team of specialists who will assess your needs and financial circumstance so we can give you a list of recommended deals where approval is guaranteed How long does the term last Cardi Phones have numerous phone contract deals to offer our customers with terms of 12 months 24 months or even 36 months How do I pay for my monthly fee You can pay for monthly fee in two different ways You can do it over the counter or you can arrange an automatic debit deduction With the latter option you don t have to worry about due dates anymore Your bank arranges the payment transfer each month thereby preventing you from missing a payment Automatic debit deduction is recommended to avoid incurring extra charges and fees Do you run credit checks Cardi Phones does not run credit checks on our customers We specialize in helping customers with bad credit No matter how poor your credit score maybe you can count on us to help you find the ideal phone contract deal to meet your monthly phone service needs Do I need to be employed to be eligible Ideally we

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  • Contact Us
    concerns Cardi Phones is here to help and assist Just contact us through our telephone hotline available during office hours from Mondays to Fridays You can also email us your concerns and we ll get back to you the soonest time possible Full name Email Phone Message Home About Us FAQs Contact Us Understanding Phone Contract Tariffs How to Choose the Best Phone Contract Deal Phone Contracts vs Prepaid How

    Original URL path: http://www.biggreencardigan.co.uk/contact.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Understanding Phone Contract Tariffs
    aspect of your phone tariff is the data feature This is the part of your tariff that lets you check emails and browse the Internet on your mobile phone Data is also what can balloon up your phone bill if you picked the wrong plan For every excess of megabyte that you use more than your set allowance you ll be paying the regular rate and that can add up to a hefty cost over time As a simple guide light users are advised to get a data plan of around 500 megabytes Average users on one hand can get a 1GB plan while heavy users should opt for a more generous package maybe with 3GB or more of data allowance Expert tip When choosing a phone contract most subscribers are focused on picking the perfect handset This is one mistake you don t want to commit If you don t want to overspend on your plan it is important to pay equal attention to your phone tariff option This means that you need to carefully assess what type of a mobile user you are If you still have your previous phone bills you can check out the average usage you ve been paying for each month If this is your first time applying for a phone contract a rough estimate of your possible monthly usage should help Are you a light average or heavy user Depending on which type of user you are looking for a tariff that will suit your needs is the key Only when you choose the right tariff can you ensure that you re not going to overspend on your phone contract plan More than the handset option remember that your phone tariff can affect your monthly fee significantly Get it right from the get

    Original URL path: http://www.biggreencardigan.co.uk/understanding-phone-contract-tariffs.html (2016-02-15)
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  • How to Choose the Best Phone Contract Deal
    is your job to ensure that you ve done your homework 2 Set your budget Another key step to a successful phone contract shopping is to set your budget prior to looking around With plenty of incentives and promotions available in the market it s easy to get tempted to sign up for a deal even if you can t afford it To avoid making impulse decisions it would help if you can set your budget Naturally you ll have to stick with said budget as you shop around 3 Choose your handset Once you have your budget set the next step is to choose your handset All phone contracts offer a handset as part of the packaged When you have good credit sky is the limit for the choices If you have a poor credit score on one hand you may be better off picking a cheaper handset Though the handset may come for free with the package it still essentially affects your fixed monthly fee The trick is to choose your handset according to your budget and needs Click here for additional help when choosing a handset 4 Look for the right phone tariff Equally as important as your handset choice is your phone tariff This aspect of the package covers your call text and data needs When choosing a tariff it doesn t get as simple as choosing one that suits your lifestyle best All carriers offer a wide variety of phone tariffs to choose from There are tariffs for light average and heavy users Go back to step one and use your needs as basis when looking for the right tariff So long as your tariff meets your needs you re on the right track 5 Inquire about hidden fees If you re not smart with

    Original URL path: http://www.biggreencardigan.co.uk/how-to-choose-the-best-phone-contract-deal.html (2016-02-15)
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  • Phone Contracts vs. Prepaid
    up to you which type of deal is best for your lifestyle To help you decide here s a quick guide to phone contracts and prepaid deals Phone Contracts Phone contracts as its name suggests are phone deals where you get tied up to a contract typically for 24 months You will pay for a fixed monthly fee which is inclusive of your handset cost and phone tariff With phone contracts you ll have a fixed allowance for your call text and data usage If you exceed your set allowance you ll pay extra charges If you stick with your allowance you ll be able to enjoy cheaper rates than if you go for a prepaid deal But the chief advantage of the deal is really the free handset included in the deal Prepaid Plans Prepaid plans on one hand will not hook you to any contract Prepaid plans are also know as Pay As You Go PAYG deals You are free to change numbers or carriers anytime you want To use your phone services you ll have to top up your phone with credit Once the credit is used up you ll have to top up again before you

    Original URL path: http://www.biggreencardigan.co.uk/phone-contracts-vs-prepaid.html (2016-02-15)
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  • How to Avail a Phone Contract even with Bad Credit
    Pay an upfront fee Depending on the handset you chose you may be required to pay an upfront fee Since you have bad credit you can go the extra mile and offer to pay an upfront fee higher than what is required This is especially effective if you want a high end handset Since these handsets come with a steep price tag paying the upfront fee will increase your chances for approval Choose a less expensive handset If you cannot afford to pay an upfront the more practical move is to opt for a cheaper handset instead Most cheap handsets do not require any upfront fee Your monthly fee will also be lower and more manageable because of the phone s lower cost This also means that you need to shove your desire to own the latest handset for now With bad credit to consider your priority is to get approved right away Once your credit score improves you can always upgrade to a better phone Find a guarantor Some subscribers get lucky with their phone contract application by bringing a guarantor into the picture The guarantor needs to have a good credit score to be eligible He or she

    Original URL path: http://www.biggreencardigan.co.uk/how-to-avail-a-phone-contract-even-with-bad-credit.html (2016-02-15)
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